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  1. Ophira sat upon a dark throne like seat in the front of a banquet table within a large open room. Her light blue eyes scanning the other Vampires seated around her. Each of them were a part of her Vampire Council and had specific jobs to do. She spoke with them in their language, listening to each one of them talk in turn. They spoke to her of laws and rules, other Vampires, and current events happening within their cities, as they did every few days when having this meeting. She shifted in her seat slightly, uncrossing and recrossing her right leg over her left knee, hands folded on the table top with her fingers twined together.

    Her attention was caught by a young Vampire messenger approaching the open arched doorway, stopping in order to be allowed entrance. Ophira nodded at him and he shifted forwards towards her and stood next to her at the head of the table. She turned her head, the rest of her body remaining completely still. Her eyes looked at his face and she figured he must be only about 50 years old. He was young, and she wondered why he would want to be a messenger for her in the first place. She often didn't ask about things like that, she just knew the jobs needed to be filled and had someone help her fill them.

    "Excuse me, my Queen. I have news of the races elsewhere in the land. There is a New Moon tonight, and the Lycans are growing stronger, quicker than we thought. They ought to be equal to us by now, but luckily they won't transform tonight. I hope no one else is injured this evening. As for the Humans, they are simple enough to keep tabs on. Not much happening there though there have been more sightings of Rogues lately... Which comes to my last bit... Uhm... Well... There was a Rogue caught changing a Human earlier this Evening..."

    "And?" Ophira spoke up after the boy had stopped speaking, waiting for him to continue.

    "And the Rogue left the human to die. The servicers followed and caught him, taking him into custody and brought him here to be tried. Though, they have many witnesses and I think it is safe to say you could proceed with the punishment without hesitation, my Lady."

    "Thank you, Stephaahn. Please keep me informed. You may be excused" she said, her voice seductive and alluring. She didn't purposefully speak this way, it just happened and she didn't mind; it helped her when she needed to have things accomplished. She watched as the boy bowed his head and turned to take his leave, doing so in complete silence.

    Ophira turned her attention back to the council of Vampires before her, and excused them as well. Watching them all leave in turn. Once they were all dispersed, she stood and walked over to the wall of windows. She stared outside into the darkness for some time, the castle lights gleaming through the many windows of each floor onto the cliffs below, the spouts of water pouring loudly around the rocks. If she could breathe, she would have sighed. Instead, her shoulders simply slouched a little bit, and she turned to head to the execution chamber. When she arrived, the Rogue had already been positioned with his head set carefully between the rest, and the blade of the guillotine. Two large male Vampires stood near the release mechanism, and the Rogue eyed her viciously. She felt angry. She was taught to be generous and good and understanding, but when it came to her kind killing Humans for no reason, she despised it.

    "You know why you are here. Do not speak to me; your words will not change my mind nor the fact of the matter. There are Laws for a reason. And each action has a consequence," she spoke firmly; unforgiving.

    Ophira nodded towards the Vampires across from her, and they let the mechanism go. Her eyes then flickered to the Rogues', and he looked panicked for a slight moment, though that only lasted mere seconds before the blade came down and decapitated him, his body becoming limp and motionless against the ground. It only took a minute or so before the body, along with the head, disintegrated into ash and dust. She looked up at the clock place upon the wall above the chamber door, noting it was now 1:45 AM. She would look into this Rogue's life later, but Ophira had no use for people like that, and planned to do everything to keep her race, and the Humans, mostly peaceful in their existences together.
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  2. Max was sitting down at his desk filling out paper work for a drug dealer he just arrested Man and it was almost time for me to get off two. Max let's out a big sigh Well it seems like I'll be here for another hour or so. Max looks at the paper work and starts to fill it out. thirty minutes pass by and Max still isn't done with the paper work It;s been thirty minutes and I'm not even half Way done. All of a sudden Max's best friend walks up behind Max and put his hands on Max's shoulder Hey Maxie boy Hey Darrell. Darrell looks over Max's shoulder and sees he's doing paper work Stuck with paper work huh? Yeah... Alright I'll leave you alone then Maxie. Darrell said as he walked off. After Darrell walked off Max got back to work. Another thirty minutes pass by and Max is finally done with his paper work Done... Now I can go home and get some rest. Max cleans up his desk real quick. After he was done cleaning his desk Max started to head for the door Bye Darrell I'll see you tomorrow Max said as he wave Darrell goodbye. Bye Max. It's a full moon tonight so watch out for werewolf's You know I don't believe in that stuff. Max said as he pushed the door to go outside. When Max is outside he heads for his police car that he usually takes home. Max get's in the car and drives home.
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  3. A scream echoed through the room, the sound of sharp pained breathing filling the dark basement. A girl with soft faded pink hair was chained naked to a wall with red whip marks staining her upper arms and lower legs. She was in a pair of trashy silver heels, now stained with blood and vomit. The chill of the musky air vent moved up her spine and made her shiver. The whip came back down on her upper shoulder and she screamed.

    "WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT SCREAMING YOU FUCKING BITCH! DO I PAY YOUR SEXY LITTLE ASS TO CRY AND WHIMPER...NO I PAY YOU TO SHUT UP AND TAKE IT, YOU FILTHY LITTLE SLUT!" came from the voice of her tormentor. A handsome man with a light tan dark hair and a business suit. His hair was slicked back and a smile curved his thin devious lips. He held the metal whip in his hand and a thickly spiked wooden board in his other. The girl looked up at him, anger apparent in her expression,"FUCK YOU ASSHOLE! THIS WASN'T PART OF THE DEAL! NOW LET MET GO!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

    The wooden board slapped her against the head, making the chains pull on her already chaffed skin,"Quiet, or I won't be merciful when taking you again. Now tell me, Who...owns you.."

