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  1. ((( This is my First Thread thingy im posting, So sorry if it Suck's D: And also, You Can Be a Crook. Cop. His brother, Or Civilian Around/in the bank )))

    -Raine Stood Inside His Apartment Complex, He had Contacted a Select Amount of His Close Friend's To come Over, They Knew why he wanted Them Over, Atleast some of them Did, But everyone Knew Raine as a Criminal, He was Irish And his Family Use to Be big, But now they were small time, His friend's, Usually Worked With him, Or His brother's, His hair was trimmed Abit short, It was a jet black, His skin a had a Light tan tint to It, He walked Around the Living room, On the Table Were Gun's layed Out, Two M4A1's Were On it, Along With Two AK74's, Next to each of the Four Gun's Was Two mag's not including the one in it, And Under It, A bullet proof Vest. He was dressed In All black, He Turned and Reached into the Box next to the Table, And Pulled Out Mask's worn around Halloween time, He put a scream mask Atop of One Gun, A Nun mask on One, A Zombie Mask on one, And A Michael Myer's mask on the last. He was Shaking Abit, Eather in anticipation or Fear.He was Pacing back and fourth by the table waiting for Some one to come in. He was dressed in all black, Boot's Jean's a T-shirt and Jacket and glove's.The Grip of a pistol could Be seen Coming From His pocket, It was a sleek black, He then walked Into His Kitchen, And took a Salt shaker, which Was Full And Poured a small amount Onto a Part of the Counter, He then Bent over and Snorted It, He lifted his head and shook it, Clearing his Nose, He Put it down, It Was not Salt he had just Snorted, It was Coke, If he was Asked about it he would say it would clear his Mind, Rather then Cloud his judgement, He pushed It back And leaned against the Counter, Thinking, He then walked over to the Fridge and Got a bottle of whiskey out Then closed It , He set it On the Counter, and Got four Shot glasses Out, Setting them down,He had Thought of the Plan,~~ When The Armored Truck Would Stop Around the Corner and Go to Collect the Money, They would let the Retriever, Go inside, And then They would Intercept Him/Her, And tie the Door shut With Chain's, They would Have His van Out front,Which advertised a False Electrical Company, And They would Have One of the Employee's, Open the Vault, If not, There would Be a Spare Pound Of PE4 in the Van. One of them would Get the Money, And Leave, the Rigged Money Behind after Checking it, And Take the good Money, And get out, Of course He had Thought Of Bringing Bleach To Clear Everything Up, He had Two Thing's Of it In the Van, He knew, They had a Microwave for the Employee's, So he would Retrieve the video tape's and Then Pop them in And he Planned for Everything To go Like This.~~ Smooth.-
  2. She busted through the door swing it shut with out even turning around. Her leather boots lightly clanked against the tiled flooring. It had been awhile since she was in the house. A tight well fitted black tee cover her upper body. Her long hair was tied back in a semi-tight ponytail. Her mind began to wonder what the plan was. She was sadly the pervy computer genius type. Mel flawlessly walked straight in the kitchen hearing shot glasses hit the counter. "Hey hun." Her litely sun kissed body walked up and pressed against his. Her fingers traced an infinity symbol against his chest. Her bright teal eyes started into his. She brushed the fallen light brown locks out of her face and behind her ear. "Don't you look absolutely handsome." Mel was also the flirty tease type. It was habbit and often went to far on some people. Yet with the group that was showing up... She didn't care. She'd throw herself out to everyone of them in a heartbeat. She gave him a wink and grabbed the bottle from his hand. It pressed to her lips and leeked in her mouth. She placed it back on the counter and licked her lips. "Mmmm... " Her body pushed off the guy and paced into the living room where the rooms were connected by an open arch. Her body plopped down onto the couch letting her legs immediately cross. "So what's the plan boss?" Her black skinnys stretched as they stayed tucked into her boots.
