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  1. We all have 'em! I'm talking about those crazy injuries that we will never quite forget. Maybe the story of yours is embarrassing. Or maybe is an awesome fight story! Let's hear it! What are your most memorable injuries and how did they happen?

    One of my most painful injuries happened in such a silly way. Years ago I worked at a grocery store and I was stocking the shelves. I turned to put a can of beans on the shelf and heard a loud pop from my left knee. Instantly it buckled under and was in intense pain. Long story short I tore my bucket handle meniscus, and many ligaments and tendons in my knee. The doctor said he mostly saw those injuries from football players. And I got mine from turning 3 inches to the side. (Apparently I locked my knee when I twisted which is a no no..). Unfortunately, it has now progressed to arthritis.

    So let's hear YOUR best stories!
  2. People here have "battle scars"?

    People here do crazy things to get themselves injured?

    People here go outside and do things?

    Jeez, what is with you people.

    I mean, doing things? Really??
  3. Haha, well all my battle scars come from unintentionally running into the furniture in my Dad's house! :D
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  4. People who venture outside at least have an excuse. I was just dumb.

    It was a hot ass day in June, and I decided I wanted to make a slushie, only we had no damned ice in the house. But we did have frozen water bottles.

    So what did I do? I took a giant steak knife, wielded it with all the grace of a toddler, and sliced through the water bottle - which worked, incidentally, since it cut through plastic, through ice and straight into the webbing of my left hand.

    My kitchen looked like a crime scene.
  5. my hands have lots of tiny little nicks from slipping with cutting knives, hot glue, etc.

    I had a head injury once; they superglued it back together though so there was no scar (they didn't do stitches partly because not necessary if they could glue it, and partially because I could sit on my hair and to do stitches they'd have to shave a patch.)
  6. Well, let's see.

    When I was four I tripped while standing behind a fire truck and hit my forehead on the back bumper. It tore my head open and I still have a pretty wide white scar there.

    Then a couple years ago I fell off of a rock about...twelve to fifteen feet high. I landed on my side, on top of leg. I'm kind of oblivious to pain, so I just got up, dusted myself off, and kept walking. I was later running only to feel a sharp pain in my left ankle and then I collapsed completely. I got up, dusted myself off, and kept running. Then, later, I tripped on a root with that ankle.

    I got it checked out later. I have permanent damage to that knee and ankle, and it pretty much hurts constantly. Sometimes it's a noticeƤble but slight background ache, sometimes it hurts so much I have to use crutches to walk. But being the stubborn girl I am, I won't stay off of it when it hurts. If I have stuff to do, I won't let it stop me. I'll just complain a lot about my "damn leg" until I collapse and have to struggle to my crutches.
  7. I didn't really go out and do stuff. It was more like accidents within the home, well three to be exact.

    I accidentally burned my upper forearm with a iron. Now it wasn't my fault. My mom left the hot iron there on the counter and then asked the shortest and youngest child in the house to reach for something on a shelf. To make it worse I was still sent outside on one of the hottest days that Florida had to offer. It just made the burn worse.

    The second one came from me being a klutz. I was simply playing on the couch while my dad was moving some new furniture in. Though he told me to stop playing around (Maybe. I don't know, I was always known to space out and stop paying attentions to my surroundings.) I kept going. My brother threw a pillow at me in mid jump and it freaked me out and fell backwards just to end up shredding my ass of on metal framing he had on the floor.

    The last one was rather simple. I got into a fight at home with my brother, it go so violent he dug his claws into my hips to keep my put so I still have those around.

    All within the home
  8. You can't see it in the picture very well, but I once took a flat head screwdriver to the face, right side of the nose. Chipped away some bone and left quite a nasty gash. That and another incident in which I fell from a garage back in November 2002 and my face landed on a chicken wire fence and tore the right side of my head from just under my mandible up to my temples. Luckily facial hair has hidden that ugly scar.

    That and I once was stabbed in the butt cheek with a fork. Four little scars in a row. That fucking hurt.
  9. You guys do things in the home? Aaaaah
  10. Hmmmm. When I was in second grade, everyone thought it was cool to jump off of this tall ass slide. It was about 9-10 feet tall, and we liked jumping down from the middle. Well, I was standing at the top of the slide, looking down and wondering what it would be like to jump from 10 feet in the air. A kid apparently didn't like how I was taking so long and shoved me, and I fell off the slide and was falling head first, but I somehow landed on my arm and fractured it in several places. That kid was a douche...

