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Battle Dot Net?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Xindaris, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. Hunter

    "In the meantime, rather than sit around, we should begin planning."
  2. Warcraft III off and on... usually not for the actual game... but for the mods such as Gem TD, Jurassic Park, and Dawn of the Dead II type games... I play it when the mood hits me really.
  3. I used to play WCIII, but I was only borrowing the games from a friend back in Chicago, and when I had to wipe my hard drive, I never got around to re-installing them.
  4. Hunter

    "I can handle one on my own, since there are five of us, I'll be the one man team." He started heading towards the door.
  5. Lucius eventually woke up and opened the door.
  6. a language devotee.
    still wondering at stars.
    Eytelia Magnolistr'kh

    ze, zir / he, him

    demisexual homoromantic

    Quai / Aquuada

    relationship status: single.

    *:・゚ free air you slip on, a cave EDGE, a black BOWL, breathing deep and slow, as your own splash ECHOES. ❜ ⁘✧

    Full name: Eytelia Magnolistr'kh
    Alias/Nicknames: Tee, Lia, Magnolia
    Gender: Androgynous, Sex = Male, he/him or ze/zir
    Species/Race/Breed: Quai, Aquuada
    Birth Date: Jan. 1. 2637
    Age: 93 yrs young
    Last Known Residence: Pi Lum, Ang Rah Prime
    Crew Position: Linguist
    Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): NGR, GTG

    Visual Identification
    Height: 7'5
    Weight: 202.3 lbs
    Build: Thin, elegant, spidery limbs and extremities
    Eye Color: pale silvery blue
    Hair Color: muted periwinkle
    Skin Tone/Color:
    Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Glowing tattoo on forehead and chin. Web like markings of white and gold spanning zir torso and limbs. Multiple facial piercings. (will draw soon for ref)
    Description: long pal

    Sexuality/Preference: Demisexual Homo-romantically inclined
    Allies: Zyca, his sister. The rest are yet to be discovered.
    Enemies: Only petty rivalries up till now.
    Likes: cuddling, chats with his sister, studying, late night gallivants, flirting
    Dislikes: confrontation, having the wrong or no answer, waking early, fizzy drinks
    Hobbies: studying recent interests, experimenting with food (preferably at odd hours of the morning)

    Personality: To put it simply, Eytelia is what many would refer to as a nerd. He would gladly study a day away or engage in intelligent conversations, but this is not the sum of his being. Eytelia is also very carefree and enjoys a good slumber party and watching dumb films. He is very affectionate and is no stranger to impulsive decisions. This relaxed attitude does not impede upon his work however, not many can claim to be as passionate and dedicated towards their profession as him.

    ► Weapons: dagger & scythe
    ► Combat Attire: click the helmet is only worn when respiratory aid is needed or heavy combat is anticipated
    ► Accessories/Miscellaneous: a handful of tech gadgets with various uses and a pillow gifted from his sister some twenty years ago or so

    Fighting Style
    ➣ [General/Preferred Style]: a self defense form of combat similar to Tai Chi
    ➣ [Weapon of Choice]: scythe, it's light weight and utilizes agility over strength
    ➣ [Special Abilities/Affinities]: excellent eyesight and mobility underwater

    Psionic Path
    Path of Dreamer: Aru'Edaph
    ☆ [Telepathic Linking]: To link minds with one or more persons. With significantly more effort a relay can be formed wherein each person can individually send their own thoughts to others linked.
    ☆ [Omnilingualism]: User can speak, write, understand and communicate in any language, including computer codes, languages they have never been heard before, sign language (even lip-reading), illegible words, and backwards speech and writing with little or no training. The user may even communicate with non-human animals or read body language.

    Relationship Status: Single
    Family: Upiorzyca (sister-alive, in frequent contact), Pytteris (mother-alive, in sporadic contact), Abji (father-deceased)
    Known Languages: Quai Standard, Aquuada Standard, Ku'rhom Standard, Auroun Standard, Human Standard, Galactic standard, and many more
    Personal History/Background:

    His story starts in ennui; a simple life thrust into an even simpler city with no true purpose nor meaning. In the lay of temporary stays and monetized homes, the city of Pi Lum was no place for a restless youth with an intrepid heart. Eytelia could only bring himself to linger for two decades. Decades spent studying the languages of the universe and the artistry of space travel.

    The next course he took was one of learning and fortuity. Eytelia studied under Kris'them, a master of telepathic psionics. He cultivated an understanding of politics, sciences, and self defense as well. When he gained notoriety and grew confident in his abilities, he left to join the NGR. However, it quickly became apparent that Eytelia did not belong there thus he abandoned the league and worked as a freelance translator for many years. A need for companionship and a more stable abode drove him to do what he'd never expected himself to do again. Aligning oneself with a faction—no matter its political leaning—is an invitation for imbroglio and grief best left stag.

    Eytelia was of mixed heritage which was controversial in some circles and could lead to difficulties aboard a ship with a small crew forced to inhabit each other's space. He loved his grandfather dearly, but as a child he'd been prone to bouts of resentment for his involvement with another race and even now it was hard to repress foolish notions of asperity. It was a discrepancy he'd learned to accept and deal with however, and he had decided not to let any possible prejudice prevent him from happiness or pursuing his ambitions.
  7. Alexander pulled alena into his chest and held her tightly* “you are my only one and my favorite one. I love you gorgeous.”
  8. “Sort of.” Lyra giggles.
  9. John

    He slid down the vents silently. He caught himself with his hands and feet before the vent went from almost completely vertical to completely vertical. He saw Blair sliding towards him and he created energy around her to stop her before she slammed into him and caused the whole facility to hear them. He put a finger to his mouth to tell her to be silent. He started silently inching down the vent.