Batman Got A Job

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I have a position waiting for me as an Internal Medicine Resident in Indiana. In other words, I finally made it guys. When I walk the aisle April 30th of this year, I'm a goddamned doctor.
Fuckin' A, Doc. Congrats!
Congrats man. The best of luck to you.
I thought you wuz a doctor already...
Man you've been trying to be a doctor forever. Congratulations, Raz.
So can we call you Dr. Wayne now?

And congrats.
If any of us lived anywhere near each other it would call for a pint or ten.
I'm betting on 2 years until a malpractice lawsuit.
Make us proud, Raz! Make us proud. Cause if you don't, we'll chop off your head. O_O
*Acts all buddy-buddy, even though they have never spoken to each other.*

Good job, Raz! Get it! >:D

*Subtly slips Raz a blank prescription slip.*