Banished From Equestria (Sign-up and OOC)

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  1. RP:

    Theme: PONIES (MLP:FIM), medieval/fantasy/exploration/survival/diplomacy

    Tl;dr: Banished, now what?

    One Sentence: Unjustly banished from Equestria by a tyrannical upstart power, a group of rebels and their friends now must face the unknowns of the outside world.

    Full: Equestria is not as it once was. A tyrannical oligarchy has sprung up, led by Trixie and Blueblood, who use political clout and the help of unwitting pawns to take almost complete power over the empire. Those who criticized their methods were imprisoned, but the ones who spoke out the most received the worst punishment anypony could think of: eternal banishment beyond the farthest borders the empire and all its domains, on pain of death.

    Now, each and every one of you are left here in this desolate, wild, unknown land bereft of civilization with naught but what cloths you wore and what your hooves could carry. Your homes and wealth have been confiscated in the name of the State, your possessions sold, and much material wealth, that which was within Equestria in any case, is now gone. Yet hope endures... you have each other, your fellow banished and the friends who voluntarily banished themselves to follow and help you, or simply in protest of the injustice. Thankfully, the Sun and Moon still rise and set each day as they have since the dawn of time, and the goodwill of Celestia and Luna is still with you, though how much that is worth now, who can tell?

    For those of you with knowledge of the world beyond, you will know it is a long trek to the nearest settlement fraught with danger. Bandits and wild creatures lurk in the rocky crags and dense forests, and the weather is wild here, prone to sudden and unexpected changes at the most inconvenient of times and quite dangerous.

    How will you and your friends and allies survive, now that you are Banished From Equestria?



    GM has final say and can change rules whenever necessary
    GM may choose assistant GMs
    No mountain-moving or forest-burning level powers, keep your powers limited to a region within 50 feet of your character.
    No controlling another's character. This also applies to GMs except in emergency situations.
    If you must argue, never take it beyond conversation.
    Be polite.
    Nopony has higher rank than anypony else besides the GM and the assistant GMs, either in or out of character. You're banished from Equestria, rank means nothing.
    Please do your best not to swear, and if you must try to use pony-themed swears (like "rut", "banish", "buck", "horseapples", etc)
    Please participate as you can. Others may be waiting for your character to move before they can move.
    No reversing time except by GM, and only in emergencies.
    No summoning anything larger than twice your size, and never anything greater than your power. Summons cannot summon, and you can't summon yourself or another player.
    No personal attacks at players. We are all respectable ponies here.
    Please keep violence to a minimum.
    Please no mature themes here. This is the Fantasy section, not the Mature section.
    No involving others in backstories unless by permission.
    No bringing about any sort of major disaster. This includes but is not limited to floods, tornadoes, droughts, plagues, and famines.
    Please sign up before playing.
    Keep OOC in OOC. This is the OOC thread. Please use it.
    Please limit yourself to 3 characters at the most, and play all of them.
    Have fun!


    Current Exiles:
    Night Fall (DoomOtter) - Night Pony - Hollow Shades - Banished
    Morning Glory (Morning Glory) - Unicorn - Canterlot - Banished
    Fatal Flight (Explicit Escritoire) - Genetically Modified Pegasus - ID - Voluntary
    Farsight (Seriack) - Unicorn - Ponyville - Banished
    Physics Shift (The Dark Gods) - Unicorn - Ponyville - Scapegoat
    Arty Brightshadow (ArtVeigar) - Unicorn - Canterlot/Wanderer - Banished
    Tian Long (ArtVeigar) - Earth - Foal Mountain Monastery - Banished
    Cadenza (AlythePear) - Pegasus - Cloudsdale - Banished
    Nocte Flamma (Amoroth) - Night Pony - Hollow Shades - Banished
    Majem (Majem) - Unicorn - Ponyville - Banished
    Aquae 'Aqua' Petra (Coffee Rush) - Unicorn - Hollow Shades - Banished
    Wavelength, unit Bravo 539 (Wavelength) - Earth Pony - Future/Alternate universe - Accident


