Battle Of the Demi-Gods

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  1. "Come on Eli!." Eli's grandfather Akira yelled, "1,000 more reps!" Eli continues doing his push ups while his grandfather was on his back. But he doesn't mind. "Right!" Eli yelled. Compared to what he normally does for training, this is a piece of cake! Once he gets the last 1000 reps done, his grandfather gets off his back, literally. "Good job Eli. Its obvious that this training is getting to easy for you." Eli says nothing, "I guess we are going to have to kick this up a notch." Eli smiles and clenches a fist. "Alright! I am excited!" Eli loves training and fighting. He new he was different from everyone else, but he couldn't quit put his finger on it. Eli makes his black angel-like wings pop out from his back, they needed some air. "But first," his grandfather started looking very serious, "It is about time you finally discover the truth about your self." Of course. Eli has always wanted to know, but everyone said he was to young to know about it. Eli nodded. "Alright," his grandfather said, "You are no ordinary young man. You possess great powers, very great. You are only half human." he looks at Eli. "What is my other half?" Eli asked. "You are also part god. You are the son of Ares." Eli's eyes widen. "The god of war?!" He said sounding shocked. His grandfather nodded. "Are you serious?!" There is no way!, he thought to himself. "I can prove it." Akira said and Eli continues to look at him. Akira clears his throat then yells, "Ares!" Lightning strikes at the ground and clouds form in front of Eli. Once the clouds disappear, a strong looking man appears. Eli looks shocked. The man smiles, "Son." he says. Its really him, Eli thought. Ares, the god of war.
    ~Quick Character Info~
    Name: Eli James Storm
    Age: 17
    Height: 6 ft
    Body Type: Muscular/Athletic
    Personality: Tough, Stubborn, Short-Tempered, Caring, Protective, May seem a little hard on the outside but is actually quit nice on the inside. Great Leader, He is also pretty damn smart.
    Looks:(Pic Below)
    *Writers Note: Please don't choose Zeus to be your characters father XD. Thats too original xP. Also please don't leave anyone behind. Thank you! That is my only pet peev :P*

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  2. With a swift jump, Elise had successfully reached the top of the almighty oak tree. Growing up on the streets almost all her life she knew about loss and that a lot of times, responsibility demands sacrifice. For example, there is only so much food you can steal in a day, Elise steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Its a responsibility for the street rats that cared for her, but if you carry too much food it becomes heavy, thus the gaurds could catch you, so she gives to the poor but barley leaves any for herself. Thats a sacrifice.
    Young, beautiful and skilled in thievery and fighting (like a street rat) she usually runs around helping her fellow rats. However this day was different, this was a day where she could relax. She smiled and noticed an apple, she picked it and ate it, for once being relaxed. She was the daughter of Artemis, goddess of the hunt. Her mother didn't really visit her and she was fine with that.

    Name: Elise
    Age: 16
    Height: 5 feet 6 inches
    Body type: slim, curvy
    Personality: Sweet, kind, clever, can get moody or hot tempered
  3. In a dark alley, Jay wandered with his hands in his pockets looking for an unsuspecting target who would be better off with, A little less And who was dumb enough to stick around this part of town, where many knew thefts occurred regularly, a portion of them from him and the rest from some other person he didn't care to check into. Roaming the streets, even the meanest of people moved to the side when they caught a glimpse of his dangerous posture, and rightly so. It didn't take much for him to wipe a person's pockets clean in the blink of an eye, and it gave him a rush when he did it. He thought briefly how he'd got pulled down this path, "Maybe if I knew who my parents were....." The thought echoed through his mind tormenting him. The streets were his home, the only one he cared to remember. He couldn't even consider the orphanage he'd been placed in as a child to be considered a home. In fact, he thought, It probably caused me to get pulled down this path. He thought to his name, the name he was given by the orphanage, Jay Hellfier. One day I'll find whoever else bears my last name.
