Battle for Esperen

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  1. Well I've been thinking up a story-line for a while and thought that it would make a hell of a roleplay. So, I decided that it would be a great roleplay. I really hope that people will take interest in this, I worked really hard on it.


    There are five royal families of Esperen; to the North was the Gryfonhart clan, to the South the Grimhart’s, the West the Sheildharts and finally to the East the Klayharts. All of them ruled peacefully together, their kingdoms forever in happiness and tranquility. Very few wars broke out; most disagreements were settled through tournaments. Great feasts were held for the kingdoms, and merry dances echoed through them. Two sons were born to the North, around the same time a son and a daughter were born to the East. The children of the West and South rejoiced the new princes and princesses, they had their heirs lined up. The kingdom held no famines or much bloodshed, and the virtues of life were greatly upheld. Life in the kingdoms was blissful, and plentiful.

    When the rebellion swept through the four kingdoms, it set the world to ruin; the once proud kingdom of the North was the first to fall. The rebels attacked them while they slept; but the sons, back then seven and eight, had barely managed to escape with their lives. News spread across the land that a great evil had taken over the North, and the other kingdoms prepared themselves; the South sent their daughters away to the safest place they could think of; The Sisterhood of the Kingdom. they were a group dedicated to protecting the throne; but they were powerless to stop this. The rebels were of an unknown power, and each time they tried, more and more died. The South was attacked next, followed closely by the West. Soon, the rebels held the whole kingdoms in the palm of their hands. In this world the rebels hold, famine, bloodshed and the threat of the destruction of the Gates of the Guardians plague the kingdoms. Hope is lost and nobody alive this day would dare challenge the rebels. The world went from green fields and clean streams full of fish to a barren wasteland. No more birds sung their tunes, and no more deer would walk gracefully through their forests. The once proud great Forest was but a land of dead trees and graves. Hell had been brought to their world.

    For years the heirs to each throne stayed in hiding; they have been forgotten by their world. But some heirs to the throne still lived; what is known of the heirs to the North is that they still live. But nobody knows what has happened to the other kingdoms's heirs. But what is known is that they hold the secret to reclaim the thrones. But finding them is another quest in its own. once all were found, they would have to unite and make a perils journey to the Gates of the Guardians. from there, they would have to face dangers they have never seen before. The quest there holds the chance of never returning on its own. Few dare to aid them; for if they are found out, the consequences are severe. But there is one group that freely offers their hands to them; The Brother/Sisterhood of the Kingdom (also known as Rangers of the Realm). If the guardians could return to this bleak world, life as before may be restored. but a great battle for this world might destroy it, but through the fire, life is born.


    -Basic roleplaying rules
    -No Mature scenes
    -This is a heavy roleplay, so some blood will be thrown into the fray
    -Two characters per person
    -Please post at least a paragraph

    Places in Esper

    The Lesser Forest (West)
    Kurtland (In the Lesser Forest)

    Joniya (John-e-ya)

    The Great Forest

    Junell (In the Great Forest)
    Grambol (West in the Great Forest) (East)
    Da’ Ling

    Desert Dwellers Home in Heart of Wastelands

    Mozar Forest

    Mozar (In Mozar Forest) (North)

    Valley of Death (thick forest land, Killmore is in this forest) (South)

    Rizenburn (Rise-in-burn)
    Hellowen (Hell-o-win)
    Goblinth (Go-bli-inth)
    Lurklin (Lurk-lin)


    Gates of the Guardians
    Realm of the Great Wolves
    Realm of the Great Birds
    Realm of the Great Stag
    Realm of the Shadow Cats of Light
    Realm of the Shadow cats of Dark

    Realm of the Great Bears

    All royal lines are up for grabs except for the Gryfonhart. If you don't want to be a royal line that is fine, you could be somebody that helps in the quest.

    ~Sign up~


    Position (Ranger, warrior, samurai, other):
    Description (Please make this a paragraph at minimum):

    Where were they born:
    General Personality:
    Inner Personality:


    Past History:
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  2. Name: Alice Grimhart
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female

    Position: Ranger
    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler

    Kin: There are none that she would dare believe to be alive.