    Sign-up Form:

    Race (unicorn, earth, pegasus, zebra, etc):
    Appearance (please spoiler images):
    Personality (leader, follower, proud, vengeful, etc):
    Abilities (beyond normal, such as easy teleportation or something):
    Origin (Pegasopolis, Canterlot, Ponyville, etc):
    Reason for banishment (voluntary or involuntary, and both official and real reasons):
    Inventory (clothes, tools, weapons, etc):
    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?:
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  2. Name: Night Fall
    Race (unicorn, earth, pegasus, zebra, etc): Night pony (The bat winged Pegasi.)
    Appearance (please spoiler images): Male, dark grey coat, and black mane and tail. slitted green eyes, and dark bat like wings
    Personality (leader, follower, proud, vengeful, etc): Night Fall is a quiet and thoughtful pony. He has anger issues and is deeply vengeful; however he is tolerant of others. He is deeply caring of others especially his family. He is very loyal.
    Abilities (beyond normal, such as easy teleportation or something): Flying, and cloud walking. Night fall has extremely sensitive eyes and ears. He can see perfectly well in the dark, and has the ability of echo location. With all of this he is an extremely quick flier, and has been nicknamed the midnight storm.
    Origin (Pegasopolis, Canterlot, Ponyville, etc): Hollow Shades
    Background/Biography: Night fall grew up in the secretive Night Pony society, where he was taught not to trust "day Ponies." He joined the royal guard and served with distinction. He is married and has two children
    Reason for banishment (voluntary or involuntary, and both official and real reasons): Night fall spoke out against how the royal guard was being used to punish those who disagreed with the current government.
    Inventory (clothes, tools, weapons, etc): Only a small wagon filled with the few possessions his family could gather before they were chased out of Equestria. Including a few household goods, a few sets of clothing, and a set of his armor.
    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?: Absolutely.
  3. Accepted, DoomOtter! Welcome to BFE! :smile:
  4. Name: Morning Glory
    Race: Unicorn
    Personality: Personality: Morning Glory is well educated and comes from high-class, and hence has a high opinion of herself, but she has been taught kindness and respect. However, most of this is theoretical; imparted from her Uncle, who she respects deeply. She herself has never come to respect somepony from their actions, but only the titles and money to their name, but then again, she's never had much in the way of good models for such behavior. Rarely will she be out-right rude or cruel to a pony, but it is clear when she dislikes that pony, crafting underhanded insults that often are subtle enough to go unnoticed. Generally considerate, she is unagressive to most ponies, though she often masks her true intentions and emotions. It can be difficult for her to form real relationships with others, as she is accustomed to the artificial proceedings of the Canterlot Court. She is also a bit of a hedonist, enjoying the fine things in life a great deal. Her mane is always exquisitely styled and her coat gleams clean and shiny thanks to daily visits to the finest spas and salons Canterlot has to offer. She understands the importance of hard work in herself, but has yet to see it in others. While perfectly cordial and hospitable where etiquette prescribes, she is often cold and distant when she is not required to be friendly. She acts bitter and isolated when outside the eye of the court, and her jaded attitude reflects how distant and artificial she feels.
    Skills/Knowledge: Court etiquette and fashion, calligraphy, political subterfuge, intermediate piano and harp, animal care, plant management, Equestrian government, literature, art, and history.
    Unicorn attributes:

    Perception: Individual is highly perceptive, noticing subtle features and has a good eye for detail

    Memory: Individual has an extensive memory for information and experiences

    Senses: Individual has a heightened sense of touch and taste compared to other pony races (1.5x sensitivity)

    Detection: Individual can perceive very strong magical activity in the immediate vicinity

    Magic: Individual has the ability to channel energy through the horn into magical actions.


