Bar Night: A Night with the Divine

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    The look of the Bar was completely redone, tossing out the rustic, comfy feel to a modern, sophisticated and slightly flashy look. It was a look that the Bartender was fairly proud of and she was beaming from the redecorating. Behind the counter once more, the Goddess of Socializing is busying herself with a console that's opened up inside her counter. She's fumbling with some wiring, sparks flying every which way. Perhaps the woman should have worn a mask to protect her face but it's too late now. She wipes a bead of sweat from her forehead then says,


    She shoves the masses of wires back into the box, then quickly closes the counter, hiding it from her patrons. The Bartender reaches to a lever one that is grouped together with the levers attached for her drinks. As she pulls it, the entire Bar shakes, rocks back and forth and hisses, but the Goddess doesn't look too frightened. In fact she's grinning like a mad woman.

    Soft jazz music starts to play from a mysterious source. Glasses lined on the counter suddenly fill with vodka and Hennessy shots, and an empty tray on the table isn't empty anymore; it's filled with hors d'oeurvres, martinis, and colorful jello shots. However what makes the Bartender's grin grow wider is the low powerful hum that fills her Bar. She looks towards the door which glows golden, the light reflecting in her excited eyes. The Bartender knows from this occurrence that her Bar has opened random doors in the mortal world where humans will have another chance to come in and socialize. And tonight will be extra special - They'll be meeting Gods and Goddesses! Suddenly she tears through her temple, whooping at the top of her lungs.


    As her back is turned, an odd device appears on top of one of the Bar stools.

  2. A tree sprouts up in the corner of the room and grows to bloom with beautiful white and purple flowers as Vis stepped out of its trunk. He crossed his arms and looked around as the tree grew old, died, and withered into nothing behind him. He walked to the bar and leaned against the well there next to it.
  3. It was the end of the day, the shop was closed and he had dressed to impress, he was looking forward to socializing. Orlando noticed a flash of light appear in his peripherals and looking over to his left he saw a strange black door appear in his shop. Smiling he grabbed his wallet slipping it into his back pocket as he pushed open the door. A Bar appeared and he briefly wondered why he was invited tonight. Stepping up to the bar he ordered a drink and looked around him. Spotting a man leaning against the wall Orlando shrugged and waited for more people to show up.
  4. Sarah was walking down the street, her mood dark, here she was for once dressed up and ready to hit a bar for the first time in a long while and her friend got sick, sure it wasn't her fault and Sarah wasn't angry at her friend, more at the universe that saw it fit to ruin her evening. The evening was warm and quiet, only the clapper of her high heels pierced the air, she was wearing a dark blue tank top and skinny black jeans and for the occasion she had even added make up and some earrings and it had all been for nothing. Muttering to herself Sarah contuinued down the well known street not paying much attention at first but she soon started looking at the surroundings more, a habit she could never get rid off. That's when she saw a door, it was not a strange place to see a door in, along a road of now closed stores, but Sarah could have sworn that the door had not been there earlier, hesitating in front of the simple door her curiosity took over and she stepped over and opened it.

    Inside was a bar, modernistic looking with music playing and with two guys by the bar, frowing Sarah wondered how she could have missed a new place opening or if they had not advertised much. Heading for the bar she guessed the lack of people must be because the place opened at this time in the evening and more people would come soon. "Could I get a beer please," she asked the bartender when she had the womans attention, perhaps a booring drink for a bar night but she preferred that to stronger drinks as she tended to have a low tolerance for stronger alcohol. "Is this place new or have I just missed it so far?" Sarah asked the bartender curiously.
  5. "Vis! Oh so good to see you! How long has it been? One hundred, two hundred years? You're looking awfully... Stoic. I suppose that's your nature. Oh! Hahaha, I made a funny! Get it your 'nature'! This is going to be a marvelous night let me assure you. I put out all of the stops for this event."