    Another injury was when I was beginning third grade. We were outside running around, playing, and shit like that. I tripped and fell, and fell on a rock with my knee. The rock dug itself into my knee, almost an inch deep into my knee.

    Another injury, this was when I was younger and in first grade. I got my training wheels off, had no shirt on, and took out from our driveway. Five feet later, I fell off and hit the curb, and I live on a hill. So my stomach just scraped along the rough curb for a few feet before stopping and leaving me bloody.

    I was accident prone as a child, to the point that whenever I was in the hospital, the doctors continued to ask me questions to make sure my parents were't abusing me.
  11. Hmm... A knife fell on to my foot and left a perma-scar there...

    I tried to cook once and accidentally cut my fore arm. Scar there.

    And... a bunch of mental scars that I hardly remember.
  12. I'm sorry about those trusted religious officials. (open)
  13. I'm seeing a pattern with the knives lol. I also have almost cut through my thumb when trying to cut my sandwich in half. Who uses a butcher knife to cut a sand which in half? Me! That's who!
  14. Working in a kitchen, I do believe anyone is bound to screw their fingers up. Cut and burnt the ends of my thumbs so many times they're just big scars with no feeling at this point.

    I hate knives.
  15. I'm one of those kids who shouldn't be playing with knives. Especially the butcher's knife. I'll leave the rest up to your imagination.
  16. I got mauled in the face by a dog when I was eight and have scars all over my face from it, two obvious ones on my lips, by my nose and on my eye.
  17. I've got three scars from my appendectomy. A scar on my forehead from when my cat bit me as a little kid. A scar on my left wrist bone from falling off a bike.
  18. My hands have many tiny scars all over them from fights I had with my cats in the past. Some on my arms, too. I really miss having cats now ;-;

    I also have this big one above my left eyebrow. I cracked my head open when I was 4 or something. Something to do with me dancing like crazy to Sesame Street and then suddenly, BAM! My mom fixed my broken head with band-aids. I shit you not. All because she thought I might be too afraid. I was like "Mom. Why you such a pussy?" when she told me this story. Because according to her, I was calm throughout the whole event from beginning to end.

    ...Shortly after the insult, I told her thank you for fixing me up. The poor woman must have been so stressed at the time. I'm not that ungrateful. >>;
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  19. I don't often get injured. But when I do. I do it in the most embarrassing ways that everyone can laugh at.

    When I was smaller, I bravely went down on the floor to pick up the lost little puzzle piece, and then, the only one I thought of as an alley, my trustworthy sword (pencil) stabbed me in the leg.

    ... Yeah, I stabbed myself in the leg with a pencil when I crawled down on the floor to get a puzzle piece :I Still has a black dot there. Well at least it didn't poison me. Cause that can apparently happen xD

    Oh, but that wasn't the ONLY time I was that clumsy :D

    I was walking home one autumn afternoon. My trustworthy sword (pencil) lied sharpened in its scabbard (my pocket). Then suddenly it stabbed me in the stomach D: I was such a fool for trusting it. Now I have a blueish/greyish dot there too, and the flesh wound took forever too heal.

    I do have some other (really small almost invisible) scars but I have no idea where they come from xD I've probably cut myself with knives and forgotten about it. Soo, no serious injuries for me. Just almost poisoning myself with pencils :3
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  20. Once, when I was about 9 or 10, I was rollerblading around the neighborhood and as I came back home, my mom was gardening and had the hose extended and laying on the driveway. I thought I'd be able to just roll over the hose with my blades, but it got stuck and completely stopped my lower body forward momentum, but my upper body was still moving forward.

    I ended up skidding on the cement on my left knee, and scraped it up reaaaally badly. Most of my left kneecap still has no (or limited) sensation. When I poke my knee in certain areas, it feels like I've been delivered an anesthetic there, and feels really numb. I can feel the pressure of me pressing it, but I don't feel the sensation of it on my skin.

    There was also the time I broke my shoulder. Didn't leave any battle scarring, just emotional scarring on what might have been. I mentioned it here in the 20 Questions Bored Game.

    In a nutshell, I was on a razor scooter thing, did something stupid somehow, and was flung off of it. Landed on my shoulder and broke my collarbone. It caused me to be unable to play in a lead role of a youth theater production that is known to have casting and talent agents come by.

    I missed my shot at stardom ;_;
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