    Standard Spells:

    1. Levitation: Levitate and manipulate multiple items up to the weight of a breadbox with ease, results are delicate and exact. Levitate and manipulate single items up to the weight of an adult pony with effort and concentration, and results are clumsy and imprecise. Briefly levitate single items up the weight of a carriage with extreme exertion; results are very sloppy and unreliable.

    2. Teleportation: Teleport to a visible location at a distance of no more than 15 meters. Requires energy and concentration.

    3. Illumination: Light is cast from the horn to illuminate areas in a 10 meter radius. Horn can also produce tiny flame to light candles or lanterns. Useless as a weapon.

    4. Precipitation: Water up to 4 liters can be levitated and manipulated. Can be separated into droplets to fall like rain, or sprinkle on to an object.

    Utility Spells:

    5. Magnification: Allows the user to examine a target more closely and in finer detail. Up close, it works like a magnifying glass, with the strength of about 3x the naked eye. Far off, it acts like a telescope, allowing improved far-off vision, with a maximum range of 50 meters.

    6. Isolation: Creates a bubble around the user that keeps any sound from leaving. Allows for conversations or loud activities without noise leaving the barrier, with a maximum radius of 3 meters. Will also muffle incoming sound, but not block it completely.

    7. Amplification: Allows the user to raise the volume of their voice to 3 times the normal speaking levels to be heard over crowds or loud noises.

    Talent Spells:

    8. Identification: Detects living beings within a 5 meter radius. Can also determine the health and condition of the being.

    9. Rejuvenation: Wilted plants grow more healthy, weak and sickly animals become more robust. The more extreme the results, the more energy and concentration is required.

    10. Communication: Allows brief, fuzzy, and imprecise insight into an animal's thoughts; an empathetic notion of what the animals wishes to communicate, or any strong emotions. Cannot be used on ponies, or other speaking beings.

    11. Purification: Poison, pollution or other contaminates are removed from any liquid, up to 7 liters, or any solid, up to 3 kilograms. Small amounts (such as a serving of milk) are purified with ease. Greater amounts, like a bucket or basin, require more concentration and energy.

    12. Germination: Planted seeds are driven to grow faster, and to become stronger. The growth process can be accelerated up to 4x the normal rate. The more extreme the results, the more energy and concentration is required.

    13. Invigoration: Animals become more energetic and strong, for up 3 hours. The more extreme the results, the more energy and concentration is required. Extreme hunger results once the spell expires.

    14. Alleviation: Dulls the sensation of pain or discomfort in the target. Does not actually perform any healing, just inhibits pain and calms panic. Maximum duration, 2 hours. The more extreme the results, the more energy and concentration is required.

    15. Restoration: Heals minor injuries, like cuts and bruises. Requires extreme concentration and energy.

    (Magus, the attributes are those I assigned to each race myself, let me know if they, or any of the spells, should be removed)

    Origin: Canterlot
    ] History: Morning Glory was raised in a high-class family of the Canterlot court. She herself is heiress to a modest fortune. Her father was wealthy and his aristocratic unicorn family frowned on his marriage to their earth pony gardener. They passed away early in her life and she was raised by her kindly uncle (her father’s older brother), Lord Sterling Silver, a lawmaker that oversees the north-western portion of Equestria. He serves in the Royal Court as an adviser and deputy lawmaker along with his fellow lords that work under the Crown. Having no children himself, he doted on her, but taught her modesty and kindness as well, as he was determined to raise her properly. She attended Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns, and graduated with a respectable knowledge in magic. There she also discovered her special talent in life magic; growing plants and healing living creatures was her gift. Her uncle also ensured she was given lessons in Equestrian history, literature, and of course, court etiquette. Despite her disagreeable lineage, her father’s family has since welcomed her into good standing once she proved eloquent, tactful, and politically diplomatic enough to publicly acknowledge and embrace. She now participates in the Royal Canterlot Court as an assistant to her uncle; a mostly secretarial job, but she often delivers messages in person and liaises with various delegates. Her family's standing and her service to the crown have earned her the title of Lady.

