Battle of the Four Horsemen of Chaos

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  1. The Death Scythe watched from the spike above the courtyard. The sun blazed overhead, beating down on the new meisters and weapons gathering in front of the school. The man walked to the tip of the spike he was standing on, before looking down. It was a very long drop, almost unsurvivable. Almost, being the key word. The blonde stepped off the red protrusion, falling head first towards the ground. A storm of raven feathers erupted from his body, and a black double edged knife with a white hilt fell through the air.

    The knife blade stuck into the wooden stage in front of the class. Another burst of feathers followed as Raven stood to address the crowd. He brushed off his jacket as his eyes scanned the crowd. Those two still haven't found partners to stick with them? No matter, this year should be the one when they find a perfect match. He held a gloved hand up to his mouth, coughing to clear his throat.

    "Welcome, students, to the Death Weapon Meister Academy! Now, before we start, I will be splitting you into pairs as Meisters and Weapons. We've watched you for the week you spent at Death City to find the best partner for you, and I hope you all work well together in your assigned pairs."

    Raven pulled a piece of paper out of his jacket, before unfolding it and reading out pairs of names. The pairs had been made by studying each meister and weapon during their week stay in the city. Of course, one pair was because they wouldn't stomach anyone else. Hopefully their egos checked each other. Another pair was simply outcast time and time and time again. Maybe they would find a match in each other. The death weapon could only hope so. After pairing up most of the meisters and weapons, he spoke the last 4 names.

    "Hastings and Underwood. Hekateria and Faust. Everyone, meet up with your partner and await further instruction."
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  2. Ehh, him?! Shiina thought. Of all the people I'd rather be stuck with for the rest of my life, it'd be him?!

    Shiina struggled to find the perfect partner the past weeks she had stayed in Death City. She ran under the assumption that simply no one could handle her overwhelming beauty and talent. She couldn't ever be more wrong in her life. Every weapon she met and trained with, she managed to bend in half, crack, or outright destroy. Then she blames it on them for "being too light" or "not taking this seriously". Clearly she doesn't know her own strength. In the end, she was left partnerless, and at this rate she'd be stuck with the leftovers. Guess her worst fears just came true.

    "Y-You can't be serious! My powerful wavelength clearly wouldn't resonate with that bastard's scrawny little soul!" She ran past the newly-appointed teams and towards Raven-sensei, and took the piece of paper right from his hands. She saw her name at the very bottom of the list. Sure enough, the shitty name Jay Hekateria was right next to hers. It did not do wonders to her beautiful name. "Aww c'mooon! There's gotta be another weapon out there somewhere! You've gotta be kidding me!"
    Tom let out a sigh as Raven-sensei started naming the Meister-Weapon pairs. This year would most likely be the same as any other year: first him and his Meister will get along pretty well, then his Meister would realize how complicated he is to use. Eventually, his Meister would abandon him, either because he's so hard to use, or because his weapon form is so embarrassing to his Meister. If this year doesn't come to fruition, he's finally giving up and returning home. Everything would have been for nothing, but it's better than staying in this school without having to accomplish anything at all. All the time he spent dawdling in the academy could've been put to good use. Tom's slowly but surely coming to that realization.

    "...Hastings and Underwood. Hekateria and Faust. Everyone, meet up with your partner and await further instruction."

    ...Underwood? Tom thought. The witch? I-I guess I shouldn't be so quick to judge her...

    Tom never really sees Adrianna too often, but he had heard about her often enough to know how much emotional pain she had gone through. It takes guts for a witch to come to the DWMA, and although it caused her to be isolated from almost anyone in the school, she didn't stop attending and never gave up looking for the perfect partner who will accept her for who she is, despite her ancestry. That alone is already very admirable. He kinda felt guilty for almost thinking of giving up just a few seconds ago, seeing as how Adrianna had it worse, yet she never stopped going to school every single day. And seeing as how Raven-sensei just paired them up, it made him confident not only to help Adrianna out with her being isolated, but to stay for another year in the academy. Not only that, but a tome would make a damn good weapon for a witch. He immediately turned to Adrianna when their names were called.

