Barfight 2.0

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  1. what up all
  2. Ok. :)
  3. Hey how did you do the photo?
  4. Click insert edited photo just like you would in a thread post and you can insert the image that way.
  5. I upload files not insert
  6. i just copied the image from Google and pasted it
  7. yes
  8. Dang ett, Bomb. : |
  9. ok
  10. Well, the path seems clear (that's a pun)

    Jason and I will be working on an update for... probably tomorrow.
  11. Anya took off the head band and comb through the hair, "We have weird mothers."
  12. Read :)
  13. What powers?

    Being able to act as a functional, complete human being?

    Because I never had that anyway. Plus I have an AR-15, so, I mean, monsters can come at me all they want. But they won't because nothing is more terrifying than the area I live in.
  14. oh hay.

    it me.


    melawn (open)
  15. hiya melon
  16. * tries to revive you anyway*

  17. Anya sent a different bartender to them as she serve the others.

    Some of the creatures in the club were watching them carefully.

    "I sense demons here.. and some of... the.." Kunari sigh, she never liked calling them fallen angels.
  18. "That's fine." Harmony chuckle.
  19. this group argues over strange things