    Reason for banishment: Far too clever and nosy for her own good, she was to be sent away by her uncle, to be left somewhere safe while the state of Canterlot grew worse and worse. However, the new tyrants prefered she not escape with the considerable family fortune, and rerouted her strait to the Outside.
    Inventory: Since Morning Glory thought she was traveling to a safe place to live and relax, she had packed many dresses, hats, shoes, and other vanity items that are almost all useless for survival, though she does have a few warm coats. She also does still have her jewelry collection intact, which might be used for bartering with other civilizations once they find them. She has a full tea service, and enough tea leaves to last half a year, and a portable desk with scrolls, ink, and quills. Her only weapon is a small, delicate knife, used mostly for cutting fruit and vegetables.
    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?:
  5. Accepted, Morning Glory! Welcome to BFE! :smile:
  6. Name: Fatal Flight
    Race: Pegasus
    Appearance: See spoiler below
    Personality: Proud, follower, adviser, calculating.
    Abilities: Wing Buffet, which slings small spines that grow beneath his wings at the enemy. They take time to grow back, and he can't use them selectively. All or nothing. Painful to grow and use.
    Origin: He simply calls it the ID. He doesn't talk about it.
    Background/Biography: Genetically created for the purpose of experimentation. Upon release from the Infinite Dungeon that his creators had built for him, he finds himself in a land with unfair rulers. He immediately removes himself, escaping Equestria and the tyrants. He doesn't know who created him, and he doesn't want to.
    Reason for banishment: Voluntary.
    Inventory: He has nothing but a memento from the place he calls ID. It's a small necklace with a loop filled with iron fire adorning it.
    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?: Yes

    Show Spoiler
  7. Name: Farsight
    Race (unicorn, earth, pegasus, zebra, etc): Unicorn
    Appearance (please spoiler images):
    Show Spoiler

    Personality (leader, follower, proud, vengeful, etc): Leader, proud, kind, loyal
    Abilities (beyond normal, such as easy teleportation or something): Dream magicks. If you read up on WoT, most of the things they can do, but he has been stripped of the power to enter the Dreamworld in the flesh.
    Origin (Pegasopolis, Canterlot, Ponyville, etc): Ponyville(Unknown, but resides in Ponyville).
    Show Spoiler
    Farsight was first found in a cave 3 days travel from the Equestrian Laboratories ((Existing in this reality)). The main reason he was found is because his entry into the realm of Equestria caused a magical anomaly. Princess Ludus ((A friend's OC, the Princess of Technology, he has his own story for her.)) and Twilight Sparkle were sent to investigate under direction from Princess Celestia. He was found to be suffering from Amnesia, and at first could not remember anything, including how to walk. Some memories were left intact and modified, such as speech. After being brought back to the labs, both Twilight and Farsight travel to Ponyville, where his training in magic begins, although he started near the lab itself while waiting for the train that would take them to Ponyville to arrive.

    At this point, he meets the other members of the Mane 6. He then spends a few months ((Will only be discussed shortly in the story itself)) where he learns the finer intricacies of Magic. He also seems to have incredibly good lucky, averting small disasters in the nick of time, and winning games of chance quite often, to the displeasure of Rainbow Dash(She hates losing, after all). During his training, he meets Princess Luna for the first time, the one that brought him from his reality to Equestria, to help with the dreams and nightmares of all ponies. Although it is known that Luna could take care of them on her own, she has learned that two, or more, are definitely better than one.

    After his formal training in the power and magic of Dreams, he begins to explore the other paths of the same magic. This leads to him finding the ability to enter Dreams physically, ripping small tears in reality to open gateways to the Dreamworld. This brings with it grave consequences, but also avenues of exploration not seen before. While in the Dreamworld, he learns that he can enter other realities, tracing the lines of magic to points that he can open gateways.

