Battle of Heaven, Hell and the Heart

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Azaria looked out over the war stricken land. Blood lay in pools everywhere. Fallen comrades lay at the girls feet. What could she do? She was supposed to be their champion...but she had failed them. When it was needed most, she had failed them. She didn't deserve her title of champion, and yet, she felt that her duty was just beginning. If she had failed these men, she wouldn't fail the rest of her comrades. Not by a long shot. She raised her sword in front of her, placing her hand on the blade's edge.

"My comrades, may your souls go straight back. Celina, Finish this..." The brilliant winged sword started to glow. Her comrades were given human bodies to help in the fight between the demons, but it seems that it was too much for their human bodies to handle. It was her job, as champion of Heaven, to send them back and so was given this sword by the almighty ruler himself to do so in his name. The sword glowed brilliantly, leading the spirits back to where they were supposed to be. As all the souls returned to heaven, she stepped out onto the battlefield.

She wasn't going to join this war unless she was commanded to. She had not been given the word, but after this atrocity, she couldn't help but feel anger towards the ones who killed her comrades. They had to pay. She had to find their leader and snuff him out. The champion of Hell. He wouldn't be easy to find, but she figured that he would show his face sooner or later. Especially after Heaven suffered such a loss as they did today.

"Champion of Hell, I call you out to show yourself! You will pay for what you have done to my men! Mark my words! Show your face and you are mine!"

Taunting was low, even for someone such as herself, but if it was what she needed to do to draw him out, she would do whatever it took to get him to show.
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-This town never gonna forget this night- Nobukazu waited. Due to information, he received Heaven champion with troops was there and was occuping the town he looked from mountain. It was late evening so the whole town was preparing for sleep. He didn't like to wait, but his order was simple. Take down Heaven's champion. Static Waves started to glow through his body. Patient wasn't his strong point, especially when night was really cold. After he corrected his jacket and spear case, to his nose the awful odor appeared. He turned his head back and looked. Right behind him were 1st, there was no one at the place of this awful smell there was standing a man. The man wasn't tall and either he didn't had any posture. More he looked like deformed gnom. Nobukazu couldnt see his face beacose his black robe hood covered his face well. Only he could see was a pointy nose, "Just like goblins have" Nobukazu fought and smiled meanly. He knew that character and he always despised him. Nobukazu turned head back to look at the village and said -Why are u here Sargoth?...-.
-Forgive me Nobukazu that I disturbed you, but I got information that you will need- he answered with his hoarse voice -The angel champion that we want you to take out is near lake that is 10km east from your current location. Not too long ago there was a battle between our troops and their troops, and now we know that champion is there. So i don't propably have to tell you what to do? And also...- He pointed at armor that was lying deep in the cave -May, i ask you what is this?-. -Standart hell champion armor- Nobukazu replied with calm in his voice, and he turned around to look at Sargoth. -You never saw armor that you're giving such idiotic questions? Or you maybe want to waste my time?-. -I know its Armor you fool but why this armor is not on you?!-. At those words Nobukazu snapped with his finger and aimed at Sargoth. On the finger that he aimed static vawes were looking like thousands of ants who had only his finger to wander around. -Rise your cursed voice one more time at me and I won't take responsibility for my actions- Nobukazu was pissed off seriously but in his voice no one could recognize it. He was always talking almost emotionless. Sargoth made few quick steps backward and pinned himself to wall -y-you w-w-won't d-d-do i-it - he said -y-you c-can't hit hell m-messang-ger -. -You wanna bet?- Nobukazu answered and on his eyes, Sargoth clearly saw that rules are not what Nobukazu is respecting. -No I dont...Just do your job Nobu that's all...- After those words Sargoth vanished in same odor. Nobukazu released energy from his finger back to his body, and he took care for his hairs. He made a ponytail from them not to let them disturb him in the mission, then he checked if he got anything he wanted to take with himself, and looked again at armor that laid deep in the cave. Nobu never liked heavy armors. They were always making him almost immobile, Spear was all he needed. He went out from cave and looked again at peace full village then snapped with fingers and vanished in black clould. To find and kill the heaven champion.

