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  1. :cake:How do I make my own banner? And is it only for group role-plays or can it be for One x One's too? :cake:
  2. To make your own banner, you go to your ads in your settings, and can make a banner using a link provided in the details on submitting a banner.

    They can be used for either! But, if you do make one for one on ones, there needs to be more than one idea on the request thread.
  3. Oh.. And here's the link for submitting a banner. As I said, there's a link included in the requirements that you can use to make a banner. :D

    Or, you could request a banner be made in the banner shop. ^^

    I hope this was helpful!
  4. What do you mean more then one idea o.o? Like it has to have a variety for people to choose from?
  5. Basically, what I meant was that the one on one partner request thread would need to have, yes, multiple ideas. In example...

    This request is for one, specific idea for a roleplay. While this one is a request for multiple ideas/pairings/things they'd like to try/etc. ^^
  6. Hmm alright thank you! ^^
  7. Not a problem~! ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.