    "Yo, Adrianna... Funny thing for them to pair us up, eh? I'm looking forward to being partners with you this year! Let's make this semester the best we can!" Tom held up his hands, gesturing for a handshake.
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  3. The human knife sighed audibly. Sure enough, Shiina Faust was everything he'd been informed she was going to be. It didn't help that the weapon Death wanted to pair her with was equally obnoxious, but the fact of the matter is, the two were perfect for each other. A giant axe and a young woman as strong as some of the greatblade meisters. Once she saw Heketaria's weapon form, she'd understand. Raven grabbed the piece of paper at the top, staring at his new student.
    "Listen, Faust. These are combinations assigned by Lord Death himself. I think you'll find that Hekateria is a perfect match for you once you practice wielding him. Now, make nice with him. You two will have a long road ahead if you're at each others' throats constantly."

    Adrianna was confused about the pairings. She'd most certainly seen Thomas at the school during her previous years, but she couldn't remember his weapon form. He was the tall blonde with a heart of gold, but most meisters dropped him after only a short time. It wasn't like he was a witch too. Every time she'd been abandoned was when her weapons first saw her using magic to manipulate a fight, but why ditch a perfectly good weapon?

    She was lost in her thoughts, trying to remember exactly what he transformed into. What was he hiding? Was he a sword that was too heavy? Perhaps he required too much from his meister's body or mind? What if he wasn't able to effectively kill? Maybe that's why Lord Death gave him to me.... Why trust the witch with another lethal weapon?

    The sound of her partner's voice made her jump. She looked up at the tall bastard, glaring daggers at him. How dare he interrupt my thoughts!? She let the anger pass, before taking his hand and giving it a firm shake.

    "I agree, we should do the best we can together. I hope you don't mind me saying so, but despite having been at school with you for this long... I can't remember what your weapon form is, Tom."
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  4. Tom gave a nervous smile as he shook her hand. Adrianna was definitely annoyed by him. Then he heard the question he dreaded to hear, which pulled at his confidence especially because he's already been in the DWMA for how many years, yet Adrianna doesn't seem to remember him besides his name. Perhaps she'll find a tome suitable for her taste, being a witch and all. He was about to comment on how well they'd go together, but the mere mention of her being a witch, which was already blatantly obvious to her, sounded rude to him. There's no harm in being too careful, Tom thought.

    "...W-Well... how should I put this..." Tom muttered. "Y-You see, I'm... a book. To be more specific, a tome, but... I'm already boring you, aren't I? That's alright, I'm used to it..." Tom couldn't help but sigh. Now he's definitely not sure how this year's gonna play out. Here's hoping she could look past Tom's pitiful exterior.


    Shiina couldn't believe a single word Raven-sensei just said. Him? Being a perfect match with her?

    "Lord Death himself?! ...Perfect match my ass." Shiina muttered. "What kind of idiot Death God would want to pair anyone up with that blonde asshole?" Shiina didn't take in to account that Raven-sensei was blonde as well, but she was too pissed off to even pay attention.

    "...Oi! The fuck you calling idiot Death God?!" a loud voice resonated from nowhere. The new students were confused as to who it belonged to, but the students who have been in Shibusen for so long seemed unfazed, as if they're all too used to it already. The voice was that of an adolescent girl, but the way it was spoken was that of a delinquent in her mid-teens. It was then that they realized that the voice came from... the front door. Compared to Raven's flashy entrance that made the new students look in awe, hers was... shabby, to say the least. She had bad bed hair, and she was still wearing her Shinigami onesies with a pattern of skulls. Some students say it's a magical onsie that protects her from the terrifying creatures of the night whenever she sleeps. You better hope she doesn't hear about that, because she has an extra knife she carries along with her "just in case". Oh, and it's drawn right now, some idiot's trying to start something with the Death Gods. She walked up to the girl called Shiina, whose mouth is second to dirty as the little Death God's.

    "Listen here, missy," she said, holding up the knife to the girl's throat. "Watch that damn mouth of yours. No one's allowed to talk shit, especially around the Death Gods. I hear you swearin' one more time and it's not only your fingers that'll come off. I'm the only one allowed to talk shit to straighten you little shits out. Understand?"

    "U-U-Understood!" the girl said, sweating.

    "Good!" she said in the most loli voice as possible. "Welcome, new students, to the Death Weapon Meister Academy! I hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you! Teehee~!"