Around 10 minutes later he found lake and champion he was ordered to kill. The champion was a woman, very beautiful one. Normally, he could attack her unexpected and make his mission complete, but bodies that were around the lake clearly showed him that this fight will be now one on one, so he could allow himself to show up. In few seconds, he materialized as himself in front of heaven champion and took a look first on her and then on the bodies around. Bodies from both sides didn't look very well. Some of them were missing parts of bodies , Other ones were twisted in the unnatural position like someone tortured them before killing. He didn't like that kind of killing, "enemy or not death should be fast and painless" that was his rule. He took a look again on the woman standing in front of him with a winged sword holding in her hands. Position that she was holding sword was very graceful yet still full mistakes. Considering of that position, she was angry and was almost out of control. Nobu wasn't shocked at all, because that what he just saw was really awful. "She's seeking for revenge" that's what he could read from her face at first look, after that he took a deep breath and said -Champion of heaven! If you seek revenge u surely won't find it because I am your opponent, and I promise you!- He took his combat position as being eventually prepared for sudden attack. He always preferred to be ready yet. He didn't take the weapon out of case. He prefered always fist fighting - that I be your last opponent you fought!-
She could hear it. The voice of the champion of Hell. It sounded like the hiss of a giant serpent, yet low enough to rival that of a thunderous cloud. She looked towards him as he took his battle position, ready to assault her. She glared at the man for a minute. He was the champion of Hell? Honestly? She would kill this man before he had another chance to send out more troops to his companions aid. She held out her sword in front of her, knowing full well that she might be full of openings. It was how she learned to attack. It tricked the opponent into believing that there are many openings when there was really only one and if they missed it, even by a millisecond, they could end up dead.

"You, Champion of Hell, will be the one to die today. For the sake of my fallen comrades, you must fall as well..." As she flew over towards him, she stopped in front of him, taking her position once more. Now that she was a bit closer, she could see his face clearly. And what she found was astonishing. He wasn't bad looking at all. In fact, he looked to be a beautiful human male. Was he really Hell's champion? He looked so ordinary. But the only thing that she really use to know if he was human or not was what happened with his hands. They were a bluish hue. Humans didn't glow. She flew at him, knowing that the first one to strike would always be the one to win. Of course, that is, if it was played correctly. Holding her sword out , she meant to impale him. Tis a shame, she thought, that someone as beautiful looking as himself had to die.

If only he had chosen a different fate. If only he had stayed down in Hell, where he belonged, then he wouldn't have had to take her on. She didn't want to ruin his beautiful face, but right now, she had no choice. She thrust her sword at the man, hoping to impale him.

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Nobukazu was little shocked that attack went so fast but he was ready for this anytime. Thrust indeed was very impressive but not fast enough. If he would be in armor he would surley get hit by that attack but in fact that he didn't had armor his mobility was in 100%. He Swiftly took step aside from her attack line and caughed her hand that she holded her sword. "One" he thought in mind. When Nobu fought agnist his opponent he always counted few attacks not to study his opponent fighting style but to have reason to attack. She was woman after all and he didnt had very much intentions to harm her. After all he wasnt full demon...If only she would know that he originaly was born as a human, and being demon wasnt his choice...but there wasnt anytime to think about it. He had to focus on fight and he belived that if he make her tired enough maybe she will give up and there will be no death today. He really didn't wanted her to die after all even if he said that to her. If she wanted revange then she should look for champion of the troops that did it not him, he never commanded any troops at all, he was working alone. Right when he was 100% sure that no reflect attacks will come he let her hand go. -Nice attack baby but it won't work on me-
That was foolish of the Champion of Heaven to charge in like that. She had left herself wide open to counter attack. Normally she wouldn't have done that, but she wasn't thinking clearly. Not until he trapped her sword hand so it could not move. She was pretty useless without the sword. She was ok with fist to fist fighting, but not as well as she was with her sword. He let go of her and she lowered her weapon.

"You are a smart demon to have figured out my rythmn so quickly. Tell me, demon...What is your name?" She sheathed Celina and looked back at him. He seemed calm, almost not different than what he looked like when she first saw him.

"You may think I'm only a woman, but I will kill you if you try to kill me...." she knew her threats would do her no good against him, but it was ok to warn him. She grabbed him by the neck.

"Call me baby one more time and I will kill you though....Demon...." she sneered at the demon boy. Funny how when she looked into his eyes though, that they were about as threatening as a human's gaze. They seemed almost human like, but she had a feeling they weren't. How did that make sense? It didn't. Not at all.