  3. -He Had watched Her Closely When she walked In, and When She Had pressed her body Against His, He Knew not to Think highly of it, When she Took the Bottle, He turned and Looked out of the Window.- ~Glad you Could Make it,~ -He rolled His eye's at His Word's, He turned and watched Her walk Into The Living Room.He turned on his Heel's and Walked into the living room behind Her, He Stopped in the Doorway and leaned against it.- ~I will Explain It when The other's are Here, ~ -He cleared His throat.- ~Guess My text did Not Send, Or i forgot to, Hmm, More Work For me, I will Explain It When We are Gearing Up,So as i said, When everyone is Here,~ -He Moved his shoulder's Rolling Them To work out The Kink that was Bothering him, He was Tense, And it was the cause Of It, He ran a Hand Over His Face, He Then looked over everything once more, To Make Sure It was Right.- ~Actually, I wrote The plan Down, To go over it, Again and Again.~ -He went into his room and spent afew minute's in it, Then He Finally came back down With a Paper, And He Walked Over, Handing it to her.- ~And this Is serious, Please, Do not Get into the Group's head's, We can Not be Distracted During this.~ -He had Everything Written down on the Paper. His whole Plan.-
  4. She chuckled at request. No demand. Getting into people's head. She looked up at not even looking at the paper. "Some day you'll actually find it'll come in handy. Especially my computer works along with that." she had even looked at the paper. Nor had she wanted to. She didn't care what the said 'mission' was as long as she had some fun and a little adrinaline rush came over her. Mel looked at him after calming down from her thinking and random smirking at the guy. She stood and ran her finger on his nose. White powder rubbed off. Her hand simply wiped it off and went back to the seat in which she had always claimed. Mel knew the kid liked taking risks. Coke was a different story. She sighed and rocked in the Cohh until the spot was comfy to her again. His was come yet her's caused more of a thrill. The rave drug was her deadly dosage. Ecstasy. Her eyes closed as a smiled ran across her face. She pictured the lights, dancing, the feeling, and even the sex. She hadn't taken it in awhile but she wanted to dance again. Maybe take the shot while she'd be at it. Her greenish blue eyes opened letting her head fall to the side and gazing over at Raine.
  5. ~Yes, It may come In handy, But Not during This job, If You do this To the Other's, Then There Mind would Be wrapped around you during this, And If the cop's show up, They Could Be at risk, because you are Distracting them, So Don't, Or you're Not coming~ -He watched her closely. He watched Her, When She wiped the Remaining Drug off his face, He ran a hand over his Nose, And then walked Over Sitting next to her, But he left a good space between the two.-~Im sure a Bigger Cut of money would Not be bad, But it's Not worth Losing a Friend over.~ -His mind raced at This, The thought of shooting One of His friend's for Money, He dismissed the thought and Looked around the room.- ~They Need to show up soon,~ -He figured If he was With her For To long Alone, In silence, He would Probably, Shoot himself, Tho of course, He knew He would not, He would Not Mind Taking Her , In Any way really, Sexual Or not, He shook his head again.- ~To much thinking..~ -He muttered to himself.-
  6. Conner also known as Lasko walked into the apartment. He straightened his sunglasses and rolled his shoulder. His Vans making barely any sound as he walked. He looked around the apartment. "Do you ever have a drive to clean up this place?" He kicked a box to the side, as he walked into the livingroom, noticing Alex, Rainie, and Mel. "Ah the three musketeers. How are you all today eh?" his Canadian accent overwhelming the room. He plopped down onto the couch. "What'd I miss people...inform me." He kicked his legs up onto the table infront of him and relaxed. "I'm waiting! Cat got your freakin tongue?"
  7. Alex entered Raine's home, she havent been here in a long time. She was out of the game for a year or so and didnt show when Raine had a plan of some sort, she had an overdose, and bearly survived, from that moment she never touched drugs and has no intention in messing with drugs again, she was clear as a flower maybe from an year. Today she thought that there will be lots of drugs and she didnt knew if she will resist the thrill, maybe she will maybe she won't we will see, but she doesnt want to try drugs again.

