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  1. ((I have made an RP like this but sadly it got put into the RP graveyard :(. So this is the new edition!))
    Ok well it is basically it is about these teenagers who find out they are half god/goddess so they fight to save the earth and also train with my main character's father, Ares. The god of war.
    --My Character Info--
    Name: Eli James Storm
    Age: 17 almost 18
    Height: 6'4''
    Sex: Male
    Looks: The picture on the left. Except with silver eyes.
    Parent: Mother- Rachelle Storm (human) Father: Ares (God of War)
    Extra Info: He has a 10 year old brother named Darren who is the opposite of him. Darren hates fighting but he will do it if he has too.
    ((Darren will be in the RP a little bit but I still feel like I should do an CS for him)):
    **Darren Cole Storm**
    Age: 10
    Sex: Male
    Height: 4'8''
    Personality: Darren is the opposite of Eli. He hates violence but as I said he will do it if he has to. He is sweet, kind, caring and has a bubbly personality.
    Extra Info: Eli gets annoyed with him easily.

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  2. Is this based off of the Percy Jackson series? or different?

    (and I love the picture of Mitsukini Haninozuka from Ouran you used for Darren:) )
  3. ((Yep! :3 Thought he was perfect!)) This is different lol.
  4. Name: Logan Masters
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'8"
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Solid in build, broad shoulders, might be considered stocky. He has tanned skin which is somewhat weather beaten and calloused from all the work he does outside and on cars. Grey eyes, and dark blond almost brown hair that he keeps cut short.
    Mother: Katherine Masters - a Mechanic and owner of her own car shop. She teaches Logan everything he wants to know when he's not at school.
    Father: Hephaestus - God of fire and the forge
    Personality: Usually genial in personality, he plays defense on his schools football team, and is considered a "gentle giant" even though he really isn't that tall. Logan likes to laugh and have a good time, however he has a strong moral compass and there are certain lines he won't cross. Perhaps its all the adventure stories he likes to read, especially where there's an inventor of some sort in the tale, but Logan has developed a strong sense of honor. He likes to spend his spare time working on cars, making things, and tearing things apart to see how they work.
    Extra: Logan is not a huge fan of swimming, he likes rock music, he's also got a talent for glass blowing which he learned from his Grandmother (on his mother's side)

    Hope this'll work
  5. Name: Chiamaya 'chi' Nokoto
    Age: just turned 16
    Height: 4'9
    Gender: female
    Apperance: black red purple green and sliver pixie cut hair pale skin blue with a hint of gold eyes.
    mother: Miyako Nokoto but lives far from her.
    father: Hades (Not blue haed flame guy) black hair pale but a little tand dark golden eyes waers a black suit and rad tie alot
    Personality: she the unknow
    Extra: her father and mother have kept her away from the world alot. so she dose not know much. she also lives in a church.

    what she looks like [​IMG]
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  6. would I be able to join as a character unrelated to a god but as a mythical creature?
  7. Accepted Mushishi and Falcon (Btw I have a brother named Logan XD).
    What did you have in mind LogicFromLogic?
  8. A shapeshifter possibly?
  9. Will he/she be good or bad?
  10. Good with a bit of mixed intentions
  11. Hmm... let me think about it alright? :P I will get back to you.
  12. One of the ideas I liked in this RP was that there was a girl who was the daughter of Aphrodite (goddess of Love) and Eli and the girl winded up together. I would like to have that in this RP as well. The story of Aphrodite and Ares was that they were true lovers but they couldnt be together so I found it great that Eli and tthe daught of Aphrodite winded up together.
  13. I would be happy to play the part of Aphrodite's daughter! If that is alright with you. :3
  14. Of course it is! Just put your CS here! :3
  15. You know every time I hear about Aphrodite and Ares all I can think of is poor Hephaestus, He may have been terrible looking, and anti-social, and had a bad temper, and held grudges . . . Ah who am I kidding . . . He still had a brilliant mind though!

    Question, do our characters start off knowing they're demigods, or do they have to figure that out as they go.
    Also do the characters start out in the same place knowing each other, or do they just end up together by chance?
  16. Name: Miley May Cole
    Age: 17
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5'5
    Bio-Parents: Aphrodite (Goddess of Love) and Brad Cole.
    Personality: Sweet, Loving, Caring, Bubbly, Smart and Funny.
    Looks: Obviously beautiful: Shiny blonde curly hair, deep ocean blue eyes, high cheek bones, and full lips.

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  17. Accepted SamIAm! :D
    And they will figure it out Falcon
  18. I forgot to put the personality for Eli XD. I honestly thought I did put it up! XD:
    Personality: Tough, Strong, Smart, Loyal, Will do anything to protect the people he cares about, he is a great leader. However he does have flaws just like everyone else. He is short tempered, and stubborn. He is a great fight of course, he knows every fighting move known to mankind!
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  19. Btw we can start now :P. Already put up the RP.
  20. found her a little and want to add
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