    The girl spit out a wad of blood trying to push words past her horror and tears,""

    "And my name...."

    "You do...Gav..." she froze, her eyes widening in abject horror to something behind him. A scream threatened to rip through her throat but the air was not there. She spoke quietly,"What are you???"

    The man turned abruptly to see no one. He swore,"Who are you talking to whore? Don't tell me you are losing your fucking mind now?!?"

    She ignored him her eyes and attention on an invisible being,"I didn't mean to hurt him...I was so hungry...and he had already so much food...I APOLOGIZE! I WON'T DO IT AGAIN...MOMMMY.....NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Suddenly the girl began to fight her chains, whailing wildly as blood and foam began to spew out of her mouth. She twitched, her eyes rolling back into her head as scream upon scream filled her. The lights in the room began to twitch on and off. The tables began to move and sex toys flew across the room as if someone threw them. Then....quiet. The girl slumped down held up only by the chains and the room turned still. The man felt sweat cover his body, fear crawling into his spine as he turned to the girl,"Casey...Casey...are you...."

    "Hahahahahaha" echoed hollowly out of the girls mouth. The heels that lay draped on the floor slid upwards so the young woman was standing,"Politician Morris...I've watched this scene since you were 15 years old and it's only gotten crueler ever since."

    "That's not funny Casey! How did you change your voice?"

    "CASEY'S DEAD HONEY...Her soul's rotting in the pits of hell with all the other sinners. I hope you don't mind using me as a replacement. Do you?"

    The woman looked up to expose full black eyes with large red pupils. A large smile peeled from her lips as she twitched leaning forward towards him her words no longer the soft tone a slick tone that seemed to cascade through the centuries,"This is not your night Gavin. You're wife is fucking the gardener and a baby died tonight because you supported a law that a young latino mother can't get a job in this country, oh and let's not forget sweet Casey. Just a young prostitute looking for some cheap cocaine and coat hangers. Shame..."

    Gavin shook violently with fear unable to run away from the woman in front of him,"Who are you?"

    The woman smiled taking a step forward as the chains pulled for a second before ripping off the wall and falling to the ground. The metal around her wrists began to steam and glow a bright orange as she spoke,"I am vengeance. I am the Realm's only cure, and a final justice for your cruelties upon mankind."

    This time Gavin acted. He tossed the wooden board at her, which she dodged easily then let the whip crack towards her face. The girl grabbed it, letting fire rise up the cords and burn his hands. He screamed turning and running to the door, when suddenly a chain wrapped around his feet and he was pulled back to the awaiting, "woman." He screamed trying to dig his fingernails deep enough to stop his body. Blood was the only thing that broke through. Suddenly his body was lifted and he was flung onto the side of the table. The edge hitting his gut. He sat up to breath when two small knives implanted themselves into his arms keeping him stuck.He screamed calling out for help as blood and terror began to fill his vision. Casey's voice echoed through the room,"I AM THE FURY OF EVERY WOMAN YOU HAVE RAPED AND TORTURED! I AM THEIR RAGE AND THEIR COMPASSION."

    Suddenly his pants were ripped off and a dull scratch broke through his underwear and then blouse. He started to sob, unable to move away. Unable to fight back. He had never been weak. He had never been so out of control and hatred and anger filled his soul as he began to curse her in every possible language he could understand. He almost ripped his arms to shreds to get away when something large and sharp was shoved...directly into an unthinkable place. He screamed bucking against the table as his legs thrashed and fought wildly to escape the torture. Casey remained silent, shaved metal pipe in place, moving up his body to sit on his shoulders and whisper in his ear,"You enjoyed their sorrow and their happiness draining. You broke their hearts and their souls."

    She placed her hands on the sides of his head and let her claws dig into the skin,"Who owns your soul Gavin?"


    "My name?"

    He knew the answer the same way humanity has always remembered the answer. Humanity has always feared her, just like he feared her now. Helplessness overcame him as he knew his next answer would be his last. He tried to think of a way out, but true horror didn't give reason, it just gave you silence. He spoke softly closing his eyes to the cold wood,"You..are Wrath."

    "Good boy."

    Suddenly blood coated the wall, as Gavin's head was twisted and torn from his body. The wood creaking as thick black wings ripped out of Casey's back allowing her to settle back onto her silver heels. She lifted up the head to her mouth and gave the twitching eyes a death kiss."My work is done...Amen."

    She tossed the head to the side shoving the table away as she ran her hands through her pink hair. Her eyes turned back to a soft pale red and white replaced the black. Her wings collapsed back into her frame as she walked up the stairs into the old abandoned home. She put on the strippers abandoned clothes and moved to the front door with a smile on her lips, as a thick bolt of lightning echoed into the darkness,"One down..billions to go...."
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  4. A womanof Native American appearance, seemingly in her twenties, moved down the sidewalk of street in North America. Nightfall was coming, so there were fewer people on the streets, but the ones that were looked all the same- heads down, covered in hair or hoods, staring at a screen and walking while somehow managing to avoid obstacles and yet ignore everyone else. But not Adelina. Her head was tilted upwards if anything, looking around at all the people around her, observing. Her gaze was so fleeting to each though, that they hardly noticed if at all. With each glance, she would get a thought. For humans, she had gotten great at determining who they really were. Most people wore a stamp across their foreheads, an invisible marker saying who they were. Adelina could just see it more clearly than a human, considering she wasn’t human at all. The mortal body she had been given by the Creator had served her well to blend in though, but the way she acted somehow always managed to make her stand out.

