Battle of the Demi Gods

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  1. "Come on Eli!." Eli's grandfather Akira yelled, "1,000 more reps!" Eli continues doing his push ups while his grandfather was on his back. But he doesn't mind. "Right!" Eli yelled. Compared to what he normally does for training, this is a piece of cake! Once he gets the last 1000 reps done, his grandfather gets off his back, literally. "Good job Eli. Its obvious that this training is getting to easy for you." Eli says nothing, "I guess we are going to have to kick this up a notch." Eli smiles and clenches a fist. "Alright! I am excited!" Eli loves training and fighting. He new he was different from everyone else, but he couldn't quit put his finger on it. Eli makes his black angel-like wings pop out from his back, they needed some air. "But first," his grandfather started looking very serious, "It is about time you finally discover the truth about your self." Of course. Eli has always wanted to know, but everyone said he was to young to know about it. Eli nodded. "Alright," his grandfather said, "You are no ordinary young man. You possess great powers, very great. You are only half human." he looks at Eli. "What is my other half?" Eli asked. "You are also part god. You are the son of Ares." Eli's eyes widen. "The god of war?!" He said sounding shocked. His grandfather nodded. "Are you serious?!" There is no way!, he thought to himself. "I can prove it." Akira said and Eli continues to look at him. Akira clears his throat then yells, "Ares!" Lightning strikes at the ground and clouds form in front of Eli. Once the clouds disappear, a strong looking man appears. Eli looks shocked. The man smiles, "Son." he says. Its really him, Eli thought. Ares, the god of war.
    ((Quick character info))
    Name: Eli Storm
    Age: 19
    Height: 6'3"
    Body Type: Athletic
    Personality: Mysterious, Sarcastic, Short tempered, Stubborn Protective, Smart, Tough, Caring, Usually a loner, deep down he is very kind and sweet however he is not afraid to show his respect to women. He is also a good leader.
    Looks: (Picture below, except without the tongue ring :P)

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  2. Jasik (son of hades; god of the underworld and the dead) walked down an alley watching two men trying to rape a poor young woman. His eyes turned a deep purple as he yelled at them. "Leave her alone, now!"

    One of the men let go of the woman and walked towards Jasik and flicked open a pocket knife. "Why don't you just walk away" said the man stopping about ten feet from Jasik. His partner held the woman and watched the confrontation.

    "I will not ask you again" said Jasik looking deep into the man's eyes. He could see fear in the man's soul. "Do not make me kill you" said Jasik as he stared directly into the man's eyes. The man walked quickly toward Jasik holding the knife. The man thrust the knife at Jasik's stomach, but Jasik disappeared in a puff of purple smoke.

    "What the hell is this? Where did he go" said the man as he looked around frantically for Jasik. He turned around and looked at his partner for an answer but got nothing more than a head shake.

    Jasik kicked the man's legs, forcing him to his knees. "Poor choice" whispered Jasik as he snapped the man's neck. The man's partner let go of the woman and watched in horror as his partner dropped lifelessly to the ground. Jasik spread his black and purple tipped wings as he absorbed the man's soul