"Now, where is this commander. The commander of the army who killed my troops? Care pointing the way?" She turned away, trying to stop herself from the threat that she might grow to like the demon. It was forbidden for an angel such as herself to be in love with a demon. Taboo even. Her parents always told her that she must marry within the species. She shook her head. Why was she thinking of that now? She shook her bright red face as she tried to focus on the matter at hand, finding and killing the demon commander.
Nobukazu feld how sshe tried to grab his neck so he decided to acumulate enrgy right here as gentle warning -Point one: i gonna call you how i want angel chick, point two: in your place i would let my neck go if you dont want to feel mistake of wearing armor - he took her hand and made slight grip to make her hand let go off from his neck -Point three : i dont think you can ask questions here , by looking at you i can tell you that i have advantage here and last but not least if u want know my name that badly - He turned around and took few steps more far from her and turned head to look at her -They call me Nobukazu, and about that - he pointed at bodies -I am not responsible for that....masacre and i don't know who did it, so spare me nonsence questions- "two...for arogance and underastimate your opponent" just one more point of reason and Nobu would start attacking her. -And since we are at name exchange tell me yours-
Azaria could feel her blood beginning to boil as his smug, egotistical voice rose up and began mocking and destroying her own. She hated how bad his ego was. She pulled her hand away from his, cradling the hurt hand in her other hand. She needed to train more, it seemed.

"I wear this armor because I don't plan on fighting you full out. If I did, I would have taken off my armor. I want details as to the wear abouts of the man who killed my entire batallion. And quit sassing me. It's enough to where it's pissing me off. One more sass and I will wipe that smug smirk off your face by force and without my armor. If I had taken off my armor, you would be wishing that I had it back on...And I really shouldn't tell a lowlife like you my name, but I will do it so you know who will be your killer in the future. My name is Azaria, Demon scum. Remember that..."

She flapped her giant wings, flying back up into the heavens and back to her base. The almighty ruler would know where the demon commander was hiding. She just needed to find out so that she could exact revenge for her men and kill the man on site. This was taboo for an angel to want to kill. She needed to calm down and think things through first. Was this something her men wanted? She would have to find their souls and ask them personally. If not, then she would not kill him. Not yet anyway. She couldn't help though but think of that boy. Was he telling the truth? Did he really not kill her men? She would just have to wait it out it seems. She headed back up to the place where all souls went after Celina sent them to heaven, the spirit world.
-Sophi will we let that angel go away?- he turned head to his spear. Whispers in his ears told him that was point 3 "running from battle cowardly" . -yes youre right...- and his smile went on nasty smile. He took smell on his hand that he holded her own took deep breath and focused energy. She was far.... yet not enough for teleport for him. Nor for sending the telapation message -Till next time we meet...Angel and i surley will wait for it- He never was doing such thing but he knew that Angel has surley have brave to call him lowlife or scum. He liked her style. He could not help it.

Few minutes later familiar odour apeard so as demon messsanger Sargoth. -You let her go?! Unharmed?! what i gonna tell it to King!-
Nobukazu took a look at him and said -Tell him that i will meet her sooner or later and he don't need to worry about it nor you. Im taking full ressponsibility for my actions and my preferences of hunting down enemy- . Sargoth was shocked about that what he heard yet, he was happy that he wont suffer for not his mistakes, he snapped with fingers and vanished in odour. Nobu didnt wanted to think about him but that angel, he didn't cared that he let her alive unharmed. He even feld sorry he even hurted her slightly. He wanted to meet her, again...maybe...she was solvation for his curse?...maybe she can...purify him?...
As Azaria felt peace from her men that she had found, a voice came into her head, warning her about the next time he met her again. Funny thing was, She couldn't stop thinking about the wayward half demon man. She growled to herself and flew back to the base where the Almighty Ruler was waiting for her return. She returned swiftly to his presence, bowing.

"Almight Ruler, The half demon man I encountered had nothing to do with the slaughtering of our men and I have therefore cast my hatred of him aside. But that does not mean he will get away with whatever he wants. Almighty Ruler, I beg of you to let me have survelliance over this man. So that I may kill him if the need should arise..."

