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    The History/Explanation of the War....

    Long long ago, possibly in the feudal era, there lived a world known as The ドラゴン(Doragon/Dragon) World. A world with many flowers, trees, grass, and a nice large sea. There lived 3 clans who lived in peace together. They all shared a piece of each land to keep in harmony. They also had they're own duty to keep the world intact and alive. Every one also had dragon powers, which is why the world is call The ドラゴン World in the first place. All was fine until someone found out that betrayers in the 3 clans made their own secret clan. The word got out to everyone and that's when everything went down. People from other clan would go to another clan and complain on seeing someone that was in their clan, who really belonged to the secret clan, killing someone from there clan. This happened many, many times. Soon, each leader of the clan decided to declare war and this war is known as The Battle of the Clans. Goal of this battle to to defeat the other clans to take over The ドラゴン World. Endless battles day and night would happen. They would not stop until that separate group was either dead or raised the white flag. That is how this peaceful world turned into a gigantic battle field....

    The Classes.....
    The Hunter...
    In this class, depending on your clan, you will have the animal spirit of your clan as your pet(Example, if you are in the Wolf clan, you will have a wolf spirit as your pet). While having a role of a hunter, you may use guns, snipers, bow and arrows, or any other range weapons. You may only have a choice of a maximum of 2 melee weapons. As a hunter, you must be able to sense if any enemies are coming for an ambush. Hunters are not the types to be in the front lines so stay as far, yet in your weapon range, as you can while in a battle and fight!!

    The Warrior...
    In this class, depending on your clan, you will have the animal spirit of your clan's aspects(Example, if you are in the Shark clan, you will have really good strength). While having the role of a warrior, you may use swords, katanas, shields, and other melee weapons. You may only have a choice of a maximum of 2 range weapons. As a warrior, you must be able to take lead during the appropriate times and be ready for any ambush. Warriors are the types to be in the front lines so get up there and fight!!!

    The Mage...
    In this class, depending on your clan, you will have the animal spirit of your clan as a magical minion(Example, if you are in the Lynx clan, you will have a mini lynx with you and it will shoot (depending on your elemental choice) balls). While having the role of a mage, you may have a staff with you. You only have a choice of a maximum of one melee weapon and one ranged weapon. As a mage, you must be aware of your teammates to be able to heal them at the right time while also attacking the enemy team. Mages are some what between the front lines and the place where hunters are so make sure you can be aware of your teammates and the enemies!!

    The Rouge...
    In this class, depending on your clan, you will have the animal spirit of you clan's senses(Example, If you are in the Shark Clan, you will be able to smell blood from a distance). While having the role of a rouge, you may use daggers, hidden blades, and other small melee weapons. You may only have a choice of a maximum of 2 range weapons. As a rouge, you must be ready to sneak around the enemy and attack them from behind and be an excellent hider. Rouges can be where ever they like, in the back, middle, or front. Just make sure you don't get too close to the enemy unless you're sneak attacking them!!

    The Roles...
    This can be for any class. Leader. It's simple. You are mainly the leader of a clan. There is a limit of one leader of each clan, unless you are willing to do co-leaders(but who ever will be co-leaders, you two must talk it out and inform me about it^_^). You can declare war to other clans, set up the army, take care of the clan... Just the basic leader stuff^_^

    Army Leader...
    This is a really good role for Warriors, but other classes can do this role too. Depending on how your clan leader likes it, you might have separate armies to go fight. As army leader, you must be able to lead the army while in battle. Just the basic Army leader stuff^_^

    A really good role for rouge, just like for army leader, other classes can do this too. Assassin is basically you are sent out by either the Leader or Army leader to go assassinate someone from an opposite clan or do some other stuff. Like steal some stuff, go on a secret mission, etc.

    A role for mainly mages. They can either be home healers or battle healers. Home healers heal people in the clan territory. Battle healers follow the army into battle and heal them during battle.

    This role is for any class. You are the one that goes out and be the offense. You go to other territories and capture them. Mainly, you're the offense people.

    This role is for any class. You are basically the opposite of the Fighters. You stay at the territory boarder and defend from attackers from other clans. Basically... you're the defense people.

    The Clans.....

    First off, we have The オオカミ(Ookami/WOlf) Clan. In this clan, you have the wolves. The wolves are well known for their good strategies and good hearing/seeing senses. The Wolf clan is the first clan to arrive at The ドラゴン World. They take over the forest area of the world.

    Second, we have The さめ(Same/Shark) Clan. In this clan, you have the sharks. The sharks are well known for their really good sense of smell for blood and strength. The Shark clan join around the same time as the Lynx Clan. They take over the ocean area of the world.

    Third, we have The オオヤマネコ(Ooyamaneko/Lynx) Clan. In this clan, you have the lynx. The lynx are well known for their good way of sneaking around and climbing. The Lynx clan join around the same time as the Shark Clan. They take over the mountain area of the world.

    Lastly, we have The 白い花(Shiroi Hana/White Flower) Clan. In this clan, you have a flower. You cannot turn into a flower but you can teleport tree to tree. This clan has unknown powers. (If you join this, I'll tell you.) They formed around a few years as soon as all the clans settled in. They take over an unknown area(again, if you join this, I'll tell you.) People in this clan just don't like their past clan. They still have the powers of their old clan but they use it against their old clan.