    During a jaunt into one of the many realms of Equestria, one that is ruled by Eternal Night, he ends up being captured by an alter ego of the beloved Princess Luna, known as King Luna((Another "OC" of a friend... Not really OC, but meh.)). This King Luna then begins a campaign to expand his kingdom to Farsight's reality. One major difference, and why King Luna was able to take over this realm is due to the fact that the Mane 6 do not exist there, and the Elements of Harmony were still unusable.

    To make a long story short, King Luna is defeated by the Mane 6 and the Elements of Harmony while he besieges Canterlot back in the "normal" reality. This leads him to become a now benevolent King, although he has a strange dislike for trees now. After all this craziness, Farsight is instructed use extreme caution when moving between realities, and that Princess Luna would be overseeing his other trips into the Dreamworld and beyond. This led to his commission to explore, learn, and report all that he saw in the different realities he visited.

    Reason for banishment (voluntary or involuntary, and both official and real reasons): Speaking out against Trixie and Bluebloods reign, and the atrocities they commited.
    Inventory (clothes, tools, weapons, etc): Basic survival tools, but he also has access to his Dream armor and weapons, even if he can't enter the Dreamworld.
    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?: EEYUP!
  8. Name: Physics Shift
    Race: Unicorn
    Apperance: Deep blue coat, spikey light blue mane, emerald green eyes (Would use picture, but using a nook)
    Personality: Extremely prideful, somewhat greedy, pragmantic, surprisingly friendly
    Background: Child to owners of a magic and potion shop, after finding a certain book in the Everfree forest, became a more proudful and twisted pony, eventually took over shop and turned to crime as a way to make him feel "special", turned life around after forming a family.
    Abilities: Mild telepathy(communication and offensive), mild pyrokinesis, weak light/darkness manipulation
    Reason for banishment: Supported reign of Blueblood and Trixie to gain power, used as scapegoat by group to save face.
    Was chosen as scapegoat since he cheaped out on snacks during meetings.
    Inventory: Travelers cloak, empty saddle, all purpose machete, locket with picture of family, survival book, and favorite personal book (libera Chaotica)
    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?: Yes

    If you don't mind, I'll play as a loner for awhile, since I'm not going to be able to RP often for awhile, and I rather not be a strain.
    If this is unacceptable, I'll wait until I get back from Texas to RP.
  9. Fatal Flight, Farsight, Physics: accepted. Feel free, all of you, to begin RPing. Morning Glory, if she wishes, can be temporary assistant GM.

    All of next week I will be on a trip, starting tomorrow at 5 in the morning PST, and most of that time I'll be somewhere without wireless internet, unfortunately. Apologies to all for this. I'll TRY to be online as much as possible, but if I'm not online, that would be the reason. Sorry all!
  10. Just saw that I left out the origin of Physics, my bad.
    It's Ponyville.
  11. Here I thought it was another "Banned from Esquestria" XD. Mmm. I'll have to think on a pony to put in there.
  12. most certainly not! that's why it isn't in mature :wink:

    The rest of the players can vote on accepting (or not accepting) new players while I'm away next week.
  13. Quick question. What happened to Celestia and Luna?
  14. despite being literally goddesses, there was little They could do when the ponies themselves began to join the Oligarchy in its rise to power. All Their power and glory was for naught as Their beloved ponies forsook Them for a lesser cause and lies, despite Their endless love and mercy. In Their love, They continue raising and lowering the Sun and Moon, hoping that one day, Their Little Ponies would come back to Them, but for now, Their love for Equestria is too great to impose a tyranny of Their will upon it. Luna remembers Her own downfall, and how good intentions led to power struggles and war. Her decision is to wait it out, though it takes a thousand years, for even that is better in Her mind than trying again and failing just as before. Celestia is too distraught with the loss of all She built and the second abandonment, and too afraid of once again alienating Her Sister. Cadance, far to the North, has closed off the Crystal Empire once more, being besieged by Changelings in Equestria's time of weakness as civil war looms on the horizon. Discord is fettered by His oath to Fluttershy, and watches helplessly from the side as His oath-bound mistress refuses any physical action, insisting that diplomacy can solve all problems.