    While passing an alleyway, Adelina’s head snapped to the side, brown soft eyes falling on an elderly man sitting huddled up with a small sign, asking for help. The angel was frozen, looking at the man who watched people walking by, before she made a slow beeline for him. When she got closer, the man noticed her, his deep set blue eyes staring up at the pretty woman. She smiled at him and knelt down, knees bent but still only her soles touching the concrete.

    “Are you able to work?” she asked gently, always one to get straight to the point, and yet get there tenderly. The old man looked hopeful.

    “I would, ma’am,” he said, still gripping the sign. Adelina looked down at it and the man’s hands.

    “Here,” she said softly, her face kind as she reached for his hand and placed it in hers.

    “But… I’m dirty,” the man said, looking concerned and confused a bit as she held his hand. Adelina just looked in his eyes and smiled again, white teeth bright against her deep colored lips.

    “I can make you clean,” she said, eyes sparkling a bit as she closed her eyes, dipping her head while mumbling a prayer. The man realized what she was doing and mimicked, before a soft ‘amen’ left her lips. They both looked up, the man’s eyes now watering. Adelina still smiled before turning her head to look across the street. There, in a diner lit up through the windows, were three business men. Adelina stared, the one in a red tie and slicked back hair catching her eye. He laughed and ordered another coke, while talking to the other two who had gone grey.

    The angel looked back at the homeless man. “Do you see that man in the red tie?” she asked, pointing to the man while looking at him again. The homeless man nodded.

    “Yes ma’am…”

    “Go to him, and tell him you will work for food. And that you are a hard worker,” she said, patting his hand once, and searching his eyes for understanding. The man hesitated, giving her an unsure look. But the tan skinned woman beamed with confidence that forced him to smile, get up, and go across the street. Adelina stood, watching as the man walked into the diner and tapped the red tie man on the back of the shoulder. The two began talking and smiling, and then shook hands while the business man patted the stool next to him. A closed lip, contented grin came to Adelina’s face before she continued her walk, an almost invisible body of love moving in and out of others’ lives.
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  5. The city streets were busy, despite the time of night. A young man of 5'8", walks down a street. Stopping at a crosswalk, someone nearby does not. To busy clicking away at their smart-phone, a business man walks across the crosswalk, unknowing that the lights indicated to NOT CROSS.

    The young man had plenty of time to attempt to stop the business man. However he made no action towards doing so. Merely watching as the guy waltzed into the street and got hit. Nearby people screamed, someone else fumbled for their phone to dial 911. The young man however, merely kept walking. Taking this time to casually walk by the scene of the accident, and keep on his marry way.

    Now we find the young man, casually strolling down an alley. Not far away, an ominous presence resides, watching and waiting. While the young man carelessly walks towards his destination, A whistle can be heard exiting his lips and a slight bounce is noticeable in his step. Although he fails to realize the situation unfolding. Well maybe the boy does realize what's happening and chose not to care.

    Three gangsters leaped out from hiding, causing the young man to be surrounded. "Are you dim?" The supposed leader of gang-members taunt, as his crew surrounds the helpless young man. "Or do you enjoy trespassing our turf and getting stomped on?" The rest of the men laugh, some even push him around.

    Pulling at his scarf, fixing his hat. The young man speaks to the gangster standing before himself. "Actually taking into consideration the time it took to do this 'stomping gig' last time, in correspondence to how long my alternate routes take." Fingers are held up and quotation mark gestures are made while saying 'Stomping gig'. "Taking a beating from you all, is much faster......" The last sentence is cut short, with a fist connecting to his jaw.

    A flurry of movement commences in the small crowd of males. All surrounding gangsters hitting, kicking and so on, to the poor young fellow. Although the rush of kicks and punches stops, when a loud crashing sound occurs. Looking around like deer caught at the wrong end of a headlight, the gangsters swiftly examine their surroundings. Noticing nothing around them, the gangsters continue their beat down.

    With the young man cradled in the fetal position, The gang members keep attacking. Eventually the man is rendered unconscious. Gangsters check the kids pockets, then leave his body in the alleyway. Moments after the gangsters leave, a wicked turn of events occur.....
    A cloud of darkness forms and rushes towards the young mans limp body. Not long after, he convulses and spasms, the darkness visibly entering the eyes, nostrils, ears and mouth of the victim. Then A series of coughs are expelled from the young-man, as though he had been without oxygen for quiet some time. Dusting off his shirt, hat, and coming to a stand, he looks at his surroundings. Taking several long inhales, sloth expels an utterly heavy sigh. "Atmosphere of this realm is far to clean. It encourages me to breath deeper then i wish to supply effort..." A faint expression of annoyance overcomes the mans face. Not long before the man began walking towards no particular destination. "What a drag...."
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  6. It only took about an hour or two after the sun had begun to set for nightfall to settle. Cold puffs of white escaped those who walked the city paths, illuminated by surrounding light posts and office buildings. Far away from the general hustle and bustle of night life was a deserted park that sat upon a small hill. The cold winds rustled the neighboring trees and sifted through the moonlight coated grass. Charlie, however, appeared not to be perturbed by the icy temperature as he held his gaze high above the treetops.

    Stars. Tiny points of light that spread across the inky black sky by hundreds, thousands, and seemingly


    They flickered and twinkled like ever bursting fireworks. It was beautiful and an absolutely breath-taking sight. One that Charlie had waited nearly four hours to capture on his teachers very own Canon EOS 5D Mark III. It had been a complete surprise when Mr. Jefferson had given it to him himself to use for a private, extra credit point project. Refusing hadn't done any good as his teacher absolutely refused to take no for an answer. And to be completely honest, Charlie was glad for his mentors persistence. For he was certain that his current second hand camera could never have been able to capture the magnificent spectacle above him.

