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  1. Looking up over the snowy night, two police officers sat in the Gotham City Police Station, cups of coffee in their hands and two opened boxes on the desk before them: one containing a pizza, and the other, half full of doughnuts. The GCPD was full of Christmas decorations, preparing for the holiday everyone seemed to enjoy. The night shift had only just begun, but for the past six years the entire night had been like this. With enough patrols covering the streets, a good majority of the officers spent their time on the job just lounging around in the office. Criminal activity had decreased in the past six years, making the jobs of law enforcement officers much easier. Currently, these two officers were sorting through criminal files for those contained in Arkham City. As they worked, one of the officers spoke up.

    "I'm telling you, man: the Bat's back! I've seen him, cape and everything!"

    "Okay, first off: If Batman were back in Gotham, you don't think that we would know? Secondly: even if we didn't know about his return, then that whack-job of a clown would. He's been moping around ever since Batman went AWOL. Trust me; if Batman were back, we'd be dealing with Joker tonight."

    "But he is back! Haven't you seen it? The floodlight on the roof has the Bat logo again! The commissioner came in one day and just found it fixed up, no letter or explanation."

    "Will you just drop it? Okay, so some kid pulled a prank and glued a Bat cutout to a floodlight. What makes you think that Batman was involved? It could've just been a prank. Have you seen the Batman with your own eye-"

    "Do we have a problem here, gentlemen? Weren't you supposed to be sorting through these files?"

    "Sorry Commissioner Gordon.. I was just telling Wilson that there's no way Batman could have returned. Why would he show up again after six years of nothing?"

    "You two just worry about sorting those files... I'll worry about the Batman rumours.."

    Nodding as the commissioner quieted their thoughts, the young officers moved back to work on their job. Quickly walking out of the room, Commissioner Gordon entered his office and closed the door behind him. This was the eighths time this week he had heard about these Batman rumours. Taking a look around him, Gordon sat down in his chair and pulled out his cellphone. He sifted through the various numbers on his phone before he stumbled upon the name of his beloved wife. Tonight was going to be a slow night, meaning that he wouldn't be home until later. Selecting it, he held the phone to his ear just as a voice spoke up. "Evening, Commissioner." the voice of a young man called out from somewhere nearby. Placing the phone down and cancelling the call, Gordon looked at the slender figure, cloaked in a black cape. "You know, kid... He did it better." Gordon said with a sigh as he placed the phone on the desk. "There's only one reason you'd show up here, Robin... What've you got for me?"

    Stepping out of the shadows standing beside the office door, Robin revealed himself and stared down at Gordon. Even though only a few short years ago, he had been the "sidekick" to Batman, there was an intimidating presence about him. It used to be particularly difficult to take him trying to intimidate both officers and criminals seriously (especially when Robin still wore those little green panties), but somehow the Boy Wonder had managed to pull it off. "I want to know everything you know.. Everything about him coming back." Robin demanded, his voice quiet and menacing. Laughing a bit at the boy's demeanour, Gordon crossed his arms and said "I can't help you in that department, kid. People keep reporting that they've seen Batman, but all we know is that they're just rumours. I've sent squads out all over Gotham, but the closest we've come to finding him is a kid dressed up in hockey pads."

    Staring off at the window as Gordon explained, Robin silently cursed. "What about you? You knew Batman better then anyone here.. Find anything that could prove he's back?" Gordon asked before Robin spoke up again. "Gordon, even if I knew if he was alive, I wouldn't be the first person he came to. He was dead.. He's supposed to be dead. If a body was recovered, I wouldn't be here. Knowing Batman, however... Something's up. I didn't want to believe he could come back, but he's certainly out there." Looking at the Boy Wonder, Gordon took a deep breath and stood up, walking over to a filing cabinet. He pulled out a massive file, which was clearly labeled for private use only. Tossing the file onto the desk, he leaned his shoulder against the cabinet and said "This meeting never happened, and you never heard this.. But it seems like the Clown's getting a bit restless. That file's got a complete record of events that happened in Arkham City as well as a list of inhabitants for the past eight months.."

    Robin took the file, slowly flipping it open as he examined the contents. "Thanks Gordon.. If you get any information about Batman, let me know immediately." Robin explained with a nod of his head. Closing the file and shoving it into his belt so it could be transported easily, he moved to the window he had entered from. Turning his head around, he gave Gordon a slight smile and said "Say hello to the family for me.. I'll have the file back tomorrow." before launching himself out of the office. As his boots landed hard against the snow covered pavement, Robin moved to the large dumpsters behind the building. Pushing the worn-out blanket off of the Batpod, he turned his attention to a homeless man sitting nearby. "Hey, buddy." Robin called out, holding the warm fabric in his hand. As the homeless man turned his head in shock, the Boy Wonder tossed him the blanket and said "Merry Christmas." before he swung a leg over the Batpod and drove off.

    Speeding down the empty streets of Gotham, Robin continued on his way down to the Crunchy Fried Wings fast food restaurant on 32nd Street. It may have not have been the best spot to pick, but they were still On-Duty and could only take a few minutes to eat. Speeding up, Robin rapidly dashed down towards the rendezvous point. His left hand reached down to his belt to activate a homing beacon, which both of them had agreed would be the signal to start moving to the restaurant. They couldn't risk using their communicators in case they were in some sort of situation and the beacons only gave out three high pitched beeps that ended after ten seconds. As he drove, Robin adjusted his mask and made sure he wasn't soaked from the snow. After all, he was driving to a date.
  2. outfit (open)

    It was 9:46pm. The night was still young and sitting in some abandoned building strapped to a chair was not comfortable. Yet also easy to escape in. There was a girl in black, purple, and white tight leather clothing without her cape, crossbow, and utility belt and pouches surprisingly. Arms strapped tightly behind the wooden seat she sat in and legs separated also tightly strapped. Across from her came a large man in a suit with a sick and wicked grin holding onto what seemed to be a butterfly knife. His name? Aden D. Burgundy. Apparently inviting himself into the game of taking This neutral caped young lady's head when he actually wasn't invited. He was Also a hit man. And the victim strapped? Huntress. A fairly young girl who knew everything she needed to know and she surely lives up to her name and title.

    As Aden slowly walked towards Huntress -with her warm cape on for the winter-, who was gagged and had her head tilted back a man from her left Ungagged her roughly and huntress looked to the side before another man from behind forcefully grabbed her head and made her look at Aden. Aden slowly bent down hands in pockets and grabbed onto Huntresses Puple utility belt but was soon interrupted. "Do you dare touch my belt Aden?" Retorted huntress with a smirk as Aden gave her a chuckle in response."So the huntress speaks." He ignored her warning as he slowly reached down at the belt."It was a warning. I warned you, and don't you dare say i didn't afterwards.~" She mused, a smirk still apparent. As Aden grabbed onto her belt, the minute he even touched it an electrical shock triggered and electrocuted Aden before he hissed jumping back and snarled looking back at huntress. Huntress let out a playful giggle and was soon stroked on the cheek by Aden before he yanked her hair back with gritted teeth."Listen bitch, talk now or die." He growled irritably. But quickly losing patience he ordered one of his men to bring him Huntress's silver crossbow and snatched it pointing it at her throat."Just tell me where the cash is, or die by your own weapon." He adds punching huntress roughly with her own crossbow before releasing her hair, by actually roughly pushing her to the ground.