    How indeed can mortals survive, when even the Gods know not what to do?
  15. Sorry I am so late posting, and the poor quality of the post. Anyone who wants to be the one ran into can. First come first serve I guess.
  16. Okay, I would most certainly love to join, however I'm slightly confused about how to do the "spolier" image thing. I'm still learning about controls and whatnot but I have been searching for an MLP themed roleplay and this is very creative sooo help? lol :uh:
  17. Aly, to spoiler an image, you put {spoiler}{/spoiler} but with [] instead. And insert the picture between the spots.
  18. Oh, okay! Thanks :) Could I use a pony maker device for the image? lol
  19. First RP I'll play with my two OCs! Yay!
    Arty Brightshadow (open)
    Name: Arty Brightshadow

    Gender: Stallion

    Race: Unicorn

    Age: 17

    Show Spoiler

    His coat changes it's color depending on his state (further explanation ahead), changing from a bright white to a really dark black. the white spots in his mane and tails aways change places, working as a display that his body is processing the magic inside him.

    Special Talent/Abilities: Light based spells (illumination and illusions (control of the visible light) and light based buffs) and dark based spells (taking light away from specific objects or places (not much large) and dark based debuffs), depending on his state (light spells get better the better his personality is, and dark spells get better the worst his personality is). He can gather the magical powers that comes from the feelings of ponies, animals and even from the nature that surrounds him. He can't control that yet, as even he barely understand how his body works, and because of this he is aways gathering the energy from the environment, making his abilities, personality and appearance unstable.

    Summon/Pet: When in dark state, he can summon his own shadow, and when in light state, his reflection, both with the same characteristics besides it's appearance. Even if it has the form of a unicorn, it cannot use magic, but have the strength of an average Earth Pony instead. It is usually a puppet controlled by Arty's thoughts, but if Arty's darkness or light gets really strong, it may aquire primitive instincts and move on it's own. If it's killed, Arty's magic powere decreases by 30% for 5 minutes, the amount of energy needed to "recreate" his shadow or reflection, a process he cannot control.

    Personality (tl;dr Undefined): Usually, when he can use his magic, his personality is unstable and changes with the environment; when the environment is good, and ponies around him have good feelings, he has a good personality, being kind, generous, happy, loyal and honest. But when the environment is bad, and ponies around him have bad feelings, he has a bad personality, being mean, rude, selfish, violent, mad and crazy.
    Normaly, the environment isn't completely bad nor completely good, so his personality becomes a mix of the environment's feelings, having traces of good and evil.
    When the bad and good feelings in the environment are really strong (something really rare, what would happen only in a war between good and evil), his body can't process the mix, and he loses all his feelings, becoming a neutral and logical being.

    Origin: Canterlot, but lived in a cave in the road the past 5 years.

    Biography: Besides his unique colorshift mane and coat, there was another unique thing about him that draw the looks of everypony: he was born with his ying yang cutemark, due to him using his natural ability since his first breath, but it was something that nopony ever understood.
    He was raised by a good and happy family in Canterlot, so he was almost aways in a brighter state. His magical talents began to show up at early age, and he easily entered the Canterlot School for Gifted Unicorns.
    But with his shifting personality, things could get bad. And it got. The tragedy happened whe he was 12. It was a really stormy night. It was a family reunion, and things weren't very good. A very terrible family discussion was happening when the clock reached midnight. From the feelings of angry coming from his family, Arty's coat got black, and in a wave of madness, he used his dark magic to cause blinding and weakness debuff on everypony there, but stoped. When the feelings from his family and relatives changed from angry to worry and fear, Arty became afraid too. Afraid of himself. After seeing what he was about to do, he started crying. He dismissed the magic and then ran away.
    He ran away without a destination for hours, without stopping crying. He ran until he couldn't anymore and then isolated himsel in a cave somewhere near the road between Canterlot and Ponyville.
    He, then, started to live on his own, trying to understand his mind, his body and his magic, but without much success. But even without understanding everything, after 5 years, he think it's already time to try to get back to society and finally end his feelings of lonelyness.