    In order to honor the camera and Mr. Jefferson's trust, Charlie had specifically hunted down the most viewpoint worthy area in the whole city. Going as far as to do a little background research of astrological movements in order to find which day the stars would shine the brightest. All in all the hard work and partially sleepless nights had been without a doubt worth the very successful results.

    Then there was the extra bonus of discovering the little peaceful haven. Even when day breaks and the people fill the wooden benches, the park still retains a tranquil atmosphere. It was the first time Charlie ever felt so comfortable in a public setting. Second to the library of course.

    It wasn't long however when it was time to pack up equipment and head back home. Hamish had always been stubborn when it came to waiting for his older brother and rendered all mention of "bedtime" nonexistent. But first he needed to hike down to the awaiting bus stop below. Placing the camera carefully in his leather bound satchel, Charlie balanced the three pronged tripod under one arm and made his slow decent downwards. Although when he was barely through the steep middle incline the bus was already in sight. He immediately began rushing towards the vehicle but to no avail. By the time he haphazardly stumbled down the concrete stairs, it was already turning a corner and disappearing from sight.

    Upon checking his watch he realized that it was fifteen minutes behind normal time. The reason to which had been because his little brother had forgotten to reset the clock after using it as a timer. Irritation blossomed like a flickering candle flame before being promptly snuffed out. Charlie had never been one to hold grudges, especially towards Hamish. With reluctant acceptance, he shouldered his satchel and began the trek towards the nearest subway tunnel.
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  7. The wee hours of the night were slowly creeping up as the moon shone bright in the pitch black sky. Forest green eyes that belonged to a young-looking male watched the bustling city outside of his clear window. How people were still hurrying along on the sidewalks was beyond him. Honestly, as cold as it gets in the city some nights, the young male didn't know how others endured it, even as bundled as some of them were. Shaking his head, brunet curls bouncing around his face, Atticus turned away from his window, making his way to his couch and plopping down on it. It had been quite a long day and all he wanted to do was relax until he fell asleep, if such a thing happened.

    Sitting in his home in silence, his mind began to wander. For some odd reason, he's been getting these...negative vibes. Why? He couldn't explain it even if he tried. He felt as if something had changed, or was going to. And he couldn't tell if it was going to be for the best or not. All he could do was hope and shake the vibes off. There wasn't any point in worrying over something that he obviously had no control over. The best thing to do was let it run its course. Wanting to get his mind off of things, the young male got to his feet and walked over to two large glass tanks that he had. A soft, affectionate smile graced his features as his eyes landed on his most prized possessions, the creatures he loved the most.

    "Pachua, Chusi," the brunet said as he reached out for the snakes, watching them slither up his arms and make themselves comfortable wrappes around him. Pachua was resting on his neck while Chusi was wrapped tightly around his arm, bicep and all. They hissed at him, making his smile grow as he walked back to his couch, sitting back down. Letting out a sigh, he sunk into his couch and let his eyes flutter close, finally relaxing.
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  8. 1 Month Ago

    Bruno twitched slightly as he walked, continually glancing up at the dark sky, lighted only by an array of sparkling stars. His lips twitched now and again as well, as if he was itching to do something and yet unable to.

    “Ignore it Bruno,” his sister mumbled from his side, slowly getting more and more annoyed with her brothers tics during the New Moon. Granted, it was a lot better than what he became during any other night of the month.

    Bruno frowned, glaring at his sister while switching the bag on his back, annoyed at her for being annoyed by something he couldn’t help. But he was used to it at the same time. She didn’t understand. Hardly anyone understood. The only people he knew who did, were the gang who were now trying to find him and kill him for ‘betraying’ his pact to be a part of their group.

    Leni sighed as she walked, knowing Bruno was giving her ‘the eye’ while she slid a spike she had been messing with back into the holder on her arm. She slid the puffy black sleeve of her hoodie over it, sniffing and adjusting her own backpack like Bruno had, glancing over at her brother who had now stopped glaring at her and was now staring ahead of them. She knew it had been her idea to run away, and so the guilt if they got hurt, or lost, or caught was always threatening to rise in her chest. She was the one that made plans between the two, and always convinced Bruno it was a good idea. This time, she wondered if maybe he shouldn’t have argued. She had them go south, figuring it was a safer bet to get on a boat and head away from Italy, instead of going further north. They were fairly close to the coast, with only a few hours until the sun rose. With Bruno’s… abilities, the two had practically become nocturnal. Bruno of course had to be to recover from the nights where he was a monster. And Leni chose to be. Well, at Bruno’s request that she follow him when he changed. So he wouldn’t lose his temper and hurt someone. Even in his wolf form he hadn’t been able to hurt her, but one night when he’d woken up covered in blood, he swore it was an animal’s, but Leni had been frightened. So the following was just as much to ease her worries. After so many nights following him, she’d realized he was still Bruno. Still her brother. It was just like something trying to take him over, instincts or something, trying to override his humanity. It was like a demonic possession in fact.

    “You’re staring at me,” Bruno growled, flashing his eyes towards Leni, who looked surprised at first before narrowing her eyes.

    “Don’t be stupid. I was thinking and you’re in my way,” she said in a huff, looking in front of them now while Bruno smirked. Leni side eyed him, seeing his stupid smirk and rolled her eyes, only annoyed further while they walked in silence for a while longer.

    It didn’t take long before the started reaching some docks, seeing boat tied up in the distance, bobbing in the dark water. Leni stopped and Bruno did after, the twins just staring before Bruno sighed, looking to his sister.

