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  1. The Bartender:

    Name: Alexander "Lex" Kintersleen
    Age: 32
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Outer Personality: Friendly, charming, an all around good guy to be around
    Inner personality: Suffice to say a lot darker than he shows.
  2. Lilly "Lola" Smith
    Pole dancer
    She is a total sweetheart, even though, she can be seductive when she gets a pole.
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  3. Help Wanted

    The Tall Glass Bar

    Position needed: Bartender/entertainer

    Apply Inside​
  4. Lilly was walking on the streets because wanted to get a coffee, but as she passed the bar, she noticed they needed a person to work there. She smiled and went to go into the bar, looking around, she bit her lower lip thinking. Where shall she apply at? She gulped nervously, fixing her bright pink purse. She then looked around, and then said, " Excuse me sir.. I saw the sign you needed a new bartender and entertainer..." She looked around and saw one person. She went to him, " I would like to apply." She said softly.
  5. Lex looked up from wiping down the bar, the last customer had just left. "Uh, yeah, yeah, sure. My office is over there." he said, pointing to a door on the far wall. "Just let me finish up here, I'll meet you inside, alright?"
  6. Lilly looked over at him, and smiled, " Alright." She then looked at where he pointed. She nodded, she hen went to sit down in a chair in front of the desk waiting for him.
  7. After a few minutes, he walked into the office room and sat down behind the desk. "I'm Lex. It's nice to meet you miss...?" he wondered, extending his hand.
  8. Lilly sat in thinking. She bit her lower lip , Was this a good idea? HOw long will this guy be? Just as she thought of that, he came. She smiled, " I'm Lilly, People call me Lola for some odd reason." SHe smiled at him. "So what type of entertainer are you needing? Dancing?" She reached her hand out too, but it was so soft.
  9. "Yeah, I guess. Dancing, singing, whatever you can do. Anything to get some customers in here. Place hasn't seen anymore than the same six people since last month." came the reply. "What do you have to offer? Skill wise, I mean?"
  10. Lilly leaned back, " Well I can pole dance, and sing... " She smiled softly.She looked around, " You got two poles? I can show you. " She smiled softly.She looked around before seeing that there was two poles. She then smiled, she went to the pole bars.
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  11. Lex stroked his beard thoughtfully for a moment. "Pole dancing... Two poles? Yeah, I got some in the back. This place was a strip club before it got shut down. I kept the poles just in case. Let me go set 'em up. You're welcome to wait by the bar, if you want." he said, and left the office to get the poles.
  12. Lilly smiled and went to go and wait by the bar, she sat on it, waiting for him to come back with the poles. She looked over and around the place. She smiled softly. She was happy and excited.Once he got them set up, she went to start dancing ( Stop when she falls to the ground).She smiled after she was done breathing heavily. " So what do you think?"
  13. Lex nods and claps his hands. "Bravo, bravo. You got some skill. So, tell, me, Lilly, how well do you get along with people? I'm talking everyone from kind gentlemen to disgruntled old war vets and drunk, obnoxious bastards? The typical bar scene?" he ask, folding his arms across his chest.
  14. Lilly looked over at him. " I can talk to people various at the state, and know how to during what state they are in." She looked over at him, " oh and I am 24, so don' worry about the whole.... 21 thing.. I am past it. " She smiled.
  15. Lex laughs at the last comment. "That was my next question. How many hours do you think you'll be able to put in a week?"
  16. Lilly shrugged. " I am pretty open. so whenever you need me here." She said softly. She smiled looking down.
  17. "How's eleven to six, Monday through Friday sound? Can you do that?" he asked, getting back behind the bar to clean a glass.
  18. Lilly smiled softly, she was happy. She then nodded. " It sounds great!" She said, " So when do I start? IS there any uniform I have to wear or?"
  19. "Then you're hired." he smiled and set the glass down on the counter. "Well, I'll have to get some ads out there to attract people, so... Wednesday? As for the uniform, you're a pole dancer. Wear something sexy enough to attract people, but not so sexy that they forget that this is a bar."
  20. Lilly nodded. She needed to put all of this in her phone, then she smiled." Great! I'll see you here then." She smiled. She went to go and nodded. " Great!! "
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