    But that sequence of events only lead to the wooden chair breaking and with 5 other members caught by surprise they quickly took aim and began firing yet missing horribly. As huntress acrobatically did flips, cartwheels, and rolls on the ground dodging bullets"Thank you Aden, for the escape!" She yelled on the ground crouching before grabbing his head and kneeing him in the face. Aden spat blood as he covered his bloody nose and laid on the ground as the firing stopped and huntress retrieved her belt and crossbow grinning."Well don't just stand there! KILL HER!!!!" He ordered shouting. Causing an echo through out the basement.

    Soon huntress looked around and immediately after those orders were supposed to be carried pointed at the ceiling with her crossbow and pulled the trigger shattering a lightbulb and shots were head again, along with the loud grunts and thuds being followed afterwards. The darkness was like Huntress's home and soon she heard ticking and looked over her shoulder seeing a time glow through the darkness. 20 seconds left and with that grabbed Aden who was laughing hoarsely and ran out the abandoned building before jumping a few feet out. Now there was a fire, and that meant recognition by the cops later and huntress stand up taking her cape off of Aden and shot an arrow at both his shoulders when he crawled backwards on the ground."AUGH! YOU BITCH, YOULL BE DEAD--ACK! DEAD ILL TELL YA." was what he yelled. Huntress stepped on his crotch hard for him to nearly have tears and do nothing more but stare up at her and she pointed the arrow on her crossbow at his eye."Shall I take an eye Aden?" She asks before moving it to the middle of his forehead."Or your head and life?" She added as he quivered with fear."You wouldn't." He hissed."Oh but I would. They don't call me huntress for nothing you know." She smirked."But killing isn't--" Huntress cut him off."The code? Tsk. Is that what it's all about these days? A code of no kill? Please. Besides, everyone is after me--so why not?" She growled before a black leather gloved right hand grabbed onto Huntress's wrist that held the crossbow. Huntress was caught by surprise and looked over to see black canary -who had a mask on- as soon as huntress pulled the trigger, canary quickly and instantly somehow caught the arrow and managed to break it with just her left hand before letting it go and narrowing her eyebrows. Much to her disappointment, she pulled huntress towards her fisted left hand and punched her in the face before huntress let go of her crossbow and fell to the ground.

    "HUNTRESS! THATS NOT THE WAY ITS DONE!" She shouted clenching her teeth angered."I watched you during this mission!" But soon cop sirens were heard and Canary narrowed her eyes grabbing onto late teen and her crossbow and ran as fast as she can before hopping into her motorcycle and driving off to a far place where canary can lecture Huntress back at hideout.

    --20 minutes later ; 10:06 at another abandoned building--
    "DO YOU HAVE ANY EXPLANATION!?" She yelled staring at huntress dead in her eyes breathing heavily out of anger. Huntress moped around arms crossed. It's been ten minutes she was getting yelled at and was obviously speechless. Canary was like Huntress's mother now, and undoubtedly she was like her mother and never once would huntress say things like 'you're not my mother!'. She held a high respect for her and huntress blankly and dully muttered,"I'm sorry." But canary furrowed her eyebrows."Properly." She growled."I'm sorry mom for almost killing a guy." Rosemary said slowly furrowing her own eyebrows out of irritation. Canary never minded Rosemary calling her mom, she grew accustomed to it and canary turned away from her, shaking her head and pinching between her eyes at the bridge of her nose. She let out a small sigh."Seriously, this is the 4th time Rosemary... Let's just travel around Gothem." She suggested before hiding her motorcycle and soon walking by foot with Rosemary following from behind her in silence.

    As they left to just walk around, Rosemary tried to break what she would call 'the awkward silence after the lecture.'."Well there's a new one." Huntress mumbled. Canary stayed silent momentarily before replying,"What?" She muttered."Leather pants and new boots. Well outfit. Dressed for the winter?" She said."Kind of." Answered Dinah.
  3. A redheaded bat was grappling through the streets. She seemed to be in no hurry at all, once duty called you were expected to be late for certain things anyways and the girl glided here and there before grappling again. Soon, The former female bat landed on a rooftop just across the place she was expected to meet a certain someone at and felt a vibration coming from her belt. Batgirl took out a iPhone and looked down. It was her father, Gordon. Better known as GCPD commissioner. The girl cleared her throat and answered putting him in speaker mode. Frankly, no one was around honestly.

    "Barbara? Honey, where are you? You home?" Gordon asked just checking up on her. Batgirl cleared her throat and answered in her 'Barbara' or real voice."Um.. No dad.." Sighed Barbara as if almost waiting for her father to scold her. She knew he would, she was his little girl or 'princess' if you will and certainly did Jim begin to worry."Barbara!I always told you to be home by 10! You know even without crime things happen!" Jim said through the phone. Barbara listened as he continued on then sighed again."Dad,Listen! I'll be with Richard...Grayson." She responded. Jim stopped and let out a sigh."Ok fine. But if I get home and you're not there you are looking at a severe consequence." He said as if with gritted teeth concerned."Just--Be careful babs. Now goodbye." Added the commissioner and Barbara hung up before looking at the date place. Although Barbaras own father was a cop, she was a better detective and more secretive towards him since she's now the 'new batgirl'. She often snuck out, and had short sleeps in some cases. Little to no actually, but she managed. And as the redhead bat looked across the rendezvous place she still couldn't believe it.

    Yep, a classic date night with the boy wonder. She promised him, and well--he somehow earned and deserved it. So she might as well make it worth it and just perch high up here waiting for her whatever he was to her. Barbara placed the phone back in one of her pouches on her belt and soon stand up stretching her arms up in the air. She took her phone out again and texted Robin:


    Where are you? I'm already here and waiting...

    And with that she hit the send button before crouching back down on the rooftop.
  4. Jason Todd heard the rumors of the revived Batman. He at first left it to some stupid superstition, but then more and more random reports were coming in from his gang.

    "I'm telling you man he is out there to get us!" One of the gang members said in a panic.

    "You're crazy he is dead!" Another one said.

    This was becoming a daily thing in the gang house. Jason had enough and left other people in charge of his gang, while he went to his secret base that he was building ever since he first became 'The Red Hood.' He had a set up with lots of computers. Nothing like that batcave he knew when he was the first Robin, but it was still very hightech and well hidden.

    Jason began to talk to himself about it, with the rumors telling him something was up, and he could finally get the one person he wanted the most out of Arkham Asylum , The Joker. He hated the joker more than anything, and he wanted to be sure he would be killed... but would also feel pain and wouldn't be laughing about it afterwords.

    Jason decided that this would be the perfect time, if Bruce... or Batman was really back, he would be able to get the Joker to come out on his own.

    "If Bruce is alive there are very few people he would tell," Jason began to talk to himself, "First there is the "bat family" Robin and whatever he knows I'm sure Batgirl well know...Then there is the Commissioner Gordon, but he wouldn't be the first Bruce would go to." Jason typed into his computer while he still talked to himself, "There is... Alfred, but..." Jason still in fact appreciated what Alfred did for him all those years he was Robin, and couldn't face him now... or ever.

