Banished ((OPEN))

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    The year was 1300 in the heart of Italy. While most people benefited from surviving the black plague some were pushed deeper into the gutter.

    Rose's parents and eldest brother both feel ill to this deadly disease. She was too young to live on her own so her distant uncle took her in. He spent her parents money drowning his self in liquor. Soon he died from kidney damage. Having no other relatives or at least none willing to take her in without receiving money she was thrown into an orphanage home.

    The orphanage home was falling apart, there was only two adults left for fifty children and already twenty of them had caught the plague.

    Rose ran from the orphanage and kept running until she ran into a man. His face was pale white like he had the disease. She yelled and struggled, but the streets were empty so no one heard her. He held her in his arms and took her inside his underground house. There were about thirty other people here all a variety in ages and genders. The man looked at her and told her she was safe now.

    ----now 1403--------

    Rose finished putting on her stage makeup. Her skin was pale white and her lips became a rosy red. She put her hair up in an elegant fashion then let a few curls astray to show her character wouldn't be as proper as she was supposed to. She put on her fake pearls and black lace dress then took her first step onto stage. She knew this step would seal her fate and banish her from the gates of heaven. But frankly the devil had been there for her when god left her suffering. She was glad to sell her soul to him.

    Rose went onto stage and spoke her lines flawlessly and played off the audience's emotions to bring the play to life.​

    ((maybe and male could be waking her and catch an interest in her and maybe not be human or we could go off another idea if you have one))
  2. How about we get rid of the cliche vampire or werewolf.
Thread Status:
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