Battle of Heaven, Hell and the Heart

-H-how it could happend?-

It happend fast and unexpectly. Nobukazu was lying on ground with sophitia that pircered his chest right next to heart. Thanks god she was his trustfull partner otherwise he would die right now, but still situation was more than critical. His whole dimension was burning and he couldnt do a thing. Barley was able even to stand on his own legs and before him was standing no one else but Ussoria "puppy of void princess" holding her rapier right in front of his face.

-Well you thought that copy trick could work 2 times? Are you really that dumb? You think that her majesty would not see that is copy of yours? Seriously are you?-

Ussoria was well known as private guardian of Ateri the Void princess and one of best hell champions. But most champs was calling her just puppy of void princes beacose she wwas doing everything that princes ordered. Almost emotionless for everything and everyone but almost confesing love to princess. Everyone knew well that and it was not big suprise. Ussoria was homosexual beacose of princess. Some demons even was roaming that Ussoria lost her virginity for princes herself but those demons vanished in " unknown issues" but history about Ussoria and Ateri dosen't matter now. Ussoria was send here to punish Nobu for his action and only Void king or Angels could save him from this mess. Sophitia was completly useless now beacose she was in deep mental terror and her all power were gone, and blood that was running out from nobu was so intense that he started to feel dizzy. Situation was so critical that there were almost no options but just give up and wait for miracle... He lifted up head to look at Ussoria and said
-Heh...maybe i made little mistake but im not over yet. Im still breathing- and there smiled nasty but fast losed that smile when looked at Ussoria bit more . She courched before him plaing with rapier in front of his face
-Its beacose i am allowing you to live. My beloved princess demand recompensation for cheating her and she demand your body to experiment on. I personally can't wait to see how such lowlife vermin like you will suffer. I cant wait to hear You screaming and begging for death- Then she almost started to shake from pleasure, then stood up and looked at demons
-Take his weapon and get rid of it and take him to Princess but he must be alive is that clear?! If he die then you take his place- Demons with terrified eyes looked at Ussoria and nodded thier heads. They swiftly took Sophitia out from his body and knocked him out, Nobu last what saw was shaking legs of Ussoria..."-so this is the end of my legacy...-" and then everything turned dark.
Azaria was feeling uneasy. She couldn't help but think that Nobukazu might be in trouble. She paced around in her room, figuring out a way to get back down there without the Almighty Ruler's help, but she could see that that was impossible. She flew over to his domain quickly, busting through the doors without invitation and stopping in front of the Almighty Ruler, her wings still allowing her to fly in front of him.

"Almighty Ruler, I have to tell you. That half demon boy saved my life. If it weren't for him, I'd be dead by now. I have to repay him and go down to Hell. Go down there and stop them from punishing him in my stead..."

The Almighty Ruler furrowed his brow. This would be hard to convince him, but she couldn't think of any other way to help so this had to work. He glared at Azaria.

"Do you honestly believe i'd let my champion go down there just to save a half demon boy from his own fate? He may be half human as well, but I regret to say, he must suffer for the mistakes he has made..."

Azaria's eyes began to well up with tears.


He got up from his chair, which he rarely did and grabbed Azaria by the throat.

"He is only half human....and he must repent from his sins..."

Azaria wasn't satisfied with his answer.

"HE DID IT FOR ME! I OWE HIM MY LIFE!" She broke free from his grip, somehow, and looked sorrowfully at the Almighty Ruler. He sighed.

"Well, If you owe him your life, I will help you this once and only this once... understand?" Azaria nodded and soon she was sent back to the world she promised she'd never return to. She, unfortunately, got sent right to the doorstep of the Void King's domain. He knew right where to send her, didn't he? Glad her wings were still working, she flew up and over the gate and into the palace. She could hear a grunt and then silence. She rushed over to where she had heard it and found a group of demon's taking Nobukazu away. She knew it. He was in trouble. She was a fool to think he would come back safe. And there also stood another woman. She was beautiful and she looked deadly, but not deadly enough to challenge the champion of Heaven.

