Battle of Heaven, Hell and the Heart

Azaria's wing was hurt bad and with the poison the boy had injected her with it would be no use to her. She would have to tear it off or the poison would spread. She wasn't afraid of that though. Her wing would grow back as long as she was faithful to the Almighty Ruler. But she would worry about that later. It seemed the boy stopped for a moment, held by something. She took this chance to strike. She moved Celina just enough to plunge Celina right into his upper thigh. She just needed it somewhere so she could take off her wing. Pulling the sword out of the demon boy's thigh, she shook his blood off the sword and got rid of the wing that had poison going through it.

She pointed the sword at the boy once more.

"You are a clever one. But I'm afraid I can't let you kill me. If I die by a demon's hand, I will forever be a disgrace to the Almighty Ruler....I am going to have to kill you...Prepare to die..." She raised her sword, ready to strike him down, but she doubled over in pain. She had forgotten about the wing she had to cut off. Sure it would grow back, but she had completely forgotten that it was a long and painful process. She fell to the ground, the stump of the wing continuing to grow. She screamed out in pain as it slowly made it's way to the surface.

Crap! This will give him a chance to strike back. I have to do something to defend myself while my wing is growing back in....

She covered her upper body with her free wing, trying the best she could to defend herself till her wing grew in.
Nobu feld little pain but managed to recorver it at one moment and snapped out the head. He looked for cutted off wing and knew that his plan is at half working now. He owe her to be human minded still and that is something that he will never forget. Now he had to focus at combat yet. His opponent was in bad shape and even she cutted off wing some poison managed to get into her body. With one pointing he took the cutted off wing and turned it into pure essence and then united it with necklace. As he did it necklace flew high and burned into ashes. He was free but he have to secure that angel now.

-Here...take this- And throwed small vial to her. -This is antidote for poison that i infected you. I managed to take your piece of angelic essence to break pact. I no longer have intentions to kill you or harm you. But if you do not wish to suffer or make yourself as hunt of someone thousand times stronger and milions time more cruel than me then you got to co operate with me. Besides- Then he took cath both of sophitia pieces and united into one. Sophitia automaticly took power he lended from her turning him back to normal form. -I owe you not being like monster-

Nobu took few steps closer to angel, dangerously close and if she will still will to kill him he is allready as good as dead since he cant use Sophitia anymore. She was in pain and she had to regenerate and it can take plently of time. -So how it be? you going with me or want soon to meet someone you surley don't want to meet?-
Azaria found herself in a bad position. Her wing was shot, traces of poison still running through her veins and a demon had her pinned. THere was no escape. She focused her thoughts toward the Almighty Ruler, hoping he would hear them.

"What is it, Azaria? Did a demon wound you that much?"

"He caught me unawares Almighty Ruler. He had a demon spear with him and struck me when I wasn't paying attention...Please forgive me..."

"You are fine Azaria, just make sure that when you are feeling better, to kill that demon part of him...Go with him for now....I will guide you so you don't fall into the depths of evil...."

"Thank you sir..."
At that, she stopped all communication between her and the almighty ruler and nodded, standing up slowly and taking the antidote for the poison.

"Demon boy...If you so much as try to get me to lose my angel side, you will be dead in a split second..." She had no room for big talk though. She was severly injured and looked pathetic to him, she was sure. She blushed at her pathetic state. She didn't like anyone seeing her this way. Now that he was here, she wished he wasn't. Being this pitifully beaten was damaging to her ego as the champion of heaven. She did as she was told and decided to go with the boy.

"You never did tell me your name....or did you? I have a horrible memory...." she grimaced as she held the stump where her wing was growing in.
-The name is Nobukazu, and that slicefully chick on my back is my Spirit spear Sophitia- After those words he courched to help her stand up -Now we need to get out of here as fast as possible. She might come here soon...- Then started to nervously looking around. When coast was clear and no one was in his sight or feel he started to making circle in air and created not well looking Vortex -You better inform your boss that you will be offline for some time cause you going to my dimension. And one last thing Azaria. Whatever you do, don't let me go and do not open your eyes till i tell you got it?-
Azaria had already been told not to contact the almighty ruler right now so she wasn't too worried about telling him she'd be gone. He probably knew already.

