Batman Movie Massacre

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  1. I saw that...
    I'm very sad..
    Very sad.

    I'm glad it didn't occur where my best friend was last night for the premiere though..
    but it's horrible. I'm just.. sad.
  2. This is horrible. Right when he attacked, the film was in the middle of an action scene, so the audience didn't suspect a thing when they heard the noises and all.
  3. A Moment of Silence

    I woke up this morning to my mother waking me. She then began to tell me about the Batman Movie killings. In a Century theater ten minutes away from where I live, 71 people where shot and 12 or 13 died. Among those injured was a 3 month old BABY. I am blown away by the absolute horror. I can't fathom how horrible it must have been for those people. As soon as I found out I called every single person I know that live in Colorado to make sure they are okay. I can only imagine how the families of the deceased must feel.

    So, let's take a moment of silence for all those who died in this horrific incident.
  4. I do not believe that there are words that can express how horrible piece of news that was. My condolences for the victims of the shooting, and I wish that this incident may never repeat itself ever again. I reallly have to wonder why somebody would do something like that.
  5. I heard about that today. Not a pretty morning news piece I want to wake up to.

    It's horrible. You think you're about to go see a movie that was just released and cease to exist. It hurts even worse for close friends and/or relatives. Knowing that person paid a certain amount of movie with some much anticipation...and then died.

    Some people are fucked up. We'll be having metal detectors scanning our crotches everywhere we go now.

    My deepest condolences to the families, though. I'll keep them in my thoughts.
  6. It is so tragic...even heard that a three month old baby was amung the dead. May a quick swift judgment be upon this man...They will be in my thoughts and prayers. So sad...So, So sad. Heard that the man was rejected, angry, sad...what happends when people can't be accepting of others. He didn't need to do this I am just saying be very careful about what you say to people, you never know what could happen....
  7. It's really unnerving, really scary.
    There were so many... not enough ambulances. The police were taking some people to hospitals in cop cars.
    There was a three month old baby treated, for exposure to the tear gas. But she's all right now...
  8. They are saying the guy believed he was the Joker. That's what he told the police. It's terrifying to know that someone so smart (he was going to school to be a brain doctor or something like that) can be so insane and unstable.
  9. We make all these roleplays and tell all these stories. But when the things in them spill over into real life, it's almost too much to handle.

    The fictional Joker fills me with fascination and sadistic delight. This one terrifies me.
  10. This is just sad. The only thing about this incident that exceeds its tragic nature is how terrifying it was.

    I may live one or two oceans away from there, but the prospect of a guy popping out of nowhere, fully armed with weapons and a complete urge to kill, while everyone's having a good time watching a movie, has scared me shitless to the point that I hesitated to even leave my house yesterday.

    ADDENDUM: Razilin, get in here!
  11. My friends girlfriend was at the movie theater when this took place, we're both lucky she wasn't hurt...
    But indeed, such a scary situation that if he really did believe he was the Joker than what is the world coming to. Then again, it isn't that difficult to believe. There are many people who believe that they're Abraham Lincoln or even Jesus.
    And indeed, no words can express the sadness of the shooting happening. But all my love and prays to the families that have lost someone or those who are wounded.
  12. When someone is no longer capable of differentiating between reality and fiction, they become very scary indeed.
  13. My sisters were in that very town, and the theater was right down the way. Their neighbor was shot and killed in the theater. And it scared me to know that she was there. My sister is a big Batman fan, and we're all just glad that she wasn't at the premiere.