    ((Character info))
    Name: Jasik Harovich
    Age: 19
    Height: 6'2
    Description: Jasik is slim but fit. He is stronger and faster than any human. He is usually calm and easy going, but can be short tempered and does not like being challenged.
    Powers: Strength, speed, flying, immortality( can only be killed by a god), teleportation, and mind manipulation Vampire-boy.jpg
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  3. Jamie struggled viciously against the men who'd slammed her against an alley wall. They'd already bruised her pretty bad but if they were going to take her, it wouldn't be without a fight. Her combat boots struggled to touch the ground as one grubby man with a smoky breath held her up by her neck and the other ripped her shirt off. God why did she choose to wear a button up today?! She tried to scream as she dug her nails into the arm of the man gripping her neck tight, but she could she could hardly breathe. That is, until someone yelled at him, telling the pair of bastards to let her go. Finally! Someone who's observant around here! The man currently attempting to choke her stalked toward the stranger and she could finally see him as the man undressing her held her arms behind her back roughly. She fought against him too, but the teenager currently trying to be her rescuer was too distracting and she was growing faint from blood loss. She watched him closely, noting his violet eyes and confident threats. She found out he was a demi god right before he killed the man with the pocketknife that had been cutting her sides earlier. Jamie's pale skin was torn open and leaking crimson blood. The redhead was breathing hard now, and collapsed to her knees when her captor let her go, only to watch the other guy be absorbed into the underworld.
    Jamie glanced at the dark-winged demi god before her before picking herself up and with the last of her strength, kicked the remaining would-be rapist in the balls. Hard. She smirked as he collapsed as she had, clutching his groin in agony. "Yeah. Serves you right, bastard." She breathed, swaying on her feet even as the smirk stayed on her face.
    The fact that she was now only visibly wearing a black bra, holey jeans and a pair of combat boots showed just how much the rapists had cut her up and bruised her ribs. But she was still standing. Though not for long. "Hey you...son of Hades" She looked to the raven haired guy who'd helped her. "...thanks.." She panted, leaning against the brick wall as she bled. She was extremely pale now, but she didn't want to show him her weakness, so she did the best she could to cover her face with her short, red hair.

    Name: Jamie Fostre
    Age: 18
    (Her mother was a daughter of Poseidon)
    Height: 5'1
    Physical appearance: Slim, c-cup breasts, short (but scrappy), deep oceanic eyes.
    Personality: Blunt, honest, stubborn, witty, sarcastic, short-tempered and rebellious. But for those she cares about, Jamie is very altruistic and compassionate
    Power: minor manipulation of water and camaraderie with sea creatures

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  4. Jasik watched the woman kick the remaining rapist sending him to the ground. Jasik could tell that the man wasn't going anywhere for a while.

    He walked over to the woman and put her arm over his shoulders so he could support her. "I'm Jasik, and I'm glad I could help." He inspected the woman and could see that she was hurt badly and losing allot of blood. By her injuries he assumed she was not a direct descendant of a god. He looked into her souls and saw that she was the granddaughter of poseidon. "Come on, let's get you out of here" he said as he helped her off of the wall and began walking with her.

    As they walked past the woman's former attacker, Jasik crouched down next to him. "I can see your soul, if you ever do anything like this again I will tear you apart." Said Jasik before standing and helping the woman down the alley. Once they reached the end of the alley he decided to fly her to his home to avoid any unwanted attention. "I can help you much faster if I fly" he said as he gently took the woman in his arms and spread his wings. "Hang on" he said as he took of and began to fly
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  5. Ares cleared his throat, "Enough with this family reunion. I have some serious stuff I need to talk to you about..."
    Eli arched an eyebrow and stared at his father overly built and tall dad with his dark grey eyes, "And what would that be?"
    "The world is in danger, and we must gather all demi-gods to help save this world."
    "What do you mean tro-"
    "There is no time! You must look for a woman name Jamie and a man named Jasik."
    "Ok? But where are they?"
    "I trust you will be able to find them... I wish you luck." and with that he disappears.
    Eli clenches his fists, "Gee thanks a lot dad..." he mutters sarcasticly and with that he begins flying in search for these two people...
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  6. Despite her feeble attempt to keep her grimace out of his sight, Jasik introduced himself, helping her whether she wanted it or not. On any other occasion, she would have pushed him away, insisting that she didn't need any help, but today, she had to admit she was in pain and probably wouldn't make it home conscious. Jamie leaned against him heavily, gripping his shirt tightly as he leaned down to threaten her second attacker. As they walked, her mostly dragging her feet, she tried to keep her eyes open, but by the time Jasik began to fly, her deep, blue eyes had fluttered closed against her will and she was limp in the demi-god's arms.
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  7. Jasik landed as softly as he could in front of his house and walked up to his front door. He put his palm against the door; causing the door to flash purple along with his eyes before opening.

