BARFIGHT 2! Razing The Bar

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  1. OK BITCHES!! BARFIGHT!!! *drinks tea out of a whiskey tumbler*

  2. *bouncers drag Porg away for being underaged*
  3. *WMD skulls a bottle of vodka, then spear tackles asmo's neck*
  4. John

    He chuckled as he turned into Blair's neighborhood.
  5. John

    "Alright, just call me and then I'll be able to call you back when it's time to meet up." He leaned back and stopped whispering. "Hey Belle, you can come back now." He turned back to Blair. "Do you have any questions for us about Cloak or anything?"
  6. Ray

    "Agreed. I love Baltimore in the winter. I'm honestly surprised we haven't gotten much snow yet."


    "I know right. I heard Baltimore snowed for several months of the year."
  7. Carrie

    (I can have Bearskin try to attack the assistants if you'd like Alex)

    I follow after her and notice the dead locks are broken. I curse rapidly under my breath and shake my head "My guess is either we've been broken into or the kids did something very, very stupid." I swallow nervously. "This is no good."


    "Dang straight." I tell her with a broad grin and I hop back into the seat. I peek at my own "Cheers madam." I offer my muffin to bounce against hers


    I pout slightly and relent "Okay okay. Sorry Ri." I grin at her innocently and I wink at her again
  8. Itzlie
    (Oh yes bear skin should!)
    Carrie had followed me, I frown and shake my head seeing the door.
    "We...need to fix this fast before something happens." I say," hopefully it's only this....nevermind."
    I see that a couple doors were broken and sighed
    "Why break mutiple doors...they could have at least just broke one." I comment

    (What should they be doing..they are close so should they hear something inside?)

    I smiled and picked up my muffin and bounced it against his. This was nice...
    "So when do you think we should head back?" I asked him as I then take a bite out of my muffin. I was enjoying this date but it would be better not to stay out to long before they noticed especially during a lock down

    (Ok redo)
    I had my gear ready and sneak into the house with the others It was prety easy to get in as some of the doors had been broken. Moving swiftly Ii was careful not to make to much sound. I am not afraid of them seeing me but I did have to move fast before my power stoped. I look around for targets. I had read the files and had to be careful with taking this these kids because of cause they weren't your normal kids.
    (Were are Nellie, Penelope, and Jacqueline/Jack?)

    He pouts and I rolled my eyes.
    "Stop being so dramatic you aren't going to die from not teasing me." I say sticking out my tongue at him
    "Besides you're lucky I like you..if anyone else would have joked like that I would have possessioned them." I then say jokingly
  9. Demi

    A huge wave of relief and shock floods me. Fuck, I really didn't expect her to say she trusts me so quickly, but I guess I'd do the same in her position. I just want this bastard down for the count already. I quickly stumble back and latch a hand onto Helen's arm.

    "Hold your breath. It'll be over fast," I whisper. I don't give her a chance to react.

    I do this to myself all of the time, so much that it's just instinctual now. It's not exactly a hard thing to do in the first place but God does it come in handy. I swear none of my hits would be anywhere strong enough to dent this guy if it wasn't for it. I focus on Helen's skeletal structure and make it three times as dense. The sensation doesn't hurt--the most she should feel is a pinch and slightly heavier.

    There, now she should be able to hit as hard as five men.

    I let her go just in time to block another punch from psycho soldier. I grunt under his strength before rocketing my head forward to ram bones into his face. I hear a satisfying crack and he stumbles back again, shaking his head. "Helen! Beat his ass and I'll block for you." I shoot her a smirk through the bone mask. "I've got your back."
  10. Helen

    My eyes widen as she latches onto my arm and tells me to hold my breath. Before I have a chance to, I feel a pinch. It suddenly feels like someone has hung weights on my shoulders and I realize she made my skeleton more dense. I wasn't sure if I should be horrified or amazed. Either way, a small grin grows on my face.

    "Thanks Dem." I wink at her and I reach out for his collar. Once I have a good grasp i curl up my fist and aim for his throat. I know that may hurt him more than I'd like, but right now I don't care. I want him to get away from us.
  11. *german suplex's a horse onto the bar, breaking the horse in half, throwing confetti everywhere*

  12. Belle

    "Thank God Joey was there! You know sometimes I love that British bastard," she grinned. Blair tilted her head

    "You two have had a lot of adventures huh?"

    *A rapper in dreadlocks suddenly appears in the background, singing "motherfuckeeeer~"*

    Genocide cutters's Orochi with a two hit combo.
  14. *walks into the bar, stepping over bodies and around brawlers*

    *buffs badge a little*

    *orders a Guinness and turns around on the stool to watch*
  15. Hidden
    I managed to push them down the stairs...he managed not fall down the stairs like I wanted. This guy tries to kick me again but I dodged them easily as they weren't able to see me. This person was more interesting then I though. I grabbed a bookcase that was in the upstairs hall and roll it down the stairs to crush them. If they managed to dodge that then I would just come down and hit them again. I don't stop as I hear more of the kids coming...seems like I would have to cut this fun even shorter to take care of them after this kid. He was holding up well but didn't seem like he would last to long anyways.
    (Ok thank you glad you think so)

    I had tried to warm then before but I bite my lip as Winnie comes in. I also noticed that there was a person I didn't even recognize on the floor and gulped (Dead shot). I also see this guy (Jack) standing at the bottom of stairs not looking to good. Winnie grabbed my hand and I pulled her close
    "Stay..close to me ok?" I say to her trying to be calm, I am not even sure whats happening. I then see a huge book case flying down the stairs towards the boy.

    My eyes widen and I tried to take everything in..I couldn't believe this
    "What's going on.."I say seeing an unconscious body and a guy. I then see the bookcase and my eyes widen
    "Watch out!" I yelled to the guy," Get down!"
    I used my fire power to quickly burn the wooden bookcase as it came down being careful not to burn the guy
    (Don't want Hidden to actually kill him)
    "Oh my god that worked and I didn't burn the house down." I say relieved. I then looked over and don't see anyone..who the heck pushed down the book case.
    (haha hes like..."Oh it it worked. I could have burned down the place but it worked!" XD)

    I blinked surprised not knowing whats going on.
    "What!" I say getting up," If there is a problem I want to go with you.."

    I laughed then rolled my eyes again. Did I enjoy him teasing me...I don't know
    "Who says I enjoy you teasing me?" I then say sticking out my tongue at him," You are delusional."
    "Alright then...anyways lets get to cleaning before Warren gets back." I then say getting up

    *wings baseball bat with PRECISION and cracks a homerun on Paorou* Ping!
  17. *TK comes in and tackles Amp*

  18. Eve

    I cannot help wincing at the loud groan from Demi. After a moment of what seemed like silent contemplation, or perhaps just her planning my murder in the very near future, she offers a reply. It sounds more forced than should be natural, should the grumble be any hint, and I cannot help but feel as if silence would be preferable to any small-talk I could offer.

    So, I do not offer any sort of response as I push myself out of the chair and wander towards the wall. Placing a hand against it, I allowed my fingers to guide me until I found a window. If I cannot talk, I may as well practice my powers while I had nothing else to do. I may need them.

    Hopefully, either the window opened easily or someone had a pet, potted plant.
  19. *WMD goes MORTAL KOMBAT! on Karsikan, jumping in the air and kicking the shit out of GK's faces*
    sorry bro, to violence agaisnt women, Ausralia says nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  20. *is tackled by TK, hits the floor and explodes into a pack of furious kangaroos*