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    Grimjaw walked passively under the moonlight, his thoughts plagued with that day. It had been a week since he found that bitch with that human. A human... How could she? At least it could have been another werewolf, but no, she went with a human. He wanted to kill that bastard so much, but it didn't worth it. She didn't worth it. Grim growled lowly and quicked a stone against a tree. He came out here to be away from his pack. They were all asking about her and he wasn't in the mood to be explaining what happened. He had to return to the hideout later to get some rest. It was just a bar but it was big enough for all the members and the alcohol relaxed them. A bunch of angry wolves wasn't something he wanted to deal with again. He had enough of his own anger to deal with.
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    Katia was out that evening. She was sitting underneath a tree, reading a book. She looks up at the sky, it was so beautiful, a light pink colour, mixed with yellow and orange. Evenings were always beautiful. She perked up when she sensed another wolf nearby, she closes her book and then stood up. This one sensed like a male, and alpha. She didn't belong to a pack, and was often by herself. She stood wanders over to where he was, hidden behind a tree. She watched his every move, not sure whether to say hi, or just look at him.
  3. A wave of air passed against him, moving his hair and clothes, but more important, bringing a new scent to him. He huffed annoyed with someone ruining his lone walk and in a split second he was gone, too fast for the eye to follow if you were paying close attention. The alpha was now behing a black haired girl, narrowing his eyes and bidding his claws once more. What a surprise, she wasn't a threat as he thought, but an annoyance. "Spying an alpha... Do you wish to die young?" He growled lowly and calmly, slipping a hand on the pocket of his pants. He was dressed with a white jacket with black in the inside and white long loose pants with a black belt at his waist, ending in black elegant shoes. His blue eyes analyzing her interested. A young wolf... All alone. What was she doing here?
  4. She quickly shook her head and moved slightly away from the tree, so he could see her more clearly. "No, I just saw you by yourself and wanted to see if you were okay and to greet you, that's all" She says and shrugs, moving away as she didn't want to be attacked by the what seemed, stronger alpha. She wondered what he was so annoyed about, but it didn't have much to do with her, so she decided not to ask.
  5. Grim stared at her for a moment after she spoke. See if he was okay? Greet him? Hmp... He didn't remember when was the last time someone cared about that, apart form his pack members of course. "Why would you care about that?" He turned around and continued with his walk. The evening was calm and warm, not like him. He glanced backwards at the girl and gave the tiniest of the smiles. "How long had you being a rogue?" It surprised him that a loner was walling around so relaxed and carelessly with so many packs around. Lone wolves didn't survive much on their own.
  6. Katia stopped walking and then started to follow him in his direction, " I just don't like to see people upset, that's all" She says, softly. "I've been alone for a while now, without a pack. It doesn't bother me, I like being by myself. It can be lonely from time to time, but I'm okay" She says and gave him a weak smile. "I'm guessing you're an alpha? It's so amazing to meet one".
  7. He listened to her quietly. Upset? No, he was angry. She was lucky she didn't find him a few days ago or this would have turned into a very different scenario. "Why did you chose to be alone? Haven't you thought about joining a pack?" And why did he cared? He should just return to with his pack and let her continue her life as she wishes. When she said it was amazing to meet him he couldn't suppress a chuckle. "Amazing? What it so amazing about it? Sometimes a just wish to be a rogue like you. Being an alpha simply means that you have work and the life of many in your hands. Every death is your fault, your responsibility."
  8. Katia shrugs lightly and wraps her arms around herself. "I don't know, I guess that's just how I've been living for a while now" She says. She looks over at him. "I'd love to join a pack, sometime though. It'd make a change" She says and giggles softly. "Of course it's amazing, I have so much respect for alpha's and what they do to look after their packs".
  9. "What about your family? Friends?" No one could live alone, all by themselves, for a long time. It was just lonely and annoying. Humans and wolves were social creatures, bound to make packs and societies, and they were both humans and wolves, the feeling and need to be around others was much greater. Now he understood why she was spying on him. Deep inside her she wanted to be with someone of her own race, just like he did when he was younger. He narrowed his eyes and glanced at her as she giggled. She looked so carefree and happy. Why? What was so great about life to think like that? He slid his hand on his face and over his hair as he thought. He could end up regretting this choice later. "Do you have where to sleep?"
  10. "When I got to an adult age, I wanted to be more independent. I see my family and few friends, here and there and love them dearly but I want to be independent" Katia shrugs. She was smiling weakly at him. She always wanted to have a positive attitude, no matter what happened. "I don't have a living arrangement, I usually just find somewhere and curl up by myself" She tells him.
  11. Well, at least she had family and friends to count with, but still he wondered why she decided to be all by herself. The world wasn't all pink and calm, it can turn dangerous and cold. He stopped and looked at her once more. She was smiling again. Why? Her life couldn't be that perfect. It was strange for him to smile. With her next answer, he sighed again and stopped. "If you trust me by now you can come with me. But that will be your decision."
  12. She looks up at him and them nods. "Yeah, I'd really like that! If you wouldn't mind of course. Thank you!" She says and giggles softly, waiting for him to show her where he lived. She nuzzles him gently, as of a friendly gesture to show him that she was grateful.