    He closed the door behind him then put the Jamie on his living-room table. He listened for her heartbeat and checked her breathing. He noticed her pass out in his arms during the flight and that worried him.

    After ensuring she was still alive, he teleported in a puff of purple smoke to his room to retrieve his medical equipment. He returned to her shortly with bandages and various creams. He looked at her sides and saw that she had been cut quite a few times. He poured some liquid in his hands and spread it over her wounds. He the wrapped her her upper body with bandages. He then went about treating her other injuries
  8. A soft groan escaped Jamie's lips as she woke slowly in an unfamiliar room and bandages wrapped around part of her torso. The worst, her cuts, had been covered in gauze, but bruises were slow to form on her ribs, hips, neck and wrists for the most part. She was going to be really sore for a little while. "What.." She mumbled, slightly incoherent and still slightly dizzy. Jamie tried to sit up, but whimpered as the motion aggravated her injuries. Her eyes met Jasik's and for a second, she didn't recognize him at all until the memories came flashing back and she winced. First things first..she thought, clearing her throat before beginning her request. She was aware this guy didn't even know her name yet, but once she was feeling better, he would. "Hey...could you get me some water?" She whispered.
  9. As he flies he grumbles, "This is useless... I am never going to-" suddenly he felt an odd mental tug, making him stop right in his tracks. He looked in the direction he felt the tug from. 'What was... that?' he thought, moving his dark hair out of his eyes. He shrugged it off then went back to the direction he was going him, but then once again the tug made him stop, getting his attention once again. "Grr... ok, this is getting annoying... What is that?!" he went into the direction in which the tug ket urging him to go in. The closer he got, the stronger the tug became. Eventually the tug stopped when he came across Jasik's house. He looked down at it. 'Is this... where they are?' he thought.
  10. Jasik watch as Jamie slowly woke up and tried to move around. "You shouldn't strain yourself" he said before he went off to get her some water. Jasik grabbed a bottle of water from his cabinet and returned to Jamie. "Here" he said as he handed to her. Jasik began to feel uneasy, as if someone were coming from him. But he couldn't tell where the feeling was coming from or think of why someone would be searching for him. He tried to shrug it off but the feeling only got stronger until he could feel someone outside of his houses. "I'll be back" he said to Jamie as he went to investigate

  11. (I just realized our characters almost look alike XD)
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  12. ((that's what I was thinking lol. except the Son of HADES has lighter eyes than the son of, wat? haha
    plus, I just realized Jasik and Jamie start with the same letter. Probably should've thought about that lol))