    Name: Jay Helfier (Nick Name: Dark)
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'5
    Body Type: Lean
    Personality: Rarely speaks, shows little emotion, outcast, quick witted, dangerous when put near others, devious

    Looks (open)
    Normally wears a trench coat and all black
  4. Amice wandered in circles, losing herself in the woods as well as in the current Book of Shadows she had possession of. She was outcasted by her community; they thought she was insane! She had always heard subliminal messages, which when tried to explained, seemed like she was hearing voices. However, this was certainly not the case. Her guardian had passed a few years prior, leaving the girl homeless and uncertain of reality. "You're the daughter of Hecate," the caretaker's last words ran through her head and made her shiver. Ever since then, there was proof she was not only human. Amice found herself in the presence of a dead bird one day long ago and picked it up, murmuring soft words of hope for the deceased when suddenly the wings had twitched, fluttered, then stretched wide. Oddly enough, she wasn't afraid or even surprised, but smiling with joy at the fact it was moving. It wasn't until the bird's empty ribcage came into her view that she had become terribly frightened. She had resurrected the dead without meaning to. This past year was spent in a library, gathering information about Hecate; the Goddess of the night, moon, and magic. The young female had honed in on her skills ranging between witchcraft and necromancy, but still had a very long way to go. A sudden flash of light caught her attention. She looked up from the book in hand for the source, finding only dispersing clouds in the near distance. What was that?
    Name: Amice Wicker
    Age: 18
    Height: 5 ft. 4 in.
    Personality: Shy, Quiet, Defensive.
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  5. The so called "day off" wasn't really that long when she noticed two young boys trying to steal a little girls carrot. Elise looked around and noticed two more apples growing from the tree. She picked them and jumped off the tree with an unimaginable hight right in front of the boys cutting them off from the girl, who stood behind Elise in protection. Without a word the youn demi-god threw the apples at them. The kids both caught their share and ran away. Elise then walked back to her streets where she belonged when she noticed a guy stealing from others pockets. She had nothing of value, even her clothes were absolutely useless. She jumped on a roof and ate an apple while observing him.
  6. Ares took a stepped towards the good looking young man that has the same dark grey eyes as his, "Son, listen very carefully, danger is coming. You need t find all your fellow demi-gods and gather at that mountain." Eli crossed his arms listening to the man before him. What... he couldn't believe it, Eli had trust issues with almost everyone.
    Eli eyed the man suspiciously, "Why do you and the other gods do it?" don't get Eli wrong, he loved action but you cat really blame him for being a little suspicious.
    Ares sighed, "Wish we could... but its not that simple, I'm not even allowed to down here right now."
    "But-" before Eli could finish his sentence Ares was gone. He let out a sigh ad made his wings pop out of his back, ten he flew off. He didn't even know where to begin... suddenly he felt a strange pull... so he followed where the pull lead him.
  7. Elise watched as the man kept stealing things, one of the street people she knew caught him and chased after him. Elise laughed as she finished her apple and threw it in the forest.
  8. Amice closed her book, tucking it away within the confinement of her cloak. Feeling uneasy, she decided it'd be best to pay attention to her surroundings. Trees, trees, and more trees. Where had the trail gone? It was certainly no longer beneath her feet! Panicked, she turned way then the other, pacing around shrubs and rocks. Shoot... The girl glanced upwards. Maybe she could scale up one of the trees to get a better view of things. A few minutes later Amice was stuck, clinging to the trunk of a tree. She wasn't athletic, so why did she think she could climb all the way up there? With no more strength to move up and scared to look down, she held tighter to the tree. "Hello?" She called out, knowing it may be pointless. "Can anyone hear me?" A light thunk briefly caught her attention, but she couldn't find what made the noise.
  9. A cute little fox ran up to Amice and stared at her for a little but before running away. The fox ran throught the streets and chirped at Elise who looked down. "What is it boy?" The fox chirped again and Elise ran back to the forest gracefully jumping from one tree to another, this was her element. She noticed a girl stuck in a tree and launched herself at her. She grabbed her in mid-air and landed with the girl safely in her arms. She looked at the fox and the fox nodded and ran away, he soon came back with a leaf full of fresh berries for the girl to eat. "Are you okay?" Elise asked.
