Battle Of The Bands, IC Thread

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  1. ((Hello, and welcome to my RP! the signup sheet is here... So please go there and sign up, before joining the RP. Thank'ee!))

    Rex Davidson, for lack of a better thing to do, set up a stand infront of "The Crow's Nest." The Crow's Nest was one of the largest hotels in this city, and the "Crows" who owned and inhabited it used this to their advantage. Hold up, let me explain some. One day, a city uprooted its self, and decided to fly up into the sky. The water and electrics were still somehow connected, and life seemed to be getting back to normal. That is, until strange things happened to those in the city of flight. Some stayed human, while others became.... monsters? No, too ugly of a word. Creatures? No. Humanimals? That sounds stupid. Forget the name, they're still human at heart. Some of these new humans got wings and the like, and therefore were dubbed, "Crows." Others became closer to other creatures of the past, and present.

    Apparently, from what they could see in the far distance, other cities had uprooted themselves too! In this city, "The Crow's Nest" was one of the nicest hotels, and the biggest ones in their flying city. Since the excitement of being in said flying city had generally faded, and life was moving on, people needed some form of media. Music seemed to be an ignored art at the time, and Rex planned to change that. Or... Make a band. Either one would do. This wasn't what most people spent their days doing. Usually, people either threw themselves off the floating city-island, or... Actually, Rex didn't know what most people did. He wasn't most people, I suppose. Anyways, back to the stand. With his feet up on the table, and a spray painted "Band Auditions" sign, he sat there, with his head back, enjoying the morning sun on his face.
  2. As far as days went, this one was certainly one of the more unusual ones for Tarria, the girl who now walked idly down the main street of their floating city. She would normally just hang out in her room at her school all day, but today she was moved to get out and actually do something. All she ever did was sit around, so why not get up and 'prove her worth', as her parents would always say. It was more of a way to say 'prove that we didn't waste our money on some brat', but hey, its all about interpretation. So onwards she walked, strawberry blonde hair being lightly ruffled by the wind that was now almost a constant due to being so high in the sky. She had gotten used to it really, but one thing she would probably never get used to was her 'mutation'. That was a kind way to put it she guessed, so she always referred to others with changes to the human anatomy like that. Her mutation was that she had long, cream colored rabbit ears and a white puffy tail, though she hid her tail as best as she could. The ears were bad enough as she was teased relentlessly for them, especially considering her talent set. Sure she had been forced into, and was rather good at, violin and singing, rather mild musical talents, but everyone at school knew her as 'Dub Bunny', due to her expertise in remixing songs, and even tracks that she had created herself. And as such, she was instantly intrigued by a stand that just so happened to catch her eye. It was in front of some famous hotel she had heard of and called for talent as it was an audition booth. With a wide grin, the girl swung her thin black backpack off of her shoulders and approached, the pink frills of her sleeveless shirt fluttering about in the wind.
    "Say, just what sort of musicians are you looking for in this band?" She inquired of the crow who sat there. Her voice was soft and it was mainly due to how shy she could be at times, but she was feeling rather bold at the moment, so, should she find this fitting, she would show off a bit.
  3. ((I'm not that big of a stickler for length. To be honest, i have problems writing enough out, myself.))

    Obviously surprised by her voice, Rex accidentally fell back, but caught himself on the wall. As he pushed himself back up, he laughed, and shook his head. Taking off his headphones, he smirked. "Pretty much anyone who wants to be in it, Miss Rabbit." He retrieved a pad of paper from his pocket, and scribbled down the song he was on. Shoving it back in his pocket, he stood, and extended his hand. "Rex Davidson. And you are, Miss Rabbit?"
  4. Tarria was a bit irritated that wherever she went, no matter the occasion, she was made fun of for her ears, but she let out a faint sigh, not wanting to start off on the wrong foot right away. She let the man scribble something down as he recovered from an apparent shock of her coming before taking his hand in a firm shake, returning her own introduction.
    "Im Tarria Maisly, but most call me Dub Bunny." She said with a slightly nervous chuckle. The man certainly seemed sincere, so she wouldn't hold calling her 'ms rabbit' against him.
  5. "Dub Bunny?" He smiled slightly, then continued. "So, Tarria, what instrument do you play?" Rex gestured for her to sit in one of the two chairs he had set up in front of the table, then walked over to his own chair, and sat down again. His headphones were still playing music faintly, a light sounding, energetic, music boxy kind of song. and.. ticking? Somehow, it sounded of sleep. Retrieving the now crumpled pad of paper, and the pen from behind his ear, Rex placed them on his table, and wrote down her name on a new, and still crumpled page.

