Battle of the Capitals

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Today marks the battles of two capitals of nations.

196 years ago marks the US army's defeat to British forces in the area surrounding Brandenburg, Maryland. US forces were highly disorganized especially amongst militia and regular army officers. Due to this lack of organization the only US unit not to flee the battle were members of US Marine Corps and sailors, whom had the greatest amount of training in battle compared to the young US Army. This opens Washington DC to British control. Most of the nation's treasures are smuggled out of the city by US politicians and for several days, President Madison hides out in the forests of Virgina never to be found by the British. The British then burn the capital. Then in a stroke of dumb luck, a freak hurricane hits the region, preventing DC from being completely leveled and forced the British to retreat from Washington DC altogether.

Also today, the Battle for Warsaw ends with Polish victory against the Soviet Union in 1921. From 1918 to 1921, the Poles fought for national independence since the nation had ceased to exist since the 1790s. The Soviets ultimately distracted from their own Civil War are routed by Polish forces just a few miles outside of the city limits. Lenin decides to end the war since it is too costly to continue while fighting other forces like the Greens and Whites in Russia, itself.

Not only did they leave the Warsaw resistance to DIE they SHOT AT THE PLANES BRINGING THEIR ALLIES SUPPLIES. Stalin was a monster.