"It's ok. He knows i'll be gone for a while...It's ok..." She held the wing stump which was half way growing back. She nodded as he told her everything she needed to do. She looked at the vortex that he and her would have to jump into. She wasn't looking forward to it at all...She cringed as the two disappeared into the vortex.

She had her eyes closed. Just like he had told her to. She wondered what it looked like on the other side of things. Not that she was curious about becoming a demon. She liked being an angel. It's just...she had never seen hell before and was that where he was taking her? Only time would tell. All she could hear were moans and cries that wrenched her heart. She hated hearing people in pain, much less seeing them in pain. But she did as the boy requested, only because she wanted no part in anyone's suffering.

"Are we there yet? I would much rather not have to listen to this much longer...."
Few deeper moments passed and then. -You may open Your eyes Angel we are at my domain now-. Where most of chamions of heel making thier domains looking like butcher rooms Nobu domain was looking like comfortable house without any thropies. He never liked to use death bodies as souvenir. -At next doors- He pointed at nice oak wooden doors -there is empty room wich you can create on your own demands, feel free to make yourself at home cause it may be. Do not worry about Demons also. No one without my special permission can go to that domain- Then nobu took glass of vine and tasted it -You need to rest so in my opinion just create yourself good bed and sleep a while, and also there is one thing i want to tell you. Only one rule here. Whatever you do : DO NOT DARE TO TOUGH SOPHITIA WHILE SHES REGAINING. I hope that is clear-
Azaria didn't feel at home here. She felt dark. Cold...She didn't like it here one bit. She looked over at Nobukazu who was telling her the details. Create a room. Make it like home? How could she possibly do it here? Making this place like home would be impossible. She went to the empty room and sat on the ground in the corner, hugging her knees to her chest. She wanted to go back to heaven. She didn't want to be here...but she had no choice...she was injured and couldn't fly home, even if she tried. She might as well rest and let her wing grow back before she decided anything. She looked at her stump of a wing which was still growing back. It was going slower than she thought, but maybe because of all this darkness. The wing needed light to grow faster, which there was no natural sunlight to help it along. This would be a long time.

She couldn't feel the pain of her wing growing in anymore, it was going so slow it didn't bother her much. She dragged out a piece of cloth and tied up her wounds. She looked over to Nobukazu's room and spoke clearly so he could hear her.

"Don't get used to me being here demon. I won't be here for long. Just until I am fully recovered....I can't feel at home here...I can't feel at peace here, but I can't go anywhere when my wing is out of commission....I'll try to not get in your way..."
Nobukazu came over to Azaria room and looked at her. He felt stupid to leave her like that at that shape so he courched near her and looked at her. It was 2nd time in his life when he wanted to care about Angel. And he will do anything to make her feel comfortable here.-If you want i open That dimension to your boss but it can take a bit. Incantation to open portal will take me some time and meantime i create room for u to feel comfortable- Then he puted few featchers that Last Angel left him as thanks for care. -I put special spell on this room so your wing will grown way faster- Then By making a circle he layd those featchers he made incantation to make it heaven domain. As room was purified his demonic nature feld pain. It was now Heaven domain and his presence wasnt welcomed here but he had to help her make comfortable. With snap of hand he made Big comfortable Bed, then looked at her and spoke -In this room you can imaginate things. Whatever you will imaginate it will create except weapons and portals . Tommorow your portal to your home will be opened again you got my word And by the way-At those words he looked at her with less warm eyes -Sophitia and your sword Celina are the same...There is no good or bad spiritual weapon. Its just user. They will do what thier users will demand if you take over controll thier will. other spirit. She got her own will and own feelings and trust me. Shes the last spirit that can be titled as evil one. She just tries to protect my human being. After portal is open tommorow You can even kill me. I got enough of that war... Too much happend and its not for me...-

After those words He left Her room.