    ((the song: feel free to put links to songs that are playing, i think having some music to each post would be neat!))
  6. Nikolai woke up at his usual time that morning. He rubbed his eyes, glaring at the sunlight. Damn it... I should have closed the curtains last night... He threw the covers off of him and went to the toilet to take a shower. After that, he got dressed in his usual outfit; a pair of red fitted jeans, a grey shirt and a black cardigan over it. Once his hair was dry, he put on his beanie.

    He carried his guitar case and made his way to the kitchen, where his uncle was.
    "Good morning, uncle." He mumbled, sipping the freshly brewed cup of coffee his uncle had already prepared for him. "Morning..." his uncle yawned.

    With that, he finished his coffee and left for work. Nikolai took the bus, and had to alight in front of a hotel. After that, he had to walk to his work place, which is an instrument shop. You'll question why he was bringing his guitar to work. Well, sometimes, not a lot of people would enter the shop. So, Nikolai would take out his guitar and continue where he left off the night before.

    He alighted at the bus stop and walked past the hotel. In the corner of his eyes, he saw a sign that said "Band Auditions." Curious, he walked closer, completely forgetting his job. As he got closer, he saw a girl with rabbit ears and a guy, whom seemed like they sere in a conversation.
    "May I sign up?" Nikolai asked, pushing some of his fringe out of his left eye.
  7. Instrument..? Where should she begin...? Well, probably the one that directly relates to her nickname. She pulled a laptop out of her bag and set it down on the table, opening it up, it starting to play one of her beat tracks she had been working on. Flusteredly, she made it stop and signed, pulling out a device no larger than an ipad, that was covered in an assortment of 64 buttons.
    "You could say this is my instrument. As me to play any instrument and I would probably say I could, but this is my favorite. They call me the Dub Bunny because I mix dnb tracks and make dubstep out of music I create." She said with a slight smile, trying to wipe the embarrassed blush from her face as she heard someone else approaching so as to apply as well. She sighed slightly inside, not sure what would be best to do to show the man what she could really accomplish, but she would find something.
  8. Rex nodded, then smiled again. He wrote down, 'Electronics?', then spoke. "Tarria, please put down where I can contact you, right here." He scooted over the pad, and dropped the pen ontop of it. Then standing, and going over to the newcomer, "Of course! And you play the guitar, I presume?" Rex sat back down... again... and gestured to the open chair. Once Tarria was done writing, he took the paper again, looked over it, then handed the pen and pad to Nikolai. "Name, way I can reach you, and instrument, please!"
  9. A sly smile crossed over Tarria's face as she wrote down her cell phone number and dorm room number at the school. She had finally thought of what she could play. Letting the man take the pad back from her once she had written down her information, she powered up her Launchpad and cracked her knuckles. This. This would be fun.
    "So, as this is an audition and all, want to hear what it is that I can do with this little plaything?" she asked teasingly. She knew that it would be overkill, but the song she wanted to play would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that she belonged here.
  10. "Uhh... Sure! I was checking interest, and was planning to have the audition proper in a few days, but ok!" He smiled, and leaned back in his chair again. He paused the music, and grinned. "Not TOO terribly long, please! I need to attend to this fine gentleman." His wings twitched in anticipation, and, now unfolded from his sides, flicked, and fluttered slightly in the growing wind.
  11. Tarria's Song (open)
    she plays from 0:20 to 1:05

