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  1. Hello!

    I am Role Playing as the infamous bat brothers, the children of Batman. I can play a super hero universe and an AU. my characters are Dick Grayson, Jason Todd. Tim Drake and Damian Wayne.

    since I am willing to adapt with what you have, I will post their personalities. their background stories can shift and change to suit the RP you wish to have.

    Dick Grayson: a very passionate and sweet young man. He seems to be respectful to others but he also likes some fun. He is known to be very understanding and caring, most of the time giving people another chance because everyone deserves it in his opinion. He is a skillful acrobat and a very open minded man.

    Dick has a thing of believing that he is a failure. He tries his best to make the people he cares for proud of him. and while others think him as a care-free person, he is the type to dwell in his problems when no one's around.

    Jason Todd: an angry young man, but deep inside he is a good person. he has a strong and rough personality. He thinks of things with a black and white concept. And while he cares deeply for his friends, he would never admit it or show them how much he cares. He has a tall strong body, And he is very skillful with guns.

    Unlike Dick, Jason feels that the people he cares for has betrayed him. If things didn't go the way he think is right, he is ready to change them with violence and he absolutely wouldn't mind staining his hands with blood.

    Tim Drake: Tim is a smart young man. extremely intelligent and kind of fragile when it comes to the people he loves. He likes music and art. Although he is fragile and passionate, he is not easy to be taken advantages of.

    Tim tends to be ready to sacrifice himself if it means helping the people he cares for. He knows he is smart and it makes him sometimes underestimate others which causes him trouble. He is moralist and he doesn't like to insult others or see others be insulted.

    Damian Wayne: a 13 Years old boy. Very strong and fast and smart. He quiet by nature, but also violent. he will do anything to prove it to you that you are the scum of this earth unless he is deeply attached to you. Not that he will show you that he cares if he is attached to you.

    Damian is smug and cocky. his vision of the world is corrupted. To him, right and wrong is a relative things and ends justify the means.

    - I am extremely friendly and very respectful. If there are things you don't like in the RP, you can talk to me.
    - time difference exist and sadly, I don't live anywhere near US and there's 8 hours difference. you can't expect me to reply as soon as you send the message.
    - I use first person or third person. and I shift between one to three paragraphs.
    -I may get someone to try and hurt your character. if you don't like that, please tell me and I won't do it.
    - I may add some other characters (other than the main characters) as an evil character or a guide character or as a friend. if you would like to add something, please do not hesitate. I am very willing to see what you've got.

    - understandable English. If I found it hard to understand your English. I'll send you an apology that I can't continue the RP.
    - please understand that I am a very busy person. I will try my best to reply a couple times a day. but some times I just can't be online.
    - please refrain from writing a one line RP. I would very much appreciate it if you try your best to bring some action to the RP too.
    - be sick. be as sick and sadist as you like and don't be afraid to hurt my character in any way possible. I'd do the same to yours perhaps.
    -your character can't be submissive unless it's with Damian Wayne. I'm very bad at being dominant. but to be fair, I will make my characters shift from top to bottom unless you are OK being all time top.
    -please have fun.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.