Bar Night: The Ilium Edition

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  1. This is a special edition of Bar Night, requested by the players from Ilium. This is a PRIVATE roleplay, and you may only play your character from the mass roleplay Ilium.

    This event will take place on November 14, 2014 @ 6-9 PM Central Time in the Mysterious Roleplay Bar.

    The theme for this night is...


    If you are not familiar with Bar Night, here's how this roleplay works.

    In your character's universe -- in this case it is Illium -- your character finds a mysterious door. Upon opening this door they find themselves in a rustic, homely Bar. It is run by a slender brunette Bartender wearing a black dress, who generously gives out drinks. Of course, she'll answer all of your questions regarding your whereabouts, and all she asks in return is that you make conversation with those in the Bar.

    Unfortunately... a regular day at the Bar tends to be quite eventful.

    To make this night interesting all current politics, emotions, and plots regarding Ilium will be played out. Whether this night dissolves into fighting, hilarity, or tense negotiations will be up to the players. We will take off from the last current posts. If your character is dead in this roleplay and you wish to join, notify me and I'll try to figure something out.
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Given my circumstances I won't be able to participate but I will definitely read the logs!
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  4. Noooooo

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  5. She will be making some minor appearances.


    Hey @Asmodeus and @Tegan You wanna barge into this one?
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  6. Why does this have to be on a Tuesday!? I wanna play... Ah, well. Chelena may be making a brief appearance if I get home in time.
  7. It is on a Friday...?
  8. ... That definitely was an 11 the last time I looked... :faint:
  9. ...



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  10. *scratches head*

    So here are some options...

    1. Karissa is a ghost
    2. You play Karissa as if she's lived this entire time and try to figure out how she's handled everything.

    Other than that I'm not sure what else you can do.
  11. Just one character?

    *Looks between the Nu coat and the Ironblood coat*


    And...Is this going to be an Alternate Universe setup? Do we have to be caught up on the current plot?
  12. Alternate universe set up. I am asking people to be caught up to the current plot to make things intereeting. Although Nu is... Preoccupied atm. Youll have to ask Unanun whats going in with her.

    I can change the rules around to make this less confusing for everyone. Although this current set up seems to be the less confusing one.
  13. Where's Sprig these days?
  14. Uuuuugh, actually now that I think about it. I shouldn't do this roleplay. Though I really really wanna.

    Not to sound obnoxious, but we are balls deep in writing the web series based on Ilium right now, and are almost ready to start posting it. We already can't read the main roleplay to prevent further inceptions (more than we already have). So I gotta back out, so my brain doesn't get confused.

    Sorry. ;_;
  15. Sprig is in purgatory, the place where forgotten characters go. It is impossible for me to write everything myself :<. I have been making liberal use of this pocket dimension.
  16. Two words: LAZY.
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  17. >:(
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  18. Well some people were able to form a biumverate.
  19. No worries Tegan. I completely understand. ^^
  20. i posted an app but i'm not in can i come watch.