  13. Grim stood quiet with his joy bursting in front of his narrowed eyes. "If I would mind, I wouldn't have proposed it." He was about to walk again when she nuzzled him, making him widen his eyes both confused and annoyed. He let out a low growl in warning and waited for her to let go before walking again. "I own a bar not far for him, it is located in the front side of an inn and there are rooms and bathrooms at the back and the upper floors. My packs lives there as well. Be careful, they can be dogs some times. We will look for an empty room to get you in." He glanced at her and looked she simply had a book in her hands. "Do you have something else on your belongings than a book?"
  14. Katia frowns lightly, wow, he sure was short tempered and rather angry. She looks down at her book and shrugged. "No, not really. I only have this one book" She says and giggles softly to herself. When she was leaving home, she didn't know what to take with her on her lone journey. She loved to read a lot, and she decided to bring a book on nature and exploring the world, the book had tons of facts, beautiful images of nature and so many interesting things to learn about. Her great grandmother gave it to her, and she was very grateful for the book. She clutched the book close and smiles gently. "Ah, okay. Thanks" She says, nodding at what he said. She wondered what the other members of the pack were like.
  15. "You will put your part by working at the bar or hunting. With that money you can buy clothes and whatever you want. If you need me I'm on the last floor." He crossed the street and turn left to reach a 4 levels stone black bar with wooden old doors and windows. As he opened the door and crossed the bar, everyone turned owfully quiet as they saw Grim passing. There were mostly humans drinking their last beers, not sure about what Grim was but knowing we to jot get in his way. He went to the stairs at one corner and climbed them up as he gave a balance to a woman bartender behind the bar. "Close in one hour, Kate". She smirked and nodded before continue cleaning some glasses. On the second floor there were several rooms, most with the door closed but he sent her directly to the third floor. It was a bit more empty with just a few rooms taken. " what is your name?" He realized he haven't heard her name jet and he hasn't given his. "Kate is the beta. You can also go with her if you have a problem. Ask her if you can help her." He went to a door close to the stair to the forth floor and took the key resting on the doorflame. Opening it, he let her step in to see it. The window gave to the front street and the bed was already done with gray and white sheets. There was a closet, a nighstand table with a lamp and its own bathroom with shampoo and soap ready. He gave her the key and walked outside without another word.
  16. Katia entered the room. It was pretty basic, but she shouldn't complain. She was incredibly grateful, but there was so many rules to play by. She was so used to living with freedom, and being able to do what she wanted. Then again, she could give this life a go. She looks over at him. "I'm Kaita. Thanks" She says. She watches him leave and then held the key in her hand, putting it on her nightstand. She curls up on her bed, book in hand. She read a few pages, and then gazes out of the window with a sigh, this was all so new to her, she hoped the others would like and get along with her.
  17. He nodded at her without a words when she thanked him, not even saying his name in response. He closed her door and walked upstair to the forth floor. Half of that floor was his own apartment when the other half was the balcony were he could watch whoever enters the bar and around their position. He had a small table and four seats outside were he usually read or even fell asleep. He also had a huge coffin inside his room with with all kinds of weapons in case anything happenes. He went to a small kitchen at one side and served himself a glass of water before going to his room. He took a shower, changed himself into just a pair of black pants, and went outside to continue reading. It was an old Spanish book that read 'Torturas Mentales se la CIA'. Funny thing was that he couldn't really concentrate himself as be was reading the same sentence over and over again. His mind not focusing on its words but in the new member just a flood under him.
  18. Katia woke up the following morning and then wanders outside with her book. Today, she heard was the day everyone want hunting, but she just didn't want to go. She didn't want to go by any rules, she wanted to do whay she wished to do. Instead, she watched the others from afar, reading her book. She had no interest in hunting, anyhow.
  19. Grim once again fell asleep outside on his chair. It was comfortable but not like his bed. It had been a long time since he enjoyed a nap, and this last week had been a living hell. Damn it. How could he even allowed himself to pass such a bad time because of a woman? He was sick of it. At least he could distract himself with his pack. With the sun rising he started to wake up as it hit right into his face. The book fell to the floor and he opened his eyes. Rubbing his face tiredly, he leaned down to pick it up and then go change.

    Using just a pair or black shorts, he jumped down to the street from the balcony where the rest of the pack was waiting for him to go hunt. He didn't need much clothes as he was going to shift into his wolf form later. He looked up at Katia's window and encountered her looking at then as well. Giving a very tiny smile and knowing look at her, he turned around and walked to the forest with the rest.
  20. Katia smiles gently back at him and then stood up, deciding to take a tour around the apartment more, and maybe the forest surroundings. She heads out of her room and then takes a look around, everything was so basic, without the pack indoors, it was all so quiet. She soon headed outside and then looks around. Outside was less basic, yet so beautiful. She sat by a stream, curled up. She places her fingers into the water, it was so cool and refreshing.

    She looks over at the pack from a distance, not sure whether to go over and introduce herself properly, but what would they think of her?
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