    Not to long..? Oh well, she would just have to cut the song as short as possible... But she would want to show him the entire song later, so just a teaser for now. Pressing just a few side buttons, Tarria had set herself up and, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, began to play.
  12. Nikolai nodded and took a seat on the empty chair. He looked at the pad as Rex asked for Nikolai's details. He picked up the pen and wrote 'Nikolai Vargas' on the paper, his cell phone number and the instrument he plays; the guitar. He wrote all of that in cursive though it was a bit messy, it can still be read.
  13. As she played, Rex's eyes widened, then as she stopped, he chuckled. "Damn! I'd say you're in, I'll send you a message later with the time and place of the proper audition." He shook her hand, then inspected Nikolai's writing. "Could you play something? If, of course, its not too much trouble." Rex smirked, then pocketed the paper with their information on it.
  14. Tarria laughed slightly at the reaction, but then felt a little bad for anyone else as she just became a total show off.... Its kind of hard to top things like that.... She whispered a very faint 'sorry' as she packed her bag back up and nodded to the man who had accepted her. She then got up and dashed off, back in the direction of the school. She would definitely have to do a lot of practicing, and she was, quite honestly, in need of some more audio samples. That, and she was in desperate need of some money. If she had the money to buy another Launchpad, she would, due to the fact that they could sync up and her performances would be even better, but what couldn't be couldn't be. She would have to make due with what she had at the moment.
  15. "Play something...?" Nikolai mumbled to himself. His eyes fell from the guy to the table. "It won't sound good without an amp but..."

    He dug in his guitar bag for a CD which he recorded a week ago at the recording studio that's located at the back of the shop he worked in. He held the CD towards Rex, "I recorded it last week. It's something I've been working on these past few weeks. Though this version is more like the unrevised version."

  16. Charlie pushed herself out of bed, her muscles aching from twisting around in bed. As she sat up, she ran her fingers through her long brown hair. It was annoying, her hair. Maybe she would cut it? Or maybe just dye it for a change of pace? Something to think about.

    She slipped on her outfit for the day, a pair of dark wash ripped skinny jeans and a light grey v-neck shirt, as well as black Vans as she made her way downstairs to the main level of her house. She sat down briefly and had a bagel before getting up and leaving, listening to her brother Harry strumming on the guitar as she exited. She was learning to play from him, but only knew a few chords by heart and was a long way away from actually playing anything worth listening to.

    As she walked absently down the street, as there was no school to go to and she had nowhere to be, she inserted her headphones, listening to "Thanks for the Memories" by Fall Out Boy. When she was walking, she saw a large group huddled around a tall man with wings outside a well known hotel. A sign next to him read, "Band Sign-ups" in hastily spay painted letters. Curious and interested, she walked over.

    Pulling out one of her headphones, she approached the tall man with the black wings. "Hi, can I see that sign-up sheet, please?" She asked the man. After handing out a sheet to her, he listened to a boy play a CD from his backpack, obviously from the boy's guitar which was slung across his shoulder. She listened in as she looked at the sheet, her own music still playing in her ear as she listened. "That's pretty good!" She told the boy, who seemed sort of shy about playing his music in front of a crowd of people he didn't know that well or maybe even at all.
  17. "Nikolai, I'll contact you with the time and place later today. See ya then, man!" Rex grinned again, then turned his attention to Charlie. "You know, I've used my name so many times today, I may need to get a new one soon..." He chuckled, then spoke again. "Really though, the name's Rex Davidson. And you are?"
  18. She smiled kindly at the man, brushing a strand of unruly brown hair behind her ear. She really did need to do something about her mane. It was getting too long, and it got in the way.

    "Charlotte McNeil. But everyone calls me Charlie." She said as she introduced herself to Rex, who had also introduced himself. "So, this is your band, right? Your wings are awesome, by the way. Love the color."
  19. "Thank you! It's not a band yet though, just auditions for one. I don't even know the name for it yet!" He laughed, then smiled. "I like your hair, the length and all is neat. So, Charlie, what do you play? Instrument wise, I mean." Rex extended his hand to her, and looked over her sheet with the other.
  20. She took Rex's hand before answering, giving it a form shake. "Thanks, I think it's too long though. And I sing, mostly, but my brother is teaching me how to play acoustic guitar. It's a very long work in progress, though."