    "If none of them know, then... Joker could know something... but Harley Quinn would of made a move to set him free then... but she hasn't made a move like that in a long time... just her regular crazy stuff with her gang, but just in case I will have people check in on them... never know." Todd said.

    "Then there is one other person I can trust to talk to about this, Slade." He worked for a Slade a few years before becoming the Red Hood, he saw Slade as his second mentor, and although he was a mercenary, he still tried to keep in touch with him when he was in Gotham.

    Jason decided to first see what the Bat Family knew, and decided to track down Robin himself. Jason put on his Red Hood outfit and packed his sword and a few guns, then got on his Motorcycle and sped off without telling anyone where he was going. He was going down the streets of Gotham listening in on any reports about Robin with his radio in his ear.

    While cruzing he saw him in the distance, Robin. Riding somewhere, Jason quickly sped up, hoping to catch him and talk to him... but he knew it wasn't going be that easy, so he pulled a small gun out of his leg and shot a few bullets around Robin to get his attention.

    "Well here we go..." Jason thought to himself.
  5. Soon, Dinah stopped suddenly and Rosemary blinked her pale blue rare colored eyes looking at her. Through the justice league earpiece she had in her ear, Dinah placed a hand over it. She could hear a strange voice trying to come through, but there was white static noise all around. Dinah looked over at Rosemary."Get me on a high elevated rooftop. There's static noise down here." She ordered. Without question, The former huntress took out a grappler and grabbed onto Black Canary before landing on a high 6 story's building.

    Soon Black canary stand there walking around in silence listening to something and looked at Rosemary. Seriously, another batman hoax to uncover? She let out a heavy sigh of distress and walked to the edge of the building."Well, do whatever. And don't kill if you're in trouble. Got another case to deal with...a 'batman' case." Dinah said rolling her eyes. Rosemary sneered before walking the opposite direction and left."When will they stop the rumors?" She chuckled before gliding off while Dinah flipped off onto another rooftop and jumping.

    "Seriously... If Batman did come back he would've made a move. Make his presence subliminally known." Mumbled Dinah talking to herself. She didn't doubt him coming back, She was neutral on the case. Besides, why did she care so much about him? Cause he was the one who converted and changed her to a hero. Before, Dinah was just some badass fighter working at a bar. Similar to Catwoman, only better (my black canary is based on earth 31). Soon Black canary flipped and landed on her strong black combat boots and almost stumbled but kept her cool. She was more used with heels in combat. Sturdy heels she owned. Dinah was greeted by two officers, who despite cleaner streets still did their jobs anyways, and she nodded. The Canary looked at the floodlight. She examined here and there and furrowed her eyebrows."Interesting..It was placed here for about a day or two." Mumbled canary."And to find out if batman really is back? Let's prove the theory.." Chuckled Dinah. Once hand resting on her hip, the other on the bat logo. The blonde looked over her shoulders, an idea sparking in her mind and her eyes glistened as she tapped on her ear piece.

    " Turn on the radio jammers so Batman can't hear.." She said. The police hurriedly did so and soon Black Canary waited there before tapping her earpiece again."Black Canary to Huntress." The girl smoothly said."Go on." Rosemary said. She was at the royal hotel watching some thugs and Dinah smiled."It may be a dangerous task. But try to get the bats attention. Not kill and no big villains got it?" she asked. Huntress sighed."I think about it, right now I need answers of my own...Just try turning in the light for now." Suggests Rosemary. Dinah looked at the floodlight and stayed quiet.

    "I'll turn it on at midnight. Then we'll try a false organized crime and then turn it on. Maybe that'll get his attention." Explained Dinah and she ordered Jim Gordon to come before she explains a plan to him. The cops from outside GCPD left the two. To which he understand and nodded at the plan. "Maybe he is back but doesn't want to make a big appearance yet, maybe not." Shrugged Dinah."The batman comes when he wants when he feels it is necessary or when he's needed. He's not just gonna poof up after a long absence. So this may take some time..." Added the blonde. Jim agreed and walked back in GCPD to which Canary yawned leaning on the floodlight with arms crossed looking at the sky. For six years the light hasn't gone on with the logo. Perhaps they should wait for a major or small crime? Dinah didn't know which to do. A planned false one, a testing one without a crime, or wait for a real crime.
  6. Horror sat in wait looking at the files on his computer. He also couldn't debunk the rumors that the Batman had returned although he doubted it Batman was dead. If the Batman had returned it was most likely just another goon in a suit and nothing less. He looked at the computer screen and observed Enigma on the screen. He scratched his head and looked at the screen again. This wasn't Enigma working this operation he had a gut feeling about that.

    He was running through the snow covered streets once again trying to find another operation and that was when it became clear. He saw a group of guys moving around a few crates. He found them odd then noticed the crates matched the drug shipments he had watched only the night before. Horror was ready for a fight. He obseoly shitrved the total number of thugs and there were five at least two of them had guns here which made what he was about to do difficult. If they were just knifes and fists he wouldn't have minded jumping straight into the middle. Yet he watched them carefully. The two thugs with guns remained outside and the others traveled inside. Horror smirked inside his mask. He moved silently climbing up the building with ease and then maneuvering so that he was right above the thugs. When he dropped his feet landed on the first man's neck and snapped it with ease then he turned quickly before the second had time to react and chopped his throat which was followed by a punch to the abdominal area. He ended it though when snapped his neck.

    He headed inside the abandoned apartment which had been apparently looted by other criminals. Horror liked being around these fiends it was where he deserved to be. He was getting ready to strike when he heard some whispering inside the apartment and that was when he noticed it got louder and louder almost like the people having the conversation were finally warming up to each other so Horror stopped to listen.
    "So rumors about the Bat being back?" Then a different voice intercepted quickly.
    "Look the boss wants the bat back. He's been craving this finally confrontation." Horror had already come to who the boss was now, Joker.
    That insane clown had been waiting for Batman since he left. If the Bat or someone dressed as him had come back the Joker would make his move and perhaps that was what this was.
    "Yeah but we don't that. Do ya know what the bat does ta people like us?" A third voice interjected. So all of his remaining thugs were sitting in that room in the moment.
    "Yes but do you know what the boss has planned? That crazy bastard won't even know what hit 'em." The second guy was chuckling slightly and then another fourth voice interrupted.
    "You three need to be silent. That Batman isn't back. He's dead and ain't no one going to be able to stop us no matter what. There are all those other freaks but none of them are Batman."
    "Yeah like did you hear about that Horror freak? Apparently he's some vigilante version of Scarecrow."
    "Horror ain't nothin' but a freak in a mask jus' like the bat."
    He had heard enough Horror walked up and kicked in the door.
    "Speak of the devil and he shall appear."
    "Holy shit!"