    1. [*=1]Follow the posting order. Posting order will be posted as soon as we get enough people.

      [*=1]No god-modding. You will have 3 warnings(I like being nice...) After that third warning, you're out!

      [*=1]No trolling/spamming. I hate that!

      [*=1]HAVE FUN!!! BREAK THIS RULE AND.... I'll do something about that XDD

    Add-on notes:

    • [*=1]Since everyone has dragon powers, everyone can use their dragon wings to fly around. Just don't use it in battle!
      [*=1]In every clan, you can transform into your clan's animal spirit which is mainly for traveling purposes. Please use them for travel only and not battle^_^
      [*=1]Everyone gets an extra elemantal power. (For example, ice. Warriors = Ice armor and/or frost enhanced sword, Hunters = Frost arrows/bullets, Mages = Frost bolts, Rouges = Ice traps, etc.)
      [*=1]I want everyone to start off with one character first. If there are not that many people, I will concider people having two characters.
      [*=1]Note: if your character dies, I will note that and consider you having another character. I will do my best to make you fit into the story.
      [*=1]Each person/character can have a maximum of 3 weapons
      [*=1]You CANNOT make up your own clan. These clan are the only choices!
      [*=1]Have any questions? Ask here and I'll add that answer to HERE^_^

    Sign-up form:

    Past Clan(if in Shiroi):
    Elemental Power:

    Mine for example(yes I'll be using this character in the roleplay):
    Name: Ikamori Tsukiyomi
    Age: 14
    Clan: The オオカミ(Ookami/WOlf) Clan.
    Past Clan(if in Shiroi):
    Class: Warrior
    Weapons: Sword, dual katanas, and bow and arrow
    Role: Fighter
    Elemental Power: Ice
    Personality: Nice, Hyper, Bubbly, Not-that-smart
    Bio: Ikamori is one of the first people to join the clan. She is very bubbly, as what her friends say. But in battle, she is a complete different person. She is very serious and really aggressive. She is the type of person who would like to be friends with every person she sees. She'll say hi to every person she sees, just... not to the enemies. She mainly hates the Lynx clan for what has happened in the past. But she is a very happy-go-lucky type. Even though you get on a bad start with her, she'll still wanna be your friend. ^_^
  2. Name: Lilian Tsukiyomi
    Age: 17
    Clan: Ookami
    Past Clan(if in Shiroi):
    Class: Hunter
    Weapons: CheyTac 408 Rifle cheytac-0.jpg (50 caliber), compound bow that compacts to fit on her hip, and two daggers.
    Role: Support, scout, and communications.
    Elemental Power: Fire
    Personality: Shy, quiet, not very outgoing, loving and kind.
    Bio: Lily joined her the wolf clan, along with her little sister. She didn't talk much, as she is the opposite of her little sister. Once the clan figured out she had a natural talent for sharpshooting, they put Lily into training to be a hunter. Soon, she was the best at long range sniping. All enemies fear and know her name, though, it's mainly just rumors.
    Appearance: Sniper.jpg

    (I was hoping my character could be your older sister, is that alright?)
  3. You're sign-up form is.....
    I am completely fine with Lilan to me Ikamori's sister. When you talk to her, and since you two know each other a lot, call her Ika-chan. ^_^ We will begin the rp as soon as others join us.
  4. :) oh joy. I'll try and spread the word. Though, keep in mind I only know English.
  5. Name: Sora Tenka
    Weapons: Dual Daggers, Whip
    Elemental Power:Wind
    Personality:Manipulative, Greedy, Calm, Cunning
    Bio: He was the son of the previous head of the shark clan. He was a spoon-fed child, but had lots of training. He was chosen as the leader because not only of his heritage but of his sharp tactics. He used people as a stepping stone, but he has led the clan to some great victories despite his view on the world.

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  6. You're sign-up form is.....
    I have an enemy now... Here is one thing to remember. Ika had a bad history with the lynx clan leader.... so we hate each other^_^
  7. Name: Furi Tatsu
    Age: 21
    Clan: Ooyamaneko/Lynx clan
    Past Clan(if in Shiroi):
    Class: Warrior
    Weapons: Ninja blade, shuriken, dual short swords
    Role: assassasin
    Elemental Power: Wind
    Personality:accepts what's given, positive, goodwill, hard working, serious in battle
    Bio: Tatsu as child has seen a lot of death and destruction. This has made him very kind, and a gentle person.
    Tatsu is from a family of assassins, and has lived through most of his life training. Since most life was devoted to traning and being a part of a lot of wars, he decided to leave and find some other means to his life. Being a master in assassination he was invited to join the Ooyamaneko clan. Ever since then he's yet to find peace.
  8. Sorry.... This RP is very stupid... Tread closed, sorry. ... ... ...
  9. Grrrrrr....... FINE!!! I'm opening this roleplay..... But if it goes wrong again like last time, I'll close it again!
  10. Name: Adair Requiem Klein

    Age: 28

    Clan: Lynx

    Class: Assassin

    Weapon: Gunblade


    Elemental Power: Ice

    Personality: Loyal, mature, courageous, stubborn, arrogant, uncaring, tends to cut others down to size, and cold hearted.