    She strolled merrily back to her bar, pouring the God of Nature a drink of ale, which she happily handed to him.

    "So my first guest of the eve - Why hello!"

    The Bartender frowned, quickly assessing the man. "Oh my goodness you're a human! Yes yes, um Vis, interact with the human won't you? There needs to be much interacting! More talking, more conversations, GIVE ME ENERGY!"

    Two jello shots promptly appeared in their hands, courtesy of the Bartender who was standing in front of them.

    "Well get intoxicated. Come on!"

    Spotting Sarah, the Bartender gave her a Chesire Cat smile. "Beer? Oh I suppose I could give you that." Hiding behind her counter, the Goddess poured the woman her order, but sneakily added into a shot of Hennessy. "Here you go! And just so everyone knows, everything is on the house tonight! Drink to your hearts' content.... So long as you socialize as well."

    Dreamily, the Bartender propped her elbows on her counter, resting her chin in her palms. Her gaze was on Sarah, as if some sort of agenda was on the Bartender's mind.

    "Sooo, introduce yourselves humans. I am the Bartender. You may call me the Bartender, or Bar Keep, but please don't call me Barista. Starbucks coined that name for their coffee markers. Ew, gross, don't call me that - you know I hate that word don't you Vis? Of course you do dear."

    A moment of awkward silence passed.

  6. I had to promise Bartender that I would come tonight. Sawyer fixed a couple dreads as she looked in the mirror. What the hell was I thinking saying yes to her. She leaned in close to the mirror and spread some gloss around her lips. I would much rather keep the company of mere mortals than mingle with anything immortal. Shaking her head a bit, she turned on her heel and as she walked through the doorway, she twitched her hand slightly. That simple twitch made it so the room that was her living, turned into the bar.

    With that being done, she just strode right up to the bar, glancing at a few of the guests. Ahhh.. the hippie. She smirked, shooting a glance over at Vis. That guy needs to loosen up! So stiff.

    "Hey, Vis! It is a shame I missed your entrance! Haven't seen you for a long time!" Sawyer said sweetly, shooting him a cute smile. "Looking good!"

    After she looked away from him, she kinda rolled her eyes, the smile fading just as quickly as it appeared. Finally, she made it to the bar where she hoisted herself on top of it, making herself comfortable with her legs crossed at the knee. Letting out a rather bored sigh, she glanced around the room. Human, human, god, god, god. So uneven. Gods are so boring.

    "Bartender, made it like I promised! I would never want to pass up a fun time!" She said brightly, a smile just as bright painted across her face.

    After her smile faded, Sawyer sucked her teeth slightly then eyed a jello shot on the bar next to her. Quickly, she snatched it, downed it then set down the glass then scanned over the crowd, trying to find her perfect toy.
  7. Damien had just been wandering on his island, supposedly on a two week vacation from work so that he didn't have to worry about anything coming in from his company to do remotely. Instead, he had been spending most of his time on the computers in his basement hacking into various places and leaking information where it shouldn't be leaked, stealing minute amounts of money from large corporations and from governments, and all other sorts of mischief that he could get into from his seat at the computer here. He couldn't be traced; Damien had made sure of that early on in his little "career" and constantly updates everything to keep him hidden.

    It was dusk where he was, and it was nearing dinner time. Pleased enough with his walking, he headed home only to find a random door that was placed, oddly enough, on a tree. Curious, Damien walked over to the door and inspected it. He knew every inch of his island and had never seen this before. And it looked like the door was mounted inside the tree. Looking around, though he didn't understand why, he opened the door and stepped inside.

    On the other side of the door was a bar. This was interesting, and Damien was going over the probability and statistics for how this could have happened. There was no other known occurrence of this that he had read of, but that didn't mean it hadn't happened. Given the situation, Damien decided his only option was to mingle and learn as much as he could about this new place. With that in mind, he walked up to the bar and gave the bartender his most charming smile.