    "Lets get 'em!" The three originals moved slowly and they were completely unorganized. The first guy come to throw a right hook but Horror grabbed his wrist and then twisted the arm quickly and brought his other palm down on the opponents arms snapping.
    "Bastard broke my arm!" Then Horror turned to the other two and blocked a kick and sprayed his fear toxin. The two men who got dossed began to panic."Ahh what the hell!" That punk remained strong trying to push through it but the other guy had collapsed on the floor. The third guy was terrorized and unorganized. Horror simply brought a strong upper cut that knocked him unconscious. The original thugs were out or stopped in some way but what of the fourth guy. Horror turned to this the guy smirking and propping his legs on the table.
    "So you're Horror. You look like another version of Scarecrow."
    "I am the Horror that stalks your nightmares not some puppet created for the soul purpose of warding off those who pester my master. I am here to mock you, scare you, and drive the fear into your very soul." It was a nice little speech Horror hadn't planned but he was tired of being compared to Crane. He wasn't Crane he was Horror and that made him better then Crane.
    "So maybe you're fancier but trust me Horror you're no match for what is about to happen." Horror moved closer and grabbed the thug by his collar but something was already wrong here. Slight red foam was developing at the thugs mouth. "Flames of this desecrated place shall consume the hypocrisy that Gotham has become." The thug could barely speak through violent coughs.
    "Who do you work for!" It was to late the man was dead and Horror immediately began examining him for prints but it was strange. The fingers didn't have prints it was as if someone used battery acid to remove them. He pulled a swab out a pocket in his leg and swabbed the inside of the mouth and then put it in the small container. He needed to know who this guy was so he could stitch together the pieces of who he was and possibly who he worked for. But something he said didn't seem right. The Flames of this desecrated place shall consume the hypocrisy that Gotham has become. That phrase did seemed like Riddler in a sense but all the leads pointed towards Joker. Horror would have to investigate further before seeing what was really going on in Arkham City.
  7. It had been a slow night for Green Arrow, but that was a given when you only hung around Gotham at this time of night. Most civilians were nestled in their beds and the ones that weren't had already gone into work. Gotham City Officers roamed the streets, though the only things they were usually "armed" with was a cup of coffee and a jelly-filled donut. When the Commissioner wasn't around to interfere with their gossip sessions, the officers liked to talk about a certain hero. The Batman. Olivia had stopped listening to their silly claims a long time ago though, simply because they all started repeating themselves sooner or later. It was chilly tonight, Olivia's added green jacket fit nicely over the matching multi-fiber suit, but the young woman still liked to go sleeveless. It was easier access to the knives that were strapped to her arms and it made her look totally badass.

    "Starling City never got this much snow..." she muttered to herself, kicking a chunk of ice off the 3rd story building she was perched upon. She'd been in Gotham for awhile now, but she did miss the nice relaxing vibe of Starling City. Gotham was so tense and pent up. It needed a massage guru - like Batman. "Hm.. Batman."
    A low rumbling could be heard up the street, which made Green Arrow drop the large snowball she was patting together. At first the Hood decided to just ignore it, guessing it was some hero on a fancy motorcycle, then she began wondering which hero it was. She kept a face-profile on every known hero and villian that's resided in Gotham these last six years - maybe she could add another tonight...

    The black bike sped past first. "Damn. It's just the Boy Wonder," she sighed disapointedly. His profile was the first she put up and it was typical to see him around these parts. The second bike that passed seemed unfamiliar at first, but the sudden cascade of bullets and the blur of a red mask only made Olivia face-palm. It was just Red Hood up to his usual antics.

    "Has he ever heard of a cellphone? He could hurt someone..."

    Olivia began to grumble to herself, running along the rooftop and kicking herself onto the next. She kept in the shadows and hoped these two maybe had some information they could involuntarily share.
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  8. As soon as his belt vibrated, Robin rolled his eyes and took a deep, frustrated breath. Seems like Barbara had gotten to the rendezvous point before he could even get close. He was still twenty blocks away, but given the speed of the Batpod, it wouldn't take long. Then: the shooting started. Swerving out of the way as the bullet rounds continued to fire off, Robin looked over his shoulder and saw the last person he wanted to see: Red Hood. God damn it, Todd, not now! Robin thought to himself before he pulled hard on the gas, speeding up so he could escape the "vigilante". As the two sped past down the streets of Gotham, Robin reached into his belt and pressed a button on his phone, linking it with his communicator. Quietly, but expertly, he said "Text Message to Barbara Gordon. Message: "Hey, sorry I'm gonna be a bit late. Something popped up, so order without me." End of message, send to recipient." before turning his attention to Red Hood.

    The chase continued for a few minutes with Red Hood continuously shooting at Robin. This was starting to get stupid, meaning Robin needed to end it. "YOU COULD HAVE JUST SAID "PULL OVER", TODD! THAT WAY, I WOULDN'T HAVE TO DO THIS!" Robin called out angrily before slamming on his brakes and turning the Batpod sideways, causing a loud screeching sound as the rapidly spinning tires dragged along the street in the opposite direction. As he turned, he reached into his bag and pulled out a Batarang. Activating a touch-screen button in the middle of it, it let out a low electrical hum and began to shoot small sparks. Quickly and expertly aiming it, Robin tossed the electrified Batarang at the front of Red Hood's motorcycle, causing electrical sparks to fly everywhere as it shocked the bike. The specialized item was designed specifically for disarming weapons, vehicles, gadgets, and electronic devices anywhere. However, it only lasted for twenty minutes before the device came online again, so Robin had to be quick. As the villain's motorcycle came to a sudden stop as the Batarang worked its magic, Robin halted his bike and jumped off. Walking towards the masked figure, he tightly gripped his quarter staff and stared him down. Hard to believe that this scumbag was once the first Robin.

    "What are you doing out of Arkham, Todd?" Robin asked in a menacing tone, slowly making his way towards the crook. He knew that if Red Hood wanted him dead, then he would have shot him. Robin couldn't deny that the man was an excellent shot just like his other mentor, but Deathstroke wasn't a concern right now. Those were attention-gaining shots he had fired. The question was, why was he trying to get Robin's attention? "I thought the guards promised to keep you locked up nice and tight. But seeing as how that was a week ago, I'd say those good men are dead. Why did you fire at me, Todd? Shouldn't you want to kill me after I sabotaged your latest attempt to get Joker once and for all?"
  9. Todd continued to chase Robin across the city, firing a bullet every now and then. The chase was going on for a few minutes with neither Robin nor Todd slowing down in the streets. Turning corners and not yielding for any stop lights, the chase wasn't letting up. Finally Todd heard Robin scream "YOU COULD HAVE JUST SAID "PULL OVER", TODD! THAT WAY, I WOULDN'T HAVE TO DO THIS!"

    'Like you would of stopped to see me' Todd thought to himself. Suddenly Todd saw Robin slam on his breaks and turn the Batpod towards him. "OH SHIT!" Red Hood screamed as he saw saw Robin pull out a Batarang and shoot it at Todd motorcycle. Red Hood was about to shoot out Robins tires, but Robin didn't go away, he jumped off his Batpod and walked towards Todd. 'He is either brave or stupid... both factors that Bruce had...' Todd thought to himself.

