Battle Royale

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Nice Meme

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A class of ninth grade students are forced by a new legislation to compete in a Battle Royale. The students are each given a bag with a randomly selected weapon and a few rations of food and water and sent off to kill each other in a no-holds-barred (with a few minor rules) game to the death, which means that the students have three days to kill each other until one survives--or they all die. Certain areas of the map become restricted over time making the map smaller until only a small area is left increasing the chance of confrontation ((Don't try to hide and wait it out)) A collar wrapped around your neck gives the directors of the program the location of the student and can also allow the directors to hear conversation it sets off a bomb inside itself when ever it enters a restricted area killing the person with the collar, it also tells the directors when a student dies because it can read their pulses. After every 2 hours the name of students and the death toll will be announced also restricted areas will be announced. There is no escape from the island on which it's being held, you'll either die in the shark infested waters or get shot at by naval ships patrolling the island.

1. This is pretty obvious don't god mod, if you get a powerful weapon you still won't be immune and you won't have dead eye aim, remember you're probably just a kid who's never even held a fire arm before.

2. No sexual rp, as you can tell this is an rp for adults or mature teens mainly due to the violent content but please keep your privates to yourself, romance is allowed as you might already know you can fool around in a private post but not here please ( ◞・౪・)

3. No breaking the 4th wall try to keep this rp as close to the plot that I've written or to that of the novel and or movie

4. Enjoy this rp and respect each other, there's no need for any complaints about stupid actions what you say and what you do can affect others so keep that in mind

View attachment 88090 Your Ocs I guess.........
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