    Reason for banishment: Living without any social interation, Arty wasn't aware of what was happening in Equestria. A patrol serving the new royality found him in his cave. They didn't like the idea of a pony independent from the new empire and tried to force him back to Canterlot to work for this new royalty, but Arty refused and fought with the guards for his freedom, but being only one, he wasn't able to beat all of them. Then, after being defeated, he was banished.

    Inventory: Nothing.

    Tian Long (open)
    Name: Tian Long

    Age: 18

    Race: Earth Pony

    Gender: Mare

    Show Spoiler

    Special talent/abilities: Eastern martial arts, what makes her good at fighting (barehoof and with most weapons, mainly sword and spear); sense of the natural energy that comes from every living being, what makes her better at predicting and avoiding attacks (not perfect, just above average) and sense nearby hiding enemies.

    Origins: Monk monastery in the Foal Mountain

    Personality: Peaceful, cheerful, friendly and kind. Trained by the monks, she learned to respect and love all living beings and all the world itself, but she will aways fight for the sake of the innocents and weaks, because the same way you can show love by protecting, you can show love by teaching a bad pony how to be nice. But even though she is usually sweet, gentle and cheerful, she is very sensitive and can easyly get sad and/or angry because of any disturbance on peace and harmony.

    Biography: Tian doesn't know her family. She was found abandoned in front of the monastery inside a basket and with her name writen in a piece of paper, but to be abandoned in a place so hard to reach, but with the fame of being the most peaceful place in Equestria, besides having already a name, shows that her parents loved her, even if they couldn't be with her.
    She was created among the monks, helping taking care of the temple with cleaning, gardening, making food and other type of “house works”, as the monastery didn't accepted anypony to be monk, and they needed to see if she had enough determination as she grew.
    But even if she was told not to start her training until she was old enough, she was aways studying and training by herself whenever she found a chance. She learned to read and write the ancient languages that were still used in the temple, and studied the ancient culture and philosophy of Equestria, things long lost for anypony outside this monastery. But what she liked the most was martial arts. Whenever she could, she watch the monks with their training, and she would aways train late at night, when everypony would be sleeping, and it was one of this nights that she earned her cutie mark. She lived like that until she turned 18 and had her coming of age ceremony.
    In this ceremony, besides some traditional rituals, the great monk would tell a prophecy. When the great monk saw Tian, he spoke almost immediately: "You must find what aways changes from white to gray and to black, and show it the color of yout heart.”
    She couldn't think about anything else. She never understood the words of the great monk, but they say that few are the ones who understand the prophecy before it happens. But one thing was clear: she wouldn't find whatever it was told her to find inside the monastery.
    She packed her things, but it was too hard to leave the place she loved so much. She still spent one week there doing what she usually did; enjoying her last usual days in the monastery, until she got the courage to leave.
    After leaving she started traveling without a direction, helping anyone who seemed like needed a help and looking for any clue about what would aways change colors, going first to the Hollow Shades, then to Canterlot and arriving, six months later, in poniville.

    Reason for banishment: The temple and monastery she was raised in was built in honor of the Royal Princesses, so they wouldn't accept this new change in Equestria. But it's existence was not known by most Equestrians, so they decided to stay silent for the time being and wait for a time to strike. But Tian, being outside the monastery and unaware of their plans, was an active revolutionary agains the new empire. She got back to Canterlot and tryied to get as many followers as she could, but was caught before she could put any plan in action.

    Inventory: Nothing.

    Have you read and agreed with all the rules: Yes.

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