    “What do we do now, genius?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. Leni looked at him with a frown, partially at his words, partially in thought.

    “We… sleep til morning. Then see if there is anyone heading out far away that will take us with them,” she said slowly. Bruno stared at her before nodding in agreement, wrapping an arm protectively around Leni and leading them towards a parking lot with some lonely cars they could break into and sleep in.
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  9. Each exhale of breath was visible to Sloth, this irked him. A look of annoyance would of overcame his expression, if it didn't require such effort. Merely holding a blank expression instead. With hand in each pocket, he somberly walked on. A weak mutter of words could be heard escaping his lips. "Damned low-temp." Sloth was almost to the point of shivering due to the cold, however like expressions of annoyance shivering was to wasteful of his energy. Looking into a window of a nearby building he was walking past, he sees a restaurant still open.

    Entering the establishment, Sloth takes a seat at a corner booth. Grabbing the menu sitting at the middle of the table, he looks it over. Not long after, a waitress comes and supplies a second menu, apparently the one he held in hand only had deserts and alcohols. Taking the menu from the woman, he gives a faint smile. The woman merely carries about her job, explaining she'll be back to take his order shortly or when he's ready.

    A nod was given to show recognition to her statement. Meanwhile Sloth simply looked over the menu. Wasn't anything special. A grunt is expelled showing utter annoyance. The cuisine of mortals was nothing to be proud of. Nothing living was never able to be served, always butchered and cooked. Then Sloth couldn't help from faintly chuckling to himself, while he contemplated what would happen. If he asked the waitress for an order he would get the Underworld.

    Without realizing it, Sloth expelled this faint chuckle while the waitress cleaning a table nearby. An eyebrow is raised while she asks. "Something funny?" Sloth merely responds. "Nope, I'll take a steak. As rare as you can serve it." The woman walks over, takes his menu then proceeds to go about her job and issues his order to be made.
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  10. Sapphire lines up half a dozen shot glasses in front of a man who can barely stand straight and fills them with booze. He grabs them - surprisingly carefully - and staggers back to his table without spilling a drop. His friends cheer. She snorts and turns to the register to drop his money in, placing his change in the tip jar.

    "Oi, lady!"

    Turning, Sapphire lifts her eyebrows at the obnoxious man who's been at her bar all night. Her purple eyes flash in the dull light, and he flinches. She holds up a hand and then turns to someone else, ignoring his irritated huff. She serves the girl in front of her with a smile and deals with her money before turning to the man. "Another one?"

    "Depends. You going to give me a deal? I've been here all night."

    ".. No. Order the drink or get away from my bar. This is a club, not a library."

    He glares. "That's some pretty shitty customer service. Where's the manager of this shit hole?"

    "Busy. Are you having anything to drink or not?"

    "I think I'll leave and find a place that appreciates me a little more."


    Sapphire turns to another customer and then glances at the time. It's getting late, and it'll be closing soon. The music is loud and her head hurts. Normally she loves this job, but tonight she feels irritable and twitchy. Her skin feels sensitive and tight. She wants to go home and take a bath, watch a movie with her cat. Instead she blinks and shakes her head and goes back to work.
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  11. As Max is driving his stomach growls Oh that's right I didn't have any dinner tonight Max let's out a big sigh in the cop car. Where would I find a restaurant open this late at night? Max said as he kept driving.

    Eventually Max find a Diner that's open late. This is the same diner where Sloth is having his dinner. I guess this place will have to do. Max pulls in the diner's parking lot and parks the car. Max gets out of the car. When max is done getting out of the car he lock the police car to make sure no one will steal it.

    Max walks inside the diner and looks at all the people in the restaurant. Max finishes scanning the diner and walks to an empty table. The table Max walked to happens to be the table right across Sloth. Max sits down and waits for a waitress to hand him a menu.
  12. Daemon steps out of his messy office and on to the upper balcony of his club, "Aconite", and scans the crowded dance floor and filled tables. He nods his head to the beat as "Lullabies" pounds out of the numerous speakers throughout the building. While leaning over the railing he takes a sip through the straw from his plastic Starbucks cup, half full of Jack Daniels and Coke. He pushes off the railing and walks along the wide balcony, past couples grinding and kissing and groups of chatting friends to a spiral stair case and makes his way down to the crowded main floor.

    "Hey, Sergei, how's it going? Say hi to the kids, yeah?" Daemon greets the regular after receiving a wave. He makes his way to the bar, bustling with people fighting to get closer to the counter to put in their order. "Sophie, love the dress!" he says, "No, I cant dance right now, next time, honey." He makes his way a bit further before a hand grabs his arm and turns him around. He is met with a slobbery kiss and when he pushes away, the short blond girl looks up before keeling over and puking on the floor. Daemon kneels down to the girls height while she is still hunched over, "Sorry babe, I swing the other way." before signaling to one of the nearby body guards to escort her out. He warns nearby dancers of the mess before continuing toward the bar. Nearly ten feet from his goal he is cut off by a man with a stubbly and tired looking visage. His words were difficult to understand due to his immensely drunken state.

    "Are you the manager person?!" He asked, an angry tone to his voice.

    "I'm Daemon, the owner" Daemon replied with a slight smile, offering his hand.

    "Well your bartender is the biggest goddamn bitch I've ever laid eyes on." The man ignores Daemon's gesture.

    "Well, when you get to know her, I'm sure way deep down under that hard exterior lies an even bigger bitch. Thank you for your valuable input, I've made a mental note and I have developed an appropriate course of action." Daemon waved to another bodyguard, "Please enjoy the rest of
    your evening elsewhere"

    Daemon finally reaches the bar. He lifts the gate and smiles at a few of the guests before approaching one of the bartenders, Sapphire.

