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  1. With the Gods unable to go to Earth for a battle about to happen they find all their demi-god children and put them under serious training with Ares, the God of War. Will they be strong enough to win the war?
    ~Character Info~
    Name: Eli James Storm (Main character)
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'3"
    Body Type: Muscular/Athletic
    Parents: Ares the God of War and Jane Storm a single mother.
    Siblings: Darren Lee Storm (Full blooded brother and he actually annoys Eli :P)
    Personality: Tough, Stubborn, Short-Tempered, Caring, Protective, May seem a little hard on the outside but is actually quit nice on the inside. Great Leader, He is also pretty damn smart. He loves fighting of course.
    Looks:(Pic Below except his eyes are more grey :P)
    ~Another Character Info~
    Name: Darren Lee Storm
    Age: 9
    Height: 4'5''
    Body Type: Kinda skinny, no muscles.
    Parents: Ares the God of War and Jane Storm a single mother.
    Sibilings: Older brother Eli whom he looks up too.
    Personality: Actually quit the opposite of Eli. He loves people and has a very bubbly personality. He is sweet, kind and all in all outgoing. He isn't much of a fighter unlike Eli. He hates fighting. He really looks up to his brother.
    Looks: Pic Below (Except his eyes are an ocean blue :P)

    * Writers Note: This was actually my first ever RP I made when I first started on here and I'm bringing it back. I tried putting it in the Jump In section but even though I specifically said leave no one behind they did it anyways... so I am dropping that one and making this one. I'm sorry if this makes me sound a little mean but leaving people behind is my only pet peev in an Group RP. So I want to make this one a little more organized even though that usually isn't my thing. I'm not trying to sound like a jerk when I say that, I just want EVERYONE to sit back and enjoy this RP and not feel left out. And when I say everyone I do mean everyone not just me ^^. Thanks!*

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  2. [rainbow]-Character Submission-[/rainbow]

    Name: Amice Ruby Wicker
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'3"
    Body Type: Petite
    Strength: Weak (In terms of muscles)
    Parents: Hecate the Goddess of Witchcraft, Necromancy, the Night, and the Moon. Father is unknown.
    Caretaker: Linda Wicker (No relation/Deceased)
    Personality: Shy at first, Intelligent, Curious, Quiet, Easily Attached to People, Kind Hearted.
    RP-Demi God- Amice.jpg
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  3. Name: Xypher "Xye" Luna Abaddon
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'7
    Body Type: Athletic
    Parents: Apollo God of Music, Poetry, Medicine, and the Sun. Olivia Abaddon an engaged mother.
    Siblings: Ridge Abaddon, half brother that hates Xypher.
    Personality: Brave, strong, funny, witty, sarcastic (at times), smart, loyal, caring, sweet, patient, understanding, passionate, even tempered (unless seriously pissed off lol).
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  4. Accepted both of you! ^^.
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  5. Yay! Thanks! ^^
  6. Name: Michael Jay Spence
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'1
    Body Type: Athletic
    Parents: Athena Goddess of Wisdom, War, the Arts, Industry, Justice and Skill and James Spence(currently missing)
    Siblings: Veronica Spence
    Personality: Smart, not trusting of others(will be explained later), fiercely loyal to those he chooses, brave, lone-wolf type, short tempered, distant/rude, secretly a good guy, protective, usually expressionless
    What do we have here? Don't come too close, I rather not have you interrupt my work.

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  7. [​IMG]

    Name: Clare Nightling
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'2
    Parents: Pershone, Greek goddess of innocent and Recepivity also the Queen of the underworld which means she the one that get the souls and brings then to underworld. (this info I didn't know till I looked it up <--- better love story then twilight)
    Siblings: younger sister named Alice
    Personality: sweet but that can change once you say something rude to her sister or make her sister cry.
    Caretaker: her nana (not related to her just a family friend!)


    Name: Alice Nightling
    Age: 8
    Height: 4'2
    Parents: Pershone, Just read above
    Siblings: Clare
    Personality: sweet the most Inncent you will see out of a human bein. shecrys over the smallest things like a bug gets hurt even though she scared of them.

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  8. Accepted! (: And how is is my fault? XD
  9. Name: Savior Piras (Fire in Greek) Belindor
    Age: 18
    Height: 6'2
    Body Type: Muscular/Athletic
    Parents: Hades God of the Underworld, Pillar Belindor deceased mother.
    Siblings: None
    Personality: Quiet, observant, mysterious, intelligent, distant, strong, determined, protective, fearless, calm, ruthless (sometimes).
    Looks: Eyes are light crystal blue 1 or 2 shades from white, hair is black.
  10. I meet my brother! Yeah! wait step brother?

    and Eli the reason its your fault is because its you XP
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  11. Lol ya step brother I guess XD
  12. Well then! XD Thanks a lot XD. Btw Accepted :P I think we have an even amount of boys and girls now XD. Idk I cant count it up right now cause I'm at a meeting :P
  13. You're right, we have four boys and four girls.
  14. Ya half the reason I made a guy was so it would be even now lol
  15. lolz XD
  16. should i make a bad ass char eli? or should i make a subtle one
  17. I'm interested. So can I maybe join or do you need to keep the character's even?
  18. It doesnt matter Akuma (:. But he should be Eli's bestfriend like last time. And Raven if you join then it will make it even again so sure :). But after these two make there character sheets not one else can sign up ^^. Once they make their cs I will set up the RP and put the link in this OOC !
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  19. Yay! Cant wait =D
  20. I hope this gets started soon, I'm excited =D
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