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  1. Who comes up with the banning messages? Like I mean...Not the message you get when you're banned (If you even get one? I wouldn't know because I've never been banned *angelic halo sound*).

    But so I was just reading this thread and I noticed that this user was banned and the reason for banning was that they were "Being completely incapable of playing nicely with others." and I saw some other ones when I was browsing the graveyard and it said "Hi aki. Nice ban evasion"

    Who is aki? Is there a ban message template reserved specifically for them? :O

    And I've actually seen a couple that say they're alt accounts for someone named Siren. And then I saw a thread under the original Siren (maybe? It could have been aki, who knows? O.O) And it said for Harassment and sock puppeting. Which...I don't know what that means.

    But anyway, I find it fun to search through pages upon pages of the thread archives to see why people were banned.
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  2. Probably by whatever admin carries out the banning.

    But in the case you're talking about with Kudoc, I'm more curious about what he did to get banned.
    Cause unless deleted none of the threads in General Chat seem to show what had triggered/cause it.
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  3. Yeah, I actually went looking for that moment when he got booted, but most of the posts that I found didn't seem particularly vicious. :o Must have been in pms then.
  4. Is this even a thing that we're allowed to be talking about?
  5. ...Uhhhh I unno. I assumed it was okay, but I guess if it's not someone will lock the thread. (Or, oh my God ban me.) D:
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  6. I highly doubt you'll be banned just for bringing it up. I just kind of always thought that talking about the reasons why people were banned was always sort of... not kosher. o3o
  7. Well I mean my first reason for making this was to know who was creating the banning messages cause I thought they were funny...T.T I'm a terrible person, *hides*

    Edit: A terrible person who feeds on others' misfortune.
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  8. o3o Well I don't think there's anything wrong with asking that. Though I agree with Gwazi that it makes sense that they'd just be created by whoever banned the person. That's what I always assumed.

    But then the conversation started going towards "Well when did Kaddoc prove that he can't play nice with others?" and I was kind of like "Ehhhhhh I'm not sure this should be a thing".
  9. Oh okay!
  10. *turns on spooky campfire flashlight*

    I heard if you talk about banned members, they come for you in the night and eat your eyeballs while you're sleeping.
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  11. I shall be ready, and create myself a Ghost Army.

    The persons doing the bannings occasionally forget that the message is now also a public one on posts to inform people why that member was banned. O_O It's supposed to be a short, quick reason of why the person was banned so we have it in the banlist records. "Harassment" is an obvious one, "sock puppeting" is using fake accounts to get around rules or hassle members.

    We will not discuss here on the public forums why a specific person was banned, but you can always send me a PM about anybody you ever are confused about and I will tell you. When it's a behavior issue, usually everyone already saw it coming >> (being a raging asshole is hard for people to miss). But occasionally we get otherwise nice people that end up banned because they did something really stupid. (Age rules violations, multiple accounts.)
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  13. Anytime banning comes up I always worry I'm next in line somehow..


  14. Don't worry about it.
    I used to have the same worries and ask the Admins about it.

    Basically unless if you do something really bad or stupid, one incidence won't get you banned.
    You'll see it coming by warnings and infraction points coming your way first (which staff always tell you if you've been given some).

    So if you're like me and are currently sitting at 0 points? You're in the clear.
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  15. Well, the whole Points system is a bit out of date and not a good tell for anything, but YES if you're on the shit list, you will get contacted by a staff member to talk about what you've been doing to piss everyone off lately. O_O And you have the opportunity to adjust behavior. That is why you'll see people running around being annoying and topics getting locked and members have hissy fits thinking "GOD WHY ISN'T ___ BANNED YET." We don't ban people immediately, we investigate and give chances first. We make sure we know what's going on with individuals before we start handing out official warnings or punishments.

    Instant-bans will happen for really BAD shit. Like pervert creepers stalking after teens/adults. Or using accounts to troll people or circumvent the age restrictions. Because that kind of behavior can be dangerous.

    And usually when you see someone get banned for crappy behavior the person always went "Fuck you, go ahead and ban me." >:/ And well, we do. If you ask for it, we're gonna do it.
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  16. I found the somehow for you. :cheeky:
  17. No, no, no. There's not usually a whole lot of raging going on.

    Just the hole.

  18. ..... is this a weird way of saying your asshole is really huge? O____O

    Man, keep that in the weird Japanese porn, dude! ;_____;
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  19. Tbh I thought I was the only one who did this

    (don't ban me though D: )
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  20. Oh well thank you for explaining that!
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