    "How's it going?" He asks, "Any trouble?"
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  13. At times like these Charlie wished he had put more effort during his running and track periods. The walk from the park to the nearest building had taken nearly half an hour. A few more blocks into the metropolis jungle was enough to render the young man as a tired heap upon one of the cities uncomfortably hard, plastic benches. However the hour long journey did give him some time to phone a call home. It took quite a bit of convincing and a few promises of some chocolate chip pancakes to convince Hamish to sleep but at least now he needn't worry about having to rush home anytime soon. Of course it took a bit more to reassure both his parents that he was, in a sense, completely alright.

    The temperature continued to drop as the night progressed but it seemed as if the club goers barely noticed. Shivering in his own thick black coat, Charlie wondered how girls in skimpy dresses could stand waiting in the nearly block long line. Heart-thumping music and blinding, multicolored strobe lights emanated from the club they were waiting to enter. Aconite, was the name printed in long and bold letters above the entrance. He recalled some of the seniors in his study period discussing a possible trip to the well-known hot spot.

    Sure enough, a familiar quartet stood among the throng of people and looked to just nearly be about halfway through the line. A sudden pang of familiar regret swirled in his stomach as Charlie wondered how it would be if he had been a part of their group. It didn't matter that he didn't like clubs all that much but the simple fact of experiencing it with a couple of friends was a good enough reason. It was then that he made eye contact with one of the group members. He immediately recognized her as Sammy Mclington from his period four, advanced English class. She had been the only one who volunteered to work with him on their Hamlet project.

    Peter Mclington, Sammy's brother had even worked with them. Claiming that the theater arts was his life and that it would just be incredibly selfish if they didn't allow him to share his 'gift'. It had honestly been one of the most memorable school assignments Charlie had done yet. It still surprised him however when she smiled and waved in his general direction. Giving a hesitant wave and a small smile back, he found that the rest of the others attention had turned towards him. Pretty soon they all had begun calling and gesturing for him to come over.

    The new found attention was enough to incite his excitement but to also make his nerves stand on end. Shaking his head and giving an apologetic smile, Charlie quickly surveyed his surroundings and considered diving into the nearby open restaurant.
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  14. Angel of Kindness

    It's been a few weeks that Charis has been in the mortal realm. She has seen a lot of tragic things, she couldn't believe the sorrow in this world. Charis started to volunteer at a hospital, she wanted to do her part in healing them. Charis can't heal them psychically but she can heal them emotionally. At least they won't feel the pain.

    As Charis made her way to the hospital, in her human body and outfit she could see a little boy scavenging in the trash can. Charis went over to him. "Excuse me little boy but if you need food I can get you some." The boy's head popped up frightened. "Uhh! No!" Charis tried to calm him down.

    "It's alright, I'm not going hurt you." Charis walked over to the boy, she moved slow to not scare him any farther. "Now, where are your parents?" The boy looked up at Charis, with sadden eyes. "I don't have any parents." Charis human eyes started to form tears. She cleared them. "You know what? How about we go get you a burger or something, how's that sound?"

    The boy jumped up and down, "Thank you so much, lady." "Call me Farrah." After they ate, Charis would get him some new clothes. She would have to bring him to a foster agency. If she could've she would have kept him. Charis didn't own a car, she didn't know how to drive. Luckily the burger shack, across from the hospital was still open. The boy stopped walking. "What's wrong?" "They won't let me in like...this." Charis smiled at him. "Ok, close your eyes." The boy looked at Charis, then reluctantly closed his eyes. Charis used some holy magic, thanks to the creator. "Ok open them!" "Wow, these clothes are amazing. Thank you Farrah." The boy had a new outfit on, he gave Charis a big hug.

    "Your very welcome..." "Christian, my names Christian." Charis smiled at him, as they walked into the burger shack. She found a table, near the entrance of the shack. A waitress came over. "How are you lovey two doing tonight?" "We're very find, thank you for asking." Charis looked at the menu. Christian waited for Charis to order. "Aren't you going to order, Farrah?" "No you get whatever you want, Christian." "Wow really?" "Yep." Christian nearly order the whole menu. Charis just smiled at him.

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  15. Adelina continued walking among the city streets, when she saw a nice warm restaurant. She looked inside and smiled at the people. Humans always seemed happy while eating. She was still just observing from a short distance, when she picked up on some thumping music across the way, her eyes flickering over to see lights assaulting the area from a place with the name “Aconite” across. Adelina’s wholesome gaze became a bit troubled as she saw the people heading inside the place, not getting a good feeling from it at all. She shifted uncomfortably, watching the people in line from the distance she stayed. They were beautiful. All young and seemingly excited. She hoped they genuinely had fun. Just not so much fun they regretted it. She did wish she could go hug some of them and make sure they knew they were loved without having to hurt themselves to feel loved, but her thoughts were interrupted by some calling patrons outside. Were they calling to her? She looked confused and then her eyes landed on a young man, almost huddled under his coat.

    Adelina tilted her head slightly, watching the young man who seemed a bit uncomfortable just by his stature and the way he glanced about and shook his head at the young people in line. The angel’s lips parted, wondering if she should intervene at all. It was always so difficult when it came to young people. She never knew how they would react. But she decided to approach and just leave an invitation open.

    She crossed the distance to the young man with brunette hair, making sure not to touch him but to interrupt his view of the restaurant she had just been observing herself. “Hello,” Adelina said with a gentle smile, not seeming too cold in her long white sweater, dark hair tickling her nose. Her brown eyes were kind without any expectations, though she knew he would wonder why she came up to him. “Are you lost?” she asked him, one of the many times her words had multiple meanings.
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  16. Sapphire looked up at her manager and grinned tiredly. "Just the asshole you chucked out." She hooks his drink from his hand, dumping out the watery dredges and making him a new one - though not as strong. She knew Daemon didn't like to get drunk on the job. "People are frantic tonight. We've still got a line up at the door and we're an hour from closing. Maybe it's the new moon."