"WHERE ARE YOU TAKING HIM? I DEMAND YOU GIVE HIM BACK!" She decided it would be best to follow them so she hit the woman with a spell that put all demons to sleep and went after the demons. She soon caught up with them and knocked them out one by one. She then picked up Nobukazu and headed out of that palace and away from here. It would be best to return to the earth world. That way she wouldn't hurt him further by taking him to heaven. When they arrived in Earth world, she found a cave and sealed it away from prying angel and demon eyes. There she layed Nobukazu down and began to heal his injuries. She hoped he would be ok.
Nobukazu opened eyes. Everything was spinning around him and what he wanted 1st is to puke. He closed eyes anyway just to let everything stabilize around him. When he opened eyes he saw a cave....wait cave? What is he doing here? He lifted up swiftly and even so fast started to regreting it. Pain was unbearable...what happend anyway? "Wait...thats right i was atacked by ussoria and her pawns! But that dosent look like Princess torture room so where the heck i am? ..." then he started to look around. Typical cave nothing more. Next to him a campfire at entrace the seal, Azaria behind campfire... "w-wait a moment..." and then he screamed -Azaria?! What the heck are you doing here?! and where is there anyway?! what is this barrier and whats going on?!- Then agian he regreted he started talking so loudly. His Belly disobeyd him and he finaly puked some blood out. He caughed his head and didnt said anything anymore. Without knowledge what happend he couldnt say anything anyway. What Azaria doing here in this cave and for what god sake is that barrer. He surley got lot to learn.
Azaria smiled as Nobukazu woke up.

"I saved you from those demons you call Allies...I will not let them hurt someone who has helped me so much...And no worries either...The Almighty Ruler allowed me to go down there...You'll be safe in this cave for now until we figure out our next move. I have put a barrier no demon or angels can enter through. Humans can't even enter here...I want you to stay here and recover..."

She sat on the nearest rock, lighting a fire with 2 rocks she found. The friction caused a spark to ignite a pile of wood she had gathered. She fanned the fire gently with her wings so it would grow. She looked over at Nobukazu.

"We need to formulate a plan...I can't have you going back there to be tortured and If I take you up to heaven, you won't recover fast enough...We need a plan where we can wait till you feel better before you face the princess again..."
-Yeah ... i guess you're right but... don't get too coky about defeating ussoria. You were brave to attack her near citadel. She surley lost her guard being close to our home but... If you would have to fight her on standard circumates i doubt you would be able to handle her. She is master of her weapon and she is twice powerfull than me. And her beloved princess that she worship so much is much more powerfull than her. Ussoria comparing to princess is mere a pawn.- After those words nobukazu feld on ground again.

His body was still in pain and he barley could make even a single move, and its sure now that he won't be able to return to citadel anymore... he became traitor and now he is on his own, and if he will try return to his dimensions , demons will surley find him there...

-Azaria, did you saw maybe somwhere sophitia?-
Azaria vaguely recalled picking up Nobukazu, but she didn't remember picking up any sword. Maybe she did....She searched her being and there, attached to her belt was Sophitia. How did she get there? Azaria sure didn't remember picking her up. Maybe she followed? Could she do that? She took her off her belt and handed her to Nobukazu.

"Don't even think about going anywhere till your wounds heal....If you want though, I may have a way for your wounds to heal faster, but it requires me to use vast amounts of heavenly magic and I'm not sure how well it will work on you, seeing as how you are half demon...this magic was originally meant for humans...."

She blushed at the thought. This heavenly magic she spoke of...there was only one catch to it...It had to enter the body through an opening such as a wound or the mouth...She only wished she could use it by simply waving her hands over him. He was good looking and all, but using this magic now was risky. If she used it on him, she would be branded a traitor to humans as well as angels and she would be hunted...hunted endlessly and stripped of every right she had as the champion of heaven...was it really worth it?

"I will only use it though if you vow that afterwards, you, yourself, will never go after an angel again...All the angels are my friends...and if I use this power...I will never see them again...Vow it to me if you want me to use it..."
" I don't have reason to hunt them now. I am officially a traitor and i do not have anything to do with me"

Nobu took sophitia from her hands and she instantly changed her body shape to little stuffed teddy bear. It was good to see her but how did she found him ... how did she know who to follow and what to do...she was shocked after all, besides, by seeing her shape she was still in deep pain so she needed time to recorver her minds. Nobukazu cuddled teddy bear and started to speak again.

