Batman vs. Superman; Who is better?

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  1. Batman or Superman; who is better?
    I've had so many debates with people on this. ;-;
    I seriously think that Superman is better than Batman for ONE reason. Superman actually has powers! Batman is just a mad man running around in a bat suit beating up "bad guys".
    I mean, Superman can fly! And he's invincible!
    Is Batman? No. :| He almost dies like twice in the first movie. e_e

    Don't get me wrong, Batman is cool in some ways, I just think that Superman is a better super hero.

    What do you guys think? o-o
  2. This... hurt my brain
  3. Batman isn't a superhero, he's an anti-hero.

    /end discussion
  4. Superman pwns Batman unless Batman has Kryptonite on hand. Don't underestimate Batman's preparedness, evar. In fact, he has methods for defeating the members of the Justice League in case they go crazy one day, so. Yeah.

    But eh. Anyway. I like to abandon these questions and just imagine them kissing instead.

  5. Why must everything on this forum end in Yaoi?
  6. I'm sorry I hurt your brain. ;-;
  7. That's a very good point, Ochalla.

    And Fluffy, that's also a good point. I forgot to mention the fact that the only time Batman is cool is when he has Kryptonite to weaken Superman. ;-;
    I must admit that Batman is clever, he's just not...A superhero. I suppose you could say.

    Erm...Imagining them kissing? o-o
  8. Well, Superman can't make babies with Lois Lane... Might as well love on Batmam.
  9. You have a good point there. :l
    But when you talk about them kissing, do you mean as Superman and Batman or as Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne? o,..,o
  10. Iron man and Batman both prove that shitloads of money is equal to any superpower.
  11. Strictly speaking, Batman has already beaten Superman.

    That being said, I would argue that every Marvel character is better than their DC counterparts.
  12. Batman fights for what he believes is right superman seems to fight for what is most accepted as right. One on one yes superman is better if batman has time to plan he may win and I like batman better then superman. But I think he stands out because he risks more being human and all. His life is actually on the line I think his rescues and battles are more impact full because if that no one expects him to save 10 people and survive, but superman if he don't save 100 it's not news.
  13. Meh. If we're arguing ethics, it all comes down to value judgements, but Bruce Wayne is a fascist. Again, CBA. I'm not going to say that that automatically makes him evil =P. But I WOULD assert that Bruce Wayne is Harry Potter in Book 5. But all of the time. Except for when he's being a fascist.
  14. I guess I'm saying that Bruce Wayne has technically beaten Superman already. But they're both suckish and aggravating.
  15. Bruce Has Never won a fight against Clark in Canon Comics.

    That means even in the source material he's not had a victory.

    Supes also isn't invincible, he's just invulnerable. He can take a kicking better than most superhuman characters, but compared to his regular form, there are stronger characters out there.

  16. Batman... Superman... Batman... Superman...

    I kinda side with that Batman isn't really a 'superhero'. He's simply more of a crime fighter working off of his own, personal set of ethical codes. He picks and chooses who or what he fights. It seems to me that Batman won't leap into action unless it effects him (or his cash flow) directly in some way.

    A superhero, however, goes into action regardless. They don't act on their own personal set of ethical codes or prerogative. They act on the masses deem as 'right' and as a result they work off of that society's standards. While Batman seems to work do some good or help the weak, you won't see him stopping a crime that is 'below him.' Superman, on the other paw, is seen frequently both in comics and films doing anything and everything ranging from stopping his strongest of super villains to simple minded crooks. That to me is a real superhero.

    So in terms of superhero quality, I think Superman wins paws down. Technological standards, Batman -- but Batman is technology, without it he couldn't function so I think that might be a mute point. Technology is Batman's Kryptonite. Remove this gear and you remove his power. Which is easier: Find Kryptonite or strip someone of their gear? I would find stripping someone (-murrs and giggles-) far easier than finding some special rock. So... that's another point to Superman... Superman: 2, Batman: 0. In terms of sheer power, Superman wins paws down. In terms of cleverness and ingenuity, that point would probably go to Batman. So... Superman: 3, Batman: 1. For inherent powers, obviously Superman. For mysteriousness? Well, duh, Batman. Superman 4, Batman 2. For deadly good looks? -coughs- We all know the jokes about Superman >.> I'm more attracted to intellect and I kinda find Superman to have an idiot's personality in some ways so Batman takes the point there for me...

    This could go on forever... But those things brings the score to Superman: 4, Batman: 3. Superman still wins. I kinda foresee Superman winning in general as more points are handed out.