The Almighty Ruler looked at her with a grimace. He didn't like the word kill, but when it dealt with demons, he felt no sympathy. But it was hard to tell what he was thinking now. The man she had met was only half demon. THe Almighty Ruler prided himself on the fact that all his children (humans) were his greatest creation. The thought of killing even one made him sad. But to him, if the human was also half demon, he couldn't help but want to save that soul. He nodded.

"Watch over this man. Make sure he causes no trouble, if he does, purify him at all costs. Destroy that demon side of him....That way, he will not threaten us or the demons and if you do need to purify him, make sure the demons stay away from him. They will surely come looking for him if that happens. They will want to kill him. Protect this man at all costs. It will be a good way to get rid of some of our demon enemies. Azaria, If I have to, I will assign you to Earth to watch over him for the rest of his human male years..."

She didn't like the sound of that. Having to babysit him all the time. She hoped against all hope that she didn't have to purify him, otherwise, She would be doing babysitting for the rest of his life. She nodded reluctantly and headed back down to earth to find that half demon man.
Few days passed and Nobukazu still had that Angel girl on head. He knew that letting her go wasn't verry good idea and Void King won't be happy, yet he didn't regreted his choice. Sargoth shown up and his face was looking like he was allready know that what he gonna say will be his last words -Nobu?... I...I am bringing news...from king...- Nobukazu turned head to look at him and took a deep breath -Then say it and spare me nerves- Sargoth took few steps backward in hope he wont do anything to him but in mind he knew that it was useless no matter how far he will go from him, his Sophitia will reach him . Everybody knew Nobukazu spear. Everyone knew that his spear was one of most terryfing weapon of hell champions. Sargoth took deep breath and said -Void King giving you one week to find and take down that angel otherwise you will lose your status of hell champion- Right after those words he hided his face in hands and awaited for worst. Nobukazu turned head back to look at village and said -I understand and i will complete my mission short if thats will of the King...-
-Nobu...I know you would but... King ordered me also to give it to you. I rather would not want to give it to anyone but... i have too..- Then Sargoth gaved him a necklace in star shape. Pact necklace. Nobukazu took that necklace and put on his neck and said - You may go. I must prepare now- Sargoth vanished and Nobu was left alone with his mind. Whoever was that angel girl he now could do only one thing to her. He had to kill her otherwise he will lose his humanity...
Azaria tried to read the demon boy's thoughts. He was half human, so reading his thoughts shouldn't be that much of a problem to her. Yet she found it next to impossible to find him. She growled in frustration as she landed, her elegant wings folding neatly behind her. She began walking, searching the barren landscape for the boy. This was going to be annoying. Babysitting wasn't her idea of fun, yet she couldn't not follow the almighty ruler or he would strike her dead. Her bright eyes scanned the landscape, searching for any sign that he still might be around.

"Searching on foot is useless. I'm going to take to the air..." She spread her beautiful white wings, taking off into the air, but not too high so she could see the ground. This was tons better. She could see at least 2 miles on all sides. Flapping her elegant wings, she began searching the landscape for any search of life.

She had to find that boy. If she didn't then he might decide to come after her and even kill her. But she would rather die by the almighty ruler's hand than that boy's. She had to admit, he was a handsome boy. Tis a shame if she ended up killing him. But she vowed not to kill him so she had to keep her word. Even if she found him and ended up turning him into a human, a human and an angel pair would not bode well with the almighty ruler. He would demote her immediately, not because he wanted to, but because he needed to uphold a pure bloodline. As she thought of all these things, she became dizzy, plummetting towards the earth. She had to stop herself . Opening her wings wide, she stopped herself, just barely enough so she didn't touch the ground. She couldn't think of things like that right now. She had to find him.
Nobukazu was meditating. He needed to prepare himself. 1st Ecounter with that Angel girl wasn't hard but if she really was that good without armor he had to be prepared more than ever. He didnt had any choice...He needed Sophitia Devil Essence. Spear was lying in front of him and from spear blade dark cloud was showing off. Sophitia wasnt ordinary weapon. It had own instinct and own brain. This weapon could feel and think and even act itself. Nobukazu and Sophitia was really good as team beacose they never failed any mission but now he needed her fully inside himself. He had to transform himself.
Into Pure Killing mashine

It was not how Nobukazu planed to let things go. With pact necklace all that his private objectives and plans were ruined like card castle. And he had to make sophi a pain. Big pain... But he knew soon he gonna be ready for biggest ecounter in whole war. This will be one of toughest battles that Nobukazu had in his life. Now his loyality and abilities would be puted to test. There will be no more mercy or honourable talk. It would be just one simple bloodbath , and he knew one.... He wont let to be the one who going to lose blood. While meditating he feld familiar waves...It was her ... She was seeking for him...Nobukazu opened mind fully to let her find him more easily.

