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  1. So, I was thinking of an open RP set in a bar. I'm not really sure what kind of plot people would be most interested in? I imagine things could go in tons of directions, as bar patrons tend to be of an eclectic mix with plenty stories and shenanigans to be had. I figure it can be open to all species, fantasy or not. What say you?
  2. That... sounds pretty damn epic.
  3. Your icon is amazing, and I'm glad you like the idea. :D
  4. This is a fun idea ^.^
  5. Thank you, nomnom ^^ I like your name.
  6. it sounds interesting
  7. Alright, I posted here.
  8. I've seen quite a few bars. Most of them are pretty popular, depending on what players occupy it. Good players = good roleplay = active thread, I think. In an open RP like that with such a public, social theme to it... do you really even need a central plot? I think it'd be fine just to make it a jump-in and fly with things as they go. Maybe it can be something just for character growth or for players to get a sample of other player's styles to help build RP connections. -shrug- ^^
  9. Un underlying plot would help keep it moving, though it doesn't have to be grand.