    "S-Scary..." all the new students thought out loud in unison.

    "Ya bastards got that? 'Cuz that's the nicest I'll ever be this year. Remember that, you pussies."
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  5. The young witch's eyes lit up, almost twinkling. He was a book!? She had read many of her mother's books, but very few gave any inkling on the witch world beyond the spell to create the portal. No, I will not be discussing that. What secrets could a tome that is a weapon hold?! Oh, she couldn't wait to see what hid in those pages.

    "Y-you really mean it?" She quieted her voice to hardly a whisper as the words escaped her lips. "You're really a tome? I want to see as soon as we are sent to training. I'll make sure you're no stranger to my magic either, okay?"


    Raven sighed deeply, rubbing the bridge of his nose. Could Faust have picked a worst time to openly criticize Lord Death? That didn't matter. What did matter was making sure his meister didn't kill one of the new students. He approached the young shinigami, smiling as sincerely as he could muster right now.
    "Now, now, Lady Chrys. I understand the sllight was offensive, but please, was it really neccessary to threaten Faust like that?"


    Flint looked up at the staircase at his old school. It had been 6 years since he left the DWMA. He still had pleasant memories, though hearing his former teacher's voice booming from the plaza gave him a minor comfort. He was holding his greatblade's handle with the blade resting behind him. He lifted it up with no problem, before resting it on his shoulder. The blade was monstrous, a full 8 feet long, and a foot wide. He started up the stairs, moving quickly to make sure he could see his teacher.

    When he reached the plaza, he hesitated. A new class of students attending the DWMA. Was that Chrys threatening a student with a knife? Flint sighed heavily, before letting his blade fall sideways. It cracked hard on the ground, turning all eyes towards himself. He spoke in a very feminine tone, his face still stoic.

    "Ah, I'm sorry for interrupting, Chrysanthemum. You as well, Raven. Would you mind speaking with me alone, Chrys? I have a message from the commander."
  6. "...O-Okay...?" Tom muttered. Her expression went from annoyed to awe-inspired in a split-second. Perhaps the rumors of her being an unapproachable recluse were not so true, not that Tom ever believed in rumors anyways. She's just like any other meister, eager to train and get along with everyone, the only difference being her eagerness to train with a book. Likewise, he was looking forward to training with her and seeing her powers in person. He can see it now... Adrianna wearing a witch's hat and a small black cape, riding her magic broom and carrying her trusty magic book by her side... He came back to his senses when he heard a familiar high-pitched voice out of nowhere. Next thing he knew, she's threatening a new student with her knife.

    "...Heh, well... She's at it again..." Tom gave a nervous smile.
    All that confidence Shiina had went down the drain by the time she hears the high-pitched voice. Needless to say, the experience had her traumatized. Having a knife close to her throat by a kid much smaller than her, who was still in her jammies and had crazy bed hair... normally she'd have crushed the kid right then and there, but the threat was real. Not to mention that she reacted to "Death God"... Is she a Death God herself? Regardless, she learned never to mess with this "Chrys" person. Actually, she'll just avoid this person altogether.

    Just when things couldn't get any crazier, a new person appears. Not just any regular person. A girl who seems to be carrying... a gargantuan eight-foot long greatsword. She rested it on her shoulder like it was a simple wooden training sword. It seems to be made out of Styrofoam considering the way she carried it so lightly... until she dropped it to the ground, which shook and sent shock waves through Shiina's body.

    "Wh-What the shi-" she stopped mid-talk. The mere sight of the new girl made her almost forget about the chibi Death God who's equally scary, if not scarier. But still, the sight of the eight-foot blade wielder still caught her off-guard. "...What?"
    The little Death God slowly withdrew her knife from the new student's throat when she was greeted with a familiar sight. An eight-ton greatblade, resting weightlessly on a certain person's shoulder. She automatically assumed it was the person she was far too familiar with, even though the only thing she first saw was the giant blade. She doesn't even need to guess who the wielder of that sword is, she just knows. Man, how many years has it been? Chrys was giddy with excitement to finally meet this person after so long.

    Sure enough, she saw him from afar...
    ...Wait, is that... a skirt?! And stockings?! Is he wearing a schoolgirl uniform?!