    Alex saw Raine sitting next to Mel, Alex never liked Mel she was alway flirting with everyone and most of the times with Raine, but Alex knew that Raine likes her, well he did liked her she didnt knew if Raine liked Alex now cuz it was more then an year from there last meeting. Alex had something with Raine but, when she had an overdose she didnt saw him till now. Alex sat in front of Raine and Mel on a chair "Hi, havent seen you in a while Raine" She said to Raine and smilled ignoring Mel, Alex never liked her she always flirted and never did her job right, she hoped that Mel won't fail this time cuz it seems like their mission is very important.


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  8. -Raine had not said Anything When connor Walked in Instead, He took the Paper and and set it In his Lap, well he kinda Just tossed It at him.Then he Stood, But not to Long later Who he saw Shocked him,And she actually made him Let out a small smile when he saw her.- ~Yes, Long time no see, Starting Off big again huh?~ -He then Looked down at the Table, And let out a Breath,- ~As we Know Well I hope, There Is going to be a Pick-up at the Bank Today, In, A hour and Twenty Minutes, When the Retriever is getting the Money, Or before He does We will move in, I have supply's In My van Outside, Chain's, For the door's, Bleach For Extra caution, Evidence wise, And a Pound Of Mold-able PE4 Incase They wont Comply, Tho We can Allway's change there Mind With Beating another Employee, But I don't want Any one To die, We Are going to Do this, And we are going to do This Clean,~ -He Motioned to The Table,- ~Not the Best gear, But i bought what i could, There will Be a Few box's Of ammo In the Van Under the Seat, If We need it.~

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  9. She saw a man walk in and couldn't help here self. "Lasko~!!!" Mel sang as the guy sat down she laid her head in is lap. She didn't have crushes really... She just enjoyed flirting with everyone even the girls. It wasn't anything serious. At least she never thought anything could have been serious with anyone. She smiled as she stared up at Conner. She couldn't reach his eyes. Mel huffed and reached up, her hands actually pulling the sunglasses off his face and on to hers. "You didn't miss anything. Just Raine telling me the normal -Don't mess with people heads-."

    Next individual walked in. Ugh her... She knew she didn't hate the girl. Mel couldn't hate anyone. She just despised the way the girl thought. She had the looks and even she was pretty smart. It was just the way she had thought Mel never did her job right. Mel was hardly used. She didnt like fight. Charm and Computers were her thing. This time around she'd probably be used to disarm the cameras and such. She did her job well every time. Still wasn't good for miss priss.

    Her smile melted in to a smirk of sorts. Her body lifted off the couch and walked over to Alex. She had ignored her for Raine. Typical Alex. Her teal eyes met dead een with hers. "Hi to you too, Alex dear." This was going to be quick. With out hessentation, her lips met a quick connecting with Alexs. Mel didnt care if she straight, lesbian, or even bi. She still went ahead with her plan. She quickly jumped away before Alex could react. She headed back to the seat and back onto Conners lap. She pulled off the glasses and winked. "That's for any chance of scolding me." She put Lasko's glasses back on him and looked back up at the guy known as Raine. She was ready for his scolding. It normally happened no matter what. She didn't mind though. They needed her skills. Even if she had to stay at the apartment she knew she'd still hack across the city just to reach the banks security. Mel still didn't worry.
  10. Alex saw how Raine smilled at her, she thought that he wasnt mad with her cuz she acted like a total bitch. An year before now, she slept with him and then left him alone, latter the same day she took an overdose and almost died, but she lived and wasnt in the best shape so she left the city not seeing everyone from her past and not telling what happened to her, but she decided to come back and see whats happening with Raine's life and to find if she has a place in his life again.

    Alex was going to say something to Raine but she was interrupted by Mel, Mel stood up in front of her and was almost going to kiss her, Alex never liked what Mel did, yes she was flirty but she was starting to annoy her, Alex could bearly stand Mel anymore, her skills were needed in the plan and Alex was glad that Mel will stay with her computer most of the time and not distracting them on the field. Alex crossed her legs while she was sitting on her chair and was listening to Raine's words smilling to him, she thought of him so much when she was gone and wanted to be around him again.
  11. -Raine watched The group and Let out a soft breath. He cleared His nose, and Then Looked around as he spoke.- ~Im Not sure Going in the Front Is the Best plan, And Im sure Mel Has something to Say on this, It may be, But,If you want to Say something on it, Then go ahead.~ -He walked over and Took Alex's hand And pulled Her up, Then he sat in the Chair, And pulled Her back in his Lap, He rested his head On her Shoulder as he watched the other Two, His eye's scanning over them silently.-
  12. Mel glanced over at Alex. She couldn't help snicker a bit. A crush. How cute... Mel loved playing around. She often tried to tell Alex not to take her so seriously. Yet no matter what she did the girl never listened. She had known about the whole fiasco of Alex having that one time with Raine. She also was aware hardly anyone else had known either. Mel wanted to show Alex she wasn't that bad. She had shown the decent side to Lasko and Raine many of times before.

    Her eyes closed as her minded wandered away from the conversation. He part was always the same. Well... different at times but she helped analyse all the building they had messed with. This wasn't anything she wasn't aware of. She thought of the days she first met each one. Raine was during school. She couldn't recall when or what school but she knew he'd met her before the start of her drug days. Raine had known the complex computer geek. Mel wasn't popular with the guys. Hell, she wasn't even popular in getting friends. She only had a few friends. All were little geek misfits like her. She tangled with a wrong guy that introduced her to flashing lights, dancing galore, even the liquid escape from reality. She wasn't sure how she even bumped into Raine. Was it at the party? Maybe he was friends with Hector? Or was it just her accidently bumping into him literally? This is where her world flipped upside down. She became someone new. She even enjoyed it.

