Barrow-Town {Intro, Character Creation} [FATE-Based]

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  1. "A Haunted Manor!"
    The three words that make your group some of the richest fucks in all the land, or at least richest in the adventuring community, which for a land of swords and wizardry is surprisingly poor. And yes, that's the story you people are about to embark on to-day: the story of a haunting, or rather the curing of it.
    Welcome.... To Barrow-Town!


    The setting of the story is the province of Hobart, a barony currently ruled by House Rondrall. It's medieval tech, with a fairly subtle system of deity-based magic, a la real life, or A Song of Ice and Fire. The system to be used is FATE core (with, naturally, a few modifications), and if you're interested in this rp and you don't know what it is, find it here:

    Anyway, the style of the roleplay is a little gritty, but mostly light-hearted, small-scale (no epic, world-saving events here!), and somewhat humorous. There is definitely gonna be a level of realism when it comes to social systems that's slightly more... annoying than in most roleplays (for example, some of your characters may find it rather difficult to communicate to the locals because of differing dialects), though I hope that that'll be part of the tale's charm instead of its weakness. The action is also gonna be rather relaxed, in the sense that most of the characters' actions will be rather small and subtle; this story will try to focus less on the spirit of high adventure and more on developing the characters and the setting.

    The setting is, once again, the barony of Hobart. It's a five-village barony with a peasantry majority, no nearby major towns, and a history that's rather rich in darkness. I've already developed some of it, including religion, culture, major players, general "look", and, in FATE terms, major issues, but these developments I won't really discuss much til' the story's commenced, for the sake of richness. I am, however, willing to answer any setting-related questions here, and also any suggestions with regards to what you want in the setting.

    Speaking of you, if you wanna join in, you better post yer character sheet here. I'm not gonna go into how to make the character sheet, as I'm assuming you're gonna follow the template discussed by the FATE core book, but here are the two major deviations from the chargen for this rp:

    1)The skills available. Instead of 18, there are only 15. These 15 are Melee, Missile, Burglary, Stealth, Physique, Athletics, Silvertongue, Ride, Resolve, Provoke, Crafts, Local Lore, Survival, Perception, and Philosophy. Notes on the skills:
    -Melee, Missile, and Resolve are Fight, Shoot, and Will renamed, respectively
    -Silvertongue is Deceive and Rapport fused together
    -Perception is Notice, Investigate, and Empathy fused together
    -Philosophy is magic, and all the knowledge related to it (such as history, theology, astronomy, et al.)
    -Survival is a catch-all for all the skills required in wilderness survival, such as setting up camp or hunting
    -Ride is for both riding and taming beasts
    -Local Lore determines a character's familiarity with a certain region. This is important for acquiring contacts, knowing certain important tales about a region, and, most important of all, understanding the locals' language/dialect.
    -Skill points invested in Crafts represent a craft the character is proficient in, such as Smithing or Book Illumination. One skill point per craft in Crafts represents a +2 to the craft if the craft is ever rolled for, although the amount of bonuses may not exceed the Crafts skill's total score.
    Set the skills in a pyramid akin to Vanilla FC.
    2)The function of resources in terms of buying and selling has been distributed to the communication skills, as buying and selling in a medieval society is generally a bit more complicated than just looking at the price tag and making a purchase; some haggling shall be done! The amount of wealth your characters have is defined by Wealth Stress, a new stress bar functioning like Physical and Mental stress which will receive blows for every failure you get in the same way the other stress bars do, and you may also get consequences related to wealth in the very same consequence list you use for the other kinds of conflict. Wealth stress is standard for everyone at two boxes, although the amount of boxes may increase/decrease if a character has certain aspects (eg, the "Living a hobo's lifestyle" aspect may decrease the amount of wealth stress boxes).

    Deviations from the rest of the system are to be discussed later. Also, the characters posted here would most definitely undergo changes before being used in the game so that they may better fit the story; that's part of this thread's point.

    Anyway, I guess that's all the information that's needed for now. Do note that this thread is just an introduction/character creation thread, so this thread will be closed once the OOC/IC (or rather, the OOG/IG, though that concept I'll explain in another post) is ready.
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