    "Hello, miss," he greeted her happily. "Are you the proprietor of this place? It's a lovely space." He looked around the bar. "Business probably isn't too good if this is all you get as patrons though." Damien gave the others present a nod to acknowledge them.
  8. Keys jingled in Charles’ pocket as he walked up the drive of his newest sale, a charming cottage hidden away in a brush of trees. It was fall, so it gave the location a sort-of fairy tale feel despite the mud. It was…cute, if a building could be described as such, and it was perfect for the loving senior couple he had sold it to. The elderly man would be celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day and wanted to surprise his wife. It made Charles wonder, however briefly, on his own date for the lovers’ holiday.

    A strange, cold wind blew from the north as he fumbled with the keys. He didn't notice the door was different, the strange golden glow barely lighting the entrance; his only thought was to get away from the wind and into the warmth of the cottage. He brushed the key against the lock, pushing the door open and…

    “What…” The once hall was now the entrance to the bar. Charles glanced behind him only to have the forest dissipate into nothingness. A bit in disbelief, he lightly taps the shoulder of the closest patron.

    “Where are we?”
  9. Orlando glanced around at the new arrivals, taking the Bartenders advice Orlando smiled at everyone and raised his drink.

    "Hey new people, grab a drink! Can't have this night be boring now can we." Downing his jello shot Orlando looked to the goddess on the bar and smirked he felt like being a bit of a brat and froze her next drink before looking away to the confused man who had just walked in.

    "Welcome!" He grinned and asked the Bartender for another drink before standing from his stool and looking to the guy leaning against the wall.

    'Really could ya be more stiff?' Orlando thought as he waited for his drink.
  10. Vis smiled, accepting the drink with a slight nod. "Yes Bartender, it has been ages. Unfortunately since the industrial revolution, I have not had much free time on my hands." He downs his drink quickly and pops the jello shot into his mouth, chewing it up a bit before swallowing. He set the glasses on the counter, nodding to Sawyer. "Thank you Sawyer, I see you have not changed much since last we met." His eyes slowly scanned over the party. Where socializing was the theme here, Vis was present because he was asked to handle security for the night. He threw together a smile for the other patrons along with an acknowledging nod. Looking around, he began to feel a bit uncomfortable in the overwhelmingly modern bar. A patch of grass spread underneath him sporting a bud in the center, which grew high and blossomed into a large flower with beautiful draping blue and red petals. Vis took a seat in the flower and waved Bartender for another drink.
  11. Christian walked in the door, each step careful and elegant. She looked around at the people and gods around her. She gave a small wave to the bartender, as she never did refuse an invitation. She already felt awkward there, as the place wasn't nearly as cold as she prefers it to be. She didn't know where to sit or even who to talk to. She bite her blue lips before taking a seat towards the corner. She told herself she would stay for a few hours before returning to her icy home and prepare next winter. Maybe depending on how the people treat her, she would come up with how much it should snow and how cold she should make it. She quickly lost herself in her thoughts.
  12. The corner of the bar started leaking. Water sprung from a tiny crack and forced it wider. Another break in the wall joined the first and more water jetted out like little fountains. A puddle was forming on the floor. Then the cracks tore wider and wider and a howling wind echoed through the place of gathering. Finally, the wall crumbled and flew outward into the darkness, sucked up by the vacuum on the other side. The smell of rain flooded the bar and fat droplets pelted the floor near the opening. Thunder boomed and lightning illuminated against the walls that remained in tact.

    Out of the squall stepped the tall and strong God of Storms, his raven hair soaked and clutching to his face and neck while his haori fluttered wildly in the gale. A murky green gaze swept the bar for precisely three seconds before the squall was suddenly silenced and the wall back in place.

    There was no water on the floor, nor was the god still wearing his yukata and hakama. Instead, he looked perfectly dry and warm in a dark gray t-shirt and faded blue jeans. Naru gazed around the bar a second time, then spotted The Bartender and promptly headed straight for her.