    "What are you doing out of Arkham, Todd?" Robin asked in a menacing tone, slowly making his way towards the crook. Todd only shook his head,"I thought the guards promised to keep you locked up nice and tight. But seeing as how that was a week ago, I'd say those good men are dead. Why did you fire at me, Todd? Shouldn't you want to kill me after I sabotaged your latest attempt to get Joker once and for all?" Robin said.
    "Well nice to see you two little Dick Grayson, enjoying my old costume, Bird boy two?" Todd said with a small laugh in his voice. "You think those bars in Arkham can hold me? If you want me gone, should just kill me," Todd laughed some more, "Oh and don't worry about those guards, they are alive, well... At least one of them are, the other one might not make it in the hospital... and I will deal with you another time about the Joker deal..." Todd said, making his free hand into a fist, while his other one was still holding onto a gun.

    "But you should know what I am doing here, I want whatever you have on Batman and his so called return, You and I both know there are very few that he would trust. In fact I also wanna know what happened on the day of his so called death, I am sure you were there too. Give me those things and I will find out the whole truth behind Joker going crazy in Arkham." Todd said, "I am sure that not even your friend, Commissioner Gordon would really trust you with everything, after all, you are not Batman... Do we have a deal?" Todd figured he was going have to investigate Joker sooner or later if Robin really didn't know anything about Bruce Wayne, or Batman, rumored return.
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  10. Barbara soon received his text message back. She sighed before gliding down to the place until unexpectedly felt weight on her back, causing her to slam into the glass window merely cracking it. She felt her arms being held and twisted behind her back and the workers at the take out place seemed to scurry and hide. Batgirl was pressed against the window and a voice was heard by the unexpected attacker.

    "Whoops! Sorry!" Yelled Rosemary letting the new batgirl go as she ran but soon after, Barbara immediately spun around trying to grab onto her hair only to see huntress duck. As the huntress ducked she stayed squatting and grabbed onto Barbara's arm flipping her over her back suddenly and throwing her to the ground. Caught by surprise, the new batgirl aimed to trip Rosemary before getting up and Rosemary jumped."Tssk. So this is the new batgirl ?!" She snorted as batgirl began throwing punches and effortlessly countered them. Mockingly, Huntress yawned and once Barbara swung, as expected huntress ducked again only to get a roundhouse kick to the side of her face roughly.

    Batgirl menacingly stared down at Huntress. Leering with a dark aura possibly half as intimidating as batman's gritted her teeth."Who are you?" She asked. Huntress was on her hands and knees wiping her lip with her arm but soon went back on the ground swiftly, giving Barbara a kick at her jaw. Being frank, She went easy on Barbara and with her on the ground stand back up sighing."You're lucky I didn't break a jaw with a kick like that..You'll be fine. It'll just be sore for a day or two." Muttered the black haired girl. Everyone heard of huntress, but when they did hear of her they thought she was just an urban myth or legend. A wannabe too maybe, but no. For batgirl, she truly had skill compared to that of batman and Black Canary's mixed. Not skill as in, she managed to whip her ass, but real skill. Huntress bent down reaching in one of the pouches of Barbara's utility belt and grabbed some smoke pellets and Batarangs.

    Despite working with Black Canary no one was aware of Rosemary anyways. They suspected her as being a normal girl, not a caped crusader and breaking Canary's rules didn't matter. She'll be going to the bat cave and instead will try and find answers there. Alfred will probably still welcome her? Maybe she'll be two steps ahead of everybody--no she will. And knowing the batfamily, Bruce gave her more info on leads and things in the bat computer that he didn't give to the other members. Deeper into depth info then what the new robin or batgirl was given. Hidden things that she is able to go to and not anyone else.

    "Where do you think you're going?" Barbara growled standing up. She ran towards Rosemary but got flipped over again and thrown to the ground. Rosemary still held onto her arm and a loud crack was heard. Two cracks. She twisted and broke, even fractured Barbara's arm. The shoulder and arm itself. Barbara held in her groan and instead began panting in pain and huntress walked off."I'm sorry I had to do so, but like everyone else. I have to go to the bat-computer." Huntress said. She broke Barbara's arm twice so that 1. She wouldn't be able to pop the bones back and 2. It'd keep her out the way of huntress.

    "They call me huntress."

    Huntress grappled away quickly and Barbara soon texted the robin. This girl was somewhat similar to Jason, perhaps she worked for him? But her skills didn't suit him...Not Jason's M.O and Barbara tried to keep her arm still as she texted with her left. but soon changing her mind she decided to call from her cowl and tossed her phone aside. High technology from bruce was pretty helpful.

    "Emergency message, Robin." She managed to mumble. Barbara tried sucking in the pain. She sound hurt for once. Barbara winced slightly and shortened her sentences."Broken....arm. Intruder--Going to bat cave." She said."Huntress." She adds."Hurry up NOW." Barbara slightly growled. She never needed help so when she asked, it meant it was urgent.
  11. "Oooo, drama..." The Green Arrow climbed up the ladder of a nearby billboard, allowing her an excellent view of the little spat down below between the old sidekick and the not-a-sidekick-anymore-because-Batman-is-dead. This could possibly be the coolest thing The Hood had seen in the last few weeks. Every night it was punching one thug who says he's seen the Bat and then watching other hero's do the same -- Gotham City was no spot for tourism, but Olivia hoped it wouldn't be this boring with the Batman gone. And now it wasn't.

    Olivia scanned the surrounding area and noticed some trash cans sitting along the curb, which were far enough not to cause any problems, but close enough to hear what was going on between Red Hood and Robin. Drawing her bow and a very special arrow, the hooded crusader hooked her fingers between the fletching and stared one eye down it's spine. She breathed in and let the arrow fly where it stuck to it's target perfectly. There was a soft 'click' and the VR-L arrow was ready to do it's duty. Olivia has made plenty of custom arrow's to make her crusade in Starling City much easier and the VR-L one was so stupidly simple that it was Diggle who came up with it himself. The arrow had only been used a handful of times, but so far it's gotten the information it was destined for. The Green Arrow smirked and pulled an ear piece from her pocket, pushing it into her ear and clicking a button which allowed her to tune in. At first there was static and then...

    "What are you doing out of Arkham, Todd?"

    More static. "Damn it... It must be the wind.." Olivia gritted her teeth and tried to focus on the voices that came into her earpiece.

    "But you should know what I am doing here, I want whatever you have on Batman and his so called return, You and I both know there are very few that he would trust. In fact..." Todd's voice cut out and more static blew into her eardrum. With a bit of shaking and tapping, Olivia replaced the listening device and tuned in, "...truth behind Joker going crazy in Arkham." Todd continued on, "I am sure that not even your friend, Commissioner Gordon would really trust you with everything, after all, you are not Batman... Do we have a deal?"

    Olivia took out the earpiece and began to think. Of course the Boy Wonder would know more about B-man's disappearance, but why would the Commissioner even think of keeping precious information from the sidekick? Either Todd is lying through his teeth or he's deathly aware of the type of people that run this City. It was time for her to go... She couldn't leave her arrow though. With a swift backflip onto the ladder, The Green Arrow slid down back onto the roof. She peered over the ledge at the two young men, keeping an eye on her arrow and the earpiece tucked in -- just in case.
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  12. The office chair was old and rusted, making for an uncomfortable spot to view Miss Menzel. Luckily for Harley, it wasn't her seat. With the snap of her right hand, Harley's Hooligans brought her a cozy, vinyl armchair. It was a lovely tint of brown, almost the color of chocolate and almonds. The armchair's armrests were tall and wide, perfect for lounging and napping. Bryce, stalwart as her second in command. Ordinarily, Harley would be sprawled out like a cat, plotting her next crime spree. For the purpose of interrogating Miss Menzel, Harley knew it would distract her while questioned. After all, when you live in a prison cell for six months, you start to miss the little comforts of home.

