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  1. Hey fellows, Kenny here. I was just wondering. I have a banner in the rotation for my dragon-based RP that I'm trying to find partners for, but so far I have no luck (in case you're interested, it's the top link in my siggy). And I know banners are only in the rotation for so long.

    But I've seen several different banners that have been rotated for the last month or two since I came back, and that made me wonder. Can you resubmit a banner after its standard time in the rotation is over? Because this is an Rp (Or actually, multiple RPs) that I really want to get into. I've already started two RPs in this world, and so far both of them are great. But I'd really like to expand on it, get more people to play with me.

    Also, in case the MS Paint quality that my banner has is responsible for my lack of replies, then I would like to ask somebody out there to help me make an awesome banner that'll attract folks from near and far *Town crier voice*
  2. Yes, you are allowed to resubmit a banner once it has been taken down from rotation if the sign ups are still open.
  3. Thank you. I just needed to be sure. Didn't want to break an unspoken taboo or something like that.
  4. Yep, you can resubmit! :D You can even submit multiples of the same rp if you don't like.. submit a dozen of them. O__O
  5. lol I have like no photoshop skills, if I made a dozen of them the banner rotation would be filled with images with poorly done editing.
  6. -whispers- It already is.
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  7. ooooh gossip ^^ lol. Well I'd just rather only use the one unless I find someone who can 'pimp my baner'
  8. Just curious-- can a banner be submitted more than once? Like, at the same time?

    I only ask because, while I assume the rotation is randomized, I see some banners WAY more than I see others.
  9. The banner randomness seems very particular.

    I know for certain, for example, that I only submitted one banner for Ilium, and that there aren't (or shouldn't be) other submissions using the same banner.

    BUT, some people in Ilium have seen the banner a lot. Some, hardly at all.

    Our GM, @unanun, went an entire month (of active use on Iwaku, daily) without ever seeing the banner. It wasn't until halfway through my second banner cycle that he finally saw it.
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  10. You COULD, but I usually end up removing the extra one if it is the same image cause I assume it was an accidental double post. O_O It is better to submit different kinds of banners. (Which means, yes, you can submit multiple banners for the same rp as long as they are unique and you don't submit 12 of them! 8D)

    The rotation is 100% random on how it displays. O_O And sometimes that means your "luck" will be seeing some banners more than others. I'm on many occasions people do get the banners they are missing but don't see them because the banner will rotate every 60 seconds. So you might be reading a thread or typing posts and banners will be rotating by without you ever noticing.
  11. I wonder if there is a way to get a list of all banners currently in rotation on display someplace ...
  12. What I'm interested in, is your signature. How do you do something like that?
  13. I wrote a thread a few weeks ago that might help on that matter. :3
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  14. does it help with hyperlinking, too?
  15. I'd probably have to get somebody to do it for me, I'm no good with coding like that :ferret:
  16. Maybe we should move this over to PMs, so the thread doesn't get excessive unrelated bumpage. :3
  17. Banners do not change (for me) until I refresh or move to a new page. If I just let a page sit, the banner stays the same.

    Again, it's not really a problem or anything-- just an observation.
  18. mine changes every once in a while, if I leave the tab to read manga or watch an anime. But if I just stare at it, it will stay the same until I refresh or change the page. I've actually seen my personal banner several dozen times today (How remarkable since I've only had 40 clicks on it and only maybe 3 people have been interested in it T-T)
  19. Hm. I've left a page up for over an hour before-- just as a test, and it's stayed the same for me. However, it's likely I have something inhibiting that or the like. I keep adblock turned off on this site, but perhaps that has something to do with it? Either way, it's really not an issue. I was just curious. -shrug-
  20. Adblock only affects you seeing banners at all, not the rotation. I believe the rotation itself depends on your internet connection and your connection to the server (In this case, Atabyte). I just think it's just how it works. I rarely pay attention to the banners anyway, since I have never done a group RP before (Actually in the worldbuilding process of my first one :3 :cat:)
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