    She wanders away from Daemon to serve someone else, spinning a glass in pink sugar before dumping the chilled drink in it. A bendy straw and pink umbrella are added. She takes the cash - and tip - and dumps it in the register. She looks up and her eyes land on a couple that have started fighting in the middle of the dance floor. Swearing under her breath she gestures for one of the bouncers to get rid of them. He steps forward and grabs the two by the tops of their arms, propelling them to the doors. Shaking her head, Sapphire can't help but wonder what the hell has gotten into people tonight.

    "Can I get another beer?"

    Sapphire nods and pours one, giving it a moment to settle before sliding it across the counter. "Hey," she says sharply when the guy turns to leave without paying. He ignores her. Snorting, she grabs his arm and nods at one of the bouncers, who comes and grabs his drink, placing it on the counter and then forcefully manhandling the guy to the door.

    "One hell of a night," she mutters.
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  17. Wrath propped her blood soaked heals on the thick mahogany table in a beautifully modern office. The pictures on the wall were expensive and tasteful and the view was magnificent. The city was spread out beneath this palace, and the ocean lay a mere distance away providing encouragement for adventure and fields unopened yet. If it was as it was in it's creation, true beauty would inspire the greatest of minds to be peaceful and kind as they once were. Humanity itself was a sickness corrupted by taint and filth. She would change that soon.

    "I suppose you are waiting for me." replied a man with a calm exterior.

    Wrath turned, looking almost innocent for a few minutes before giving a small smirk and resting her clasped hands over her stomach. She spoke clearly, an air of direct force in her tone,"Vincent Devroe. I have been waiting a while for you."

    He moved to sit in the chair opposite crossing his legs and giving a devious smile,"I am sorry to have kept you waiting. Is there something you are looking for miss?"

    She smiled,"It's Wrath. You know, the demon of vengeance, rage and retribution. Humanity has been talking about me for centuries, I am surprised you haven't even thought of my presence after a such a long "career" path you have had."

    The man let out a light chuckle,"Look if this is some sort of joke from Johnson. I get it. It's cute and all, but I earned my money cleanly all the records show..."

    "That you have a clean slate. That you have been getting away with stealing millions of dollars across the nations. Oh no this not a joke from Edward Johnson, who has been fucking his sister's husband for the past two years. Quite a scandal that he has been upholding, but that's besides the point isn't it." She paused, as he stared at her with cold pointed eyes, his fingers clenching against the rich leather of his chair.

    "What do you want?" he asked coldly, thinking of ways to hurt her, or talk his way out of what he thought was blackmail.

    Wrath showed her teeth, uncrossing then recrossing her legs,"I want...everything. Here is the deal I am offering. I want the penthouse you own on west-end. I want the manor you own in the Southwest and I want an annual income to make my time on Earth reasonable. You are going to quit your job and work as my personal assistant which you will not be paid for and then you will try to focus your attention on getting a job that you earn a decent wage over the sweat of your back. Every dollar you have taken or earned by the loss of another is now owed to me. Do you know how much that is? I can tell you a list."

    She stood up and walked around the table as she continued,"It starts with the video game worth 8.99 that you stole out of a bin at the local Value Village. It continues until you ripped off a tv from your next door neighbors when you were sixteen up until five minutes ago when you stole 20,000 from a Electronics company of the coast of Tokyo. Your life has been bought from hard working people who have earned there comforts. The crimes you have committed have both inhibited the dreams of young children, and has crippled the families who invested in both those companies and stocks. You deserve to fall from your precipice into a life of humility."

    The man turned pale looking up at her with angry eyes. He wanted to kill her, to rip out her fucking hair and destroy her. She was his greatest fear. His hidden truth. He had been playing this game for so long that he never believed anyone could untangle the knots of his life. This bitch was the arrow to his achilles heel and right now she was twisting."You have no proof of any of that "demon" and you aren't getting a single dime out of me without it. So if you have nothing else meaningful to say. I demand that you leave my presence."

    He was about to sit up, when Wrath shoved her heel towards his chest forcing him to sit back down with a sharp pain digging into his rib bone,"I don't know if you really understand who the hell you are talking to..I am the motherfucking Lord of Revenge and you stand to deny me what I ask. I AM BEING GOD DAMN MERCIFUL TO YOU..YOU SMALL IRRELEVANT WELP! I could remove a layer of skin for every damn dollar you have coveted. You have no idea the consequences of making me angry and right now you are walking a thin line in pushing me over."

    She leaned down grabbing his neck and raising him above her own body. Panic began to well in his stomach as he squirmed gasping for air and trying to claw or snap her small arms to get her to let go. She just smiled and tossed him into a nearby bookshelf. He hit it hard knocking over various classic tales and small expensive knickknacks from foreign adventures. She smiled trying to put back on her innocent demeanor,"Now that authority is established, are we going to have a problem?"

    He grunted,"Apparently...not. I see the bottom line here and realize that if I want to continue to be able to live, if you can call it, "living" I need to do what you say. The game is easy, but I want you to be aware that there will be a time when you will meet your downfall and I will relish it."

