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    Daddy (open)
    Name: Warren Bates
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30

    Personality: Warren is what every psychologists hopes they could be. Free spirited, imaginative and open to just about anything. Working with children has exposed him to a variety of 'crazy' things, so it's very rare for him to refuse to take part in something new.
    However do to him having to do a large amount of research and experiments he some times brings work home and starts 'experimenting' on Isabelle. Not in a physical way, but in more of a mental way. He'll often witness her do some mundane three year old thing, and then he'll proceed to ask her to explain why she did whatever it is that she did.
    Most times he'll get carried away and his questions can become overwhelming, it's then that someone usually snaps him out of his 'psychologist' trance.

    - Attire:
    Warren usually wears casual suits to work, but when he's home you can usually find him in a plain T-shirt, jeans and sandals.
    - Hair: His hair is usually combed, and parted to the right, not because he hates change, but because he can never maintain a new hairstyle.

    Likes: Playing pretend with Isabelle, 'arguing' and debating with children, children in general, bland foods (he can't stand things that are too spicy/sugary or sour), visiting his family in the UK, video games, reading fiction, and cats.
    Dislikes: His family making offhanded comments about Tricia, adults that don't give their children space, people without imagination, dogs.

    Talents: He sings a bit and has been told that his voice is quite nice, he can carve little figurines out of wood, and he can make various bird calls.
    Hobbies: Bird watching, wood carving, feeding stray cats, organizing play dates, researching and observing Isabelle.

    Occupation: Child Psychologist
    Education: Warren went to the University of Cambridge and majored in Developmental Psychology, but focused mainly on children because he finds them interesting and hates to see people so young, plagued with adult issues.

    Miscellaneous: He has an English accent.
    Mommy (open)
    Name: Tricia Bates(Maiden Name: Tricia Sylvanti)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 28

    Personality: Outward appearance of a happy family is important to her, she is a kind mother that most definitely loves her daughter, Isabelle, but sometimes her busy work schedule leaves her exhausted. It is during these times that she becomes irritated at small things. While not abusive nor openly angry, Tricia becomes much colder and it starts to be questionable whether her kind, warm personality is something she fakes to keep up the appearances of "that happy family".
    Appearance: blonde_lady.jpg
    Likes: Comfortable clothing, exercising, reading to Isabella, hide and seek with Isabella
    Dislikes: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays, spicy food, cooking, wasabi

    Talents: Karaoke, Dance Dance Revolution, Theater
    Hobbies: Piano, origami, gardening

    Occupation: Chiropractor
    Education: Degree in Biology and Licensed Chiropractor
    Isabelle <3 (open)
    Name: Isabelle
    Gender: Female
    Age: 7

    Personality: Shy around strangers at first, quiet, usually cheery, easily put down, timid at times, she usually ends up hiding behind her mother or father when meeting a strange (if they're there), she loves her mother a lot, but gets scared of her when she's not in such a good mood....
    Likes: Stuffed animals, flowers, dolls (not the creepy ones!)
    Dislikes: Being mistreated, hanging around people she doesn't know, not being given a choice, yelling

    Talents: Drawing, Singing, hiding (yes that includes secrets and items)
    Hobbies: Drawing, Singing,playing tag, talking with her magical stuffed animal

    Occupation: none
    Education: 2nd grade
    Kit-Kit (open)
    Name: Kit-Kit (She has been dead so long she has forgotten her human name)
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Animal Type: Fox
    Brand Name: Plush INC.
    Personality: She takes on the traits of a fox, shy, sly and cunning. Her human side however comes across more likeable. Unfortunately she is not good with, nor does she like children.
    History: Her soul, stuck in a void of eternal darkness, lonely, scared, filled with hatred, was reborn. Now residing in a small toy, she has a chance to live again. How this happened, she could not tell you, nor does she really care. Her human life was less then pleasent but this time she is going to make the most of it!
    Last but not least! The Babysitter! (open)
    Name: Naomi Quinn
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16

    Personality: Naomi is an outgoing, optimistic and overall friendly girl. She loves all children, but favors Isabelle as she babysits her the most and she loves the girl's attitude about things.
    Being someone who's around children a lot, Naomi will often act goofy to get a laugh, but she isn't all fun and games. When she's doing work for her other job as an intern for a fashion Magazine, she gets serious and the fun doesn't start until she's finished.
    When not around children and their parents, Naomi is a bit vulgar as are most teenagers these days, but she is sure to switch to 'respectful' mode when children and elders are present.
    Likes: Children, all foods except for fried chicken and eggplant, fashion (mainly children's clothing)
    Dislikes: Pudding, people that let their dogs lick their mouths,

    Talents: Other than being good with children, Naomi is also very good at designing children's clothing. She usually sketches them out, then gets the materials and gets to work. Most of her sketch models are based off of Isabelle and she often uses Isabelle as her live model. (But only if the girl is wiling and in the mood for dress up!)
    Hobbies: Designing clothing, knitting, and jogging.

    Occupation: Babysitter/Magazine Company Intern
    Education: She currently attends the local high school and is a junior.
    It was fairly late Friday night and Mr. and Mrs. Bates were shopping at the local supermarket, in preparation for their daughter Isabelle's birthday party tomorrow. With their busy work weeks, they had been forced to procrastinate on this matter.

    "Honey, do you remember if we had enough salsa?" Tricia Bates asked her husband while they slowly browsed the aisle. She exhausted from adjusting a nearly endless stream of patients at her chiropractic office, and could barely remember what she had for breakfast. While she definitely wanted to make sure they had everything for Isabelle's party, Tricia couldn't help dream about falling into bed to sleep for eternity. Well... not eternity...

    The aisle abruptly ended with a section presenting confetti, cardboard hats, noisemakers, and other devices for chaos. Looking left and right, Tricia made sure no one was looking and picked up a noisemaker to blow. The rolled up paper whipped out toward her husband's face. Laughing, she tossed some of each into the shopping cart.

    "Oh, honey! Look at this!! Isabelle will love this, its so cute!!" Spotting a plush toy randomly laying among the other party supplies, Tricia picked it up to show her husband.
  2. Warren was deep in his own thoughts thinking of all the possible interactions and reactions that he would witness the next day at his little girl's birthday party. He couldn't wait to see the happy glow on Isabelle's beautiful face. But he couldn't help but feel a little sad. Yeah she was only seven but soon she would be ten, then she would be thirteen and she'd trade in her childlike innocence and imagination for boys and partying with her friends.
    It was a scientific fact. It was either boys and partying or self induced isolation and a whole lot of yelling. Or both.

    But no, no he should be thinking about that now! He needed to shake these horrid thoughts out of his head and focus!

    "Salsa?" Warren repeated, coming back to reality. "Yeah, I think we have enough. Besides I don't really think a bunch of seven year olds are gonna be interested in salsa. They'll probably go for the candy and run around till they pass out." Honestly he didn't even agree on the menu that his wife had in mind but he sure as hell wasn't about to tell her that! Especially when she was in such a light and happy mood. He most definitely didn't want to ruin the moment.

    "Hey!" He cried out with mock anger and pretended to be badly startled. He always loved noisemakers. They were so good for children to express their feelings. He kept a large supply in his office for any kid that felt an overwhelming pot of emotions that needed to boil over.

    Warren glanced at the toy, cocking his head to the side and studying it. Honestly, he found the thing sort of creepy, with it's pale fur and tiny eyes. But at seven years old, most children haven't been exposed to what's creepy and what wasn't, so Tricia was right; Isabelle would love it.

    "Oh splendid! I'd love to see her reaction to such a toy." He said.
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