    Biography: Alejo joined the clan when she was fifteen years old, a friend of hers training her to perfectness. Sadly, her friend was eliminated by enemies from Alejo's past.

    Looks: [​IMG]
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  12. You're sign-up form is.....
    We need some Same and Shiroi Hana people here!!!
  13. I would love to join! I'll get my character sheet together and post it some time later today! ^^
  14. I am curious. :3 I might post a character :P
  15. Really? Thanks you two^_^ I really appreciate it^_^
  16. Name: Enrō kōtei ( if you can't use the symbols just type Enro, don't copy and paste E.E)
    Age: 15
    Clan: The オオカミ(Ookami/WOlf) Clan.
    Class: Warrior
    Weapons: Shenlong spear, Long katana, two sided sword, thick metal shield, Heavy battle axe, thick angel winged cross guard one sided sword, and crossbow.
    Role: Warlord, knight, wizard blader (Uses elements on weapons. :3), bodyguard, and transporter
    Elemental Power: Fire
    Personality: A nice caring guy, he always smiles, but he uses this to hide his fears and sorrow, he is actual a protective guy, using his offense as a defense when protecting someone.
    Bio: Was not always in a clan, at the young age of five, they found Enro wandering the woods, He was dragging a huge heavy sword, with a winged cross guard, And wearing a red gauntlet. He had red hair, and ember eyes. The wolf clan took him in out of pity. Not many people know this either. All he wanted to do was learn how to fight. When people asked what his parents looked like he said they were too bright to see the details. He was always friendly, very smart swell. He liked to work around the villages to gain a bit of money for food. He has since about two to three years ago started noticing girls, so he sometimes has a hard time talking to them.

    (Tell me what you think ^^)
  17. I have fallen victim to this rp >.<
  18. I'm going to go and switch over to the Shark clan actually
  19. Name: Tensa Hiruma (Hiruma Tensa, 蛭魔 天鎖 )

    Ogichi Welcome king.jpg Hollow.Ichigo.600.1026839.jpg
    Age: 17
    Clan: Shiroi Hana (白い花)
    Past Clan(if in Shiroi): Ookami (狼)
    Class: Warrior/Magic Warrior
    Weapons: Gram: Gram is a black Zweihänder passed down over the ages, it is said to have once been used to slay a dragon. The symbols engraved on the blade apparently have some sort of mystical effect, and it boasts cutting power much greater than it appears to have. That sharpness allows it to damage opponents even if they manage to block the blow. The large sword itself is said to cleanly cleave an anvil in two.

    Role: Unknown as of date. Simply seems like a Fighter that don't take orders. And doesn't seem to order anyone around.

    Elemental Power: Fire

    Personality: Tensa is a a Somewhat calm but rude person, and he can be a bit ruthless when he finds something he might want. He also seems to be very nonchalant, not caring for most his allies, though he does care for a very few.

    Bio: Being born in the Ookami Clan, Tensa had been raised to be a Swordsman, despite his strange affinity to Magic. Frankly, it helped his bettering his swordsmanship to a moderate degree, Even though some are able to best him, with sheer tactics at the time. At the age of 12, he's been abducted during a Lynx assault. He escaped and survived, but cost a High price, as his skin went White while he was over exposed to Ice magic, barely surviving due to learning barely how to exert flames to a limited part of his body. Eventually, He went away on a quest to get Gram, a cursed sword to be reputed as one among the strongest, nicknamed the Sun sword, and was famed by legends. Upon finding it, at the age of fourteen, the sword's curse ran through his body. His eyes became inhuman, as it's monstrous looking, and his skin went from pale to pure white, this time, also changing his hair. From that point on, he wasn't as recognizable as he used to be, and as he was long gone, from where he came from, it was already too late. Tensa must of been considered MIA for such a long time that it didn't matter to him anymore. It was unknown of when he stumbled upon the Shiroi Hana clan, but he lives there, despite the lack of communication he has with his newfound clanmates.

    Strength: Tensa is strong enough to Wield Gram, a two handed sword, with only one hand. Careful there!

    Speed: He is fairly slow, though he has ways around that. He has fast reflexes, but his running speed is not really fast.

    Intelligence: He's not Dumb, but he isn't a genius either. Above the average, without being Einstein.

    Techniques: He's able to exert flames waves from his palm, and they tend to travel as a spiral, to hit a long range target. He's also able to use a flaming armor, in both active and passive manner. Though in the passive Manner, it's more of a "Heat Armor", and due to it's over use, it's almost always activated. He's also shown to produce from heat to exploding flame waves from the tip of his sword, and While wielding Gram, his cutting power is increased, given to the fact Gram is a Sun sword, being able to resist high temperatures.

    (Tensa, Part 1.)
  20. Everything is fine!! Just... Please limit yourself to 3 weapons huntsman ^_^''' sorry......

    And Tensa
    You're sign-up form is.....
    We have enemies now!! Yay~!!!