Bat-Family: Arkham Cowl (1/5) (Signups/ OOC)




"It's a whole new Gotham, without the big Bat"
- an AU sequel to Rocksteady's Batman: The Arkham Knight -


The events of the Arkham Knight shock Gotham city to it's very core, and at the end of the day it took Gotham's knight everything he could give in order to protect it. At the end of the night, Gotham came out with some deep scars, but the most damage was seen in the lose of it's most powerful protector. The Dark Knight had died.

Not even fourty-eight hours after billionaire Bruce Wayne's passing, Metropolis's Lex Luthor moved in - the company had been encroaching the city for sometime, but had been kept at bay thanks to Bruce Wayne, but with his passing... there was no one to keep megalomaniac out, and he moved right in and made himself comfortable. He capitalized on the passing of Batman to win the people over with the construction of the LexCorp Arkham - a revision of the old Asylum with more... permanent methods of criminal containment for return convicts. This won the Gotham masses over with little difficulty as the city now seemed completely defenseless without the bat signal lingering over the city.

In only months, construction had begun, and a month after that, Lex Luthor's money made sure the Asylum was running and fully operational. It was based on Hugo Strange's Arkham City, but much more contained. A section of Gotham was bought and completely contained and used it to hold the convicts of Gotham. Lex didn't really care about the convicts - the entire project was making him seem like the Batman's successor and protect Gotham. The LexCorp City Asylum became a massive detorrent of crime - those put in were not judged or sentenced. They were thrown in, and never let back out unless Lex himself deemed them worthy. Crime rates dropped, and suddenly Luthor seemed like a more able successor than Batman himself.

Long before the Batman's death, Lex had deducted the identities of Bruce Wayne as the Batman and the rest of the Bat-family. With Batman out of the picture, he knew all that was standing in his way were his 'children'. Most were easy enough to contain. Barbara Gordon was given an invitation to a LexCorp Technologies surgury that would rehabilitate her and return her ability to walk. Saying it was a reward for her contribution in the Arkham Knight incident made it seem legit enough. Until she woke up in the Lex City Asylum. Oracle made great bait for former Robin Dick Grayson and current Robin Tim Drake, who came willingly when they learned of her capture.

Jason Todd had been a bit more difficult - he'd attempted to assassinate Lex Luthor. Having learned of the other two Robin's and Barbara's capture, it was only a matter of time before Lex turned his sight on him and Jason preferred to make the first strike. The Red Hood infiltrated LexCorp, grossly underestimating Lex Luthor, and this was a mistake that lead to his capture and detainment. Perhaps, even this was a part of Lex's plan to capture the family.

This left only the newest member of the Batfamily - Stephanie Brown - the new Batgirl. Bruce Wayne had instructed Alfred that if he were to ever meet his end, Dick Grayson was to take up the cowl of the Batman and a Batgirl was to be chosen for him by none-other than Alfred Pennyworth. Before Dick could become the second Batman, Stephanie needed to become a competant Batgirl. Needless to say Dick hasn't got the chance and it wasn't hard for LexCorp to find out about all this upon seizing Wayne manor (inside the chunk of Gotham he'd bought for the LexCorp City Asylum) and unearthing the Batcave. Both Stephanie and Alfted were admitted to the asylum.


This is how out story starts!
You must choose a member of the family to play as (first come first serve!) and work together, and against one another to escape the LexCorp Asylum and find whatever secrets Lex may being hiding - surely this prison is for more than conviction. Luthor was never known to be that shallow of a mastermind.

The plot will be a spin on the comic series 'Battle for the Cowl'.



Dick Grayson: Available
Jason Todd: Azuremoon
Timothy Drake: Available
Barbara Gordon: Available
Stephanie Brown: Available




General Personality:


My Jason Todd Profile



1: Abide by Iwaku's rules.
2. No powerplay/ Godmodding.
2.5 Do NOT control other characters.
3. Keep excessive language and arguments/ fighting in-character.
4. You may not kill another character unless they drop-out and we all agree or it is pre-planned.

Additional Information:

You MAY play as other members of the Batfamily, but only if you're also using one of the ones mentioned above. EXAMPLE: If you want to play as Damian Wayne, that's fine but you must be controlling, say, Tim Drake foremost. Also, since Talia died in Arkham City, you must tie in Damian in a way that would fit into the 'canon'.

You MAY create an OC, but they must connect to the Batfamily members seen above.

You MAY NOT create an OC with superpowers.