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  1. CLOSED! if you really still want to join, message me, and ill consider it

    ((To be completely honest, I thought of this stupid thing in a dream. It's weird.))

    Link to RP thread!

    So this is an RP. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

    The playable universe is comprised of a normal city. In the sky. Flying. Just picture a city torn out of the ground, and you've gotten it. For the music side of things, different songs impact reality in different ways. This is up for debate. I will also have a list of playable songs below, and if you have ideas for the list, message me! Write oic somewhere. I would prefer ONE paragraph in a post, at least, but if you can't make it, thats ok! There's no need to write a lot, just make sure what you do write is well thought out. Since this isn't really a typical band, more of a musical gang, you can either have everybody play, or choose out some of the characters. We can have multiple musicians who play the same thing, but don't all be the same.

    The city's backstory is up for debate, and will be shaped by the RP. PLEASE don't just explain the entire thing, let others put in their two bits.

    For battle, please try and keep your combat styles reference your regular instrument.

    My Character!

    Name: Rex Davidson
    Age: 18
    Instrument: Alto saxophone, and a lowish singing voice.
    Favorite song: Probably a bloodpumping adrenaline song. He loves a lot of music, though.
    Race: Human, with black feathered wings.

    Backstory: Rex grew up in an artsy kind of family. As he grew up, he was an actor, writer, and musician at heart. He was well along his way to being a published writer, until the city seemed to detach from the ground. He wasn't able to escape, and then strange things started happening to the people there. Brawls broke out, and he, with many other winged humans, escaped and camped out on a office building roof. This gang was then named, "The Crows." After everything calmed down, The Crows found a large hotel, and decided to inhabit this instead. Once a craze of music broke out, they easily made off with jazzy instruments. This hotel has been a hotspot for concerts, and is named, as you could guess, "The Crow's nest. Rex still lives there, but is attempting to put together a band, for, he saw how responsive the citizens were to a gal singing, and thought having a good and true band would be a good idea. He can now be found infront of the hotel, with an audition board.

    Description: A bit taller than average, broad shoulders, and average fitness ((has a bit of chubbiness and it annoys him)) He usually wears jeans, and a solid color tshirt, with a shortsleeve overshirt. His hair is brown roots, and blond... everything else. This hair is usually drawn on with sharpies to give it color. Rex also wears a pair of red headphones around his neck.

    Character Sheet:

    Favorite song:
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  2. (*stares at your side picture* O.O G-Gamzee........)

    Name: Nikolai Vargas

    Age: 19

    Instrument: Electric guitar und his magical fingerz

    Favorite song: Any song that has guitar solos in them, but he is mostly influenced by heavy metal, mostly Swedish heavy metal bands.

    Race: Human.

    Backstory: While growing up, he was exposed to rock and metal music by his father. As he grew older, his father bought him a guitar for his 12th birthday and from then on, he self taught himself how to play the guitar. His father would always comment how Nikolai's guitar playing was improving day by day and how he loved the sounds Nikolai made with the guitar. When he turned 15, his father passed away, leaving him in the care of his uncle. His mother left them when he was five. Since his father passed away, his uncle couldn't control him and Nikolai turned rebellious. He started smoking and neglecting his guitar, as it brought him memories of his father. By the time he was 17, he finally snapped, realizing he can't go anywhere if he did nothing. He was only talented in playing his guitar instead of his studies. From there, Nikolai tried to stop his rebellious habits and started focusing on his guitar, staying up late every night to perfect every piece of composition he wrote but his habit of smoking still remains. People often commented how his music would put them in a trance.

    Whenever he is on the way to the instrument store, which he worked in, he passes by a hotel that has an audition board in front of it. One day, curiosity got control of him, he decided to take a look. After much thinking, he decided to sign up.

    Description: Nikolai has shoulder length black hair, he has uneven choppy bangs that is swept to the left. He has dull grey eyes and dark circles can be seen under his eyes a lot. He is 6'0" tall and has a slim body. He is usually seen in a pair of red-fitted jeans, a grey shirt with a black cardigan over it and a pair of black sneakers. He also wears a black beanie. His face usually looks half dead which is due to the fact that he stays up late at night a lot and smells of cigarettes.
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  3. :oD yup! Also, character accepted.
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  4. ~Ooh! I would love to join, but i don't have any IRL music experience. Is that required for this RP? My charrie could just sing, if it is required.
  5. Yup! You don't have to be a instument playing musician. :o3
  6. Ok cool! Here's my CS, then! :D

    Name: Charlotte "Charlie" McNiel

    Age: 17

    Instrument: Can sing. She is also currently learning how to play acoustic guitar from her older brother, Harry.

    Favorite song: No specific favorite song, but loves rock-pop and alternative music, such as bands like Fall Out Boy, Paramore, or Panic! At The Disco. She also occasionally will listen to classical or jazz-type music, as this is the style her father and brothers love.

    Race: Human

    Backstory: Charlie was born in a single parent home with her older brothers, Harry (oldest) and Luke (second oldest). Her mother, after giving birth to all three children, left the city and never came back, which meant leaving her children and husband behind. This did not phase the children, as they were not old enough to really know their mom, let alone create an attachment to her before she left. Charlie's father, however, was distraught when she left, and began playing sad songs at a local blues lounge to mourn. He became quite famous for this, and he grew to love music. As did his children, who were basically raised always hearing the strumming of a guitar or the beautiful melody of their father's deep voice.

