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  1. This world is different to the one you know. Machines are fuelled by steam, enabling great ships to fly through the endless skies almost effortlessly. Buildings loom over the world, stretching up and forever expanding. Humans have accomplished many feats in the many ages of this world but with that comes compromises, the not so desirable achievements. Humans have 'acquired' abilities that rank them above the average everyday human. The only way to tell them apart are the barcodes tattooed onto their skin, some more noticeable than others. The barcodes, instead of numbers, have a specific name relating to their unique powers, a dead giveaway of what each is capable of and their threat level. You must be careful to hide your barcode AT ALL TIMES. Staying alive is your main priority. Serve your kin well.
    I'm looking to go more in depth with this but just wanted to get this sneak peek up to gain some interest from you lovely people. I'll be posting update regularly as i write them.

    Heldred (open)

    (Left - Odwyn/Middle - Ide/Right - Fruthelm)
    (Fruthelm - Capital City)
    Our cities are small yet vast, built on small clusters of land between the rivers that flows within our walls. What resides within these walls is called Heldred though there are many individual cities that make up this district. Fruthelm is the largest of all the cities, making it the capital. Ide resides in the middle, connected to Fruthhelm by a small bridge and is better known as the trade district. Odwyn mainly consists of residential buildings, though is only accessible by traveling over the river or by air. We have designed Odwyn to accompany as many humans as possible, without becoming too overly crowded. The slums are by the waters edge, usually the most common area for crime. Above that, on the lower levels is relatively safe for families and children. What is beyond the safety of our walls you might ask?
    (Cerd - Wasteland surrounding Heldred)
    Wastelands surround us, filled with course sands and jagged rocks. Once you enter this barren land there is no turning back and certain death awaits you. There is something out there but we dare not speak of it.
    The Virus (open)

    (Odwyn Slums)
    In Odwyn people began to go missing. We didn't notice this until the slums grew less and less as more people disappeared and by the time the news reached Fruthhelm it was far too late. They had already succeeded.
    (Shorai - Human experimentation Laboratory)
    Located under Ide was a Laboratory dedicated to 'improving' humans in ways we still are yet to understand. Many people were either killed here, or worse changed. Those who were unlucky enough to be mutated into these unrecognisable creatures were deemed 'failed experiments' and cast into Cerd, where they still reside.
    These creatures can not be reasoned with. They can not be controlled. Their only instinct is to kill trespassers that wander onto their territory.
    Elemental Powers (open)

    (The 5 Elements)
    The ability to harness and wield this element is difficult, causing the few successful experiments to be gifted with this either scar themselves or worse. Fire is ruthless, harming even its wielder but is truly a force to be reckoned with. Those who wield this power are able to create sparks by striking their fingers together and in turn using them to born their flames.
    Considered the most harmless Element, wielders of this are able to control the water that surrounds them, provided they are in physical contact with it, which in Heldred is not hard as over half this enclosed city is separated by water. Though it is considered harmless, wielders with extensive training with this Element know it is anything but.

    The Element of the planet, breathing life into all that is, both beautiful and deadly. Wielders constantly draw strength from the dirt and trees that they come in contact with, able to breath life into the dead and heal what is broken.
    The most uncontrollable and unpredictable Element, usually in control of its Wielder. This destruction is all around us though we cannot see it and yet we are aware of its presence. It is so deadly that the few experiments that harnessed this ability had to be kept in isolation.

    There were only ever 3 of these created, the most valuable experiments. Wielders of this are able to not only control the Spirit Element but one other. No matter which other Element they posses they are able to create it using their Spiritual energy. This is a unique ability allowing them to link themselves with the spirit of animals or weaker minded humans, though using this Element can render ones self drained, often causing them to faint after they exert a large amount of energy.
    Fumei (open)
    The Elemental powers were the more common of the seemingly endless abilities that the experiments harboured. It could range from almost anything, though all these powers always seemed to have a downside. Still not perfect enough for the Shorai scientists, they continued their research, often killing the experiments because of their persistence. No matter how much they tried the humans that they had collected from Odwyn seemed to be incapable of handling their new abilities, resulting in these flaws.

    But what was the cause of this?

    Numerous research logs were seized as evidence before Shorai was destroyed, revealing that some humans had the ability to absorb an unknown power called 'Fumei'. This is still yet to be confirmed.

    We have assigned two scientists to this new discovery to confirm whether it does in fact exists. You can understand how crazy all this sound, it is like something out of a fictional story. Hopefully we'll get some answers soon...
    CS (open)
    Fantastic! Lets get this started shall we?
    Name: (First and last - Nicknames optional)
    Apperance: (Picture AND description please)
    Barcode name and location:
    Strengths: (Maximum of 4)
    Weaknesses: (Minimum of 2)
    Backstory: (Include how they became an experiment)
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  2. Sounds pretty cool, looking foward to updates :)
  3. Indeed. This is interesting, though barcodes reminds me of a game franchise I am quite fond of. XD
    Other then that, looking forward to some new information.
  4. Definitely interested! :3
  5. @Akashi Really? Not familiar with it. I pulled some good elements out of other RPs that i was interested in and crammed it all together in this one with my own personal flare of course.
  6. the only thing that is famliar is the barcode. He is a Hitman. Mainly Hitman 47 with a barcode on the back of his head. That is the only similarity. xD
  7. *Light bulb* I remember someone telling me about that!
  8. Update bump
    More to come!
  9. You have some really interesting cities there. Would be nice to see where you take this.
  10. It is all mapped out in my head. Will hopefully have the next update up by tonight titled 'The Virus'.
  11. Update bump.
  12. That's the first thing I thought of when I saw the name of this thread. X3
  13. @Insanity It was totally unintentional although i have heard of Hitman i didn't steal it from that.
  14. Lol, Khaleesi. Not saying you have. It's just a coincidence. I mean there are plenty of RPs here which are coincidentally similar to other things out there.
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  15. Hm... How will the powers be decided?
  16. That'll be explained in the next tab once i have time to type it out but the powers will be pretty flexible to match any character, allowing you to create a unique character.
  17. Wow! Cool concept you got there! It's pretty original to me.
  18. This sounds like it could be quite interesting. I will be keeping an eye out for when this gets off the ground.
  19. I'm keeping an eye on this. It looks quite interesting, though the contrast of digital age barcodes and a rather steampunk world is quite new to me. Perhaps you could shed some light on the subject?
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