    Harley made it a point to enjoy sitting while maintaining a stern disposition. "My, oh my, what a lovely chair, wouldn't ya say?" Harley, disguised in her gray two-piece suit, casually began her favorite activity as queen: torture. Miss Menzel, clothed in sewn rags and sitting in water, looked broken. The singer gazed in awe of Harley's chair,whimpering from the cold. Her eyes widened at the sight of Harley's makeshift throne.

    Harley drunk up Miss Menzel's pain with her eyes while she scolded her, "What do ya call, that? I said, lovely chair, wouldn't ya say?!"

    Miss Menzel sniveled, fearing reprimand, and politely rebutted, "Yes, Ms. Rosin. It is quite lovely." Her words were quick and desperate, displaying her psychological defeat.

    Harley knew Menzel was finally hers. Trained like a mutt. Harley relaxed from her disciplinarian stance, seeming to open up. Bryce sat still, commanding fear as he watched the exchange. "Thank you! I thought you would like it! Now, now, you've been in there awhile now. How would you like to go home? For reals?" Menzel's face contorted with fear, not about to believe her captor. "NO! You'll never let me leave! You couldn't just let me loose so easily! not without taking my arm, or shaving my head again? WHy do you have to keep laying with my head like this?!"

    Harley tipped her head to the left in a playful fashion, gently smiling. "Whatever do you mean? I have what I want. All I want to do now is offer you a gig!"

    Menzel was already curling up in a ball, muttering nonsense. Harley snapped her left hand. Bryce moved like a swift shadow into the cell. He grabbed Menzel by the hair lifting her. She cried fitfully, swatting and pulling away from Bryce's grip. "Okay, Okay! I'll sing, I'll dance! Whatever you want! Just please let me go!"

    Harley merely laughed at the plight she witnessed. "Haven't ya heard? Batman's back! I'm letting you go so he has something else to worry about! With you singing for Gotham after disappearing for so long, lots of attention will come to the city!"

    Menzel's eyes once again opened wide, "What are you planning, you witch?'

    "You think I have an ulterior motive? Aww, I'm hurt!"
  13. Cause of death was pulmonary edema caused by a suicide pill hidden as the canine tooth. Horror looked over at a computer that was running scans on the dental records but there hadn't been a match yet. Then finally he made a loud ding. He moved away from the corpse and took off the gloves he had been using for the autopsy. Edward Coppen, well Mr. Coppen I've never seen a suicide pill quite like the one you took which interests me. I hope to discover the secrets you hold. I only wish you would've answered my biggest question. Who were you working for. He pulled off all his gear and got ready for his date. It wasn't personal just a social call which he found slightly boring. He could only hope to hear some news about this Batman.

    A black suit with slight red strips that vertically descended down the suit jacket and matching pants. A white dress shirt underneath was complimented by his red velvet tie. It wasn't like him to wear a suit often but then again he didn't go on dates a lot. He usually sat in his mansion alone since his Butler, Austin, had left him alone. He was driving to the date which was a nice little cafe on 32nd street it was right down the street from a fast food place and he was really hoping just to get to the date and get it over with. Horror hated human interaction especially social interaction. He was going to meet his childhood friend Jessica. She never thought of Sigfried as Horror because he had almost created a separate personality for Horror.

    When he arrived he parked and wasn't paying much attention to his surroundings. Sigfried didn't really care for what was happening in Gotham because all that mattered to him was Jessica.
    "Sigfried!" She ran up and hugged him and he smiled. "How are you?"
    "I'm good thank you for asking and how about yourself?" And so their date had started while Sigfried was only paying attention to Jessica Horror was making side notes discretely. Horror just wanted the date to be over.
  14. "I'm tellin' ya, the Bat's back!"


    "And what? Why can't you just-"

    "Words don't mean anything. Give me pictures, or it didn't happen. Either way, I'm not doing it."

    "Why, you one-eyed sonuva-"

    Slade flicked down the cover of the laptop, putting into sleep mode and ending the conversation. Cobblepot could speak for himself, the short-tempered cockney bastard. Deathstroke was a hitman, not a bodyguard, and the Penguin was some cowardly midget that just happened to be a crime boss. One of these days, money wasn't going to pay him out of Arkham City.

    The mercenary turned to the two-monitor computer arrangement on the other end of the desk, and began to flip through frequencies. Police scanners, radio reports, private communications; it wasn't quite as sophisticated as what WayneTech was capable of back in the day, but this computer served its purposes well enough. From 'secret' mob conversations to private business deals to even tabs on the Bat-clan, this arrangement was able to discern most every use of private communicators. Except cellphones; that was just too much trouble.

    Slade was actually rather bored. Since the trail on Sionis himself went cold, there was not a lot of bounty activity to spare, even though whatever major crime kingpins were left were attempting to get ready for the inevitable moment Batman returned. It's not that Slade didn't believe that Batman was back, it was just his own personal idea that he had never left, never died in the first place. And no matter the rumors, as long as Batman never had a recorded appearance it would just remain rumors.

    Suddenly, a large bubble of comms on the screen fizzed into static. Deathstroke snapped to attention, seeing that most of the radio signals around the central GCPD were being jammed. That was definitely abnormal. Slade focused the computer's effort on the police department, attempting to discern any foreign signals that didn't align with the GCPD's own frequencies.

    "B̵̕͟͝l҉̴̨̀͠a̛͞҉c̷̢͢͢k͜͡ ̸̛͢C̶̷̢̛͠a͏̴̧́na̕͢҉r̴̕͢y͘ ̛t̵͏́ờ̶ H͝u̸n̵tr̶e̸͟s̴s̵.̡"

    "G̸̨̀o͏͏҉͜ ͏̀o̴̶̷͟͞n͏͏͘҉̨.͝͏͝"

    "I̶̢̨͡t̸҉̴͞ ̢̛̕͘m̢̧͘͏ą̛͘͞y̴͢͟͝ ̴̛͢b͏҉̛͠e̷̶͘ ̡a̧̧͜͞͡ ͝d̶́a̶̡̛̕͢ņ̴́g̶̵̛͠͞erous͠ ̢tas̡k͘, ̶but̴́̕ ̶̨͟tr̶y̶̧ to͘͟ ̵̀g͝e̡͞t̕͏ the Baţ'̶͞s̵ ̧̨a̧t̢͢҉ţe̡͘͟nt̶i͘͠͡o͜ǹ. No kil̵̡̨̕l̵̵̢̧͢s̴̷̷ ̡́́͢͟á̶̕̕҉n̶̨̛͟͠d̴̛҉̶̵ ̕͝no b͟҉̴i̴͟͞ģ̕͏ v̨͘͟il҉lain̵͘ş̛͟͢,̵ ̶̕͘͟͡g҉̵̧́͘o̴͜t̴͘҉͘ ̨͝i͟҉t҉̨͡?̨́̕͟͜"

    Now this was going a bit far, even for Batman. For a creative thinker like Slade, 'No kills' and 'no big villains' were plain restrictions that still left an abundance of options. And if 'Huntress' were just as creative (or even rebellious) as her father, then someone's December night was about to get very painful. Deathstroke set a message and volume priority for known Bat-clan frequencies, and slipped out of the office chair to strap on the rest of his armor and equipment.