    "Am I late?" he asked her, his voice soft and deep while he ran a hand through his dark locks. "Sorry about that..." Casting his gaze sideways, Naru briefly made eye contact with a few of the other patrons before looking away again. "If it's not too much trouble, a double whiskey on the rocks, Bartender. It's been a long day." With a heavy sigh, Naru sank down onto the nearest stool and rested his cheek in the palm of his hand, elbow on the counter top.
  13. It was becoming time for a change in pace, Khaos had been playing with dreams for far to long, it was an addiction. As human days passed swiftly by, her time in dreams moved steady and slow. Many came, many left, and she enjoyed her time with each. She twisted and shaped the land, making it bloom with the colors of spring, then tearing away the sun and letting darkness play with shadows. Here everything went her way, but she was becoming complacent. A rumor that had passed though her realm drew her attention. Often did she get to hear of worldly problems, as sleep was when they are generally processed. Khaos figured it was about time to see her good friends in person, rather than toying with their dreams.

    Seemingly out of nowhere Khaos entered the bar. It had gone under some renovation recently, and Khaos rather liked the new look. A warming smile was fixed on her lips as she walked up to The Bartender, recognizing a many of the other patrons from their dream. She seated herself and began to make chatter with the Goddess of Socializing, "It is good to see you with open eyes, it has been a while since I've removed myself long enough to come here. I do hope you're doing well, and have gotten a good nights rest." Khaos was glad to see The Bartender again; such a lively soul. "I am not much of a drinker, so why don't you serve me up you specialty, or what ever you think is best."

    There were quite a few humans here today, it was almost comforting to see them here. She met so many though there dream, and almost felt a kinship towards them. She knew them so closely, more than they would ever know. The gods as well were quite noticeable especially the stormy god who could make quite a show if it so pleased (or displeased) him. And she had to note the green Vis who might have looked flowery, but was far from it. The Goddess of Trickery had also came to play with the rest of them, parting herself from the company of humans for the moment, but there were plenty here for her to toy with.

    "Vis, I am overjoyed to see you again," Khaos said with a warming smile and sweetened words. "I have always felt a closeness to you; the lines between dreams and the world blur amongst the forest."
  14. Vis nodded to the goddess of dreams with a smile. He had noticed her presence throughout the years, one of the few gods that had much contact with him. "I have noticed you linger in my realm a bit more than the others. Though I assume this to be simply the way of things." He scanned the bar, keeping a watchful eye on the new patrons. He scoffed mentally at the entrances they were all making. Gods seemed to have a passion for the theatrical, although he couldn't say much as he was no different when it cam to social gatherings. He chuckled at himself a bit. How meaningless a grand entrance into a bar was, yet they all flashed their stuff anyway, as if everyone here didn't already know what they were each capable of having known each other for millenia.
  15. The Bartender gave Sawyer a pleasant wave in greeting, eyeing the many tattoos on the Goddess' back and shoulders. It caused the Socializing Goddess to turn around and glance at her backside, perhaps wondering if she could pull off the look.

    Another new face, Damien, greeted her. A smile quickly claimed the Bartender's lips, the white pearls of her teeth adding to her charm.

    "Oh yes indeed I am the owner. And business is going rather well, may not look like much right now - OH MY GOODNESS!"

    She stared wide eyed towards the cracking wall, which immediately crumpled and fell into space. It was promptly replaced and Naru stepped out, looking dry and good looking as ever.

    "Naru, for heaven's sake, no you aren't late dear but could you please not do that when you enter? My Bar is delicate."

    Pressed in the God of Storms' hand was a cold bottle of whiskey, with a large cup full of ice sitting beside it.

    "I let it sit out in a thunder storm, and you know what, lightning does strike the same place twice." The Bartender winked at him.