    "You can't be serious..." Chrys muttered. She rubbed her eyes, thinking there was something stuck in there. He was definitely wearing a schoolgirl uniform. "Ahahah... Ahahahahahahaha!" She started laughing like crazy. She hasn't laughed like this for so long.

    "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my god! I'm sorry, but I can't believe you took my advice seriously after all these years!" Chrys wiped off the tears from her eyes. All the students had either a surprised or confused look on their face. "Raven, take these little bastards in. The two of us have a lot of catching up to do!"
  7. The young man walked up to his new partner, grabbed her chin, and looked into her eyes. His pointer finger and thumb were pushing into her cheeks enough to keep her attention. He had been trying to think of the way to say this without scaring her off, but he was hardly good at holding back his anger. At least, that's how this identity was. Maybe she'd like his other personality more than this one.

    "Listen here, Shiina. I know you aren't happy about being paired up with me, but guess what? The idea of having to work with a stuck up bitch like you is hardly appealing to me. So how about you get your head out of your fine ass and maybe we can work together like we don't hate each other?"

    He let go of her chin, before looking her over There wasn't any cut, so the shinigami wasn't totally insane. If Faust kept this up, he might have to find a new meister.


    Raven watched Flint carefully. The death scythe knew exactly what he was capable of, and while it wasn't strange for Jackal to not come out of weapon form, coming up the stairs with her in weapon form uneased the blonde. Two blades came out of his wrists, and rested against his palms as he held his hands at his sides. There would be little need for them, but it's best to not take any chances. He looked around at his students, his voice booming out.

    "Students, Make your way inside the school as orderly as possible. Hastings, Underwood, lead them to classroom 1-B, I'll join you all shortly."


    Adrianna looked around, sighing before pushing her glasses up. She grabbed Tom's wrist, and started towards the door with him in tow. She looked over her shoulder at the group of new students, waving a hand as she nudged the doors open with her feet.

    "Over here everyone! Just follow me and Tom here, we'll get you to the classroom okay."

    She was bluffing through her teeth. That new girl looked dangerous, but since Chrys new her, it would probably be okay. Still, to come to the DWMA brandishing a weapon like that was foolish!


    Flint smiled softly, giggling girlishly. He lifted his sword slightly, leaning against the flat while looking at his old teacher. She hadn't changed at all. He remembered when Chrys had held the blade to Jackal's throat for not speaking. The crossdresser nearly beat her into the ground that day, but it passed without incident.

    "What? It's comfortable, and I can't say it doesn't suit me. I think I look quite good in this outfit, Chrys. You don't have much room to talk about looks, considering you're in pajamas. It's a pleasure to see you again though, but unfortunately the reason for my being here is not something to celebrate..."
  8. Shiina sighed as Jay let go of her chin. This day's been getting worse by the minute, being lectured by not only this blonde bastard, but the Death God's daughter herself. She felt miserable to no end when she realized she would have to put up with these people for the rest of her days in Shibusen. No, for the rest of her life. She didn't say another word as the pair walked alongside each other towards the entrance. As much as she hates to admit it, Jay's right; if they're going to survive out there, they would have to put up with each other. There's no room for arguing and bickering, it will only cause their downfall. And who knows? Maybe Jay's just misunderstood. Shiina doesn't even know what his weapon form is, so maybe he's actually something good. She might as well warm up to him eventually.

    Yeah, like that'll happen.

    "...W-Wait!" Tom muttered. He got startled when Adrianna took his wrist and started pulling him towards the entrance. But when he saw her distressed expression, he understood. Tom turned his head for a second to see what caused her uneasiness, to see a white-haired girl carrying a gigantic greatsword at least twice as big as her. It gave him goosebumps. Tom knew exactly how Adrianna felt.

    They started going through the halls. Man, has it really been three years? Both Tom and Adrianna started the same year, but they've been held back again and again. Right now, they're still in the same level as a new student of the DWMA. Well, who could blame them? Only a genius could finish each year partnerless, and Tom is in no way a genius.

