Batman Rp idea

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  1. Im just having two ideas for this rp.

    We could use characters already created. Or we can make original characters. Though im open to ideas, please discuss it if your interested. Though if we do use characters already made. I call Joker.

    Maybe i could be scarecrow. I actually don't know yet. Someone please discuss this with me.
  2. Shiii---
    I'm open for a batman RP. :D
  3. Same 'ere.
  4. Well that is great! Though what will the story line be? A change up, New story line with new characters, idk.
  5. sounds interesting, but which universe? comics or recent movies?
  6. I was thinking a couple years in the future...maybe not the Joker's and Batman's children, but the children of their children, where they become the new batman and Joker... And since it's years in the future, the technology would be much more advanced, indicating many more lives will be in danger.
  7. If your going like that. That would be Batman beyond. Future. Though. I wasn't just talking about comics or movies. More like everything and anything of batman. Arkham asylum/City. Comics or movies.
  8. It might just be better to do a superhero rp in the style of batman. A superhero noir maybe. Then you don't have all this continuity to sustain.
  9. Makes sense. I was also thinking with whatever plot we go with. Will just be what were trying to achieve. It shouldnt have things holding it back. We just make the story as we go. The future thing works also. I had an idea of my character for that too. It doesnt have to be the same as batman beyond. We can mix stuff around and add certain things. Yeah i had a whole story for it. My character at least. I would be the new scarecrow. The old scarecrow was my great grandfather. My character would also have a different suit of what was the original.
  10. What I was thinking for the futuristic stuff would be for the start of the rp the characters would have the same old suits as what the older generations had. I was thinking that they found the suits or something...
    Anyway, I was going with that maybe the entire city would think that they had come back, that it is THE guys that were there before, not new ones.

    Meh... I think it would be cool. And then as time goes on, new suits will be applied..etc.

    EDIT: I don't know ANYTHING about Batman Beyond. o-o
  11. Hah srry abou that then. Yeah your idea does sound pretty good. Though yeah that would work. I had thought though that our characters were related to a certain person hero/villain. To screw or save the city they became the new ones. Mine would be scarecrow. I could even post how my character used to look like. Then how he changed it with new technology haha
  12. Well, yes. They are related. But no one in the city, not even themselves, know this. They find the old suits, and become the new, as if everything that their ancestor did fills their mind. They become the new. And the city thinks they are the originals.
  13. It all sounds good to me.
  14. If I joined this I'd make an OC.

    Are we going into Batman Beyond territory?

    Whatever it ends up being. . . I think I'd go with something Firefly related or insect-ish.
  15. That honestly sounds good to me. Yes you can make an OC. Ill just be using scarecrow. If no one chooses the joker he would be my second character. Though we will need some heroes. If anyone wants to play a hero you can. A OC hero or original. There is Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and nightwing. Add a character if you like. Though the idea of this rp is so that we dont stick to a guided plot. It goes as we go with it. Dont stick to a story already made, we will make it as we go.
  16. I call the Joker! >_>;
  17. Okay! Okay! Least be a good joker!!!!!! Im scarecrow as you all know. Put up the pics of the old version. Your relatives. Then how your suit will look like when you update the technology. Call characters now.
  18. Real name: Rickey
    age: 19
    Looks without costume:
    Character.jpg (Without head phones and skull in hair)

    Personality: Quiet, thinks things over way too much. Fear has become a strong interest with him. Knows a lot about chemicals and the way the mind works.

    (Other persona)

    Name: Scarecrow
    Old scarecrow


    New scarecrow

    Personality: Brutal and loves watching and making people go insane with his fear toxins.
  19. [video=youtube_share;BBFImUkVFvE][/video]

    Look at the vid for scarecrows voice. The voice for my normal persona can be whatever you make it
  20. Okay, I'll make an original hero then. Not quite sure what yet.