Battle of the Demi-Gods: New Edition!

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    "Come on Eli!." Eli's grandfather Akira yelled, "1,000 more reps!" Eli continues doing his push ups while his grandfather was on his back. But he doesn't mind. "Right!" Eli yelled. Compared to what he normally does for training, this is a piece of cake! Once he gets the last 1000 reps done, his grandfather gets off his back, literally. "Good job Eli. Its obvious that this training is getting to easy for you." Eli says nothing, "I guess we are going to have to kick this up a notch." Eli smiles and clenches a fist. "Alright! I am excited!" Eli loves training and fighting. He new he was different from everyone else, but he couldn't quit put his finger on it. Eli makes his black angel-like wings pop out from his back, they needed some air. "But first," his grandfather started looking very serious, "It is about time you finally discover the truth about your self." Of course. Eli has always wanted to know, but everyone said he was to young to know about it. Eli nodded. "Alright," his grandfather said, "You are no ordinary young man. You possess great powers, very great. You are only half human." he looks at Eli. "What is my other half?" Eli asked. "You are also part god. You are the son of Ares." Eli's eyes widen. "The god of war?!" He said sounding shocked. His grandfather nodded. "Are you serious?!" There is no way!, he thought to himself. "I can prove it." Akira said and Eli continues to look at him. Akira clears his throat then yells, "Ares!" Lightning strikes at the ground and clouds form in front of Eli. Once the clouds disappear, a strong looking man appears. Eli looks shocked. The man smiles, "Son." he says. Its really him, Eli thought. Ares, the god of war.
  2. Logan
    Logan Masters swung his duffle bag full of football gear over one shoulder, shook the last of the shower water from his hair, and left the boy's locker room intent on being home in time for dinner.
    "Logan, Hey, Logan!" one of the other boy's called as he pushed open the main door to the school intending to leave, "Before you go I wanted to point out that your birthday's two months from now, about a week after that new theme park in the city is due to open. I know you wanted to go too, so what're that chances your mom'll agree?"

    "Pretty good," Logan laughed, "considering I've been talking about that place since they confirmed the finish date. Tell you what, Dean, Help me convince her it'll only be a small group, and you'll be the first on the guest list!"

    "Deal!" Dean grinned and waved goodbye as Logan exited the building and began the walk home. It wasn't a long walk considering that his Mom's car shop, which he lived next too, and the school were on the same edge of the small town he lived in. A few blocks at most. And soon enough he saw the welcome site of his mom's shop, the large yard full of cars behind it, and his sunny yellow house right beside it, blown glass animals hanging in the kitchen window.

    "Mom I'm home," he called as he entered through the kitchen door and tossed his gear in one of the chairs at the scrubbed wooden table.

    "In here, Chickadee," his mother's voice called back from the living room, but Logan hesitated there had been a strained sound to his mother's voice and he heard a low chuckled that sounded like it belonged to a male. Cautiously he entered the room to find his mother in a chair opposite a large muscular man with eyes like live coals and a thick dark beard covering what appeared to be a rather ugly face. In spite of his muscular build the man's legs seemed to be held in what appeared to be solid gold braces. "We have a guest for dinner." His mother explained, "this is Heph, an old friend of mine."

    The man laughed out right this time. a loud booming sound that seemed to fill the room, "indeed, you could say we are old friends!" Logan knew he had never before met this person, but he couldn't shake the feeling he should know him somehow.
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