Nobu took a seat at his room at sofa and started to thinking. That Angel...Does he feel anything to her? At once he wanted to murder her and 2nd he wanted to help her and care but in other hand...he had that situation ... when demons kidnapped Little Angel once... He killed them all and took care of her then released her to her World from that Dimension. But this time Care feeling was way stronger, does he love? No it can't be! But job called and he had plently to do to send her home.

-Sophitia can you take care of her?-
-Of course Nobu do not worry she will be in good hands. You take care of opening portal ok?-
warm voice answered him. It was sophitia in her spiritual state. Nobukazu remember well thier first meeting. It was that day when the Angel child returned to her World. He remember she left him key that leaded him to that weapon. He remember how shocked she was when instead of Angel before her stood a Demon but his hands werent in blood of her suposed - to - be Keeper. Now shes in his hands and making great tag team with him.
-Sure thing. Leave it to me...-

Nobukazu started opening portal. That always was exosting expecially it was unfamiliar and unfriendly portal to him . Plus he needed thier apporval For letting Him open it. As expected a little butterfly appeard with holding leaf as Microphone. He took deep breath and start saing. -I got Injured Angel at my Dimension. Her life is safe and she slowly regaining her wounds but she need to come back in order to fully fast recorver. Grand me permission to open the Portal to your domain to let her come back.- Then he closed eyes and start focusing power. Butterfly flew away and created small shining dot at middle of room. Reply was positive now he had to open portal enough big for her to come back to her world.
Azaria was suprised when she said that she would be going back to her domain. That made her happier beyond reason, but for some reason, she wished the boy could come with her, but him going there would be like her being down here. Uncomfortable. She got up and began to make the room how she wanted it until she was able to go home. Her bed was nice and soft, but that was it. Nothing else made her feel at home or at ease. She did appreciate the spell for her wing to grow faster though. Just as he had said, her wing's development began to go faster than expected. The framework for the wing was already in place, but without the feathers.

Fallen angels were usually doomed to oblivion from other demons walking the earth, but because of Nobukazu, she didn't have to worry about that. For that, Azaria was in his gratitude. Usually, from her realm, to say she was grateful to someone, no matter who it was, a kiss upon the top of the forehead was usually proper etiquette and so that is what she did. She walked over to Nobukazu, her face red, and placed a kiss upon his forehead to symbolize her gratitude.

"Please forgive me if that makes you uncomfortable, but that is the way we angels thank each other...Thank you for bringing me down here while I heal. I really do appreciate it..."
Nobukazu was focused in making portal to her domain but looked at her and smiled -Do not worry about that Azria you don't need to thank me after all, i did that wound to you. Later If you can also leave me few feathers and piece of your skin and hairs it would be awesome so i can create duplicate of your body. Princess will surley demand your body to torture . If i wont bring her your corpse she would think i just took piece of your essence. I need to be sure everything is at its place. I did that trick once so i can do it again but remember, Stay at your domain a while till you wont regain your energy and topic about you will go silent. I give u message by holy messanger when coast will be clear- Nobukazu feld bit uncomfortable about that kiss not beacose she was angel. But beacose she thanked him for help that he surley owed her yet, he didn't showed that to her he feld bad about it , he didnt wanted her to make feel bad cause bad feelings for angel could finish as bad wing healing. -Get some rest please i will try to finish it as soon as possible and if you will need anything, Sophitia will help you- After those wordss he focused on opening portal.
Azaria was suprised. He would do that for her? Wouldn't that still leave him at big risk to get caught? Was he really willing to risk it just for her to go back safely? She blushed and then looked down at the floor, feeling horrible making him do this. She should just stay and recieve the torture herself, that way he would stay out of danger. She couldn't let someone risk being in danger for lieing for her. She looked up at Nobukazu, for the first time, feeling concern for the demon boy.

"Nobukazu...You sure you will be ok? I don't want you to get in trouble for my sake...I would hate to see you hurt because of me..."