    Alex was simply met at one of the raves, she attended. Mel hardly missed any of them. The rave world was the world that had created the way she was today. Mel didn't ever know why the girl had been there but it was her turf. The girl couldn't even remember how their rivalry started. Eh, what did it matter? Alex wasn't going to lighten up any time soon. Now Lasko... No, his name was Conner. She remember bits and pieces of him but nothing to really have a story to share. That led to a bit of confusion. Oh well.

    Mel rolled over on her side then sat up from not getting comfortable. She really wanted to know what was going through everyone's mind. Well... minus Alex. She couldn't care less. Plus she knew it had to be her wet dreams. Mel couldn't help but hysterically laugh out loud. She probably even interrupted Raine talking. She looked up at him with a huge grin on her face even wiping the tears that shed from her eyes. "Sorry Raine Honey. Continue on. I refuse to say anything." Typical Raine... All she cared worked how she wanted was her taking care of the security. "I'm just going to wipe out the locks so you guys can easily get in then take care of the cameras. This place is not that hard compared to what may be ahead of us..." She waved to Raine. "Turn off all phones and electrical devices... That's all."
  13. Alex looked around, she forgat how Raine's house looked and then while she watched at the other two Raine suddenly pulled her gently and sat on the chair then he pulled her again siting in his lap, Alex was a little confused she didnt knew what to think anymore, it seemed like he wasnt mad at her and Alex was very happy about this, but she didnt expect the move Raine made. Alex was surprised and thought He is not mad at me even a little, is he fine, is Raine sick, I acted like a bitch and he didnt say anything to what I did, Alex looked at him with a wierd look but then she leaned her head on his head and moved her hand on his back sliding it down to his waist. Alex moved her head to his ear and whispered to him "Are you mad at me?" Alex asked him and moved her head looking at Mel when she interrupted Raine's words, typical Mel always talking never listening, but Alex couldnt care less about what Mel did, she just looked back at Raine and thought about the good old days. Alex thought about the night she slept with him and then she left him without even saying to him, she thought if Raine knew that she had an overdose and moved from the city to find out what to do with her life, Alex had no idea what to think of anymore so she just rested her mind not thinking of anything and moved her head back on Raine's head.
  14. -He glared at Mel when she laughed And interupted him, But this shut him up. He then turned and Looked at Alex,- ~I have reason to Be huh? But no Im not mad.. Im sure you have you're Reason's, I can't Hold it Again you.~ -He Wrapped his arm's around her waist And Then Looked around.- ~`We are Going to Need to do this Soon. Because if we dont, We will miss our chance. I put the gear We need on the Table,I guess Mel Does not need to Take Anything Because I guess she will Stay here and Do her Shit On the Computer,.~ -He Then stood Up, Keeping her up, He then walked into the kitchen And Took the Salt Shaker And Poured Some along the Top of his hand, He then Set It down, And let Out a soft breath, Before he snorted the Substance. He shook his head again And then took the bottle of whiskey and Chugged some of it. Then set It down.His head was throbbing And his mind racing.-
  15. Alex smilled at Raine's words, she was happy that he wasnt mad at her, but she needed to tell him the truth, but how she though, Raine and the others were on drugs and she didnt wanted to tell them that she is not taking drugs anymore she just hoped that Raine will not kick her out when she tells him cuz she will want Raine to be clean like her and she didnt knew if he will accept this. Alex remembered the first time they met she was so high that she didnt even remember how he looked, but if it wasnt for Raine she would never meet him again, cuz he found her laying in the trash so high that she didn even knew where she was and what she was doing, he always cared for her and she didnt knew how to repay him.

    Alex stood up as Raine stood up from the chair and went to the kitchen, they had to move soon so that the mission could succeed, Alex wanted the mission to start as soon as possible she wanted to experience the thrill of being in the middle of the crime, she was a little rusty from her last mission, and her last mission was a long time ago and she was a little rusty but she still remembered how to hold a gun and how to fight. Alex followed Raine to the kitchen she saw him taking drugs the salt shaker, she knew that he was still on drugs and wanted to stop him taking again but she didnt knew how. Alex just walked next to him as he snored them and then drank from the bottle of whiskey, she wrapped her hands around him and leaned on his shoulder "Raine I need to tell you the truth of why I left" She said and closed her eyes waiting to see what will Raine say.
  16. Mel followed Raine before Alex did. Her attitude completely changed. "...Raine..." She hopped on the counter careful not to mess up the line of his coke. "Why do I have to stay here?" He was her best friend after all. She couldn't deny she did have feelings but again with her personality she couldn't go through with it. Mel was slightly jealous of what Raine and Alex did have. She knew she wouldn't have that. Mel continued.