    All of the children grew to like and excel in different musical instruments. Harry learned to play acoustic guitar, wanting to follow in his father's footsteps. Luke grew to like a more classical type of music, opting for classical piano and violin. Charlie, however, was the odd one out. She was born with the same musical drive as her family, but never really had the patience needed to learn to play an instrument as she grew up. But, listening to her brother Harry play his guitar one day, she started forming lyrics in her head and began to sing, which astonished the neighbors who had never heard a whiff of musical talent from the girl. And so, she was indeed found to be part of her families musical lineage, and is now attempting to learn how to play the acoustic guitar from Harry, who wanted her to learn at least one instrument. She did, however, stray from the jazzy and classical tastes of her family, opting for a harder type of music. This led her to look for a band who could share the same musical taste she has, but not judge her for not having the same tastes as her family, and that made her sign up for the band.

    Description: Charlie has long wavy dark brown, almost black, hair, and usually has down on her back. She has large hazel eyes that she inherited from her father, as well as pale skin, faded freckles on her face, and a short stature. She stands at a tiny 5'6" for her age of 17, and is usually towered over by everyone she meets, no matter the gender. Growing up in a house of boys, she dresses in hoodies and jeans a lot, but to girl them up a bit she wears light-wash skinnies and flats. She can also often be seen with her headphones in or a journal, as she loves to write songs and listen to music.

    I hope this is ok! :)
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  7. Accepted! ((bittersweet, anyone?))
  8. Really interested ^^ I'll try to have a CS up soon
  9. Name: Denziel "Ziel" Tay


    Instrument: tenor trombone (normally used for jazz) and bass guitar (learning.)

    Favourite song: She listens to variety of songs but prefers alt rock and a little bit of indie. A huge fan of Panic! At The Disco Coldplay and Of Monsters and Men. (But list could be longer.)

    Race: Human

    Backstory: Denziel grew up in another land in the sky. She lived her naggy parents and older brother who wanted her to follow in their footsteps to become a doctor. No one in her family had any musical background. Ziel found her passion for music and trombone when she joined her elementary school band. Since then she developed a music portfolio, took exams to become a professional trombonist, and went on music courses. She learnt bass guitar as a leisure instrument. She loves bass instruments. Ziel sees the lower instruments and percussion as the base of the band. Which seems rather cool to her, like playing air bass guitar and trombone while listening to music. Her family was against the choices she made at first, but gave in 'a little' eventually. 'A little' meaning occasional persuading for her to become a doctor.

    She was just here for her maiden job as a trombonist for the symphonic band. However, the band was disbanded shortly after the conductor, the founder of the band, passed away as all funds for the band was stopped. So she was stranded in the city, without a job thus leading her to look for a band.

    Description: Denziel has thick black hair usually layered down to her shoulders. She has bangs framing her black eyes and slightly tanned skin. She is usually seen in oversized jackets and Bermudas. Denziel almost always has her earphones on whether she's listening to music. She likes it that way. It's a habit. Don't ask. During symphonic band or solo performances she dons on a black blazer and pants.
  10. *Whether she's listening to music or not
  11. Name: Tarria Maisly
    Age: 19
    Instrument: Primarily an audio control board, but also has a laundry-list of real instruments she can play
    Favorite song: any sort of dubstep or classical d'n'b. the stuff that really gets your energy up.
    Race: Human with rabbit ears
    Backstory: Having grown up in a very well off family, Tarria was forced into learning violin, which, she became very good at within just a couple of years. Her true passion, though, laid in instruments that were sudden, gave you energy when you heard them, and so, behind her parent's back, she was teaching herself the drums. She taught herself many more instruments as she grew up, but eventually she got tired of telling everyone what she knew how to play and decided to sing, something she could actually tell her parents about without fear of having her head torn off.
    Once her parents had decided that she had trianed well enough from them, she was sent to a school that had a highly renowned music program and she was boarded there. Lonely and without friends due to her ears being the main entertaining tease of the school, the girl would sit in her room when she wasnt in class and just sing. Eventually she was given permissions to any of the instruments in the music room, and access to them whenever she wanted due to being an honors student and the teacher liking her a bit since she wasnt a troublesome brat. So she spent her nights in there, writing music and playing it all out herself. This is where she found a love for d'n'b tracks and dubstep as she applied her knowledge of drums, bass, and violin to new music. Saving up money from odd jobs, she bought herself a portable music system controller (launchpad if you want to look it up) to work with the laptop her parents gave her a year or two prior. Now, she could 'play' any instrument she wanted, as well as many more, and if she wanted original tracks, she could just weasel her way in the music room again and record some. She had become pretty self sufficient, and even sold some tracks under a pseudonym, but now she's looking for more, somewhere where she'll actually mean something to others.
    Description: slightly shorter than average girl with fare skin and short strawberry blonde hair, cut to be slightly unruly, resting just below chin length. Has creamy blonde colored rabbit ears that hang down to about her elbow in length. She can often be found in pink or white frilly sleeveless shirts and a pair of tan slacks.
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  12. Accepted! I think i'll start up the RP thread now... :o3
  13. Meaning who? Or both of us?
  14. Both of you are accepted! :o3
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  15. Ok, the ic thread is up!
  16. could you please post the link to IC in here so that it is a quick reference?
  17. it is, up in the first post
  18. Yay! First Post! Hype!
  19. yeeeeee! :o3 ((actually i pulled first post, BITACH. XoD))
  20. SHHHH! I am first player post that isn't game creator. There! Ha! xD
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