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  1. Hiya! I made a fantasy race known as Bargest! I sadly have no illustration of them ;-; I'm hoping of someone (for free) would like to illustrate them for me! I several images on my phone and computer to help even further! I hope you even accept, whoever views this! I'm using an image as an illustration for the Bargest atm, but I wish to use something with more detail. Anyways, if ya want to do an illustration for them, just say so. :3
  2. I'm not the best with drawing, but I can try!
    May I see the reference pictures you already have?
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  3. Alright!

    C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_3awYwEK.jpg

    Just like that helmet, their jaw has plates that make em look like they could shovel dirt with it. The e,d of those plates has a strong ivory growth , actually 3 line the jaw, pointing slightly upward. Their face is elongated, kinda like an animalistic way, but remember slanted so the lower jaw looks to be giant almost.

    @DJae Writer Chick

    This is their basic "bulk size" . Bargest are a bulky, tall and strong race. They have four eyes, a slanted face with a massive lower jaw. Two tough calcium plates line their lower jaws, making it kinda... Here, ill show ya

  4. Their muscularity is rather... Large, considering they spent most of their existence trying to brutally murder ea h other.
  5. Okie dokes~ I'll get to work and try to upload progress images as I go~
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  6. I'm not sure if it attached or not, but that's my progress so far v~v

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  7. It did, but I can't view.
  8. Well this is conundrum. Just frabjous.
  9. I'm sorry v~v
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  10. It's okay, no worry. I'm used to incapable receptions. It's not your fault, and there really is no need to be sorry sweetie. Anyways, God bless you and give you excellence. If you uhm, want, I could probably do something for you? I mean, I'm 14 but I can be of some use.

    @DJae Writer Chick
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