    "What if I mess up?" She knew that'd be one in a million but she didn't want to screw up. She sighed and looked at him after he sniffed up his favored killer. "So you going to actually get serious with her this time? Or just let it fall to pieces like before..." Mel began to wonder if anyone remembered little Miliran. She was the little girl who wore her hair down even in her face at times. Her eyes were cold and a bluish tent just to add on. She was misunderstood and often left alone. A girl who used to be nice to her with out even knowing who she was, vanished. She often found her self wishing to be that girl. The girl was pretty and even had a good head on her shoulder. Miliran wanted that.

    That geeky girl found a guy who promised to help. He shot the needle in her and her mind was drained. It was gone. Her wish came true. She even became more than the girl she envied. Now that she thought back... How could Alex ever know the girl that once envied her was Mel. She found her self envying again... It sickened her. She wanted it to stop. She didn't want to see Raine hurt again either by that girl. She stood behind anything he said and decided. He decided her to stay here. She knew she'd feel lonely again. Thinking about all the past she hopped off the counter and sighed. "Never mind... I will take care of things here." Mel was back to her state she normally was in. She began to walk away into the hallway heading for the bathroom. She pulled a cover needle out of her bra. It was hidden away. Out of all the ways to take it the liquid form was her favored. As she exited Alex entered and Raine began inhaling the coke.

    After she injected herself, she took in a deep breath and drank water from the faucet. She left the bathroom a bit lightheaded to find her way back to Conner. She sat down and wondered why he was so quiet. "Conner?" She forgot he went Lasko for a few seconds but didn't re-say his name to fix her mistake. "You okay?"
  17. -When Mel went to Walk out he spoke.- ~You are staying here Because if Thing's go to shit, I want You to Stay out, Not be put in to do time,~ -Then When He was Hugged By Alex pretty much, He Let out a soft breath.- ~The night you left, I did alot of Thinking, And the Day after that I went to you're house, I saw the mess all over,- ~You tryed to O.D Or almost did, One or the Other. I still think you Should have said something to Me. It was Fucked up to Just leave. Im glad you Came to Me when you came Back, And im hoping it was Not Just for the money, Tho if it is, I understand.~ -He wiped his nose and Then Looked over at her.-
  18. "No no, Raine is not for the money" She raised her head and looked in his eyes, tightening the grip "I have money and if I needed, I would probably find a job, it cuz of you Raine" Shetook a breath and then continued "I came back for you, I just wanted to see if there is still place in your life for me Rai" She looked at him with concern in her eyes, she wanted to tell him the truth but she didnt knew how he will react, Alex took a deap breath and said to Raine "Umm... the night that we spend together I was very high, I still remembered evry inch of what happened but I didnt knew what came to me when I left your apartment, I then went to my house and took an overdose my neighbours found me and took me to the hospital. I was very close to death Raine and when all of this fiasco was over I left the city and went somewhere else to see what will I do with my life and an year latter I came here" She stoped to take a breath and continued "Raine I stoped the drugs and Im not drinking that often anymore I dont expect you to stop the drugs for me I just do not want you to take them that often... for now" The last part of her words she muttered and bited her lips looking down thinking how will he react to what she said.
  19. ~Well im not, And im sorry. ~ -He said it flatly then Remover Her Hand's from his Waist. He walked into the living Room, And Grabbed one of the Vest's, Then Removed his Jacket, He Put it on Silently And Then Put Two Clip's For his gun Into His Left pocket With his phone.He then Put his Jacket back on and zipped it Up. He then patted Against it, And looked to the side, Over to the Couch, To Mel,- ~It's hard Having To choose Between Two.. Thing's.~ -He did not want to Openly say it, But he Figured she would catch on sooner or later. He then Walked to the Front DoorAnd opened It, He then stepped out and Took in the fresh air.-
  20. Mel got up and followed him out. "Hey." She simply called out. Her pony tail loosened. Annoyed from it she just pulled out the ponytail holder and kept it on her wrist. She put her hand on his shoulder then to his ear. Mel placed a small device in his ear then pulled her hand away. "Don't forget that." She walked around tired of looking at his back then placed a few things on his chest. Her eyes met his. "We need to be able to communicate so this can go smoothly." The small camera was placed correctly. to where she could see the front. Plus the waves from it would help her get a hold of the other cameras. "Open you're mouth." She ordered still having the flirty smile on her face.