    "Welp... here we are." Tom said to the group of newbies. "Good ol' Class Demise. I hope you enjoy your stay in DMWA... like we did... heh..." He gestured to himself and Adrianna.
    The little Death God's smile immediately disappeared when she remembered Flint mention there being a message from the commander. Never a good sign. He never sends messages just to ask Death how his life has been or how his daughter or his students are doing. It's always defend this, attack that, location this, movement that.

    "I suppose so, you never visit us just to hang out. You guys're no fun at all."

    With a snap of her finger, dark shadows engulfed her body almost instantaneously, and revealed her wearing her usual clothing again. She won't be able to take the situation seriously in her jammies.

    "So, what is it about this time?"
  9. Flint smiled, before giggling to himself. Seems she realized that he wasn't here to catch up with his old teacher. He had an urgent message from the commander about the movements of the other two horsemen. He crushed the handle of his weapon, before dropping the chains onto the ground. They formed a large circle on the ground, symbollizing a map. There was a D for Death City, Nevada, a W for War's camp in England, a P in Asia, and an F in south Africa.
    "We've located the hideouts of both Pestilence and Famine. They are located in China and South Africa. The commander wishes to know what Lord Death will do. I've seen too it that both Famine and his child cannot wield one of the hungry, as I have slain the eldest of them. So, shall we go to the Death room and report this, dear old friend?"

    Flint leaned down towards the chains, flicking them lightly. They retracted into the handle of his weapon. He simply picked it up, and held it to his back. He pulled a chain out from over his right should, and connected it to the blade by his left hip.


    Raven looked at the chain map, and swallowed. The death scythe knew of the other horsemen, but to hear that his old student had managed to slay one of the hungry was unbelievable. Though, Death had said that whereever Flint went, he was going to be fine, so is that what the shinigami meant? That Flint was a meister of truly unparalleled strength? It didn't matter, Raven had a class to teach. He gave the crossdresser a wave, before approaching his meister and whispering in her ear.

    "Stay safe, I've got a class to teach. Come in when you're done."

    Raven jogged through the halls, heading towards his class room. He opened the door, and saw most of the students in their own little groups. He smiled, waving. He felt the edge of his blade touch his fingers, before he grimaced and the blade sank back into his wrist.

    "Sorry about that Class. To start things off, it's best if you come up front in groups of four. Two meisters, two weapons. Weapons, transform for you meister so that you can all start to get used to each other. We'll start from the bottom of the list up. Hastings and Underwood, let's see how well you two pair with each other. Faust and Hekateria, will you two try to play nice?"


    Jay chuckled as a wicked grin crossed his face. He couldn't wait to see Shiina's face when she saw his weapon form. Most people couldn't even wield him, so he'd become a proficient autonomous weapon. That didn't mean he didn't want a meister, but most wouldn't put up with him. He walked so he was standing in front of Shiina, grabbing both her hands in his.

    "Look, I'm sorry for being such a dick right off the back, but now's the real test for if Lord Death was right about us. So what do you say babe? How about we see just how wrong he was?"

    The young blonde released one of her hands, before his body transformed into a long beige handled axe. The axe head was 5 feet across, and the edge was 2 feet long on each side. The haft was another 6 feet from the end of the axe head.. The blade was blue with a small shield holding the axe blades to the haft. The blade hit the ground, and where his hand had been intertwined with Shiina's, the handle was firmly in her grasp.
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  10. Chrys sighed when Raven pulled away from her ear. Couldn't he lighten up for a teensie bit? It's Flint they're talking about. They've known each other for more than eight years, more than enough for her to put her trust in him. She was just glad that Flint delivered good news, they've been trying to track down the hideouts of the other two horsemen for so long, at the same time trying to keep casualties to a minimum. But Flint pulled it off in one fell swoop, and even managed to kill a hungry along the way.

    "Ya capped one of them hungries and brushed it off your shoulder like it was nothing?" Chrys snickered. "Damn, that's pretty hardcore! But, I expect no less from my very own student!" Chrys turned to face the entrance. "Well, let's get going then! Wouldn't want to keep the news waiting, would we?"

    Chrys would've used her teleport ability to go to the Death Room in an instant, but she still has trouble teleporting with clothes on. She wouldn't want herself and Flint to appear before Lord Death naked, would she? It would certainly be interesting though, but now's not the time for that. Besides, just walking there would give Flint a chance to reminisce about the good ol' times.

