Battle Of The Spirits.

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  1. Plot (feel free to give advice)
    In the kiss of darkness all must find light in order to fill in the need of power. But in a kingdom far on the coast there lies the mythical creatures and humans of day and night. Some were villains and some were heroes. But who have what it takes to rule the kingdom?

    Choose your character (number). Then comment the characters information.

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    Character info base: Name, Gender, Age, History, Personality, Technique/Skill, and any other thing you'd like to add to the character based on appearance. (optional)

    1: OPEN
    2: TAKEN.
    3: OPEN
    4: TAKEN.
    5: OPEN
    6: OPEN
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  2. 4)

    Name: Yuna

    Gender: Female

    Age: 15

    History: Yuna is born to a family who live in a castle with the power of illusion. With parents who are too busy to tend her needs. Her mother is often kept busy by working in her home alongside servants or guild craftsmen. Yuna was always exposed to the magnificent bond animals which grace any fantasy world. With that, she most of the time is working alone and with the lack of help of her parents she remains independent.

    Personality: Yuna is a quiet and shy young girl and loves helping others who are in need. She is very smart and a quick learner. She enjoys reading, singing and adventure.

    Technique/Skill: Illusion
  3. (2)

    Name: Shiro
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18

    History: Origin of his past is unknown. But one thing is clear to this young soldier is... He needed justice. After losing everything he held dear, there was one thing that drives him to continue on living, REVENGE.

    Personality: Shiro is a reserve and enigmatic young man. He is serious and cunning. Most of the time he is quite which makes people think he is as cold as his ice magic. He likes to keep things to himself, but when angered, he is like a bomb waiting to explode.

    Technique/Skill: Ice Magic
  4. #5. I can't really tell exactly what's going on in image five so if some of my appearance stuff is wrong I'm sorry.
    Name: Terethe
    Gender: Mostly female. Sometimes it varies. I'll just say she most of the time.
    Technique/Skill (nothing else makes much sense without this so I moved it up above the other info) Terethe can control matter-energy about herself, giving her the ability to take on any form and leaving her with no real gender or species. Most of the time she is a female cat and her more human form often has cat-like qualities. She also has an extraordinary memory.
    Age: 17, but Terethe doesn't keep track of time.
    History: She was left as a young thing in the forest, she doesn't know her past or who her parents are. She found that she had the ability to change herself into any form that she likes. She has lived in solitude her entire life, and though she remembers a small bit of language she can't speak very well.
    Personality: She is timid and fearful around people because she hasn't been around them since she was tiny and she can't remember that. She is nervous and will normally resort to a physical fight over an attempt to communicate in any and every situation.

    Really sorry if I screwed up any idea that was supposed to go with the image.