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So, I was thinking of an open RP set in a bar. I'm not really sure what kind of plot people would be most interested in? I imagine things could go in tons of directions, as bar patrons tend to be of an eclectic mix with plenty stories and shenanigans to be had. I figure it can be open to all species, fantasy or not. What say you?
Your icon is amazing, and I'm glad you like the idea. :D
Thank you, nomnom ^^ I like your name.
I've seen quite a few bars. Most of them are pretty popular, depending on what players occupy it. Good players = good roleplay = active thread, I think. In an open RP like that with such a public, social theme to it... do you really even need a central plot? I think it'd be fine just to make it a jump-in and fly with things as they go. Maybe it can be something just for character growth or for players to get a sample of other player's styles to help build RP connections. -shrug- ^^
Un underlying plot would help keep it moving, though it doesn't have to be grand.