    Wrath laughed,"Of course I am aware of that. I've lived over three times your age, and you imply I am an idiot. You are lucky...I somewhat value resistance in a sense. Now...let's get started. I need fresh clothes and a new haircut. This body is beautiful but it has been treated as if it were a god damn toilet bag. People view me as a whore, which I am, but they shouldn't be able to deduce any bit of information from me at all. The only shoes my feet will ever touch will be Louis Vuitton's and the only jewels I wear will be diamonds. I have a lot of work on my plate so I might as well do it in style. Come on Vincent. I think it's time we went shopping."

    Vincent got off the floor, wiping the blood from his forehead and glared,"Right away....Mistress."

    "Master...I prefer"

    "Right away...Master." he quoted evenly, repressing his rage and setting his mind to a plan. He would leave the argument for now, but he would take this bitch down. He just needed the time to plan.
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  18. Once the waitress delivered Sloth his meal, he instantly partook. The method to reach the Mortal Realm drained a decent amount of energy. Not to mention possessing that boy on top of it. While waiting for his meal, several individuals entered the diner. Sloth made no acknowledgement to anyone entering, merely minding his own business. Before the waitress left Sloths table side, she asked him if he wanted anything to satisfy thirst. Waving her a dismissal, he declines the offer of a drink.

    Halfway through his steak, a look of utterly faint sadness etched Sloths expression. This food is miserably horrible.... Although this didn't stop Sloth from finishing the whole meal. Somewhere in between starting and finishing his meal, the waitress drops of his bill. Eyeing the bill, Sloth checks the pockets of the mortal body he was possessing. Pulling out the wallet of the poor sap, he reads his identification card. Russle Gorton.. Should probably keep that name in mind... Were the only thoughts to cross his mind.

    Fumbling around more in the wallet, he attempts to acquire the right amount of pay. Chuckling briefly and faintly to himself, he wonders why he even gives a damn about paying for this meal. Looking once more, his mind registers that someone is adorned in a type of uniform, could it be some sort of law-enforcer? Placing all the money he has in the wallet, like he held use for it anyways..... Sloth somberly comes to a stand, sluggishly he stretches and provides a weak yawn.

    Nodding to the waitress, Sloth takes his leave. Although while he exits, someone among the diner/restaurant sticks out. A blond woman, sitting with a young boy. Something about her presence, irked Sloth. As though there was more to her, then he was realizing. This foul feeling was ever so faintly visible on his expression as his gaze rested on Charis. However that gaze didn't last long, due to exiting the building. Going in no direction in particular, Sloth lethargically began walking down the city-street.
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  19. Ophira turned from the execution chamber and took her leave. The Vampires would finish dealing with the Rogue and go about their business. Since she wasn't needed here until tomorrow, she figured it being the New Moon and all, it safe to go to her favorite club; Aconite. She often went there when she was done dealing with everything for the night. It wouldn't take her long to get there, as the Castle was just outside of the city, though hidden enough that her domain wasn't obvious to the untrained eye.

    Ophira went up a set of wide marble stairs, making her way easily to her personal bedroom. Once arriving, she changed into a simple outfit. Once allowing her hair to fall in curls around her shoulders, and fixing her makeup around her bright blue eyes, she grabbed her car keys and made her way back down the stairs, outside into the underground parking, which was built into the cliffside. She gazed up at the dark sky, nothing but a few stars here and there showing between thick black clouds.

    Silently, she made her way through the forest roads and into the city limits, arriving a few minutes later at Aconite. She noticed there was a pretty long line, but she was a regular, and would probably be let in without having to wait, she hoped. It was the younger kids who often had to stand outside in the cool air and wait their turn to get hammered, and she shook her head slightly at the thought. Once finding a place to park her car,she locked it and shoved the keys into her shorts pocket where she had a bit of money to pay for drinks/tips. She waited in the second red velvet line for a few minutes, noticing a girl with tanned skin and dark hair talking to a younger boy with brown hair as well. She wondered if the boy was okay, or if he knew the woman, but shrugged it off after observing for a few minutes. Ophira was then tapped on the shoulder with two fingers by one of the bouncers, and he nodded to let her in, pulling the rope aside for her before returning it to it's place.

    Once inside, Ophira gazed around, easily finding Sapphire speaking with the Owner at the bar, who she thought his name was Daemon, if she recalled correctly. "Good evening Sapphire, Daemon," she said, her words smooth and alluring. She smiled at them, taking a seat at one of the empty spots near them.
  20. Present Day

    Bruno and Leni had arrived in Newfoundland earlier that day, but had been wandering about getting a feel for the place. They were cold, tired, hungry, and in need of a good cleaning up if they ever got around to it. But Leni could hardly ever think past her stomach.

    “Seriously Bruno, let’s just pay for some food for once. We have money. If they don’t take Euros we’ll just ditch!” she said, exasperated from the headache she had thanks to her hunger. Bruno growled a bit though, eyes flashing towards a club as they meandered down the street.

    “I say we head in there. Pickpocket some people. Probably steal some food too,” he said, eyes eager. But Leni rolled her eyes, not wanting to do anything but sit and eat. The club would be a good spot to hit tomorrow, but she was not in the mood tonight.

    “Are you dense? We would never get in like this, number one. And secondly, we’re wearing our bags on our backs. We are the ones who would get stolen from. We need to find a place to stash our things, get comfortable here, before coning,” she said, the twins arguing back and forth in Italian so no one around them would understand a word despite them both being able to speak English, though with a strong accent.

    “Fine!” Bruno gave in with a huff, his temper showing. Leni pouted, but grabbed her brother’s arm so he wouldn’t wander off, and pulled him into an open restaurant as a man left it. Bruno stiffened for a moment, but after a second let Leni pull him in, shaking off the eerie feeling the man had given him. “We are ordering waters, by the way,” he said firmly to her under his breath as they found a seat.
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