Banner for Vampires: Agents of the Apocalypse please

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  1. Hopefully a simple banner.

    I'd like a banner with the name of the RP on the bottom half, and symbols representing the 6 Vampire Houses on the top half.

    Just make up a medieval/ancient looking symbol for the different Houses, hopefully their names are self-explanatory.

    The Houses are in order...
  2. I could start working on that for you! Is there any particular colors you want the symbols in? And do you have any preferences in the font and color for the name of the RP? Also, do you have any preferences on what you would want the background to be?
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  3. Have the symbols be on bronze or copper badges.

    Conquest:The symbol Glows white.
    Pestilence: The badge is filthy, and grey slime oozes from the symbol.
    War: the badge has a red tint, and the symbol has a fiery look to it.
    Famine. The symbol is pitch black, and light is sucked in like the symbol's a black hole.
    Death: The badge is damaged and rusty, and green fog comes from the symbol.
    Torment: The badge has long spikes along the sides, with some spike dripping blood.

    Have the title be a Grey green. For its font, I'm not really sure, find something that looks kinda classy and creepy.

    For the background:

    A window showing a crescent moon, with a clawed hand opening the lid of a black, expensive looking coffin.
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  4. Scratch the background. Just make it a stone table.
  5. Alright! I'll get right on that! I'll keep you updated as I get more done! Is there a specific time you would like this done by, or just as soon as possible?
  6. Just whenever.
  7. Ok! Also, do you want the symbols to be almost like logos:
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    Or would you like them to look more like glyphs?
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  8. Glyphs. Definitely.
  9. Ok! I should have it done within a week!
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  10. Well, I found something to base the glyphs off of, and I have a start on the banner itself! I just thought that I'd update you on what I have so I don't start making something that you don't want. Anyway, here is what I have so far.

    I apologize for the quality of the writing on it, but I trust you can make out what I labeled to be what symbol. If you have any suggestions on changing what glyph becomes what symbol, I am open to any and all suggestions! It is your banner after all! Here is the link to the glyphs.

    As for the stone background, I took some marble and darkened it to a light gray. I wasn't sure if you would prefer that or some other stone, so I went ahead and used marble just because it's a personal preference. Again, I am open to any and all suggestions and can easily change anything you see! I am very happy with the font I found for the title, and I hope that it's something close to what you envisioned. Here is the link to the background and title on the banner.

    Let me know if either of the links don't work, even though they both should, and let me know what your thoughts are on what I've got so far!
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  11. All looks good. What glyphs do you plan on using? Also, I like the default font so far, so I may decide to use that, instead of the grey green. Depends on how it looks though. So far so good, thanks.

    Edit: Just now saw your labels, gotta make sure to read fully
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  12. I labeled the ones I planned on using for which symbol. The parts that look hand written is what I added in to label what glyph I was going to use as which symbol. Some of them I based off of what the meaning of the symbol was (the one I chose for death means death, and the one for war means war), but the rest were based mostly on aesthetics.