    Tom stood up from his chair along with Adrianna as their names were called. Honestly, it's no surprise that they'd be called first, after two years of looking for partners that ended in failure. This is their only chance to prove to themselves that they deserve another year to stay. Once they were ready, Tom transformed into a brown tome etched with light brown markings, the edges and spine plated with iron, which fell gracefully on Adrianna's hands.

    "Well... Are you ready now? I hope you know what you're doing..." Tom muttered.
    Shiina immediately remembered why she despised this Jay person so much. Right off the bat, the first time they met he was hitting on her. Then he started acting like a total jackass when she said she doesn't date narcissists. She never got the chance to find out what his weapon form was, but she was sure it was something shitty, for someone with a shitty attitude. But oh boy was she wrong. In her hands... was the most beautiful weapon she has ever laid eyes on. Its colors were in perfect balance, its ornaments were absolutely stylish, and its weight was just perfect for her. Only now did she realize why Raven-sensei thought they were perfect for each other.

    "You... You never told me you had such a beautiful weapon form!" Shiina said, her eyes gleaming with awe. "I take it all back... Lord Death, you're not such an idiot after all."

    She was totally suppressing her desire to swing the axe around like a maniac, in fear that she would outright destroy the classroom, but oh god did she want to give it a good swing so bad.
  11. Flint smiled, and walked up to Chrys' side. He lightly nudged her side, giggling to himself. He remembered when she teleported to class and Raven threatened to murder anyone who looked. It was one of the few times that normally calm Raven was overcome with rage, and was a sight to behold. A death scythe when not holding back could be truly fearsome, though that's the very bottom of the spectrum for weapons meant to be wielded by the horsemen. Even his own weapon was fairly weak, compared to the Plagued and the Hungry....

    "Well, I'd hardly say it was nothing. I did managed to master the technique my father was working on in that fight, as Jackal was in a meeting with the commander. Still haven't managed to learn to teleport with your clothes on yet?"

    He fell into a giggling fit, and despite his best attempts, was unable to keep his girlish giggles from being too loud. He walked into the school, shaking his head. Ah, it'd been too long since he saw Chrys. He'd have to request some leave from the commander when he returned.


    Adrianna held the tome in her left hand. She opened the front cover, and started to flip through the pages. As she expected, the first few pages were in english, but it quickly degraded into a language that only a handful of DWMA students would recognize. It was the new written form of the witch language. That lasted for about 4 pages, before the writing once again changed language. This time, the young witch doubted anyone but Lord Death and herself would have known it. It was the old form of the witch language when it was first created. She leafed through the pages, and of course, all of them were in the incredibly outdated script. The witch flipped back to the very end of the common witch script, and read it aloud, translating it to english.

    "Hold open thy tome and reach into the pages, young witch. Draw forth your blade from the depths of this tome's magic. Trust in your partner, and your blade will be ever sharp."

    She held the book up in front of herself, before she touched the pages. Her fingers sank into it, and wrapped around the handle of a weapon. Adrianna pulled it out of the pages of Tom's pages, and then slammed the book shut. She looked at the weapon in her right hand, and was surprised to see a perfectly forged roman gladius. The main difference from a classic gladius, was the jet black blade, and the hilt being stylized to look like a crow's head.


    Jay couldn't believe it. Of all the people who could fuckin' wield him, it had to be Shiina? The arrogant bitch couldn't be this strong naturally, but despite what Jay may have thought, he hadn't made his weapon form lighter for her. He was as heavy as an axe this size would be, and Shiina was able to wield him.

    "How in the hell are you this strong?!"


    "It doesn't matter, Hekateria. Now, both meisters go back to your seats with your weapons."

    Raven looked down at his list as the two meisters took their weapons back to their seats. He read the next group of 4 out loud, and had them do the same thing that the first group did. The weapons transformed, and the meisters took them back to their seats. It didn't take long until Raven had gone through the list, before he sat on the desk in the front of the class.

    "Alright students, that's it for today. Your one assignment today is to get to know your weapon or meister a little better. Most of you just met, so I think it's a good idea to learn about your partner. After all, you'll all be fighting for your lives soon enough. Dismissed."
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