    He was just about done when the message came:

    "E̶merg҉en̢c͜y m̛es͟s̸a̵g͏e̴, Ro͢bin͟.҉ ŚSs̴sś-ng̛h͞... ͟B͘roken.͘.͠.͢.͡arm.̵ Int̢r͟ųd̸ȩr͘-͠-́Gói҉n͢g ͜t͠o ͠Ba͟tc͞ave.̶.. ̷H̀un͏tr҉e͞s͏s̨. ͟H͟u҉rry̸ up ͘N҉OW!"

    This was turning into a belated extended-family reunion really fast. So much for a boring night, Deathstroke thought, shoving the family idea into the back of his head. He couldn't afford to have such weaknesses, not after what happened before. In barely any time at all, the Terminator was bounding across the rooftops at full swing towards Wayne Manor, wherein lied the primary Batcave. Not this time, Huntress...
  15. Huntress snuck into the bat cave. She drugged Alfred asleep, ultimately locking him in some room around the manor and made her way through the bat cave in silence. She halted at the 'preserved costumes' area and noticed her mothers. What the hell was her uniform doing here? She thought for a moment after some staring and walked away from it before going to the bat computer and logging in. Not to the deeper into depth info, she just logged in to hear the other coms. From the batfamily, to thugs who work for villains to get her head while batman's gone she listened.

    Soon huntress looked over her shoulder. Something felt very off, her sixth sense bothering her. She looked back at the screens and decided not to do anything. When her senses came to her, it didn't mean she was 'paranoid' it meant she had to be ready and the girl looked down at the keyboards in silence. Once she finds out who's with her or after her, then she'll talk then continue. The only presence she should feel would be only 1--which was Alfred's. But the intensity only bothered her even more and it wasn't long before huntress left a flash drive device in it and copied everything that was in the bat computer to her device. She slowly moved into the shadows, as information was being sent to her own high tech device and kept hidden.

    Black canary would so be mad at her if she found out, but it was worth the risk. Huntress did love danger. She likes to stare down at danger and laugh at deaths face. Cause death couldn't keep up with her, it's up to her whether or not she wants to die permanently and she stand hidden in the shadows focused on her device plugged into it. If anyone dares unplug it, she'll be sure to rip their arms off. The info going into her device wasn't even half done yet anyways and she thought about her time as Robin-For both bats. Batwoman and Batman and how her mother tried to say batman was her real father. Jesus lord, recalling that idea was funny as Slade on the other hand kept visiting her in secret as if to say,"I'm your real father, remember that. Your mom was bullshitting you.". But she felt neutral on the idea.

    Victoria tried to keep her away from being influenced by Slade, Slade kept Rosemary in check by telling her he was actually his father. She deserved a truth and a lie. So it was somewhat balanced, which probably explains why she's neutral. Some say Huntress was bad others say she was good--but it was in the middle. Think and say what you want about her, though she claims she's not like her father knowing that in some -even though in most- cases she is. His stupid anger genetics tied in with Victoria's stupid 'justice' behavior made her conflicted.

    She then thought some more. Black canary is just someone who was like a mother to her. Replacement. Someone she looks up to with respect more then her biological parents themselves. Replacement... Such a disgusting word. It angered her how there was a new batgirl, angered her how Slade has a 'new kid' which was the ex robin. But it made sense,

    Batman replaced Jason for her, Slade probably replaced her for Jason -even though Slade didn't 'replace' her-. Vice versa, the two were alike. Huntress in General was selfish. Whenever asked she replied to everyone that she was an only child cause she didn't want siblings nor truly feel for them. Simple if one parent popped up a sibling for her she rejected them and made sure they knew she didn't feel for them cause she'd selfishly tell them. She'll fake the love but won't feel anything for them. So their deaths didn't bother her at all.
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  16. Robin laughed as Todd commented on the suit. "Its actually a new outfit. Its nice, I actually can roam around without people thinking homophobic things about me. Alfred actually told me it was your idea to wear a thong rather then pants." he commented in a snide voice, smiling a bit as he remembered Alfred talking about the former Boy-Wonder's "transitional period". Robin stopped walking as Todd continued speaking, every word like poison to his ears. This guy was so full of shit. Then, he threatened Robin. Information? He wanted information about Batman? Like that was going to happen. With a chuckle, Robin raised an eyebrow and asked "And just why the fuck would I tell anything I know to a piece of shit like you?" Gripping his quarter staff harder as Todd seemed to aim his gun, Robin readied himself. "I defiantly won't tell you anything I know. I will tell you this though: if Batman's back, then we're both in trouble. But if you so much as lay a finger on Gordon, I swear that I will hunt you down and break you faster then the Joker did.." he threatened before he felt the vibration on his phone. Angrily grumbling, he pulled it out and read the message.

    If his eyes could be seen through the mask he wore, then Todd would have been able to see them widen with shock. "Huntress"? What the hell was a "Huntress"? It didn't matter though. Batgirl had a broken arm and they both needed to get to the cave. Turning to Red Hood again, Robin quickly tossed another Batarang, knocking the gun away a good few feet. "As much as I'd like to stay, Todd, I've got to get going. Your bike will be ready to drive in about 18 minutes.. Follow me, and I'll kill you." Robin once again threatened before he climbed aboard the Batpod and sped down off the street. His speed increased, knowing the intensity of the situation. When he finally reached the fried chicken restaurant, Robin launched himself up to the roof and ran over to Barbara. "Hang on, Babs.." he whispered with concern as he examined her. There's certainty something wrong with her arm.. Its not a break, but its fractured. Badly. It'll take a day or two to fix, she'll need to be under supervision. Robin thought as he pulled a white bandage roll out of his belt. Wrapping it around her arm, he tired it off and said "Alfred will take care of it later. Come on, we've gotta pursue this "Huntress" character." before picking her up in his arms. Quickly moving, he sat her upright on the back of the Batpod and wrapped her uninjured arm around his waist so she wouldn't fall off.