And then he waited.
She closed her eyes, deciding to try to find him again by using her mind. She searched for his voice. Soon she found it. Apparently he was trying to clear his mind. For what though? This wasn't good. What if he was planning on fighting her to the death? As long as he used his own power, then it would be ok for her to allow him to keep his power. But if he misused it in any way? She would have to purify him. She hoped he was smart enough to use his own power to attack her and not rely on anything else. Otherwise, purification would be necessary.

"Young man, come out and face me. I will give you a battle if that is what you are seeking, but you must come out of hiding."

She searched the landscape, hoping her words would coax the boy out of his hiding place. She wanted to see his face again. His beautiful yet sinful face. She liked everything about the boy and she had no desire to strip him of his demon lineage if that was part of him, but she would if she deemed him a hazard to her. If anything, she wanted to be by this boy's side for the rest of eternity.

"Azaria...focus on the task at hand. Find that young man and watch over him!" It was the Almighty Ruler. If it was his will, it would be done. She watched the landscape, searching for the boy.
Angel Girl was close and he could feel it clearly. -Follow my voice Angel, im waiting for you-. Sophitia was starting to shake, she was in pain. Nobukazu opened eyes and started to gently pet his spear. He was very sad that he had to do it to her. -Don't worry Sophi it should end soon, but you need to give me all your power. Please do not struggle-

Nobu feld how Angel girl power was increasing. She was very close.

He knew that he can't let her go but maybe...There will be not death need. If he could send her to his realm? Her energy would vanish from that world and he would not kill her either. Just prison her so Void king will not find her anymore! That was what he needed! Yet... That fight must look real and he will need to use all power agnist her so no one will think that he got other plans that killing her.

And so he kept waiting
Azaria's eyes searched the barren landscape until a flash of red came into view. His voice was getting stronger now too. He was just ahead. She readied Celina and approached cautiously. He would no doubtly try to attack her again. But she was ready. She wasn't going to let that happen. She also wasn't going to let him win over her. She didn't want to battle if she could avoid it, but she couldn't just leave herself wide open either. So she gripped Celina as the demon boy's figure was as plain as day in front of her. He was just as handsome as ever. Blushing, she shook her head and pointed Celina at him.

" You may have entranced me demon! But that will not happen again! I do not wish to fight you either, but if I must, I will...So, what will it be?"

She hoped against all hope he wouldn't fight her. SHe didn't want to kill him. SHe didn't want to erase that demon lineage that he should be so proud of since it was his family. But Azaria only did what was for the common good. If she left him be, he would kill more innocent people. SHe couldn't have that happenening. She took a defensive stance in front of the boy, waiting to see what his next move would be.
-There she is now its time!- That what was Nobu thinking. Without any word he took Sophitia and broke it into 2 pieces and let it absorb the power in hands. He analysed for just 1 second the power that went distributed and with full speed Rushed on Angel girl. If she will try to block this fight gonna end fast.

-This is your answer angel!- He didn't wanted it badly so he started very gently dropping tears from ears but there was no time for it. If his plan would work he had to be realistic.
Azaria was amazed at the speed at which the demon boy rushed her. She grabbed the two spear bits and tossed them out of his hands, grabbing his neck and tossing him to the side. She knew this wouldn't phase him for too long. She readied herself and charged at the demon boy. Celina was a sacred sword. No demon could break it, but there was no telling if a half-demon half-human child could. She didn't want to test the theory, but she kinda had no choice in the matter. This fight was a matter of kill or be killed and she wasn't going to let him kill her. Not today and not ever. I looks like she would have to get rid of that demon part of him. But if she did it now, that spear he possessed would take full control and just end up killing him anyway. She had to find a way to destroy the spear he possessed.

"Hey, Demon Hybrid! What do you say we have a little trade. You tell me how to destroy that weapon you possess and I'll let you come at me with intention of killing. I may even let you kill me if that is what you wish, but, you must first tell me, how does that sword work?"