She looked over to her wing. Not much had changed since she arrived here. The wing had only grown one more frame. Normally, if she were in her own realm, the feathers would be growing back right now. But being in his realm wasn't helping much at all. She was kind of releaved that she was going back to her own realm soon, but she didn't want to leave until she knew that he would be safe. Maybe it was the angel part of her worrying for his human part and how much he could take if he did, in chance, get into trouble. Azaria plucked a few feathers from her wing and set them on her bed. She then took Celina and proceeded to cut some skin off for him. She dug the blade into her, the sharp sting hitting her like a bullet. She wasn't worried though. No matter what realm they were in, Angels healed cuts and scrapes easily. Their wings were different however. She healed right away, setting the piece of her skin that came off. She then took the tip of her hair and used celina to cut it straight across. She laid these items in a pile and placed them in a jar that she happened to have on her. It was supposed to be the jar that she would have used to toss the half demon boy's demon self back into the vortex to send it back. She handed it to him.

"You have to promise me this will work...I can't have you die because of me..."
-It worked once so it will work again. And you dont have to worry a lot about me, i was in deeper troubles before- Portal wass half open and soon she would be able to go back to her realm and he will be able to create duplicate of her corpses -Im Assasin after all and illusions and healing stuffs are nothing special to me. I have to know that stuffs in order to do swift killing otherwise it would not be acceptable for champion of hell to wonder alone at earth dont you think?-

Time in this realm was passing much slower than in real one, thats what Nobukazu hated in such moments. To create duplicate of her corpses he will need some time and if he wont bring her corpses soon to void princess she will suspect something. He had to hurry otherwise he will just have to ask angels to or cover his butt or ask them for painless death. -But if something will fail and something will happen to me you better find and kill me fast and destroy my body before void princess will take me to her chamber , got it?-
Azaria nodded. She wanted nothing more than to go back to her realm. But it was a bit hard with only one wing. She wondered just how fast time passed here. She looked to Nobukazu and nodded at his odd request.

"Of course, I know how much a demon treasures their pride...I will do it...But not the way you think..." She thought for a minute about the time scheme here and , knowing next to nothing about it, asked.

"How fast does time go by here? Would something that normally take a week to finish, take a month to finish? Or is it a bit faster than that?" She wasn't used to time passing by slowly. To tell the truth, it made the champion of heaven very uneasy. She just guessed she was used to more of a fast paced world of white. And he also kept saying something about the void princess. Was she really that cruel? Well that was a dumb question. She was a demon. The limit to her cruelty knew no bounds.

"Nobukazu, it was nice of you to save me from her wrath, but going back to heaven is my main priority right now. Saving your hide will have to wait unless it is in dire need...I do appreciate your service though. Very unexpected, but very welcomed service..." she bowed slightly.
Nobukazu Laughed -Wrath? nonono its not wrath... for her torturing Angels is pure joy. And about time that goes here. well it goes very slow here. For 1 hour in real word is 24 hours in my dimension. Thanks to this i can vanish for like day to return after like from 3 weeks intense traning. Pretty usefull stuff-

Pure white light brust camed from portal. It was opened. The energy from heaven camed like plague to his room badly wounding him. He falled on knees and started to hold his head. Pain pain pain! he couldn't hold his demonical nature to keep calm. Pain and Agony like his demon nature suffered was not able to be compared to anything he was feeling before. -Portal is opened now hurry up or i won't be able to hold it much.-
Azaria walked over to the opened portal, touching Nobukazu.She hoped his pain stopped. In her demension, if anyone was with an angel, no one would be hurt. That included demons as well. But the Almighty Ruler didn't particularly like angels walking around with demons.

"Thank you for all you've done Nobukazu. You are a noble hybrid, I give you that. You have done well. Say you'll visit me again. I would much like to get to know you a bit more..." blushing, she kissed the demon hybrid on the forehead. His nobleness had softened her heart a little. She dared even said that she liked the boy quite a bit. His world? Not so much. She stood in the light of the demensional portal, her wing healing up in what seemed like an instant. She pushed Nobukazu out and waved.