  10. Since Eli lived in a villwge it was basically surrounded by trees. Then siddenly as he flew he had a weird feeling that two people were close by. He just kept following a tug then stopped when he saw one girl helping another girl gett out of the tree. The tug lead right to them. He crossed his arms and watched for a moment in the air.
  11. "Ah!" She squeaked from being grabbed, her book falling to the ground. After a moment, she glanced up at the female who had helped her, her eyes widening. She thought she might have fallen. Embarrassedly, she got to her feet, dusting off a few pieces of tree bark from herself as she stammers out. "Th-Thank you! But, how did you..?" she trailed off, looking at the fox that had passed by earlier before glancing back to the girl, confusion on her face. "I'm fine," she finally whispers, pawing at her cloak for the missing book before noticing a pair of feet in the air.
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  12. Animals surrounded the two girls one of them was a tiger. "No problem" she said as she petted the wild and untrained tiger. I can lead you to the town if you can be dangerous out friend got you some edible berries in case your hungry..."
  13. Unable to say anything more, Amice takes a few steps back, thoroughly aware of the tiger close by though just as astounded at the being in air. She glances at the woman who had helped her then pointed up, hoping she wasn't the only one seeing him.
  14. "Peculiar" Jay looked further ahead to see two guys ganging up on a girl. He dismissed it, just another common street mugging that wasn't his business. In fact, he thought, I might just take from them what they take from her. His eyes skimmed over the boys, then widened slightly as, seemingly out of nowhere a girl jumped in to the girls rescue. This could be interesting. He followed the girl with his eyes, keeping a steady gaze to her upon her perch. A fox showed, and the girl was off. Guess I can't be casual about it anymore. He started sprinting after the girl, keeping his eyes firmly onto her causing some of the people ahead of him to duck out of his way. The wind blew back his trench coat back and sent a jingling through the air from the money he kept in his pocket. He was positive no one would ever try to steal from him, so he wasn't too worried about it going missing. He followed the girl into the surrounding forest, deftly dodging trees as he finally caught up to her. Hoping to keep his cover, he hid behind a tree crouching down low and listening to the two. Such speed he thought of the girl as he listened to their conversation, any idea of taking some of their belongings escaping his mind as he realized he'd have troubles keeping up to the girl.
  15. He noticed that Amice actually noticed him, "Hey you two!" He says flying over to them obviously not afraid of the tigers. He deals with them on a daily basis.
  16. The animals left except the tiger who was curious about the boy. Elise pet the tiger and stared up at the boy who was flying.
    The fox sniffed at Jay and chirped at him then left. The fox came back with a gorgeous rose and placed it in front of him before leaving without a trace. Elise smiled knowing what the fox did.
  17. Bewildered, she swallowed then inched herself back from the threat of the tiger. "Hello." She murmured quietly, still searching for that book. She knew she had dropped it somewhere nearby. "How are the both of you?" The female looked from the boy to the woman with the feline by her side, unaware of a third person's presence. She had never met anyone with such amazing abilities, let alone two in ten minutes!
  18. The fox had the book in his mouth, being careful, he gently placed it in front of the girl. "My name is Elise..." she looked up to the flying boy "you can call me that as well, it suits fine...much better than you two" she smiled humorously.
  19. Amice picked up the book, quickly securing it back in her cloak. She wouldn't know what to do without the leather bound pages of knowledge. She halfway turned away from the two, blushing heavily at Elise's words. It was embarrassing that she got stuck on a tree rather than in one. "Elise," she repeated quietly. "That's a lovely name. I've never heard that one before." The female didn't dare to give her name out to strangers, but she felt the urge to do so and suppressed it.
  20. "Thank you" she says smiling as the tiger murred loudly. "You haven't answered my question you wish passage into the city?" she said.
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