She knew he wouldn't buy into that. HE was way too smart to do so. More than likely, he would laugh at her and say she was foolish, but she couldn't hesitate. If he wasn't going to willingly let her destroy the weapon, she would have to find a way to destroy it herself so it wouldn't possess him when he was turned into a human. Then again, every sword, no matter how valuable, it always melted with the holy fire of the almighty. But being able to set fire to the spear and keep it from trying to cool itself would be next to impossible, unless, she could keep it occupied with her until the flame did it's job and destroyed the evil weapon. There was another way, but that would only temporarily stop the spear and she didn't want to kill anyone today.

"What do you say demon? Do we have a trade?"
-Hehe...Sorry to dissapoint you but its too late for that- At Nobukazu Face big smile falled upon and he looked at angel and calculated few facts about his opponent. He had more time for this now. He focused power he gathered and looked at Sophitia pieces and foucused mind to check. Empty sheels. Perfect he gathered all power from her. But...He could use it as decoy! Later he will think about how to use it on critical moments. Fact was that Angel girl got strong grip and he cant let her be holded again and he had nasty idea how to give her realise that far or close he got advantage agnist her. He even started thinking not to spare her but kill her for fun. Yeah he didnt had any bloodbath before so he could just rip her apart. He jumped high and puted left hand foward. Fingers like snakes launghed from his hand and hited just right before her and then by sending centrain amount of energy, Ground right beneth her feets exploded. -Welcome angel! Welcome in your worst nightmare!!!- After those words he transsmutated his right hand to powerfull Void claw, took his fingers back to normal in left hand and right after transformed to claws too and rushed into her last position with powerfull speed charge. If he knew well no angel was fast enough to avoid it. No one could even block that rush. It wasnt so practically strong move but to fully distract enemy balance and bit hurt his opponent it was good enough.

And so battle began. Most epic battle in Whole war of heaven and hell...
Azaria studied the demon hybrid as he ran at her with all the strength he had gathered from his blade. If she knew that blade, it would have given him speed that was impossible for even an angel to block. She gritted her teeth and threw out her wings to defend herself. Out of all of her armor, her wings were the strongest, each feather stronger than the next. Even if he did manage to plunge his claws into her wing, it would not go all the way. She'd be damaged immensely, but her wings would remain intact. The only weapon that could fully destroy a wing was the one she was holding, Celina. Not to mention, she wouldn't be able to fly for a while. But that was a small price to pay when she was up against a demon.

Her beautiful wings flew out in front of her just in time to block his claws, but it wasn't like they didn't hurt her wings at all. It did. The claws plunged right into her wings, bright red blood staining the pure white snow color of the wings. The pain shot up the wing and into her back. The pain was bad, yes, but she had him. It was hard for anyone to pull their hand or anything out after they plunge something into an angel's wings. They regenerate fast. Would it be fast enough, she didn't know, but she had to strike him. She had to get that demon sword to let go of him so she could save him from his own fate. If that could be done that is. She quickly moved her wing, moving him with it. It moved only slightly, but that was all she needed. She had Celina ready. She thrust the sword at the demon hybrid boy, hoping it would strike him.
Nobu didnt expected that she could manage to block with her wings that strike but he had few tricks in his sleeve. And that block? She did more than he wanted. He knew that angel wings regenerating fast but not agnist special poision that he made. Nobu hopped in air at last moment to doge from sword trust and sliced off his right hand off and with powerfull kick on her wings he hoped far away from her

Damage was not bad at all . If he wouldnt cut off his arm he would be down on mercy of angel and even if his opponent was woman he didnt expected any mercy from her. He focused power and regenerated his arm instantly turning his cutted off arm into stone. He knew he have now time cause even if she wasnt distracted by his attack that much then instant turning hand into heavy weight stone could make her lose balance even a bit and that gaved him option to very close attack. He rushed with full speed into her again and doged through her wings to strike her instantly into her body. That could finish her out swiftly, if not then poison will do its job. He attacked again but this time, with lightning speed went straight through her wings and slipped beetwen her and her wings . He barley had any space for movments but enough to put claw near her neck yet he didnt striked her at all. Strange scent went to his nose and made him feel strange

That scent...Scent of innocence, he looked at her eyes and he automaticly stopped attack. Left wide open for any attacks