Batting for the other Team.

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  1. The lounge really was not Dominic's scene. It was possibly a little too, fancy for him? It wasn't even fancy, it was just sort of intimidating. Men in suits, beautiful women, expensive drinks and smooth music. Nevertheless, Dominic agreed to go with his friends. As soon as he got there, Dominic straightened out his black shirt that clung to his chest. He flicked his hair and walked straight over to a barstool, "Could I just get whatever is on the tap?" Dominic bit his lip as he noticed his friends had already strayed from him for some women. As if they'd get anywhere near those fancy women.

    As Dominic sat in a sulky way, enjoying the piano music being played, he didn't notice a tall dark man come to sit next to him. Then another the other side. "What'y drinking?" One of them asked. Dominic looked up to the man who spoke with wide eyes. As soon as he made eye contact with the stranger. "We're paying now, doll." The other one spoke. The entire situation made Dominic panic internally. Of course, he didn't have the balls to walk away, "Uhm.." Dominic swallowed as he looked down. This felt off. The men were twice his age and were talking to him like he was some cheap hooker. Before he could politely decline, he felt one hand firmly on his thigh, and another slipping down his back. Dominic suddenly felt panicked, reminded faintly of what happened back in Ireland.

    Sure, Dominic was interested in attractive, older men. But this, this was not what he wanted, "I'm sorry.." He said faintly, trying to push away the groping hands.


    The Lounge was as full as ever of rich kids and beautiful ladies. Giovanni straightened out his tuxedo, preparing to sit down to play. He decided there was no need for sheet music tonight. Gi was going to improvise. Which was always easy for jazz and lounge piano. Plus, Gi was pretty sure nobody in here had the refined hearing that he did. And anyway, Gi never made mistakes. He sat down and began to press the keys. He played slowly, earning approving looks from the people around him.

    Some of the approving looks came from sexy women. He eyed them with a smirk as he played, tapping his foot in time against the pedal. It had been a couple of months since Giovanni had had himself a girlfriend. Not that he was looking, but Gi did find himself feeling secretly lonely everytime he slept around. Even then, he sort of felt, bored? Gi wasn't sure if it was because the women he had slept with were boring, or something else, but he was sure it was because he didn't want meaningless sex anymore.

    His eyes scanned the room as he played, watching people walk in and out with his dark eyes.


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  2. This damn lounge was definitely far too fancy for Ethan's tastes, and he'd been questioning exactly what he was doing here from the second he stepped through that damn door. It stank of... Well, money, expensive whores, and probably more drugs than all of Orange County put together, to be quite blunt. He hated it, yes, but at the same time, he knew that if he was going to come into what he needed from the place, he'd have to put up with that. Either way, thinking of what he was here for didn't help the fact that he knew he stood out like a sore thumb; hoodie hanging from his skeletal frame, and jeans sagging like there wasn't even a pair of legs inside of them. Yeah, he definitely looked strung out, and it was becoming painfully obvious from the strange looks he kept getting from practically everyone he passed by...

    "Need'a damn drink," the lanky male mumbled to himself the instant he spotted the bar. Cutting through the crowd was a borderline Hurculean task, but he managed to get there without disturbing too many people milling about. Of course, the second he stepped up to the bar, all thoughts of that drink were wiped from his mind thanks to the panicked expression of some little pretty boy sandwiched between a pair of absolute creeps. Ironically enough (or some other term that he couldn't think of), he knew the bastards, and gave them each a wide smile as he just shoved himself in beside the kid. He really didn't know what possessed him to do it, but he found himself cutting in with a simple "Kindly fuck off, would ya? Kid's clearly not interested in a fuckin' gangbang with a couple'a fags."

    That earned Ethan a couple of harsh remarks from the men, but he didn't even seem to notice, already busying himself with calling the bartender over and ordering that drink he'd been so intent on moments before. Not his fault that the morons decided to get all bent out of shape at being told to take a hike...


    Camryn had been in the lounge for well over an hour, and it was starting to wear on his final nerve. To say he was utterly bored would be such an understatement that it should be illegal. No, he was past the point of simple boredom, and heading straight into being convinced that this was exactly what hell was supposed to be. His 'date' for the night, an older man that had just made it through a rather messy divorce, didn't seem to help the situation either, rather content with parading around like he owned the place... Which he probably did, considering how much money Camryn currently had sitting in his wallet, and that was only half the payment...

    Needing anything to break the monotony of the evening, Cam announced in that put-on girlish voice that so many men seemed to love that he was going to the bathroom, and got up. He doubted that he'd even been heard, but didn't bother making an attempt to repeat himself or ensure that the man knew where he was going. He barely even registered that there was suddenly live piano music until he got to the bar, getting himself a drink and leaning his back against the over-polished wood. The fact that more than one man was openly staring at him did nothing but make him giggle softly to himself, hiding the gesture behind his glass. Sure, he knew exactly what he looked like, donning a simple black skirt that fell just above knee-length, sheer stockings, and a women's button-down collared shirt - also black. He also knew that most of the idiots oggling him truly believed him to be a woman (though of the flat-chested variety), and that had him feeling rather smug about himself. The temptation to drop the soft falsetto he'd been using all night was almost too great, knowing that...

  3. "I said stop..." Dominic panicked, trying to push away the much stronger hands. He went to squeal as one hands got dangerously close to his crotch. The men chuckled darkly, making Dominic feel violated. Before he could stop them, somebody else had rid the hands from his body. The men cursed at whoever had stood between them and walked away, looking as if they were going to leave. Dominic stared forward, his heartrate high. His hands shook in his lap a little before he looked up at his savoir. His eyes softened as he looked at the man who obviously didn't fit in. And he didn't look like somebody who would swoop in and save him.

    "Thank you." Dominic batted his eyelashes, turning to the man who had quickly lost interest in Dominic. He tilted his head as he looked at him, pretty good looking. "Usually it's me having to get an attractive man's attention. It's not usual I get the unwanted attention of pigs like them." Dominic giggled before turning to look at the man, properly, "My name is Dominic, Darcy." He said brightly, trying to move on from what happened.

    Enjoying the approving looks he was getting, Giovanni began to show off a little, making difficult trills look easy. He smirked as he looked around, catching the eye of a pretty lady. He eyed her before looking around. Gi looked again quickly, the lady had an awfully strong jaw for a woman. But who was he to judge? He continued to play happily before finishing a piece. Gi never expected applause, he was just a lounge player. Occasionally he'd wonder what it was like to play at a concert, having people actually acknowledge you as an artist rather than a background noise.

    But that was who Giovanni was in this world; the background noise. Nevertheless, he continued to stare at this intriguing personality near him as he played, banishing the thoughts out of his head as he began to play again. A lot of other suited men ogled at the woman too. He stared a little closer, finding her face shape interesting. He came from a world where all women were soft and dark. She was sharper and paler. Interesting. He played a faster piece and took his eyes off her, looking back at the people who began to dance a little quicker to his beat.​
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