"I Nobukazu, ex-demon champion of hell Vowing to you that my days as angels hunter are officialy over. Demons treats me now as thier enemy and i got now personal deal with them so yeah.. I pledge to my honor that im done with this"
Azaria took a deep breath and sighed, gathering all her power as an angel. By using this power to help him, she was breaking heavenly law. But that didn't matter to her anymore. What mattered was that no one hurt this boy who as unique. This boy who was both demon and human. How had he ripped her heart out and taken it for himself was beyond her, but now she was completely at his mercy, mind and soul. Maybe this is what it meant when the Almighty Ruler told her that demons would drive angels to the point of pure insanity if they were too involved with them. But she was now completely involved and insanity was not what it was called. For her....It might as well be called Love...Was Love the point where you want to protect that special someone, even if it means harming yourself in the process? She didn't care if she got hurt, as long as he was ok, she had no reason to fear.

Azaria bent over Nobukazu's body. The spots where he had been hurt were not open enough for the magic to penetrate. The only option for her was his mouth. She traced his lips with her fingers and then spoke.

"Nobukazu, champion of hell, do you accept my help even if it means your demon side be vanquished for good?"
Nobukazu took a look on her. Seriously, do Azaria still calling him champion? that was kinda fun , but her eyes and way she spoke was serious. Nobu thought about her words a bit and smiled to himself, demon at mercy of angel who he was suposed to kill now imprisoned somewhat with her in cave, reciving treatment and help. He closed eyes and smiled again.

"Im no longer champion of hell, you saved me so my existence now is under your controll. Whatever you want to do with me it's your own choice, but if that satisfy you then yes, I do accept your help"
Azaria's face flushed as he spoke those words as if it were casual between them now. She found it hard to restrain herself. He was such a good looking After she took his help, the latter of the two would be what he was entirely. Her light that she would flood into his body to heal it would surely drive out the demon side of him.

Azaria placed her lips on his, letting the light flow into his body. She could sense the demon portion of him was cringing, burning....dieing....That was good, in a way....and in a way....she had done her job that the Almighty Ruler had wanted her to do. Now, all that was left was for him to promote a new Champion of Heaven. And when that happened, she and Nobukazu would be in danger. She would be in trouble for using her powers to help a demon, which was considered treason in heaven. And Demons of all sorts would be after Nobukazu after that stunt he tried to pull. Once she sensed no more dark demon energy from him, she pulled away, her wings slowly losing all their feathers...She was no longer an angel. But all that mattered to her was that he was fully recovered and now....Nobukazu...the half demon she had fell hard and fast for....was now completely human. Her face still flushed she asked him a question.

"Are you ok? Are all your wounds gone?"
Nobukazu opened eyes as she done her "healing spell". It was surley unexpected move from her side but indeed, this spell surley worked fine except....his all powers are gone now and as long he don't have any power Sophitia will remain as Teddy bear.

"Yes, your trick worked fine "

Nobu looked at Sophitia then sighed. He had no use from her now and it will be risky from her to be with him right now beacose without power she cant change her shape. He sighted once more and gaved Sophitia to Azaria and said

"Here...Take her and use her power. She seems to like and trust you, and i, pure human once more can not controll spiritual weapon anymore"
Azaria shook her head.

"I have no use for this sword. You see...Didn't I tell you? That spell I used...It got rid of my angel powers...I'm just a normal human too....Maybe it would be best to hide Sophitia in this cave....Let the angels and demons fight over her to their hearts content....Also, the spell around this cave has been lifted, which means we best be on our way...I shall take you to an old friend of mine....In fact, let's take Sophitia to him. He will know what to do with her! Same thing with Celina...he might even be able to send them back to their own domain's...."

She grabbed Nobukazu's wrist and Sophitia, taking off as fast as her human feet could carry her. He didn't live that far from here. He lived in a nearby forest that she used to go to all the time when she had wings. She would still return here, even without her powers, because that is where she felt most comfortable...most protected...the beauty of the forest calmed her and always helped her see clearly the things she needed to do. Would it do the same for her now? She had no clue. The only way to find out was to go there and now she would be able to go there with Nobukazu, the boy she had so deeply and quickly fallen for. This would be the first thing they would share humans....