    Where were they born: Grim, Grambol
    General Personality:
    Determined, unyieldingly, with a strong sense of self, she has full confidence in the strength of her mind, body, and soul. She doesn't hesitate to think that she will take back her home and drive the rebels out. It's easy for her to accept the way things happen, no matter how painful they are, so that she can work to move past it. She is as stubborn and prideful as the unfailing wind.
    Inner Personality: This inner personality absorbs all of the pain, suffering, and doubt that Alice doesn't show on the outside. Every time she loses someone or fails at her task, another weight is added to her load.

    Allies: Free Rangers that protect a few small villages in the outlands.

    Enemies: An easier question would be to ask who isn't.
    Weapons: A strong long bow and a good knives.
    Items: Mostly things needed for living in the wild. A small hatchet, arrows, a few essentials for traps, and fishing etc.
    Past History: She finds often that she doesn't remember much of what happened immediately after the rebellion. However, some time later she found herself welcomed by a few scruffy rangers living out on the edges of the kingdom. They taught, trained, and raised her as one of their own, teaching her the ways of the wild and how to protect what really mattered.
    Present: Now a young adult, she is one of the leaders of a group of rangers dedicated to protecting the weaker villages from bandits and other unwelcome scavengers trying to take advantage of the chaos. She bides her time, waiting for the moment she can finally rejoin the batlle again. In the mean time, she'll practice until she never misses a shot and no one ever has the time to take a shot at her.
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  3. Welcome. Please finish the rest and I will freely accept your application.
  4. I'm having trouble deciding where she should have been born at. What do you think?
  5. If she is a Grimhart, than she would have been born in Grim, Grambol.
  6. Sorry about the wait, computer problems and all that,
  7. Can you get a picture please?
  8. Well, honestly there weren't many good pics I could find, but I kinda like this one.
  9. Name: Vayan Klayhart
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male

    Position (Ranger, warrior, samurai, other): Warrior
    Description (Please make this a paragraph at minimum):
    Show Spoiler

    Kin: A sister, but they were separated, so he knows not whether she is alright.

    Where were they born: ~ I don't know what part, as i'm not sure how Grambol can be both east and south, will edit when I know for sure~
    General Personality: Vayan is a strong willed man. He prefers to be the one giving out orders, making the difficult decisions. He's often the one that others can turn to when they are indecisive. He tends to distance himself from people. He will not hurt someone that has done no crimes.
    Inner Personality: On the inside Vayan is more sensitive than he lets on. His determination stems from his need to find his sister and to protect that which he couldn't before. He intends to claim back the land that was stolen from them as children, no matter what. He is afraid to let others in for fear of losing them, and he is always slightly paranoid that the rebels are biding their time to lure the heirs out into the open, to strike when they least expect it.

    Allies: The Brotherhood, and a small group of warriors that reside in the forest.

    Enemies: the rebellion, those that wish to hurt those he has sworn to protect
    Weapons: The sword in the image, a variety of small handheld weapons such as daggers and a small axe. he is adept at using a bow as well, but prefers melee weapons.
    Items: He carries a variety of healing salves and herbs on him at any point in time in a pouch tied to his armour, along with a small selection of natural poisons he concocted himself. He always wears his hooded cloak when away from the safety of his hideout, as he looks much like his father did.
    Past History: Vayan was only young when the attack occurred, his family being separated as the castle was seiged and they were forced to flee. His father was killed in the attack, and he didn't know what happened to his mother or sister, knowing only that if there was to be any hope for him, he needed to run as far as he could. He was found by a group of men that were on their way back from a long exhibition in a distant land. When they learned of who he was and what had happened they insisted on taking the boy under their protection, and taught him the ways of the warrior, so that one day he might claim back the land that had been usurped.
    Present: Vayan now traverses the kingdoms, rallying men for the time that will soon come, planning to take back the land that rightfully belongs to the people, not to a usurping rebellion. He takes work where he can get it, acting as a weapon for hire in a lot of cases, but only the most justifiable of crimes. He won't kill people, he refuses to commit murder of any kind, but he's very good at scaring tax collectors that harass villages, and those kinds of tasks. All the while he is looking for his sister, praying that she may still be alive and looking for him too.
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