"I much look forward to our next meeting. Farewell hybrid..." She waved and in an instant, she was soaring back up to heaven. This felt better. More like home to her. What had possessed the hybrid to help her like that? She was glad nonetheless and told herself that she would have to repay him someday. She couldn't face the Almighty Ruler now. He knew she had failed to drive the demon part of the boy out and so he was probably mad now and looking for another to do it for her. She couldn't have that. She would be the one to do that. She flew to the Almighty Ruler's domain and entered unto him, bowing.

"Azaria, you really are disappointing me. Will I have to relinquish your title and give it to another worthy person? You will get one more chance to rid that boy of his demon side. Screw up this time and you will die by your own sword's hand..."

Azaria nodded. She had to find Nobukazu again, but she couldn't do that with most of her energy depleted. She walked out of the throne room and headed for her living quarters. She would need to rest a bit more before going to find him again. WHen she reached her place, she fell onto her bed and into a deep slumber.
Nobukazu keept himself silent pain that was left from angel portal left inside his demonical part yet... he had job to do. He was making body of Azria and he had little fun of it watching how her body looks. He even blushed few times seeing naked angel like that, but why hes blushing? he never feld such emotions to angels and he didn't liked her arogance at 1st time he meet her yet...he see something in her. Maybe she will help him with recalming revange? Maybe , maybe not . Yet job was completed and now he had to deliver the corpse to the princess. He checked her body few times if she got all things in place and damage on it looks enough realistic, after all who would belive that its dead angel without propet damage.

Plan was ready now all he needed is deliver corpses and hoping that Azria won't show up quickly again.
Nobukazu keept himself silent pain that was left from angel portal left inside his demonical part yet... he had job to do. He was making body of Azria and he had little fun of it watching how her body looks. He even blushed few times seeing naked angel like that, but why hes blushing? he never feld such emotions to angels and he didn't liked her arogance at 1st time he meet her yet...he see something in her. Maybe she will help him with recalming revange? Maybe , maybe not . Yet job was completed and now he had to deliver the corpse to the princess. He checked her body few times if she got all things in place and damage on it looks enough realistic, after all who would belive that its dead angel without propet damage.

Plan was ready now all he needed is deliver corpses and hoping that Azria won't show up quickly again.
Azaria woke to the quiet nothingness of her white room. It felt nice to be in such a peaceful place. Unlike the place she was in the night before. She never wanted to go back to where that boy lived. It felt so lonely and dark that it made her really uncomfortable. Today was the day she would have to explain to the almighty ruler why she was wisked down to his dimension. She got up, got ready and headed over to his palace. She walked in and waited to be introduced before entering the throne room. She was introduced and she entered. She got down onto her knees.

"Almighty Ruler, I am truly sorry for cutting of communication and going with him down to his realm. I just didn't want him to find you....Also, my wing was injured so coming back would have been out of the question for a while...I am sorry. Forgive me..."

He nodded and replied.

"Do not fret Azaria. You did well in fighting him without killing him. I will give you a week or so to rest your body so you can be able to fight him again next time you see him..."

That kinda hurt her heart a little. Would she really have to resort to killing the boy? He did help her after all. He was risking his wellbeing for her own. Very unusual behavior for a demon indeed. She nodded and headed back to her room, thinking of her week of no work and thinking of Nobukazu, hoping he would be ok.
Once upon a time at age of creation there was a demon named Murgoth by title of "Messanger of Agony" at very center of hell he began construction of powerfull citadel, The Citadel of Agony. The manifest of pain and sorrow and like name agony itself. This was no ordinary Castle or Citadel like others in hell. It was not made by Obsidian but by human and Angel flesh itself. Millon of innoent lives were sacrificed in order to build this creepy yet majestic place. Millienias has passed yet this powerfull Building still got it power, now its home of Void Royal family.

