BATMAN: Zombie Knight

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-This is not a story about the comic book character Batman. The character is only the inspiration to some of the characters within the story. As to the writing style, some things are written in a certain way for quality purposes. Some things are written intentionally for readers to ask questions. This story is simply about family, love, survival, and of course zombies. Hope you enjoy all of the chapters.



Chapter I: Conditioned

Our first night as a team solidified who we would forever become. Our mother had died. Contact was lost with our father and step-mother. Jay wanted to search for them, but he thought it was a lost cause. Our town was over-run by the living dead. We could only think of ourselves right at the moment. Yeah, I remember that first night like crazy. The birth of the real Batman. The birth of heroes. The fire burned hotter and its light was brighter after tossing another log into the campfire. "But you're Batman now?" some kid asked. "Yes, I am. I was not the first to hold this title though. I am the second Batman. My brother, the one before me was the greatest." The kids around the fire looked at me with awe. To them, I was legendary.

When Jay realized that survival was the most important thing besides searching for family, I was against it at first. "We need to find them. Find Dad and our sister before its too late!" He punched me in the gut so hard, I fell straight to my knees. I was ready to vomit. "What was that for?" I yelled to him. Jay folded his arms, "Do you simply refuse to understand? It may already be too late. I'm not saying we abandon them. I'm saying we prepare!" I stood up still in pain. Our younger brother, DK, tried to help me, but I shoved him away. "Prepare?" I asked my brother as he walked up next to me as if he was going to strike me again. "Zombies aren't the only thing out there. From this point on, weakness is not an option. We must be predators. Our senses must be improved if we want to survive. We have to condition ourselves."

Nights hurt us the most. We fought through it though and as time passed, we got better at spotting the walking dead. Our mother had tired of the city. Its crime and traffic-filled streets were too much for a single mom with three boys. She depended on Jay a lot to help raise DK and myself. My mom finally decided to buy some land in a random part in the country. We were isolated. No friends and family were far away. We hated her a little bit for that, but nowadays I think maybe she knew something was coming. You know, mother's intuition and all. She was a smart and loving woman. Ultimately, she was to weak to fend off a zombie attack from her neighbors. DK was there, but it was too late. If Jay had not arrived, I don't know what would have happened to our brother.

One night we stormed an old Wal-Mart for clothes, food, and weapons. Winter was coming and we had to stay warm and fed. There was only a handful of zombies, but even the slightest noise attracted a large lot of them. We took them out quickly, using kitchen and steak knives. It was all we had, but we got the job done. After grabbing what we needed, Jay stopped us near the entrance. "Here. From now on, these will be our symbols. Our...codenames," he said while handing each of us a shirt that he found from the clothing section. I unfolded mine, which had the "Nightwing" batman symbol. DK's was of the "Robin" symbol. Jay unzipped his leather jacket and there it was for the first time, the batman symbol. "This is pretty corny, but I like it" I said to him. "Remember, its the symbol thats important. We won't be the hunted, we will be the hunter. We need to use fear as a tool too."

CHAPTER II: The First Kill
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