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  1. Hey everyone!

    I am feeling particularly creative today, so I jotted down some ideas for a roleplay - I am also really bored.... so I need someone to please please please roleplay with me!

    Here are my basic ideas:


    1. Vampire/Human - cliched, I know, but we could maybe put some sort of twist on it.
    2. Werewolf/Vampire
    3. Fox Maiden/Vampire
    4. Fox Maiden/Human
    5. Demon Hunter/Shape-shifter
    6. Sorcerer/Witch

    1. Modern-Day Rapunzel
    2. Modern-day Cinderella
    3. Modern-Day Snow White
    4. The heroine becomes the bad guy
    5. One of the Ugly Stepsisters (Cinderella) is actually nice, and we roleplay her side of the story
    6. Anything based on the film Tangled.

    One Direction:
    1. Ziam -Zayn asks Liam for help with his homework, and during all the time they spend together over the school year, they end up falling for each other, but never daring to tell the other - set in high school.
    2. Ziall/Ziam - Zayn and Liam are together, which makes Niall realise that he is in love with Zayn.
    3. Larry Stylinson - in a fairy-tale setting, Louis is the court jester, and Harry is the stable boy. One day, they have a drunken encounter in a nearby pub, and they start a secret relationship
    4. Liam/OC - He has just been dumped by his girlfriend of two years, Danielle, and so he miserably goes to a bar on his own, where he meets the OC - a girl who isn't a One Direction fan - and they end up having a one-night stand. In the morning, the girl feels sorry for Liam, so she stays and helps him through his post-breakup depression.
    5. Harry/OC - A girl - the OC - moves into the apartment next door to the boys, and instantly takes a dislike to Harry. He then tries to change her opinion of him.
    6. Louis/OC - Simon hires a new girl to be the boys' minder, and she flirts with both Louis and Harry, making Louis feel confused about how he feels about this girl, and also if he really loves his girlfriend Eleanor.
    7. Niall/OC - Niall goes back to visit his hometown of Mullingar, Ireland, and he re-connects with one of his old girlfriends - the OC - who wants him back.

    Anybody interested in any of these ideas, or has any others, please reply below!
  2. I actually quite like the Liam/OC one - :) it seems just right for you and I.... *winks*