Nobukazu took a deep breath and looked at citadel. It looked like always. Entrace made by flesh made it look fully redish and of course it was still strange feeling when stepping on it. Every step that Nobu took futher made him feel worse and worse. With missing eye he looked again at outside and entered inside, holding the "corpses " of his last opponent.

Nobukazu knew this place wwell so for sparing his feeling and nerves he closed eyes and started to move foward. Suddenly the familiar odour went to his nose... -Sargoth...what the heck do you want from me?- Nobukazu opened eyes and looked at him. Sargoth face clearly shown that demon messanger was pleased to see dead Azaria. If he only would knew that its fake... -Bravo Nobukazu! Bravo! You finaly did it how it should be done! now...i won't stop you... King awaits- after those words he turned into gas again and vanished.

Massive Bone gates to throne room went opened not very gently. In fact they almost collapsed after kick of Nobu. he took few steps in and looked around. Skulls and spliting blood everywhere so nothing changed by this all times. At big skull throne the old yet still strong looking demon was siting and with his tired eyes he was looking at Young demon, Infernus V the Wise, the oldest Void king that ever was sitting on Skull throne and most respected of the Demon from whole hell slowly standed up and opened his arms wide to greet his rude young severant. -In the name of Void family i want to greet you in my humple Citadel. I expected you to come and as i see...- here he looked at the rest of gates -You didn't changed your manners-. -Im sorry your highness but im kinda in hurry- After those words he threw the corpses under feets of king -i have little present for your daughter anyway. The corpses of Azaria, angel champion that you ordered me to kill-.
King took a look at corpses and smiled warmly then he snaped with fingers and 2 big demons appeard and grabbed the corpse then went away from throne room with it -Im glad that u brought this gift for my daughter, yet...i have favour to you- Nobu left eyebrown lifted. Since when he wants favour from half demon Champion?! -Yes your highness?- King face became little sad and spoke -If you can reduce the destruction of my gates a little and just open them like everyone else i would be gratefull- Then he smiled and laughed.

The rest of visit in CoA (Citadel of Agony) went nicely. King like always had lot of stories to tell and how much he respect honorable warriors. Also what is more fascinating even he demand to bring corpses for his daughter he also dont like way his daughter treats the dead opponent. Nobu respected king expecially for that.

After nice chat he returned to his own dimension where heaven messanger awaited for him in the heaven sphere ball. Nobu took ball and put it close near his mouth and silently whispered to it =Bring this message to Azaria, Heaven Champion: Mission is done, in eyes of Void Royal family blacklist youre checked. Wait some time till you can move away from your home and whatever you do. Don't seek for me for some time, i think im observed by someone...- After finishing message the Butterfly changed its glow to blue as sign the message is memoried and he is ready to transport to the target. Nobu left dimension with heaven sphere ball to the real world to let the messanger fly away. Messanger slowly started to move its tiny wings and in few secon later it flew away and vanished from Nobu eyes. Feld revealed of completed mission Young hell champion returned to his dimension to finaly take rest.
*Meanwhile, in heaven*

Azaria took a well deserved rest in her soft bed. THat trip to Nobukazu's world took more of a toll on her than she was willing to admit. It had drained all her energy and slowed her recovery exponentially. His world was truly a terrifying place. If she could help it, she would rather not go back. But as much as her thoughts wandered, she couldn't stop thinking of Nobukazu.

His eyes were so captivating and his build was nothing to blink at. Azaria was not ashamed of thinking of him like this though. There was nothing wrong with finding another being captivating. But falling in love with a demon was banned. If you were ever caught with someone lower than your status, you would lose your status and be sent down to the world where you were running around in.

Azaria would rather not be sent back down to that world, no matter if she fell in love with the half demon or not. As her mind continued to think of it she wondered if he was ok. She wondered if they had fallen for the trick he layed out for them. But how in the world was she going to keep up the bluff if she was right there. Right there in their plain sight...She would just have to trust him. Trust he would contact her when the whole thing was over. But could she really trust a demon? She would just have to see.