Barbie is now a Weeaboo

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If my daughter wants a doll with tats, it's not going to be some Bulimic Poser!

But hasn't Barbie had tats before?
I just want the cactus wearing animal she has. That thing is boss. o:

Couldn't care less about the doll~
It disgusts me how Barbie, who was suppose to be a role model icon toy thing for all girls to want to be independent, awesome women with careers and stuff, is lookin' anorexic thin.
I can just hear the cries of little girls everywhere who do not fit this mold.
Oh snap wait, that's just me. 8D
and Meg Griffin from family guy.
It grates me every single day that my daughters own dolls that teach them anorexia is accepted and approved by society.
"Tokidoki's new Barbie could be one, given the tats she sports. The inked doll, who also comes with a black skull-and-bones tee shirt, leopard leggings and a pale pink bob"

You might as well be calling her Hot Topic Barbie.
I miss old Hot Topic where I could find fun corset tops. Of course that was before Steampunk was trendy. Now it's all Twilight and recapturing the 80s and, ah shit I'm old!

Um yeah Barbie with tats, no biggie.
I went to Hot Topic when it was cool, too. We're not that old...
I'm a girl that grew up and loved Barbie, and not once did I ever look at her thinking "omg I need to be thin and hot like Barbie!" ...She was a DOLL and I was smart enough to recognize that. XD It helps that the "one thing" my parents did right was making sure I knew the difference between "Not real" and "real".

Toys, just like tv and video games require good parents teaching their kids the difference between what is fake and just for pretend, and what reality is supposed to be like. D:

...besides, if you're gonna hate on a doll, hate on BRATZ. >< They're named Bratz of all things! At least Barbie has careers! T__T Bratz are just bratz!
I was smart and knew the difference..
But it didn't change how the media messes with my brain on what is acceptable and what is not.
I wanna move to mars.

And I had a Bratz doll.
They were so funny lookin.

i liked my barbies better, I learned to be diverse! Had all their heads ripped off by my lovely brother so i'd just pop them on any random body they would fit! : D

And you should be worried about ken more boys....ken teaches us that boys really have no balls...or genitalia for that matter o_o
Bratz make me mad.
But anyway.
Barbie with tats is... I don't know.
It seems a little bit "old" for the audience I associate with Barbie, but perhaps that's just me.
Bitch bitch bitch.

That's all I hear from you!

Ghandi says "Be the change that you wish to see in the world." Or soemthing like that.

...oh wait, wasn't he ultra thin too?

My mind. It is blown.