Battle Against Seto

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  1. In Japan, around the year 709, there was a war between the mages of Seto and the warriors of Tokyo.
    America in 2053, the first cyborg was made and a failed experiment sent him in the middle of a battle of mages and warriors, over 1000 years ago! a stalemate was made until they could decide what to do with the 16 year old boy.
  2. Here is your character sheet.
    Alliance (Mage, Warrior, or Undecided):
    Rank (High wizard, commander ..., etc.):

    Name: Brad Electro/ John Deathshot

    Age: 16/207

    Alliance: Undecided

    Rank: None

    Power: Electric shot and transform (when angry or scared)

    Brad Personality: Kind, gentle, but depressed and a good strategist.

    John Personality: Rude, rough, and all out big meanie. Pervert sometimes too.

    Brad Biography: Sent into a lab to be made into the first ever half-human half-robot combination. A cyborg is what normal people would call it, but they called it Test Subject 24. With that achieved, they start to inject him with multiple RTBs (Recharging Tissue Batteries) that absorb body energy to recharge.
    Also electricity recharges him and sometimes overcharging him, making him go really fast and hit really hard. He has two robot legs that allow him to sprint at 25 m/p for about an hour before needing to recharge. His robotic arm allows him to use a discharge punch that fries the air around it if missing the target. Then he has his robotic eye that allows him 3 vision selections (Normal, Night, and X-Ray) and a laser that burns or scans (he never uses the burn option). All of these are attached to his brain, meaning that if he wants to use X-Ray, he just needs to think X-Ray.

    John Biography: Leeches onto young boys with tragic pasts. His last host was also ironically a cyborg, making him Deathshot once again. He came to the lab where he found his last host and grabbed hold of Brad and hitched a ride to the past. He feeds off strong emotions, mainly anger and fear. John is a 7' 11" robot with attitude problems and a lot of guns. He has two machineguns strapped to his back and sharp knuckles for punching things. He has a flamethrower on his upper-back (accessed by arching the back) with a 5 foot radius and a 90 degree turn in both directions (disabled by standing straight). He has a jet-pack on both sides of the flamethrower (accessed by standing straight for more than 3 seconds) that allow 10 feet of air, 15 seconds of hover, than slow decent before running out of fuel (disabled when out of fuel). Finally grappling hooks in his feet, (accessed by crouching for 2 seconds on relatively flat ground) allowing him to stay in place in extreme circumstances. Also, he can climb walls using his knuckles and the hooks on the end of his foot (disabled by standing on relatively flat ground).

    Brad Appearance: A small 5 foot boy with light skin and messy brown hair. He has a blue-gray right eye and a light-blue robotic left eye. He wears a black suit with a white undershirt, along with a red tie. He also wears black dress pants and black dress shoes. He wears a black top hat with a red band around the base. The metal plate covering his right cheek is clearly visible and is shiny, reflective gray steel. images (1).jpg

    John appearance: A large 7 foot 11 inch robot that resembles a totally gray Clunk download.jpg with spiked knuckles and both hands. John doesn't need clothing because there is nothing sensual about him.
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