Battle Dot Net?

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Yeah, just wondering if anyone else on Iwaku plays games. You know--Warcraft II, III; Starcraft; Diablo II?

I've been doing a bit of that lately...I'm on the European server right now, because I'm temporarily restricted from the US East and West servers for reasons I'd rather not go into. Er, mostly Wacraft III.

NO I do not play WoW. And that's totally different and is pretty much off-topic.
I do WCIII and D2 on, on occasion. I don't own a licensed copy of WCII edition, otherwise I'd play it there, too. Easily my favorite Warcraft game.

I fully intend on buying SC2, and may do some action with it as well.
Warcraft III off and on... usually not for the actual game... but for the mods such as Gem TD, Jurassic Park, and Dawn of the Dead II type games... I play it when the mood hits me really.
I used to play WCIII, but I was only borrowing the games from a friend back in Chicago, and when I had to wipe my hard drive, I never got around to re-installing them.

When not playin inhouse, I'm usually at the SG/MY servers when I play dota and HK/KR servers when I play SC.
Kitti is secretly a Warcraft player D;
Or used to be, when I had more time.
Crummy that they made it mandatory to have a account for WoW, in my opinion.
I pretty much never play the standard games myself (in WC3). It's all custom for me..


And before you ask, no, I've never played via
I used to play on it back in the days before Diablo 2's expansion came out... Diablo 2 and Starcraft then. The copy of Warcraft 2 I had was pre and I never owned Warcraft 3 to play online.

Looking foward to playing Starcraft 2 online as well as Diablo 3.