    Making good time down the streets of Gotham, Robin drove rapidly towards the outer limits where Wayne Manor was held. If "Huntress" knew where the Batcave was, then there was a good chance they knew who Robin and Batgirl were. After about eighteen minutes of rapid driving (at around 130mph, easily breaking every speed limit in Gotham all at once), Robin passed through the iron gates of Wayne Manor and made his way to the man-made waterfall. After launching the Batpod over the hidden ramp through the waterfall, which parted with the click of a button, he squeezed on the brakes and looked around the Batcave. Quickly climbing off the Batpod, he looked at Barbara and commanded "Go to the Bat Computer. See if anything has been accessed, edited, or downloaded. I'll see if anyone's still here." before he covered himself in his cape and ran to the walls. Quickly cloaking himself in darkness, Robin tapped a button on his mask and activated his "detective vision". Looking around, he saw Alfred laying unconscious inside of a cupboard. Yep, somebody was defiantly here. "Barbara, when you finish with the computer, go to the closet and make sure Alfred is okay." Robin commented into his communicator before something else caught his attention. A figure, that of a woman. It wasn't Batgirl, meaning it was the intruder. Hidden away in the shadows, Robin quietly and discreetly made his way over to where she was hiding. In times like this, he was glad to know the skills Bruce had taught him when he was "alive".
  17. Soon Barbara was treated partially and picked up on the bat pod. Throughout the ride and hanging on to Robin they finally made it to the cave and began investigating. Robin commanded her to investigate around the bat computer and walking over she did so and noticed a small flash drive connected to it. Her eyes widened before she looked up at the screen to which in big letters read "DOWNLOADING.....76%". Quickly Barbara began to type but as she typed trying to deactivate the download it didn't work. This huntress person knew hacking and computers better then her surprisingly but Barbara didn't give up and instead tried to unplug the device.

    Huntress watched Batgirl unsuccessfully deactivate the download one handedly--literally. She stand still when she noticed robin approaching her but when Barbara reached to take out her device, immediately Huntress jumped out only to tackle Barbara to the ground and look over her shoulder back at the Robin kid before looking at the download percentage."
    DOWNLOADING.....82%" it read and said! and huntress growled."Can't this thing speed up a little faster!?" She muttered irritably. Looks like she's going to stall for a bit and the girl stand looking at robin before being grabbed by Batgirl's legs and thrown over to Robin by surprise. Immediately batgirl grabbed the device and right when she was going to take it out, A Batarangs flew and hit her before she snatched her hand away hissing. It was thrown by huntress and huntress followed it up with a roundhouse kick, before jumping Infront of robin and grabbing his shoulders attempting to knee him on the face. The download was almost done, it was at 90% so guarding the thing shouldn't take long. Huntress flipped back when the little robin tried to attack her back and placed a small device next to her flash drive. It was a small barrier that would electrocute if near and only lasted for 2 minutes, and Rosemary smirked.
  18. *BLAM*

    The high-caliber round whizzed through the air, smashing straight through the memory drive and embedding itself in the stone wall some meters later. Not quite Deadshot's level of threatening accuracy, but it got the point across. "Don't move. Don't even breath." Slade's voice, purposely more grizzled and echoed by his mask, rang out across the Batcave.

    Deathstroke had managed to arrive just before the Bat's sidekicks managed to get though, by going into the Batcave through the otherwise unused hangar passage. He waited while Huntress interacted with the Batcomputer, expecting her to attempt to look into Batman's possible whereabouts, but no, she only brought up Bat-family communications, and then proceeded to attempt to copy all of the computer's information onto a memory drive. And without even checking to see if there was anyone even here!? Slade had to jolt his memory to remember that Rosemary never actually officially trained under him; he couldn't risk it with a genetic family member any more.

    And then the 'Boy Wonder' and the other Batgirl roared into the Batcave on their motorcycle. Slade had intended to have a snide reunion with Rosemary again, but no, the Bat-family always had to interrupt. As the children fought each other, Deathstroke went into an ideal sniping position and took aim with his rifle...

    With one shot, a hefty share of fear was distributed and about 15 minutes of strained waiting on Rosemary's part were ruined. All eyes eventually managed to detect the mercenary in his hiding place, and found themselves standing carefully still lest they incur such a bullet through their heads. Deathstroke was by no means unheard of especially in the Bat-family, perhaps by his unintentional ties with them, and as such they all knew his threat. Rosemary, though, was different, and would be more difficult to deal with...
  19. "As much as I'd like to stay, Todd, I've got to get going. Your bike will be ready to drive in about 18 minutes.. Follow me, and I'll kill you."

    The Green Arrow gave a low whistle at the words which seemed to just gush out of the Boy Wonder's mouth. He'd grown up to be quite the hero since the last time they'd been in the presence of one another. That was back when Batman loved to bring his prodigy to important meetings that consisted of lots of talk and not enough entertainment for young sidekicks.

    Not wanting the second Boy Wonder to see her just yet, Olivia retracted her head from the edge of the building and took the alleyway-dumpster detour down. Once on the ground the young woman strolled out from the alleyway to cross the street still in need of her VR-L arrow. The information she had gotten was useless, but the time and tech to put the arrow together was pricey -- there would be harm to her ego if it was left.

    "Man, that was sorta harsh... Don't you think?"

    The Hooded femme fatale called out towards Todd, making sure her voice changer was on and functioning properly after the incident last week. Strolling casually towards the trashcan where her arrow lay, The Green Arrow clicked a button on the side and pulled it easily of the plastic material.

    "Never thought Robin would ever grow up, but truthfully I only met him twice so I can't judge his antics now," she clicked her tongue, placing the VR-L back into her quiver. She walked over to the pistol on the floor and picked it up aimlessly. Obviously th was aware of how a gun worked, but they simply just weren't her style. Arrows flew to harm, not kill.
  20. As soon as the fight broke out, Robin grabbed his quarter staff and swung at Huntress. He managed to clip the back of her knee hard, which would have temporarily paralyzed that leg while Robin moved Batgirl to a safer location. However, Huntress was quick and gave the Boy Wonder a hard smack to the face with her knee. This forced him to recoil in pain, but for just a moment. His training had helped him to better defend himself and recover against such assaults, but that didn't mean it wouldn't hurt. Lunging back towards her for another swipe, Huntress took Robin by surprise as she tossed the wounded Batgirl at him. Knocked off his feet with Barbara on top of him, Robin had to quickly move to try and stop Huntress. "Who are you?! How did you find the Batcave?!" he demanded in a shout, charging at her. Robin swung his quarter staff quite a few times, watching in shock as Huntress expertly dodged them. How could she know his techniques? He hadn't met her before, so she must have gotten training of some kind from Bat-disiple, or the League of Shadows. Just as she moved her leg to kick his face, Robin saw an opening and roughly jammed his staff into the revealed cloth on the side of her stomach. Knowing the human anatomy, the pain would have rendered her useless for a few minutes while he roped her up. Moving quickly, Robin grabbed Huntress by the scruff of the neck and angrily shouted "Why did you come here? For information on Batman?"

    Just as it seemed like she was going to talk, a gunshot was fired. As Robin turned his head to see where the bullet landed. In the wall, but luckily it had taken out the memory chip. Just as well, seeing as how the download was 99% complete. Notes to self: A) Find alternate/new Batcave location. Too many people know about this one. B) Set up more powerful security measures. That was like, what, three minutes and she had nearly all the data? C'mon Dick, you know better. Robin thought to himself for a money before the familiar voice spoke up. Turning his head to see a man who he despised with his entire being, Robin's brow furled even more. "Slade." he grimaced as his eyes met the figure of the infamous mercenary. This night just got better and better. The only thing missing was the actual return of a beloved vigilante, followed swiftly by a visit from the Bat-family's close friend, Joker.
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