    People were calling out orders again and the Bartender was quick to oblige. Bottles flew from her shelves, onto the counter, ice was blended and color added before the Bartender gave Orlando and Vis their drinks. But the Bartender was also a good multi-tasker so when Charles asked her where in the world he was, she cheerfully chimed in,

    "You're at the Bar of course! My Bar, meeting place for all creatures in the universe and various worlds. Although for tonight's occasion we have only humans and Gods. I hope that suits your fancy."

    She hoped that Charles wasn't going to be too confused by this answer to have fun.

    "Oh Khaos, welcome! Me, sleep? Nonsense! There is far too much to do and talk about in the world. But I am glad you could join us. My specialty you say? Hmmm. Lemme see..."

    Like a magician the Bartender lifted a giant drink from underneath her counter and set it in front of the Goddess of Dreams.

    "Oooooh! Whew! Now, don't be shy in asking help to finish this Khaos. It's a doozy."
  16. This truly was a weird place, Sarah thought as she looked around at the new arrivals, of course not everyone seemed weird but a few either had very good special abilities or were plain supernatural of some sort and Sarah, being who she was, guessed on the latter. Taking the beer put forth by the Bartender Sarah noted her devious smile and wondered what she was up to but considering how she spoke the woman shrugged and gulped down some beer, the taste was slightly odd but she shrugged it off as a different kind than she bought. Looking around and mainly listening at first she got the impression that some of the stranger people in the bar, strange meaning their oddly advanced skills, seemed to know each other from before. "Nice entrance," she said with a small smile, turning to the dark haired man sitting close by. She never lost her head in awe over something or someone but she really liked how he'd entered, she had always loved water and perhaps part of it was her slight affinity for water. "Are you here often or is this place new?" Taking another sip of beer Sarah almost didn't notice the odd taste anymore, it was growing on her and seemed quite natural.
  17. Charles continued to glance around for a bit, feeling oddly comfortable as he slid off his coat. “Sure, that could suit my fancy.” He nodded, taking a seat near some of the new, and peculiar, arrivals. It was different, he’d give the Bartender that much, though he wasn't sure if that was good thing or not. He had met some pretty strange folks in his life; the two gods closest to him - Vis and Khaos, if he heard correctly - really raised the bar on that though.

    “Gods, uh?” He asked, downing the nearest shot. “That’s an old tale.” He wasn’t confused, but there were very few things he believed in beyond hard work and dedication. Perhaps skeptical would be a better way to word it. Yet again, after seeing the one man’s – or was it a god’s – entrance made Charles question what else it could be.
  18. Christian played with her little ice spirit watching as more and more guests started showing up. If looked at she'd give a half smile, since that's the most she really could do. She didn't know who to talk to, she's seen plenty of the gods around though she never made an attempt to talk to any of them. A chit chat here and there with Naru to discuss a snow storm she planned to hit during a winter a few years ago. A few conversations with Vis about her concerns for nature. Other then that, she always kept to herself. She felt a bit lonely as people were being so friendly with each other, she wished she could be the same but that was just not her nature.
  19. Vis eyed Christian. She had not made a flashy entrance at all, he almost didn't notice her come in, though missing things was rather out of Vis's character. He smiled, remembering a few pleasant conversations they had held in previous years, though it wavered a bit as he realized how out of place she looked. He almost felt bad for her. A bud sprouted off of the stem of the flower he was seated on, blooming out into a puff of green as a nature spirit rose to greet him. He smiled at the spirit and tilted his head in the direction of the winter goddess. It glowed bright and shot off to her, rolling around on the bar in front of her, causing grass to grow in a small area there.
  20. Christian looked at the spirit before looking over at Vis. She looked quite puzzled, but gave a small smile and a nod towards him, showing she at least acknowledged him. She looked at the nature spirit, placing her hand over her mouth. She laughed silently though used her hand as a mask to hide the fact that she was. Her spirit moved towards his, carefully before hiding behind Christian. "No worries." She soothes the spirit, tapping the light blue orb on the top of it.