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  1. Can't seem to find time for those Chat Roleplays? You know, the ones that last for a good portion of the day?

    Or can you only stay for a couple of hours and leave in the middle of the roleplay?

    Fret no more, for the solution comes in...

    Bar Night.


    It works like this:
    You, the roleplayer, show up in the Mysterious Bar during the posted Shop Hours. Unlike the Chat Rp events, Bar Nights only last for a few hours. I will be acting as the Bartender, with several other people I've assigned playing 'the Staff' i.e. the Janitor or the Bouncer.

    You are welcome to use your Username as your Character


    You may choose to make up your own.

    The beauty of Bar Night is you can come as any genre specific character and perhaps expand on this character as more and more Bar Nights take place. However I ask that you bring characters suitable to the night's theme. If it's a night devoted to humor, I encourage characters who are kooky and silly. If it's serious, please be willing to work with whatever plot I have on hand. These themes will be announced when I've posted the shop hours on this thread.

    You can play a God/Goddess/Demi-God character but because you are in the Bartender's realm, your powers will not work. This is to prevent power play and keep everyone on a somewhat level playing field.

    The Genre is a Unified Genre, meaning you can come in as a Modern, SciFi, or Fantasy character. Your character arrives by finding a door in their world/plane of existence and once they step inside they find themselves in the bar. An odd concept, but this allows everyone to play whatever character they wish.

    I ask that you follow these rules:

    - You may not impersonate another member as it is against Site Policy. Doing so will result in you being kicked out of Bar Night and you will also be sent an Official Warning by the Staff.

    - Share the spotlight. Don't clog the Rpbox with a ton of posts. Be patient, and wait for your partners to post.

    - If there is a plot happening, work with it! Remember, this has to be enjoyable for everyone.

    - Please don't use Chat speak. This is still a roleplay after all, so use your best grammar and punctuation.

    - This is PG-13. If you want it steamy, go to the Steambox.​
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  2. The next Bar Night will be hosted on March 28th 6-9 PM Central Time in the Mysterious Bar Roleplay. This will be a Serious Roleplay. The theme for the night is...

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  3. No, that is not creepy at all. Yes, I will behave myself. No, you will not get to know what I am planning.
  4. Nor will you know what nefarious things we are planning, @Lstorm
  5. I'll definitely think about joining tonight's bar night. owo
  6. Can anyone tell me where the chatroom is? I can't seem to find it ^^;
  7. For everyone interested, Bar Night starts in the RP Bar Chatbox in about 25 minutes! All are welcome to join. There are no age restrictions.

    Be there!
  8. A big thank you to @fatalrendezvous and @Malkuthe Highwind for helping out with tonight's Bar Night. I hope those who participated had a wonderful time. If you're anxious to find out what happens next, stay tuned for the second part!


    The Bartender and her patrons have been taken to Hell, where the mysterious Lettie has trapped the party in a lava filled arena. Forced to wait for her return, the party must somehow get along, and perhaps squeeze the truth out of the Bartender.

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  9. um is there a specific time this gose on everyday or something? New to all this sorry the place sounds really awesome though.
  10. There is no specific time that this goes on every day. There are specific dates and times that are announced by Zen that are set aside for Bar Nights. Usually they're during the weekends, Friday/Saturday/Sunday, 6:00–9:00 PM Server Time[Central Standard Time, UTC-5:00]
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  11. [​IMG]

    Dr Johnson
    An misguided fool
    A fabulous Actor
    He will be sorely missed.
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  12. The next Bar Night Event will be on April 25th from 6-9 PM Central Time in the Mysterious Bar. We will be continuing from where we left off, although new players are welcome!
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  13. Ok then I will be sure to come thn
  14. I'm... not gonna make it. ;_;
  15. Apologies for the inconvenience, but Zen has just informed that today's Bar Night is cancelled, likely to be moved to a later date!
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