    "Thanks." She gave Jasik a half smile and prepared for her little demonstration. But then he mysteriously left her with raised eyebrows and a tilt of her head. Wonder where he's going...
    She shrugged a little and proceeded to strain herself, just as he'd told her not to. Jamie sat up with a grunt and opened the water bottle, swiftly gulping down the fresh water. It was refreshing, but not quite as effective as ocean water would have been. She poured the rest of the water on her head and it ran past her eyes in streams, darkening her hair...and healing her. Of course, being a granddaughter made the effect less useful, but it helped. Her bruises would only be a little tender and hardly visible. Her ribs would be sore only for two days and her cuts were shallower, but still needed bandages. Just not this much.
    Jamie slowly unwrapped the gauze until there was only two thin layers covering the cuts above her her hips. She tied it off, shook off some of the water in her curls, and grabbed a blanket covering the back part of Jasik's nearby couch. Hopefully he hadn't been staring at her bra too often.
    Now she's covered so she just has to..find him. Jamie slid her legs over the edge of his table and walked in the direction he'd walked off to. "Jasik?" She called, walking slowly and looking much healthier than she had a few minutes ago with the blanket wrapped around her upper body.
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  13. As soon as Eli landed in front of the door, Jasik walked out. He looked at him a little surprised but kept his expression blank, "Are you Jasik?"
  14. Jasik watched as Eli landed in front of his house. He thought to himself. 'Why would he be here, and who exactly is he?' He closed the door behind him and walked out to meet Eli. "Yes, and who are you?" He asked not trying to sound rude
  15. Jesus. . . The nerve of people these days. . Rebecca sighed as her hands were stuffed into the back pockets of her black skin-tight jeans and her ears were covered by her gray beanie hat. She was currently receiving compliments of drunks from a near by bar as they watched her walk pass the bar since they were standing outside. She hated it when things could be said about her body and how she looked but when it came to these kind of compliments she acted as if it was all in her mind. She continued walking down the narrow dark sidewalk and pretended as if nothing has been said to her. Her black hoody was unzipped while exposing her white tank top, her black hair blew in her blue eyes making her look more threatening and mysterious. She was immediately followed by a male who kept a distance behind her as she walked. She didn't notice but sensed it but since she didn't want to be noticed she didn't pay any mind towards it. Her black converse were covered in dirt since she has recently been in a forest not to far from the city nor her home. All of a sudden a hand was wrapped around her mouth and her body was lifted up from the ground before she was taken off the streets and into a alleyway. She strugged before thinking of her plan to attack and that was when her sharp teeth bit into the flesh of the hand and the hand was removed from her mouth she then elbowed the unknown person in the gut and turned before sending a forceful punch to the face and watched the body collapse to the ground. Her once blue eyes were now demonic red. "Stay down. . " she ordered before walking out of the alleyway and back onto the streets to only be pressed against the wall by the man she has sensed earlier his lips were placed upon hers as his rough, cold hands held onto her waist. She pushed the dude away from her while she gathered the sent of his alcoholic breath and was truly disgusted. She then walked up to him and placed both her hands on each of his shoulders before kneeing him in the junk and watched him fall to his knees. She then continued her journey home.

    +Character Information+
    Daughter of Hades
    Name: Rebecca Swan
    Age: Twenty-One
    Height: Five foot eleven inches
    Personality: Quiet, Sarcastic, Feisty, Hateful, Cruel, Sometimes Rude.
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  16. Jamie then heard the closing of a door and a muffled voice behind it. turning the corner of the hallway. She spotted said front door and opened it with the hand that wasn't holding up her blanket. "Hey what's..." Jamie looked up and found another winged male standing across from Jasik. The two looked like the could be brothers, but by the way the looked at each other, she could tell they weren't. Now, it might have looked strange that she wasn't wearing a shirt and she was aware that the winged stranger in front of Jasik's house cold get the wrong idea, but she didn't care. She just raised an eyebrow at them, asking questions with a mere expression. Did they know each other?
  17. Eli glanced at the woman and gave her a warm and welcoming smile, "And you must be Jamie." then he looked back at Jasik, 'hmm... we look alike' he thought then his expression turned to serious, "My name is Eli Storm... Nice to meet you both. I was sent to find you by my father... Ares... I take it you are both demi-gods?"
  18. Jasik didn't exactly like the idea of someone being sent to find them, then succeeding this easily. "Why are you looking for us?" He asked looking Eli over. He agreed they did have some resemblance but that wasn't very relevant to him.
  19. Jamie narrowed her eyes at the mention of her name even as he gave her a smile "Yeah..why?" She agreed with Jasik's question. "And What else do you know about us, Eli?" She asked, suspicion evident in her tone of voice as she walked up beside Jasik. She didn't bother correcting him on his assumption of her being a demi god. If she needed to, she'd tell him later. But Ares wasn't exactly known for kind acts of any sort. He starts wars and chaos. So what does he want with them?
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  20. He sighed, "Nothing really... but my father told me that the world is in danger... and I need to geather as much demi-gods as possible... So we can train and defend the Earth..."
    Suddenly Eli heard that familiar deep and booming voice:
    "Eli! As it turns out Jasik has a sister named Rebecca... Find her!"
    Eli thought back, "Whatever old man..."

    Eli sighs and looks at Jasik, " Do you... have a sister by any chance?"
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